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    Since the tour's over I managed to get an exclusive interview with the band members (In the memory of Mr. David Tang)
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    Poor Slash just wanted a rock n roll singer and instead got a guy with the musical ear of a Beethoven with the range of Mercury, the showmanship of Elvis, the control of Jagger, and the anger of a red headed step child.
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    Commenting as a kid who listened to AFD for the first time in 5th grade on a yellow sony sports walkman , saw them in 1993 Reno NV, was there At the Vegas house of blues 01/01/01 and (perhaps a few more) I was fortunate enough to be at the Forum on 11/29. Let me just say the Forum show was every bit as magical and life changing as the first time I heard those guys on the playground 30 years ago. To comment on the "2002 / 2006 / 2010 > 2017 2010 was just seven years ago. Age isn't really an argument for me" business speak for yourself. When I was in 5th grade I could put down a solid 5:15 mile. I may have been faster in subsequent years ,but fuck me if I were to race my 5th grade self today. To hold the band to a historical standard is not only ridiculous, it is not something we could possibly hold ourselves to either. I doubt anyone here is better, faster or stronger than their 1988 self. Yet, somehow these guys are here kicking just as much ass as we remember- even in our mind's eye. The fact that we get to see Slash Duff and Axl on the same stage playing at the top of their game should make all us fans step back and and humbly say thanks to the guys for putting on a show that made us proud to be fans in the first place and become the hard core fans who stuck with them "through all the fucking shit." It hasn't always been easy to be a GNR fan, but Slash, Duff and Axl have gone out every night and proved, against all odds, to everyone who has shit to say that they were wrong and put on the best rock show on the planet- bar none. We should all be proud, as GNR fans, that they are every bit the ass kicking rock band we all believed they could be and more. As I stood in crowd I was just stoked to be there and witness them do what they do best: Melting the faces off of a giant crowd. So thanks guys. Thanks for proving us right. GNR FTW.
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    Alright, I'm gonna spam it here a little but there are some cool backstage pics: Backstage romance Slash with Meegan Axl with Meegan (I wonder if she took a video of him or was fully focused on Slash....and is he doing what I think he's doing? ) Before the show (he never shuts up, right?) Probably after the show (yeah, still talking) And yoga with Axl (I'd advise to straighten up his back a little, it will be more effective, otherwise it's good) (notice the Indiana number on the truck)
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    Hey guys, I just created a cover for the L.A. bootleg. Hope you like it! (I'm posting this here because more people might see it) @ Mods: Feel free to remove if this is the wrong topic!
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    Tracked VBR 0 MP3 version. Please like this post if you download! https://mega.nz/#F!1zwGELYT!yY3D3Rvx0GJU1vZMnFmobA
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    What a ride! It almost seems weird to think that after two straight years, this leg of the NITL tour has come to an end! Tonight’s 4 hour show was the perfect way to cap off the most unlikely, unexpected, but most exciting rock and roll reunion of all time. To the band: Thank you. Go and take a victory lap and a well deserved rest. You’ve earned it. To the crew: Thanks for going out there and making sure that things went off without a hitch night after night. To the fans: It’s been a helluva ride. Can’t wait to share it with you again when the tour hits Europe next year. I got to see two shows - wish that I could have seen more, but the most important part is that I — that WE were there. Well played, GNR. Well. Played.
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    I had to make THIS !! For all GNR & Nirvana fans... This is quite a moment.... Genuine love...
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    Here it goes, I haven't listened to it because I left it recording while I slept. It's untracked, so if anyone can track it it would be cool. Here are the links UNTRACKED SINGLE FILES WAV https://mega.nz/#!cVtQxZaA!e1ax-dztV1atoXEfKc67u5yVw-LjU38k3Ew9U3y4nro MP3 320 https://mega.nz/#!AIti2Iaa!TcP2qVmxBcGWEf1onA8PZyX5uJx10o26Rf3m67e7ofw TRACKED (Thanks to Rockphantom) FLAC https://mega.nz/#F!lnZwCRAQ!zwzsHoGvkqz3VzcAS1Cp3A MP3 320 https://mega.nz/#F!1zwGELYT!yY3D3Rvx0GJU1vZMnFmobA LINEAGE: The same as my recording of the apollo show, Sirius xm app at max quality playng on a Galaxy s7 edge plugged into a white 2007 macbook recording with audacity
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    During our time in LA last week we sat down with Marc Canter to talk about his history with the band! Big thanks to Marc for sitting down with us
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    Dear girls, women, boys, gentlemen, lurkers, band members Since it's already December 1st (at least in some parts of the world) I have a little present for you. Here's a NITL advent calendar https://adventmyfriend.com/34567/c47a9c0416/ Good thing is that you can't cheat and open it all at once . So...enjoy (Warning: This time I worked only with the current line-up of the band so I'm letting you know to prevent you from possible disappointment later.)
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    I say this every time but: Please be ready Axl Please be ready Axl Please be ready Axl Please be ready Axl Please be ready Axl Please be ready Axl Please be ready Axl Please be ready Axl Please be ready Axl Please be ready Axl Please be ready Axl Please be ready Axl Please be ready Axl Please be ready Axl Please be ready Axl Please be ready Axl
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    We recently interviewed Arlett Vereecke who was GNR's publicist from 87-92 and VR's publicist for the first record. Check out her interview below!
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    Yes you read that right, this forum's own Downzy and RussTCB join the AFD Show. Need I say more? Thanks again to "D n' R" for being great guests. Enjoy!!
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    I am so glad that Axl kept this look at least for a few songs in each show!
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    The moment Steven got on the drums they sounded as they should. It sounded like GNR.
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    Tracked FLAC: https://mega.nz/#F!lnZwCRAQ!zwzsHoGvkqz3VzcAS1Cp3A VBR 0 MP3 coming later today. Please LIKE this post if you download!!
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    If you say 'Myles Kennedy' six times into a mirror he will appear suddenly and suck all the life, charisma and talent out of the room.
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    It's something Called "job".. I 've been doing mine since 2008, for a few money and without any screaming fan, But I'm still very motivated
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    Fantastic show! So exciting to see the guys from front row pit section. Duff threw me a pic during KOHD, but someone else got it. lol. So Great to see Dave Grohl too. Wasn't expecting that. 3 1/2 hour show. Couldn't have been better. All smiles here.
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    Lol, nice try Duff, but somebody should give you yoga classes
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    "I have not seeing a show since my husband played with them in that same Arena a few years ago....Only one song touched my heart by bringing me back many special memories and magical moments spent together with Dj when we first met.. “This I Love”. On those notes, I fell in love with the guy" A couple of things to note: Your husband never played that arena with GN'R. Also, his version of the TIL solo is one of the worst things ever in the history of music.
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    Self interest. There doesn't seem to be anything benevolent about what they did aside from acting like leeches - no different from any other group of handlers who do whatever it takes to keep the gravy train going. Clearly the guy was extremely unhappy. Instead of helping him sort things out with his friends, these people alienated him from everyone - including, eventually Canter. Oldest trick in the book - remove and isolate someone from their inner circle so that you can weasel your way into their life and business. They all had a lot to lose with Slash and Duff in the picture, especially Doug Goldstein who formed a nice partnership with Beta early on. What were they after? Influence. Duff and Slash coming back reduces their power in band affairs. We saw a sample of that with the Pitman meltdown last year. And further back, Buckethead's ouster which was rumored to be a Del James/Tommy Stinson power play to keep Bucket from getting too close to Axl. Duff, being asked if he is still friends with Axl in 1999: Yes I am, but it doesn’t mean we agree on everything. We’ve been thinking too much about this band. We’ve been teenagers together, we became adults together. Nobody can ask me not to be friend anymore with my brother. But he’s got a problem: too many people around him confusing his mind. To be honest, he probably doesn’t live in the same world as you and me [Duff McKagan Interview, Hard Force Magazine June 1999]. Duff, explaining why Axl changed: Because many people around him maintain him in that state of mind. They kept telling him he was right. Some of them feared him cause they were scared they were gonna lose their job. It’s as simple as that [Duff McKagan Interview, Hard Force Magazine June 1999].
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    Okay people, we have finished setting up the YouTube channel. This is where we will be live-streaming the show for those who don't live in the US or don't have a SiriusXM account. Don't worry about the quality, because we will be streaming directly from the SiriusXM web-player. The stream will be on https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzB4lZWSA8YWdeN2-3A7_Kg this wednesday at the time of the show. You can also check our Facebook and Twitter pages. Thank you!!
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    That's where he belongs haha. I hope he cleans the stage after the show. In other news:
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    Note to self - it says big C L O C K (had to read it 3times )
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    Another video with The Forum audio (and some of the footage): Guns N' Roses | Out Ta Get Me | NITLT Tour (soundboard-multicam) ----------- Audio: Live at The Forum, LA 29/11/2017 (SBD) Multicam editing by: Fernomenoyde Original videos by: Cal Vid, Markit Aneight, Master Gorlock & Eyes Of Rust . Three cheers for them!
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    Just got home last night, was pit-rail 2 at this show and I've never seen anything like it. I've written longer reviews for other GNR shows this tour, but I have no words to describe this one. Most incredible concert I've ever seen. The fact that we have a soundboard of it makes it that just that much better.
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    Hi. Just bought tickets for Download Madrid I hate this band
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    A keyboard player that lives in Axl's basement.
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    I did it I’m from Guns N’ Roses Sudamérica, and we will do it again this time. YouTube and maybe Facebook Live too
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    Just a reminder that Axl's sister is not a public figure and criticism of her appearence is going a bit too far.
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    Hi I haven't been feeling very enthusiastic/interested in the band lately, but I did watch that interview with Arlette. I remembered her talking about Perla being an issue between Slash and Axl some time ago and I also remember her talking about Erin in a TV documentary and seeing a picture of her holding London (or Cash?) when he was born, so I thought this might be worth watching. And she really is quite entertaining and has some good stories. Just wondering, do we know anything about that story of Axl and Stuart in jail that she told? Because she said they informed the press when they were released and there were a lot of them there, but I don't remember ever reading anything about that I think? Also lol at her going off about Matt. I can totally see Matt bitching and causing drama about Slash getting more attention than him the way she described. And her saying that there was "trouble after trouble" with Matt in VR and that "the end result is he is not back with Guns n Roses now". I've long thought that Slash and Duff didn't like the idea of having Matt involved in this reunion (or hated the idea as much as Axl did), but people always keep saying it's just on Axl that Matt isn't there and that Slash and Duff would love to have Matt there. Well, according to Arlette Slash and Duff clearly had enough of Matt too and I can't say I blame them. About Axl suffering from stage fright and being shy and insecure... well, that's nothing we don't already know and many people have said these things about Axl, but I was still amused by Arlette saying that in Axl's eyes Slash was the one with all the charm that everyone fell for while he and the rest of the band were... not like that. That says a lot more about how Axl saw (sees?) Slash than about the actual reality of the situation. Guess in Axl's eyes Slash just is the most charming creature to walk the earth stage I also like the story of Izzy disappearing with the dog for hours (very Izzy-ish), and laughed at Slash sending his mom to Arlette to get her to talk to him. Didn't Slash do the same with Axl? Only he sent his dad to talk to Axl then instead of his mom. What's with Slash sending his parents to deal with uncomfortable situations? Yeah, I like his outfit too, especially his shoes. The rest is just his resting bitch face. He could get away with that when he was younger and look cool doing that, but it doesn't work anymore now that he's older lol. Pretty sure that's DJ Ashba, not Axl. I think DJ may have posted that on his Twitter or website or something a long time ago, I don't remember anymore. Don't trust any pictures like that circulated on Instagram and Tumblr, it's bullshit 99% of the time.
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    Like the people who was feeling bad about people who thought Axl and Slash will play again on tour ?
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    Grandpa what are you doing on the internet, it's time for your nap
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    I love the closing sentence about Axl and Slash being stuck with each other forever.
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    Again with this bullshit? Jesus... if Axl sounds like shit is because he sounds like shit, not because a phone mic has superpowers and makes him sound bad. You really should try to let the show excitement aside before discussing Axl’s voice. He is OBVIOUSLY going to “sound better” live because there is a lot of shit going on plus the excitement of being there. As far as I can tell, you can go and watch any 2010 video recorded from a cellphone and you will hear vintage Axl rasping the shit out of the songs. Same for Axl/DC last year, or maybe Fernando is blocking the rasp frequencies? 🤔 Please stop this nonsense.
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    Hey guys, since the current leg of the tour is winding down, I figured it’d be a good time to share my framed litho collection. Its been a fun 18 months in this thread discussing the lithos with everyone, and its been great getting to know several members through trading. Anyway, I just wanted to share this with everybody since it feels like a team effort. A special thanks to my friend amaninjapan, without whom many of these (like Kobe, Madrid, Paris, Hameenlinna Aurora) would not have been possible (thanks bro, can’t for the LA shows next week!)
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    Yes I saw that too, Gibbo said he has the flu and so does Duff and Slash has started coughing too. The big three are sharing their germs with each other, they really are friends after all
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    Axl was on fucking fire tonight. Great show! About 20 people stayed outside to meet the band after the show. Del James, Fortus, Frank, and Melissa all rode on the same bus. Axl,Slash,Duff, never came out Del said they left from underneath the venue and wouldn’t be out. We all stayed just in case but he was right so I stayed for 2 hrs in the cold just to say a quick hi to Frank and Fortus. Melissa just walked right through everyone lol Got some decent pics and a lith too so I’m pretty happy.