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    Something pretty cool happened to me yesterday and I can share it now! I'm friends with the main DJ on the biggest rock station in Detroit. Steven Adler is playing a show here in Detroit this weekend, so Meltdown (my buddy who is the DJ) had an interview scheduled with him yesterday. Meltdown sent me a text asking for questions to ask Steven and I gave him a bunch. About an hour before the interview, Meltdown asked me if I'd be open to having him do an interview with me prior to Steven so I said sure! So he called me, we did my interview over the phone, then I was able to listen in while he did the interview with Steven. Then he wrapped up the show by chatting with me some more. In short.... I was on the phone with Steven Adler yesterday! Lol. Got to do a little interview of my own, make sure good questions were asked AND plug our site in the process! Not a bad little afternoon Here's a link, enjoy! http://wrif.com/episodes/radio-chatter-steven-adler/
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    My video of Shadow Of Your Love!
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    wow they finally sound like GNR with a good drummer
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    The only chops he hasn't lost is pork. ....I'll see myself out.
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    News just in! They have opened a pop up shop for air conditioning units!
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    Hey, can't really believe all the hate here. It makes me wonder: let's say someone is watching you everyday at work, not your boss, not someone who knows about your work (quite de opposite, btw), and then you recieve a mountain of shit from that person, just because is an spectator and he doesn't like the way you talk, you walk or anything else!!! What would you do? Stop bitching about a man who's doing what he can. Obviously he is not the same 1993 Axl, WERE YOU THE SAME IN 1993? I can understand discussing setlist, wishing new songs and analizing music but: the man can sing, not as well as 20 years ago, but he is there and you are here because HE IS THERE. So stop bitching and get a life.
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    For 50 grand you can fly with the band. Axl,Slash and Duff will not be on board but now you have your chance to chill with Frank and Dizzy while enjoying the leftover bottles of ASHBA WATER( tm)
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    Raise your hand if you're just here to see if slither gets played.
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    Now am a mod Ill put the countdown timer, set list (Not live because its 3 am for me) and best quality yt videos in the first post of ever show thread to make it easier to find. If you want to help me with videos and set list you can tag me
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    I’m not very good at concert reviews, I never write them because I’m rubbish at them lol....I had the best time I’ve ever had at any show I’ve been to yesterday. The atmosphere where I was was so amazing - I was right next to the mixing tower, I got that spot and had to stay there because you really couldn’t move after 5pm. I’ve never seen so many people there and so desperate to get good spots! Everybody looked after each other and there was no shoving or pushing. We saw a helicopter come in about an hour before GnRs set and we all were chanting AXL!! The place went bonkers when they came out and played ISE and it was all so loud and clear, can’t fault the sound guys at all. I could hear some vocal struggles during a couple of songs - TIL was bad, Axl knew it. I think he might as well have not bothered to sing Slither, we sang that for him I’d say Axl sounded good to me for the majority of the songs from where I was...he looked like he was giving it everything and he was running around loads. Loved that he kept the backwards cap for a little while....I noticed him go up to Slash a couple of times and one of them he got a huge smile from him because I think Slash also had the time of his life last night! It was funny when Axl walked up to that railing at the end of the stage and shook the hell out of it because it was wobbly and his little rodeo dance made everyone laugh! Slash was amazing, just awe inspiring and so loud! He was really energetic too and jumping all over the place - Axl commented on it but I forgot what called him now lol. I went with someone who had never seen any of the guys and she couldn’t get over Slash, she was mesmerised by him, we all know that feeling though, right? He looked really emotional at the end of the show Duff was just as awesome too, he was solid as ever and his back up vocals were really good, he helped out Axl a lot. He has so much stage presence. I saw his daughter with Meegans daughters all singing and dancing whenever I could see them, they even did during the CD songs lol! As for the rest of the band, Frank made lots of mistakes that even I noticed. I don’t know what he played for the YCBM intro but it sucked and he sounded horrible on SCOM. Fortus still doesn’t fit in with Slash imo. Hated his Nightrain solo, hated any of his solos. The other two were just there. Overall it’s the best time I’ve ever had seeing GnR and probably the best time I ever had at any show, ever (Axl/dc is still really close lol)! I was glad they finished early because after holding our spots for so long and then the three hour set I was desperate for the toilet - I should’ve demanded a porcelain throne with silky toilet paper too after how long I had to wait I’m happy now, if that’s to be the last time I ever see them that’s fine with me because it was so epic and it will be such a great memory to have of them. Told you I’m shit at reviews
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    If we hear any new music from Guns I will print out a picture of DJ Ashba and eat it and post a video of it to this forum.
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    The big 3 keep getting paid. Axl, Duff and Perla.
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    It's sad that November of 2018 will mark the 10 year anniversary of Chinese Democracy. Another decade gone without ONE NEW Guns N' Roses song. Think about that for a minute. Axl worked on Chinese D from 1996-2008 and he doesn't even let go of all the material. Making matters even more lame is the fans that have some leaks will not even share them the way they did back in 2004-2008. What gives? Why has Guns N Roses turned into this? A nostalgia act where people are now buying $1,000 box sets of songs and demos EVERYONE has heard now for over 30 years! Shadow of Your Love is getting people excited? WTF? Who even cares? The most interesting music is the music from the Chinese D era. The songs Bucket/Brain/Bumble/Fortus/Fink worked on. The songs Axl labored over for years to get right. The songs he wrote while he was trying to prove a point. That he could remake the magic. Chinese D is a special album that after 10 years still never gets old for me. I listen to Chinese D material when I'm melting rubber in the Demon more than Illusion stuff (which just doesn't hit as hard). I'll never understand why the GNR fans with stuff won't help the fans get something new. And the forums are shut down any sharing of leaks/songs. Literally SO MANY people have the remixed album, Silkworks studio, OMG studio...and yet nobody shares i? It's so lame watching people gush over a remix of Appetite. Cool. Not. Sorry...but those of us who waited over a decade for Chinese D (and you know who you are) deserve more than this. All these new fans gushing over the cash grab tour have no idea what it was like seeing Axl and Bucket when the band actually had energy, anger and desire to prove something. That's all. See ya'll next month.
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    Will the band be there? We should make some money and pay to the angriest member of this forum to go there and while on the sky, start to rant about every single wrong thing going on. They're in the sky, nowhere to run, they gotta listen we want a new album and Frank is terrible and we want the guy from Foo Figheters.
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    Correction: Perla was paid 6.5 million for Donnington concert
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    "But.. But.. He can't sing anymore", "But.. But.... But.... Adler's singer is better", "We love Myles", "He sucks". Well SHUT YOUR FCKN' mouth.
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    I trust the Russians about as much as I trust GNR and new music
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    If they play OMG, I'll get Paul Tobias' face tattooed over my face.
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    KOHD is the 7th Inning Stretch of these threads. Take a break Open another tab in the browser See what's going on in the world Go piss Stretch out a bit Refill your drink Catch up on email Return to mygnrforum "......................FUCK! KOHD is STILL going?!"
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    So...the tour is about to start and looks like Axl, Duff and Slash have packed all the important things (#leavingforberlininthemorning )
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    You want to tell me that I've spent the last two years here? Happy anniversary!!!
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    Seems like a pretty big hint that it's Slash. My guess is Slash will say- The tour is going great. He loves playing the old songs and newer songs. Everyone is getting along great. Everyone supports each other. The fans have been great. Then he'll promote his forthcoming solo album. The end.
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    slash finally got out of his ass. you would be happy too
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    Halfway through the flight 90% of the passengers and staff are replaced
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    "Why Didn't They Release This? -The Guns N Roses Story"
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    So I'm posting this again, hopefully I got it right this time.
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    "New songs" may refer to Shadow Of Your Love. As Fernando calls it, "the new single". This band...
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    Thank You SMKC For Take Care Of Us By Only Featuring Slash Riffs And No MK Vocals On Promo Video
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    Only a matter of time until Izzy Stradlin will leak into the band
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    Woooooh!! Congrats to @Andy14!!! She made this sign and Axl loved it!!! WT!! Woohooooo!!! @Hejanne @Sekh-met @MillionsOfSpiders @Tori72 @janrichmond @dgnr @Padme @Georgina Arriaga @money honey @MyPrettyTiedUpMichelle @MaskingApathy @BorderlineCrazy @beautifulanddamned @Zoot
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    Back on episode 48 of the AFD show, former Guns N' Roses manager Alan Niven broke the internet when he spoke of Izzy Stradlin showing up at a soundcheck during GNR's "Not In This Lifetime" tour. Alan returns on episode 65, so what will he have to say this time around? Alan has very passionate opinions on GNR's current management, the new box set, the It's So Easy video (which he himself shelved all those years ago), and much more! He also answers YOUR fan submitted questions! Hope you enjoy!
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    Love GNR fans. They didn't even play it yet but the bitching already started.
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    Whether you like Slither or not (I'm not a big fan of it as a song either) the symbolism of GnR playing it and Axl singing it is huge.
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    The tank symbolizes the corporate juggernaut. The skeletons symbolize people's deceased bank accounts.
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    Well, the "Saskatoongate" is the reason my old good "Noise Pollution Channel" is about to be erased. YouTube team seems very serious about that so i decided to start a new channel where i'm uploading all the videos i have in the older one. Good thing is we can start from zero and make things right, again. So please, if you were a suscriber i'll be waiting you there. And if you didn't know about my channel, this is a good oportunity to see some rocking multicam soundboard/remastered audio videos about GN'R and even solo projects. SUSCRIBE THE CHANNEL HERE: https://www.youtube.com/user/epicero Also, i've just uploaded NOT IN THIS LIFETIME DVD (part 1). Second (and last) part will be available tomorrrow in the NEW CHANNEL!!! THANKS to @RussTCB and all the forum team for the help! NOT IN THIS LIFETIME DVD (PART 1 & 2)
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    Bandanaxl becomes instantly 100x more cool than Hat Axl.
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    what the actual fuck...
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    Guns without Axl is a crime. Even if he is a shadow of the man he used to be vocally, I would never see or support a GNR show without him.
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    Can we take a moment to look at how amazing these last few months have been in GN'R land: Full Pro Shot of Saskatoon '93 Full Pro Shot of House Of Blues '01 Full Pro Shot of Puerto Rico '10 Studio version of Silkworms is leaked New studio version of OMG is leaked Remix of TIL is leaked AFD box set with Sound City recordings in great quality That same box set contains new versions of SOYL and Move To The City GN'R is currently touring massive stadiums in Europe GN'R with Axl on vocals are playing Slither GN'R are playing SOYL as a set staple on this leg of the tour for the first time since 1987 IT'S A GREAT TIME TO BE A GUNS N' ROSES FAN!
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    HOPE YOU LIKE IT!!! Guns N' Roses | SHADOW OF YOUR LOVE live 2018 !!! (Multicam-Remastered Audio) *Played for the first time since 1986 on Denmark 2018 gig. Audio remaster & Multicam: Fernomenoyde ALL THE CREDITS TO THE ORIGINAL RECORDERS: Simon Christensen, Anne Frederiksen, The Labrador, Rasmus Holmen.
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    Great sign 📷: panoptography Instagram
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    I have criticised the threeunion thing and Rose in particular for it being a Nugnr-dictatorship thing (I have argued with a few people on this point) so it would be hypocritical of me to not praise Rose when he goes far in readdressing this by playing a VR song. It is very respectful to what Slash and Duffy were doing during the 00s. It feels more reciprocal now: ''there was Nugnr, and there was VR so here is a bit of both''. It is a bit like what Crosby Stills and Nash used to do now. And it is certainly something new besides another cover, although I certainly don't think ''Slither'' justifies repeated touring. It is a novelty, Rose singing VR - something of interest for a change. Just an one-song novelty but a novelty nonetheless. It is a lot more interesting that any old Appetite overpriced stodge and whatever else Fernando is flogging with a skeleton on. Vocally he sounded alright (apart from the squeaky ''hey's). Slash was magnificent. It can only tighten up.
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    Probably Fortus gear review and 'entering the studio and throwing a bunch of ideas around....'