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    Slash is neither precise in recollection nor precise in language, which is surprising in someone who considers all things so much.
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    They couldn't top Slash's guitar from previous GNR albums, why should I be worried?
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    I’ve been thinking about getting a Use Your Illusion tattoo since I was 14 years old and today, after 5 years, I finally did it! I think it turned out great and couldn’t be happier with it!
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    I don’t think at this point you can make fun of Axl’s videos considering one of them has a billion views at the moment. Nobody else from the 90’s holds a candle to those epic videos. Luckily we have Axl’s insane ideas to look back on because in the end they’ve held up.
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    “Axl, when will the tour end?” ”Not in this Lifetime.”
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    I saw the thread title and nearly had a stroke. Jesus, never do that to me again lmao. Just an extreme spinning on words...
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    "You know, it's very different... it's really cool stuff, but it was played by guitar players that are very different from me, style-wise. "I've sort of adapted my own way of playing those songs to where I feel comfortable with them, but without losing the integrity of how the guitar parts go. So it's been a lot of fun to do, like, the song 'Chinese Democracy,' which I love playing. "And there's a song we've been playing lately called 'Madagascar,' which, I don't even know exactly what the guitar parts are on the original at this point because I've changed it so much." "That said, I also want to give credit where credit's due - the guitar players that played on Chinese Democracy, Buckethead being one of the main ones - are fucking amazing guitar players." "I have to give those guys a shout-out because that stuff was cool. Very different from what I normally do. So it's been interesting learning some of the stuff that was on that record. I definitely had to figure out ways to adapt to it." https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/news/general_music_news/slash_on_gnrs_chinese_democracy_buckethead_is_a_fucking_amazing_player.html
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    Interview with Chad Smith (of the RHCP) and Lyndsay Parker on the Volume West show. The part about new music and Izzy/Steven starts at 26:36. Duff says he is working on new music "at a lot of different fronts". He says he's seen Steven a couple of times . He stays in touch with Izzy "as much as he can" and "there has never been a beef or that sort of thing". He says the band as it is now is the "right mixture of people". Earlier they talk about Duff's current collaboration with Shooter Jennings, the GnR show at UCLA in 1985, the upcoming NITL tour leg in November and the charity concert both Duff and Chad will play at in October.
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    can't wait for the new single "Shadow of Your Love (2019 version, feat. Richard Fortus, Melissa Reese and Frank Ferrer)".
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    Both sides of this war make me laugh with their selective memories. PLENTY of fans were and remain happy with Chinese Democracy. Just because you choose to pay attention to the negative opinions doesn't mean "everyone" on this site will complain about new music.
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    Seriously? Are you guys upset because Duff does charity with people from pearl jam, the peppers and Chris Martin? Is that upsetting you? What a pathetic bunch you are.
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    I already posted part of this in the Talk is Jericho interview thread in the Slash section but I thought it should be in main D&N too, since it gives bits of information about the reunion (If, however the mods feel that this thread is redundant, they can merge it with the other one or whatever). -------------- Slash implied in this interview that they tried to get the original band together (Izzy at least, I guess) but, since it didn't work out, the NuGnR guys were the obvious solution: Jericho mentioned that it would have been weird to fire all of the Chinese Democracy era GNR members. Slash said, "That's sort of a bigger subject considering all the different things that went on during that period of trying to figure all that out. But all things considered, when certain things that we were sort of trying to get sorted out didn't work out, Axl's band, that he had been working with literally for 15 years, and so I felt really comfortable with Richard, and Frank was great. So it didn't take rocket science to keep all that together. And just the other stuff that we were trying to do didn't work out. I'm not gonna get into all that though… Even [in] the '90s, we didn't have the original lineup. So it wasn't something that we were, like, going 'Oh my God' about." https://www.alternativenation.net/slash-what-didnt-work-out-guns-n-roses-reunion/ On working with the NITL lineup and Richard in particular: Slash: "The GUNS N' ROSES lineup that we've been doing this last couple of years with… It's sort of amazing, because of GUNS N' ROSES' history, but suddenly, it's this really, really well-oiled machine that's super functional," he said. "So the one thing you don't have to worry about is… It's like I walk into a room with me and the band and [we are about] to get to work, everybody is fucking ready to go. So that's a blessing, because when it's disorganized or not everybody is together, it makes it impossible to do this much work. So I don't have that issue to deal with, which is cool. And they don't have to deal with it with me either. [Laughs]" Slash: "Richard's great. I don't know all of the guys that played guitar with GUNS prior to my coming back — I hadn't met any of them. Richard was the first one… he was there at [the first] rehearsal, and we hit it off automatically. He's one of those guys who's an amazing technician — he's very knowledgable about guitar techniques and all kinds of shit guitar. He's rooted in the same kind of rock guitar and same kind of influences that I am, so we spoke the same language. So, all in all, working with Richard was really a sort of boon for me, because I was doing my thing, and he was doing, on his side, covering it all and also sort of pushing me as a guitar player at the same time. So it's definitely one of those beneficial relationships that we established really early…. It's almost like it was… What's the best way to put it? It's sort of a 'meant to be' kind of thing, because if it would have been somebody else, it might not have worked. But it just happened to work perfectly from the moment I walked in." On what was discussed between him and Axl: Slash: "There was definitely some new ground to cover as to some of the catalysts who were causing… And a lot of it was not really between he and I — it had to do with outside parties that were part of the entourage, so to speak — and that explained a lot. But then there was different things between he and I that we needed to talk about because of how we handled those outside influences. So it was just good that we finally did talk, because, shit, man — it was 20 fucking years that we did not say one word to each other… You're talking about two of the stubbornest people you could ever come across." http://www.blabbermouth.net/news/slash-on-current-guns-n-roses-lineup-its-this-really-really-well-oiled-machine-thats-super-functional/
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    Welcome Back To the Jungle It's Still So Easy Night Uber Still Out Ta Get Me Not-So-Sweet Ex-Wife O' Mine You're Mentally Unwell (Please Feel Free To Reach Out) Anything Goes (As Long As There Is Explicit Consent)
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    Slash has zero interaction on stage with anyone but Myles during SMKC shows and that's almost always only during introductions. Slash is off in his own world when playing, these days more than ever I assume due to the usage of ear monitors. Guess he hates The Conspirators as well.
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    NEW! Ep. 87 - Teddy Andreadis with co-host Roberta Freeman Teddy 'Zig Zag' Andreadis and Roberta Freeman once toured the world together as part of Guns N' Roses. Now they reunite on Ep. 87 to share the good, the bad, and the unknown of the Use Your Illusion tour. What were their favorite moments? True story behind Axl's lateness? What's it like to survive a riot? How do they rank their version of GNR? Both are very honest and open. Today, Teddy continues his successful band "The Boxmasters" with actor Billy Bob Thornton, while Roberta just did vocals for the brand new Weezer song "Can't Knock the Hustle." All this and MUCH more on Ep. 87! Please follow, subscribe, leave a comment! Spreaker --> https://bit.ly/2RNYIsd iHeart --> https://ihr.fm/2IW7wba SoundCloud --> https://bit.ly/2yiiPqm Stitcher --> https://bit.ly/2HnXGhC
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    I can answer you that question very easily: When Duff returned to Guns N' Roses in 2014, that was going to be his first full show since 1993. The first gig was in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where I went to see them. They played at this half-empty "stadium": Two years later, they returned with only one change: Slash was back (well, and Melissa joined ). They played two times at this stadium, both nights SOLD OUT. I hope that answers your question!
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    You could always follow the GnR twitter only. Axl is a citizen of the United States and therefore has a right to a political opinion. He tweets it on his personal account not the bands account. It's no different from other artists tweeting about random things or political views. Slash likes to look up pictures to share during his free time and share them. To each their own. It takes seconds to write a tweet and doesn't have any bearing on rather they record any new music much like people being on this forum have no bearing on them doing their job in general. Millions and millions of people with jobs tweet everyday.
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    I still believe he can sing and sound like he did with AC/DC, just chooses not to.
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    Maybe reviews like this are a good thing and make Slash realize he got a bit to comfortable and lazy with Myles. I mean, everybody loves Slash and he surely deserves his nice, safe little band. Myles is a great person, I'm sure. But man, Slash is really wasting his time and talent at this point. Hopefully all of this leads to new Guns music. You got Axl fucking Rose there, Slash.
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    I've worked too hard for my illusions just to throw them all away.
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    He's posted about taking drum lessons before. It's actually not uncommon and certainly not laughed at for professional musicians to continue taking lessons... why do you think Axl sounded so good during the first NITL leg and with AC/DC? Taking lessons from his UYI-era vocal coach certainly played a part. I'm not even a fan of Frank, but some people just shit on the 'new gnr guys' whenever they can.
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    Guns N’ Roses whole existence since 1993 has been “looking into what the next step is going to be”.
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    Surprised by the negativity here. Chris Martin has made and written some excellent music. May not be everyone’s cup of tea, but musicians can work together collobaritively and still maintain integrity Besides, this a charity for cancer survivors, not a tour. More power to them
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    If they are going to add shows,,, I am glad they are adding markets they have never played
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    I never understood the term cock rock or dad rock whatsoever. But if Nightrain and ISE fall into this category... hell yeah... all I want is cock rock
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    I think we're thinking too much about it honestly.. people can drive themselves crazy trying to diverge into information and patterns and trying to extrapolate. This is Guns N' Roses for gods sake.. does it look like there's a pattern in the behavior? Just let it be. If it happens, it happens. Don't drive yourself crazy waiting or be pessimistic.
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    Although I never thought Axl and Slash would ever be in the same band together again and that happened, so something stranger than a new GNR album has already happened in this lifetime
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    i bought tickets because it's Slash
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    In case people don't remember the rumors flying around back in 2006: In 2006, Axl Rose reconnected with Izzy, Matt Sorum, and Steven Adler. Beta had already met Slash in October 2005. Reunion rumors reached a fever pitch in early-mid 2006 as did the rumors of Velvet Revolver breaking up. It's entirely possible that Axl's 2006 press release revealing Slash's meeting w/ Beta very nearly broke up VR.
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    Duran Duran is far cooler than Chris Martin. Chris Martin is some boring studenty wanker who eats Gwyneth's vegan meals and sings a bunch of bland Radiohead derived bollocks.
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    What would the scope be of the ideal GNR biopic? I bet it could be Straight Outta Compton level successful if it was done right. I'm thinking Axl getting off the bus in LA. They'd have to really nail the casting for all the members, though. Their early tribulations and hijinx... meeting up with Izzy. Trying to nail the lineup.... And I want Slash's introduction to be like... blah blah Tracii isn't working out... the audience is feeling the stress of finding the final lineup "...well... there's this... other guy... "... the camera slowly pans into a dark or red-lit rehersal room with smoke ebbing out.... and just this disgusting, gnarly beast of a riff is pulsing out. I'd want it to hit you like the intro credits to It Might Get Loud. That early tour up the coast... get em all in the van writing Paradise City... Maybe Donnington and the deaths as the climax... and it should look gritty and grimy visually -- smoke, leather, neon... no Rock Of Ages shit. The definitive GNR story is the rags to riches, gutter to number #1, AFD era. I think if you cram in even the UYI tour it's too unfocused. The audience basks in their successes and failures as the movie ends with them getting ready to go away for a while (UYI sessions). And the soundtrack has to be amazing, all the influences... Aerosmith, Elton John, The Misfits, Hanoi Rocks, Johnny Thunders... none of the 80's contemporaries -- avoid that association completely... maybe get the early Crue in there?.... and then you hold out on GNR cream until the pivotal moments. Whew... Alright -- who's in?
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    You can also see young Axl giving the side eye to NITL Axl, right?
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    That's actually really sad for Perla. Hopefully she gets the mental help she needs. Slash made the right choice
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    Yay, fuck new album, let's tour and party foreva!! Let's show em KISS bitches we will out perform them! Hey @Fernando we need new tattoo stickers in online store! I also wanna buy some new towels!!!
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    It's kinda funny to me, but for the NITL tour, we constantly heard complaining about the setlist not changing much and too many covers. Now here's SLASH switching things up and doing pretty much all original material (including numerous new ones) sans a song or two on his current tour and some are complaining that he's not including GN'R tunes or other tunes from Snakepit/VR that he's played to death over the years. It's impossible for any of these artists to win. If I didn't see it before, I definitely see now why they do whatever the hell they want. Cause they can never satisfy the majority of fans anyway.
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    I'd say that Argentina and Brazil have the best crowds, but of course there are some places in Europe that have their own thing too. From this year I remember the Firenze crowd was really frenetic I remember that here in Argentina we even chanted the Looney Tunes intro , or the bass notes from Coma. I can share this two awesome videos from when they came here:
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    And also if we get one, all people will do here is complain.