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    Imagine a bunch of strangers analyzing your haircut from 20 years ago lol
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    We are only one show away from the end of the Not In This Lifetime Tour. For me it was something incredible to see Axl and Slash share a stage together for the first time in my life. I thought it was something that was never going to happen. So I'll be posting my favorite moments of the tour, feel free to share yours too! I'll try to go in chronological order This is an idea that I had for my Guns N' Roses Sudamérica page, so I'll share it here too! 1) The Troubadour: obvious choice. The first show of these 2 legends together since 1993. Back where it all began. They looked so happy And here's where Axl got his foot injury. 2) The two Vegas shows: the hardcore fans meetup. For me this are the true reunion shows because they were announced with plenty of time. And that's why there were lots of members from this forum and from all over the world at the show. I can't imagine your faces when you guys got to hear Coma for the first time You got some incredible Live And Let Die screams too. Great shows. 3) The first AXL/DC wink, Angus joins GNR for "Whole Lotta Rosie" and "Riff Raff": we know what happened after this. Axl joined AC/DC and absolutely kicked ass, shuting up the whiners and taking his Rn'R King throne back. 4) The return of Steven Adler: 4/5 of the AFD lineup on stage, legendary moment. Steven got to to play 2 songs with GNR, making this his short return to the band after 26 years. Plus Axl was singing the shit of both My Michelle and Out Ta Get Me. Steven's face is priceless. 5) The legendary Houston show: nothing else to say. Axl's greatest vocal delivery of the tour. Beast mode 6) Nice Boys with Angry Anderson on Australia: only time GNR played this song on the tour + Angry Anderson as guest. 7) Axl finally sings the Only Woman Bleed intro on the 2017 Prague show: it was the only time he did it on this tour, and obviously first and only time since the UYI tour. 8) Paradise City with no Axl over Slash's intro: it was also the only time he did it on this tour. It makes the song much better and gives him the chance to blow the whistle on time. I wish it's always like this. 9) Paradise City with Dave Grohl: even though we know that Axl and Dave were on good terms from at least 2016 (he gave him the throne when Axl injured his foot), this is the first time that we saw them together. The GNR vs Nirvana bullshit was over after this. And this year Axl Slash and Duff all played It's So Easy with Foo Fighters (but that's not part of the NITL tour so I wont post it). 10) Patience with guest P!NK singing the outro: I honestly don't care about this but I know she is a big artist, so I'm just going to post it. May be important to someone 11) GN'Rs longest show of the tour and ¿longest? show of their history: im not sure about the last one because of Inglewood 91 or Tokyo 2009. This one went for almost 4 hours and was streamed on SiriusXM. 12) Hell freezes over for the 2nd time, Axl plays Velvet Revolver's SLITHER: even though its a horrible debut (we know it sounds miles better now), this is something truly surreal. For me, that's another sign that this tour is more than just a cashgrab. It's Axl's way of thanking Slash and Duff for returning to the band and acknowledging Chinese Democracy. He didn't have to do it, yet he did. Cool gesture of Axl.
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    So annoying when rockstars turn out to be human beings who can be sick The guy saying this is typical GNR has been living under a rock for quite a few years, I suppose.
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    I take it none of you ever goes out not dressed to the nines, not even right outside your house. Imagine wearing comfortable training clothes. Surely no one would do that, makes you look like a hobo. And it is possible to have more than one bandana too. The so called fatshaming is despicable in any instance, it's mean and frankly it says more about you than about the person (any person) you're fatshaming. And it's utterly ridiculous here too, he isn't fat in that pic, as others have pointed out. A rockstar is a human being too, you know. He has weaknesses and he can have off days or go through a hard time. It must be awful to see people who don't know you, but make some claim to you scrutinize you and tear you to bits, even over an innocent pic you took with a fan, twenty years ago. It's a good thing Axl doesn't read the forum. All I see, is a fan really happy to have met Axl Rose, who was willing to have a pic with him and was apparently nice to him, even if he met him in a private situation.
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    The only thing confirmed is Axls love of taco bell.
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    I'm just going to leave this here https://adventmyfriend.com/53509/00cf9dc3eb/ Happy advent season!
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    This is Guns N' Roses logo: I don't know what the hell that other monstrosity is.
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    They still did 2 hours, then? Plenty of A list bands do 1.5-2 hours so it isnt a big deal. If they did Paradise City after November Rain a lot of the casuals wouldnt know a beat was skipped
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    I heard this too, in fact I believe the first draft of the cover art got leaked as well: Featuring the single "He's In My Ass (That's Where Santa Is!)"
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    They're going to look very seriously into what they're doing in that regard.
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    I'll only believe it when Eddie Money says it's true.
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    Thank you to everybody who helped make this possible. You know who you are
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    The last hug of NITL tour....notice Axl and Slash....is not like the one in 1993, but it was nice
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    How stupid do you have to be to nag and leave a show because they havent played some songs when the show isnt even over? Geez
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    I just posted this in the the "There Will Never Be Another GN'R Album" thread, but the mods, admins and I thought it might be good to have a thread discussing all of the rumors that keep bubbling around lately. Here's the post I made in the other thread which seems like a good starting point for this new thread: Just an FYI for everyone-There seem to be more than the usual amount of rumors being shared here and elsewhere lately. I've personally heard everything from "New studio album coming with an announcement in January!" to "there's a live album coming with some bonus studio tracks" to "the only thing coming is a live album and a studio cover or Witchitaw Lineman" to everything in between.The sources on these things range from the semi-reliable; "this guy was right about (insert rumor here) in the past" to the ridiculous; "a guy from another board knows a guy who told him".Either way, I'm hoping where there's smoke there's fire. I would LOVE for a new studio album from GNR to be in the works and for it to be released in 2019. Personally, I have zero interest in a live album and/or a few studio tracks. I would really, really want a full, new, studio album from GN'R but that's just me.Most importantly, I'm just hoping something happens. The most frustrating part of these situations is when nothing actually happens. Then our "insider" and "folks in the know" get to fall back on the "Well, that was the plan but things changed" excuse which is so tired and played out already.
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    What the fuck is he talklin' about? Christ Almighty, you used to manage these cunts, surely you must've noticed that those tours weren't exactly church socials. As far as Night Prowler (not stalker) anyone thats fucked up enough to listen to a song and go 'i know, i'm gonna fuckin' go kill some fuckin' cunt' he's already a few short upstairs. Any number of psychos got gee'd up listening to music, so fuckin' what, its not the fuckin' songs fault. Charles Manson famously took inspiration from The White Album. Fuckin' prat.
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    It says “please rescue me- this is the only way I could communicate with you. This is Paul Tobias and im trapped in Axl’s cage.”
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    Ash is horrible and definately not talented (wannabe graffiti artist, wannabe graphic designer, wannabe photographer). His just another hanger on . He just seems to want to ruin shit for slash . Example 1 slash is in a happy relationship lets cause drama calling his partner out and insulting her. Example 2 in late 2015 slash is getting back with guns lets call axl fat and insult him. I like what meegan does for the fans and she seems to be very supportive of slash. They both seem very happy together
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    That was nice ride this 3 last years. Still remeber that feeling when I saw first videos from trubadour. I got chills and goosebumps, felt kinda like a kid waiting for his christmas gift and Im fuckin 40! So sureal. Altough I think that band is dead (sorry) I want to thank them for bringing back my memories from the nineties. I dont expect anything more from them though. Also dont think that Axl can deliver good vocal around his sixtiees. They just lost to much time in the past. Sad but true. Thanks averyone on this forum I could discuss with this last few years. All of u are great and it was cool to read all of your posts guys. True fans. Merry chiristmas everybody and happy new year/years! Greets from Poland. Lucas
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    So, as the tour gets to an end tonight, I got all nostalgic and just decided to share with you two of my pics from the Madrid show back in June These last 2 years of NITL were a great ride and it was a pleasure to share it with you all Women's Thread FTW!!!
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    Look, I don't have a horse in this race. I have zero first hand knowledge. I only say what I feel based on what I see. I don't have any inside information. All I can say is that I'm repulsed by everything Team Brazil. I find it disgusting how they treat and present Axl as their little toy that needs to be sheltered, pampered and lied to in order to function in this world. I hate how they pretend everyting is in the best interest of this band when their involvement hasn't produced any satisfying results. I hate it how she and Ferdo refer to Guns N' Roses as "them" as if they're in any way shape or form important to the story. They're fucking irrelevant! A bunch of hangers on that somehow worked their way up into GN'R world by endlessly pleasing a fragile man who apparently lost all sense of reality along the way. And they did everything in their power to cement that. And still do. I hate how they were extremely arrogant and rude towards members of the original band yet now they pretend like they've always supported the idea of getting Duff and Slash back. I hate that my favourite band in the world is run by complete amateurs. I hate that some Brazilian family has more say in GN'R than Slash and Duff or even Izzy and especially Steven. I hate that fans of a so called most dangerous band in the world are forced to sing happy birthday to a fucking nanny. Absolutely pathetic. I hate that they helped Axl alieante everyone that actually helped him get anything done. I hate how they disrespected GN'R legacy by helping Axl in attempts to rewrite history. I hate that Axl dragged them so deep into this band which is now run by some sort of family circus, imcompetent of doing anything but putting together shockingly expensive box-sets to milk die hard fans once more and produce cash grab tours. Manager of the year award incoming. I hate that Axl calls Beta mother in public like some fucking nine year old. I hate how the most badass rock star in the world suddenly gives tearful speeches how a Brazilian family saved his life. I hate how childish and immature they are in communication with the most loyal fanbase. I hate their victim mentality. I hate that Nando is pretending to be this big shot in the GN'R universe. And I hate that Axl let all of this to happen. Rant over.
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    If this band does anything at all.... Believe me, it will be the dumbest choice available. They have always tripped over dollars picking up nickels.
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    They look like brothers; brothers, united through plastic surgery!
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    I just returned from the show! Guns started really late at this show at around 9:20pm! My girlfriend already said that something must be wrong! After Jungle Axl said: “Now is the time for apologies, unfortunately I am quite sick today, I have been throwing up nonstop for the past 5 hours and been in the IV; This is a new experience for me, I never felt this way before but actually I kind of feel quite good (with the meds) Having said that we still decided not to cancel the show and deliver the best show we can do” All in all one could see that he was not in the best shape, but he tried! The voice was also quite decent! However the guitar solo were quite a stretch and during the set there were some discussions going on...At the end of the set he must have felt quite miserable as I don’t think they intended to close the show with NR! Axl apologized again for not delivering and they left! After there was some confusion in stage if the show really ended as people from the crew were going on and off the stage in a rather confused way. I think they really intended and tried to deliver the 3 hour set, but at some point he simply couldn’t do it anymore! In hindsight it would have been better to have planned and played a 100 minute greatest hits set; would have also been better for the F1 audience! But really nobody can blame them for not trying; the people got jungle, esstranged, SCOM and NR; if they would have put Knockin on Heavensdoor and PC instead of Wichita Linesman and Better this particular audience would have been perfectly happy! The concert goers were mostly ppl who watched the F1 race and got the concert for free....
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    People can have different opinions. Just because you were overwhelmingly happy with the tour doesn't mean everyone needs to be. This has been a three year nostalgia tour with almost zero variety other than adding more and more covers. Personally, I'm done seeing them live until they can give me good reason to want to see them again. I'm at a point where I can't get excited about another tour unless they're out there playing stuff I haven't seen them do before, whether that be deep cuts, or new material. You say that you want to support them growing as artists. But growth is the exact opposite of what this tour has been. It's been nostalgia, nothing more than that. If you want to see them grow as artists, then it's time to desire new material.
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    Your such a smooth Criminal but that was a BAD thing to say and could be considered Dangerous
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    Lol...was just checking Twitter and one of those fake Axls just sent me a dm asking how I was doing....my reply was I am fine, but you are fake, Axl is on stage right now you dumb fuck 😃
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    I just plain have to laugh at people complaining that a 2 hour show is "short". Sick or not, a 2 hour rock concert is what most other bands aspire to.
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    I'm into the intro. Sounds like Axl coming through on his promises about the album, imo. Sadly, the intro will always be linked to this image:
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    Uploaded by Emet Galeana to the #GnFnR Fanspot FB Group. "This is a photo of Axl and I at his home in Malibu July 2, 1998. You actually can see Axls leg tattoos which many people didn’t know he has!! He also signed my UYI 2 CD book and this is my collection in Guns N Roses tickets from Mexico, USA, South America, Norway and even my GNR fan club card." Pics of his ticket collection and UYI2 signed by Axl:
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    Well that's it now folks, what a ride that was! I'm incredibly thankful that my all time favorite band came back together and conquered the world for a second time and Axl regained some good reputation for fronting not only one but TWO of the best bands of all time! I'm happy that I've seen GNR 5 times over the last 1 1/2 years and they've blown me away each and every time. Whatever comes next for this band, thank you GNR for making the last 2 1/2 years absolutely fucking awesome! And thank you guys on the forum for being as nerdy about GNR as I am. I only discovered this forum during the Europe 2017 tour, but I am grateful that I could go through the second half of the tour with you guys. We've had one great outstanding leg, and some good/average legs with shows like Rio, Berlin or Monterrey being the low points of the tour, but we still watched every single show together on periscope or tried to get some Facebook live streams. I am very happy that all of this happened and I really hope that 2019 will be an exciting year as a GNR fan! Until then Merry Christmas and Happy new year everyone!
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    Sure, this tour had its ups and downs, but I don't think that anyone in 2015 when the rumours started heating up was expecting this band to go and smash it the way they did in 2016. What a career redemption on Axl's part. He went from being widely seen as a washed-up narcissist performing in theatres to selling out stadiums to massive audiences with Slash and Duff, then absolutely killing it as the frontman for AC/DC. The casual audience doesn't hate Axl anymore. And as much as we've griped about the setlist, the setlist we've got have been awesome. Who'd have expected Coma to be a setlist regular in 2015?
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    I heard from a guy who cobbles Axl's shoes that it's gonna be an Ultra HD Blu Ray of the Bridge School Benefit.
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    hey everybody, I'm an insider I know something that i can't tell you (just to let you know (well, the truth is, i am a 14 year old emo kid from Peru, I'm just bored)
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    As if GN'R couldn't get more embarrassing, they go and post this on their social media:
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    Axls 98' Dad-bod was the most represented body type among men attending NITL shows.
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