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    An open letter to Guns N' Roses, Team Brazil, UMG and those who are ruining the community- After listening to the latest episode of @Gambit83's podcast, I'm left in the same state of many of you loyal Guns N' Roses fans; shocked, saddened, frustrated, angry but most of all disappointed. Like so many users of this site, I am "just a fan". I'm actually a big fan of many, many different artists with GN'R just being one of them. However, I found a home in the GN'R online community a long time ago, so I stuck around. Over the years, it's been such a rewarding experience that many of us have stuck with it. Even while being fans of a band that for reasons unknown to us, refuses to release new music. We've all stuck together because we've made life long friends in some cases. It goes past the music, concerts & merchandise for many of us. It's about a sense of community and dare I say, family, that we've all cultivated. Speaking for myself, I've made friends literally all over the world because of this community. Pre-parties in Las Vegas, Chicago, New York City and even in my own home have produced countless memories with people I now call friends whom I never would have met if it weren't for this community. The wonderful thing is that my story is not unique! For every person I now call friend, those people have another 5-10 people they've met that they now call friend. I'm creating this thread as an open letter to anyone who works with or for the Guns N' Roses brand because what is happening to the community right now can only be described with one word: disgusting. I'm tagging @Fernando in this in hopes that he or anyone from Team Brazil or anyone from UMG or anyone from Guns N' Roses will see it and begin to help the community that's been so loyal for so long. What started as some YouTube videos taken down has now escalated far past that, TWICE. People are having their families threatened over this! @axlrosefan4life and Gambit83 are just the latest victims and my heart is heavy thinking about the fact that they may not be the last. I absolutely do NOT want any sort of harm to befall anyone, let alone members or previous members of this community. We as a community need help from someone and we need it as soon as possible seeing as this is getting out of hand very fast. It seems that a couple of folks have no sense of boundaries, nor care or compassion which could lead to something beyond awful happening. All of this over what? Videos of old concerts being removed from YouTube?? If I weren't directly involved in this, I wouldn't even believe what I just typed! To Team Brazil, UMG and/or Guns N' Roses; if you have anything to do with this material being removed because it is copyrighted, we understand. If you have anything to do with any material being removed because you intend to package it and sell it to us in the future, we understand. If you have anything to do with encouraging certain folks to take action on your behalf which has led to where we are now, we do NOT understand. If you do in fact have any dealing with the people in question, you really need to understand the lengths they're going to in your name and the dark path we're already headed down. It's on you to step up now and clarify some things and help out the fan base that's done nothing but support you for decades. Concert bootlegs are something that have been enjoyed by music fans for decades upon decades. If you choose to take that away due to future earning possibilities, that's fine. I'm not here to argue that aspect of it. However, explaining that to the commnunity would've gone a long way prior to this and would even help out to some extent now. Another aspect that needs to be considered is this; the open selling of original, studio works by Guns N' Roses has been rampant over the years. Why was no action taken then? Why has no action been taken now? If nothing else, why aren't you at least telling your biggest supporters why this is happening to them over concert bootlegs as opposed to those making thousands off of your hard work? Again, if you clarify why these things are being taken down, then the mystery is solved. We wouldn't need to discuss it here, on podcasts or anywhere else because we would already have the answer. Not everyone would agree with the answer(s) but it would at least be a start. Discussing the material being taken down is what has led us to where we are; a couple of people acting in your name, going so far as to make TWO (as of this posting) real life threats against families. This needs to end now. The only thing that will end it is some sort of communication from Team Brazil, UMG and/or Guns N' Roses. To those trying to ruin the community, you know who you are and you know in your heart that what you're doing is wrong. PLEASE. STOP. Please take just 5 minutes and think about how wrong your actions are, how quickly they've escalated and how badly this could all turn out. To the community here at mygnrforum and my previous family at gnrevolution & newguns; you are and continue to be the only reason I'm still here. Thank you for all of the joy you've brought to me over the years whether in a foreign city or in my own home. Thank you to people like @downzy, @FRANSAD, @highvoltage, @metalms, @Gibbo, @Otto, @buzzsaw, @ZoSoRose, all of the people I've already tagged and all of the people I'm forgetting to tag for everything you've ever done to help another Guns N' Roses fan out. To the current users of the board incensed by what is happening right now, please remember a few things; The community will survive this. We at mygnrforum can not, do not and will not encourage or support any sort of retaliatory comments or actions. I am doing what I believe is the only thing that can be done for the community; laying this at the feet of those in charge of the band and hoping they'll do the right thing. Lastly, I'd like to say that earlier today I turned off a Guns N' Roses song for the first time I can ever remember since I first heard them in 1987. I never in my life thought I'd get to a point where just hearing their music made my upset, yet here we are. Fernando, Team Brazil, UMG, Guns N' Roses.........someone..........please do the right thing and step in to help us out. EDIT- To clarify, two users here (axlrosefan4life and gambit83) have had threats made against their families by the people claiming to represent TB and/or Guns N' Roses. The details exact details aren't mine to share so I tagged both users later in this thread. They're more than welcome to post whatever details they chose, but I will not ask them to do so. The mere fact that their families are being threatened by a couple of people claiming to represent TB and/or GN'R should be enough for all parties to look into this IMO.
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    So I've locked this thread for a few reasons. But before we get into it, a little backstory... @RussTCB sent me a PM this morning giving me the heads up that something like this was coming our way. Russ is one of the most caring and passionate people I know, both with respect to music and music fans. It's a testament to who Russ is that he devoted the time and attention to the very serious problems that are plaguing the online GNR community (not limited to this forum) and to two particular members who have had their personal lives threatened or exposed. Most people, and I'll include myself in that category, would simply shake their heads and carry on with their day. But Russ has chosen to stand up for what he believes in on behalf of others and the community as a whole. So the first reason I locked this thread is that GNR management is aware of this issue and I can only assume is looking to it (emphasis on assume). I provided the best tl;dr version of what has been happening the last three months to a member of management this evening. I truly believe that most of this has been flying under their radar as it seemed news to them. Keep in mind they have been a little busy both with a huge re-release of Appetite and the never ending snake-monster that is the NITL tour. I maybe way off on this but I just don't think these issues have been conveyed to them in a way that warrants immediate action relative to what else they have on their plates. I honestly know about as much as you guys on this despite this forum's very loose and tangential connection with GNR management and the band. If the general public only sees 1 percent of the iceberg, I'm maybe seeing an extra .5 percent from the few brief conversations I have with TB. So I can only speak from my own opinion and assumptions. Regardless, we'll open this discussion back up should we receive any clarification (or if any is given on any platform) on this issue, though I'm not counting on it (more on this later). Second reason I locked this topic was because some of the discussion was getting a little wayward and assumptions that may prove false were being made. Let's be clear here: there are only a few known knowns. We know that there was a copyright C&D blitz starting three or four months ago. We know that an LLC that was behind many of the copyright complaints was associated with person who has been banned from this forum for many, many years. We know that certain banned members have threatened physical harm towards a current member and disclosed private information towards a member of the media. But that's all we really know. Any further assertions are simply assumptions and should be treated as such. Until such time we get further clarification, endless speculation and arguments based on possible faulty assumptions is not going to help us get to the bottom it. This issue is better dealt with via PMs involving members of the forum's staff. Further public discussion will likely only hurt efforts to sort everything out. Inaccurate accusations, even when those accusations are levelled against shitheads, take us two steps backwards. Third, what matters most and concern everyone above everything else is that people are having their families threatened and their personal information disclosed over a band. This cannot be allowed to continue. While the loss of YouTube channels and access to bootlegs are disappointing (especially for those who dedicated hundreds of ours in their hobby), ultimately they are not our main concern. What we cannot abide by is having people attack members of this community for the simple reason that they can. I would like to preface expectations here that I don't really think there's anything GNR can or will do about this issue. It should be a concern to them if certain parties are acting on their behalf without expressed consent to do so, but ultimately that's their business. But expecting GNR to involve itself into what is essentially a private matter is likely to result in more frustration and disappointment for the rest of us. What Russ's open-letter highlights is some of the worst behaviour and abuses within the community that for many goes unseen. It's important to take a stand and let everyone know that we are not a community that will sit idly by and let our own members and fellow fans feel unsafe and alone. Members like @Gambit83 have picked up the torch and shone a light on to the worst parts of this community in the hopes of exposing what is a real problem that must be addressed. Criminal activity should be reported to the proper officials and we should all be vigilant against those who would make any of us unsafe. We all have our own expectations as to what we want to happen but I suggest we temper those with what TB and/or GNR is likely to do here. This isn't to rebuke Russ or defend TB, but just a call for perspective with respect to the various parties involved and their resulting legal and moral imperatives and implications. Finally, I want to apologize personally for not being more proactive on this matter and other issues. This forum would probably be better served with another owner more able or willing to engage/push those in the know or engage those who seek to do us harm. Running two businesses while raising my first daughter who just turned eight months has zapped me of all available free time and energy. When I bought this forum four and a half years ago I wasn't married and being a father was a long far-off goal. I apologize that I haven't been able to deliver more for the fanbase as a whole. We've long held a "do not engage" and ignore policy with respect to those who seek to do the forum harm. Up until now it has largely worked for us as it denies what most of these asshats want most: attention. This forum attracts a lot of decent and good people. But with the good comes the deranged and those devoid of a life who seek to fill it with the anger and frustration of others. Recent developments have made us question this do not engage policy and we're looking at ways we can leverage the size and scope of this forum to combat those that would do this forum and the community as a whole some harm (in a non mob-like manner). We're a great group of people who have long looked to each other for support and reasons to remain a fan. Our responsibility and obligations begin and end with us. I feel like I've let the fanbase down by my absence the last year or so and I'm hoping this will change. Thanks again for sticking around this forum and making it really the only real and worthy GNR forum.
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    Further update: We know for a fact that Alfred Walker is claiming to be working for, on behalf of, Guns N' Roses and Team Brazil with respect to taking down YouTube videos/channels. We also know, from his own admission, that he did so for purely vindictive reasons, claiming he is mad at the GNR fanbase. I have been sent documentation that verify these claims. We also know that Walker has zero understanding or concept of how civil litigation works. Threatening to filing civil litigation in American court against a foreign citizen means fuck all. Alfred, if you're reading this, while you're busy coping and pasting bullshit cease and desist orders from google you might want to look up the the concept of legal standing with respect to foreign citizens numbnuts. What we do not know is whether any of Alfred's claims towards TB or Guns have any merit. We're hoping to get some sort of clarification at some point soon.
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    I can just imagine the scene at GN'R HQ right now? DEFCON 4; red lights and buzzers going mad. (Fernando) ''It is Slash again. He is giving interviews. He is revealing stuff!!!!''.
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    Well, today I received an email in german by GNR/UMG which reads something like: "Hi ____, you bought the L&L box and thereby prooved that you are one of the biggest GNR fans worldwide. As a thank you ...." (at this stage I was like 🎉) "we are happy to give you a preorder-possibility and a discount of 15% to one of 50 exclusive band photo prints of Ross Halfin" I then clicked the button to the webshop and have to learn that these fuckers seriously charge EUR 260 for one fuckin picture ... this means a photo print! GUNS N FUCKIN ROSES, here's my answer: PISS FUCKIN OFF! I paid 1000 (in words: one thousand) euros for a box set and your are holding back one "exclusive" picture just to offer it to me one month later for another EUR 260 separately because I prooved that I am one of the biggest fans worldwide?!?!?! Oh, of course I forgot the discount. I am still shaking my head. Seriously, PISS FUCKIN OFF! Enough is enough.
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    I have not one clue why there's any value to this.
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    How much money NOT to release this?
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    Further developments on this matter that unfortunately I'm not in any position to speak on. All I can say is that it's definitely being investigated and hopefully we get some sort of statement or clarification at some point soon. Going to keep the thread open for a little bit but I wanted to reassure people that stuff is happening.
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    I got a question for Del James that some fans want to know. What does Axl's balls taste like?
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    I recorded a new song called Chinese Democracy this weekend. I think it's a clever play on words that has never been thought of before. Click the image below to check it out on YouTube.
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    I want the next album to be named Penetrating Iceland
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    No offense to anyone, but the amount of sarcasm here is really depressing. I'm not a fan of how TB handles things and all either, but that doesn't take away from my appreciation of the music and my respect for the art. Think for a second you were him and reading this - with hardcore fans like this I wouldn't be too inspired to release anything new either and rather stick to the casuals as well. As much as I admire the music, I wouldn't want to walk in his shoes for only a mile. And I applaude him that he keeps going after all he's been through on the creative side and whatever else we might have no clue about. Maybe it's just a stupid naive feeling but something tells me it's about time to show some love again and be bigger than the shit one could often rightfully complain about. We can hate and bash all we want, but what would that charge the overall energy with? Nothing. At the end of the day I think we must be louder than TB, in like supportive, faithful, loyal and also direct, honest and clear. And perhaps a little more respectful? Again, no offense, just some thoughts crossing my mind tonight.
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    Slash is just a great bullshitter god bless him.
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    HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SLASH (In case you're interested here's an awkward photo from his b-day party) (Any similarity with other pics is purely coincidental Source: Axl's private archive)
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    Alfred sent to take down Rolling Stone Magazine.
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    For everyone who craves to see Izzy play live, thanks to @Boogs, you can actually help make it happen. She set up a petition to Izzy. Izzy once reacted to a fan petition and published his album recording of „Like a Dog“. So, there’s always hope, right? https://www.change.org/p/izzy-stradlin-izzy-stradlin-play-us-one-concert?recruiter=891046701&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=copylink&utm_campaign=share_petition&utm_term=share_petition Also, feel free to share the petition on your social media, thanks.
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    Good time last night...Richard is a legit nice guy. He mentioned that he talks to Axl every day, but would only give a sly smirk when I asked about new music. He said he had to make some changes in his settings and playing once Slash came back because of his different tone. He mentioned that it was Axl's idea to play 'marathon shows', and the fact that he runs in actual marathons helps him get through the shows. He said that the 2 Soldier Field shows were on top of his list for favorite shows on the entire tour. He said he has nothing negative to say at all about Axl, and is close enough to him that he would say if he did. He talked about his motorcycle crash and said that Tommy Stinson is his best friend. Not much besides tech talk was discussed and I've never played a guitar so it was way over my head.
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    Source (requires subscription): https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/the-guns-n-roses-guitarist-slash-on-30-years-of-hell-raising-m2q9qbkmg But you can read the full article here: http://www.a-4-d.com/t3100-2018-08-10-slash-interview-with-the-times The Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash on 30 years of hell‑raising Will Hodgkinson August 10 2018 [...] We’re meeting in slightly strange circumstances. Guns N’ Roses have granted no interviews during their two-year reunion tour of the original members of Rose, Slash and the bassist Duff McKagan, presumably for fear of someone saying the wrong thing and sending the wheels of this mammoth but delicate juggernaut spinning out of control. But Slash has a riff-heavy album coming out, Living the Dream, with Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators, and he has a day off before the Reykjavik gig. So here we are, on Slash’s 53rd birthday, talking about his lifetime in rock ’n’ roll while an enormous Samoan man called Kimo waits outside. When you are as wealthy and as recognisable as Slash, you need someone like Kimo. [...] Damaged individuals tend to make the most interesting music, but that doesn’t make them the easiest people to be in a band with. I ask Slash to describe the various personalities in Guns N’ Roses. “Now we get into . . . er . . . an area where it’s hard for me to make a description in words,” he says, sounding uneasy for the first time. “Duff was the responsible one. He answered an ad I put in the paper, showed up at Canter’s Deli in LA, had his own apartment and car, and was kind of jovial. Steven Adler was happy-go-lucky. Izzy was like the Artful Dodger. And Axl is an immensely talented but not very predictable individual. I don’t know what I was about — still don’t — except I wanted to play rock ’n’ roll. Somehow these personalities were drawn to each other.” [...] Slash cites Rose’s constant lateness as his own reason for leaving Guns N’ Roses in 1996, after which he formed Slash’s Snakepit (he’s a big snake fan) and then Velvet Revolver, leaving Rose as the sole founder member. Velvet Revolver fell apart in 2008, with Slash citing his own and the singer Scott Weiland’s “chemical issues” for the dissolution. He had a defibrillator fitted to correct a heart conditon resulting from his years of excess and, by the time he formed Slash Featuring Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators in 2010 he was clean. That helped to pave the way for the Guns N’ Roses reunion few thought could ever happen. “There is not a lot for me to say about it except that it’s been a huge f***in’ weight off my shoulders,” says Slash. “As soon as we started the rehearsals Axl and I got past a couple of decades’ worth of bullshit and found the camaraderie again. It was only meant to be two shows and a couple of warm-up gigs. Now we’re touring the world.” I went to the massive Guns N’ Roses show at London Stadium in 2016 and was amazed to find a band starting on the dot of 7.30pm, Rose and all. “There was a rumour going round that we gave him an ultimatum, but actually Axl showed up on time from rehearsals onward,” Slash says on his lead singer’s new-found punctuality. “It’s a trip for me because we had a lot of issues with that back in the Nineties, but he came in so professional and in great spirits, even after he broke his foot and did the first two shows in a chair.” Now Slash is touring the world’s biggest stadiums with Guns N’ Roses while doing theatre shows with his own band, whose latest album is filled with the kind of big, heavy riffs that make you want to learn guitar; bluesy, ballsy and exciting. “Doing these two bands is like having a mistress and a wife,” he says. “With Guns N’ Roses there were four and a half leaders [the frequently drugged-out Adler presumably being the half] whereas this is my band but I don’t dictate. I write the music, Myles comes up with the words and we’ll sort out the songs through jamming. It all goes back to my love of live records. I never wanted to sit around and be a soloist. Having a bunch of guys around you and bashing out a song is what makes it rock ’n’ roll.” [...] -------------- Another interview, for the upcoming issue of Classic Rock, where he opens a little more about the new music question: https://www.loudersound.com/news/slash-everyone-would-like-to-make-a-new-guns-n-roses-album Slash: Everyone would like to make a new Guns N’ Roses album Slash says that he thinks that everyone in the Guns N’ Roses camp would like to make a new studio album, but due to their touring commitments, they haven’t had the chance to sit down and plan it out yet. The reunited lineup featuring Slash, Axl Rose and Duff McKagan have been on the road almost constantly on the Not On This Lifetime tour since getting back together in 2016, leaving fans wondering if a studio return was on the cards. And while Slash says “there’s no shortage of ideas from everybody involved” they still have to properly plan out their future movements. He tells the upcoming issue of Classic Rock magazine: “When Guns N’ Roses started doing its thing on the Not In This Lifetime tour, then the kind of writing I was doing was actually more tailored towards Guns, because that was the environment I was in. “But, then we took the break and I started thinking about doing the Conspirators record. “When it comes down to it, a riff is a riff. It could work in either context. But with The Conspirators, anything I come up with, Myles Kennedy will come up with something – and that’s why it’s such a diverse record. “With Guns, you have no idea where that’s going to go either, so it’s really hard to focus on one or the other, but I feel like while I’m out with Guns I’m thinking about Guns stuff. When I’m out with Conspirators I’m thinking of Conspirators. “I’ve been doing The Conspirators for eight years now, so there’s a certain kind of rhythm that I’ve gotten into with doing that. “With Guns, we’ve just started to touch the surface of what that’s going to all be, so I haven’t really fallen into that groove yet. Right now, there’s more of a question mark around that than with Conspirators.” Asked if he’s started to write material for a new Guns N’ Roses album, Slash replies: “Well, it’s not been announced because there’s nothing official, so there’s nothing to talk about. “I think everybody thinks it’s a good idea, and everybody would like to do it. There’s no shortage of ideas from everybody involved, but we’ve been so busy on the road there hasn’t really been time to go in and sit down and go, ‘Okay, we’re going to make a record.’” Slash is the cover star of the upcoming issue of Classic Rock magazine, which will go on sale from August 21.
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    I can see the headlines about this now: "Chinese Democracy Removed From Spotify, Tens Of Fans Disappointed"
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    This encourages me even more. I'll be "stealing", trading, sending, shipping, leaking, giving, spreading copyrighted material as far as humanly possible. WhiskeyFuckingAsshole, WarCunt, UMG, Del James, TeamBrazil: KISS MY ASS.
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    Out of all the SMKC songs in the world, this is definitely one of them.
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    Merely my opinion, but I think this deserves it's own thread @RecipeForDisaster84 I think the band clearly ripping off your fan art deserves a LOT more attention than just in the Social Media thread.
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    so slash spends 3 years with axl, duff and the aliens and he finds out that "everyone wants to record new music" wow maybe if he gets to spend another three years with them, then, maybe, they can arrange a lunch or something to discuss the subject sounds promising, huh?
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    -Hates on Slash for 2 decades -Axl makes up with Slash to make money -Instantly starts kissing Slash's ass This is Del James But wait...! Didnt Slash STEAL audio tapes and bootlegs as a kid?!?!? Del, how can you be friends with such a crook?!?!?!? I even hear Slash watches... YOUTUBE VIDEOS
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    Should have stuck to his bottled water.
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    Here's my prediction and I will be absolutely shocked if anything besides this happens: Slash will do a solo tour this fall and spring, which I won't care about. Axl will probably do the AC/DC album and tour next year, which I won't care about. Duff, Richard, Dizzy, Melissa & Frank will probably do a TON of things, which I won't care about. In 2019, GN'R will regroup to tour in whatever capacity the interest level will support. If there's enough interest, they'll do stadiums again. If there's not, they'll do arenas. If there's not enough interest to support that, they'll charge more and do theaters. None of which I will care about.
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    It’s been four years since we last heard new music from SLASH. But the guitaristhas hardly spent that time relaxing—far from it, in fact. First, there was an 18-month, 20- country world tour in support of the second SLASH FT MYLES KENNEDY & THE CONSPIRATORS album, 2014’s World On Fire, which saw the band play to packed houses everywhere from the U.S. to the U.K., Europe to Australia, South America toSoutheast Asia. Then, almost immediately after the tour wrapped in Las Vegas on New Year’s Eve, 2015, it was announced to the world that the guitarist, after roughly two decades away, would be rejoining Guns N’ Roses in an historic reunion with Axl Rose and Duff McKagan. Since then, SLASH and his Gn’R band mates have crisscrossed the globe on multiple arena and stadium jaunts, playing to millions of fans the world over on what has been a record-breaking tour. But even with all the reunion activity, SLASH’s band was never far from his mind: “I always planned on getting back together with the Conspirators as soon as possible, and continuing on with what we started,” he says. Which brings us to LIVING THE DREAM, the new full-length offering from the group—which, in addition to SLASH and singer KENNEDY, also includes bassist TODD KERNS, drummer BRENT FITZ and, making his recorded debut after several years of live work with The Conspirators, rhythm guitarist FRANK SIDORIS. The album, their third overall following World on Fire and 2012’s Apocalyptic Love, is possibly the band’s strongest collective statement to date. From the barnstorming, high-octane riffery of opener “Call of the Wild” to the wah-drenched funk rock of “Read Between the Lines,” the haunting majesty of “Lost Inside the Girl” to the swaggering deep-in-the-pocket Seventies grooves of “Serve You Right,” the stately, quasi-classical melodic themes of “The Great Pretender” to the massive hooks and anthemic, singalong choruses of first single “Driving Rain,” LIVING THE DREAM packs a compendium of sounds and styles into 12 tightly arranged and sharply executed tracks, all of it shot through with SLASH’s trademark electrifying and dynamic riffing and high-wire, lyrical solos. “It’s a natural progression from World on Fire, for sure,” SLASH says of the new album. “I think it has a little more diversity—some of the ideas are not really what I would consider to be predictable.” At the same time, he adds, “The record is also a bit more structured, with songs that are shorter and more to the point than last time.” KENNEDY concurs. “I don’t know that there are as many of those sort of ‘epicsonic journeys’ that we took on the last record,” he says. “Although there are songs that take you on a trip, like ‘Lost Inside the Girl.’ But overall a lot of these songs—thingslike ‘My Antidote,’ ‘Read Between the Lines,’ ‘Slow Grind’--they’re pretty precise statements, and they definitely fall in line with the type of sound we’re known for. There’s a certain type of sonic calling card that we’ve developed over the years, and you can hear it front and center on this record.” “It’s just a snapshot of where we’re at,” SLASH continues, summing up LIVING THE DREAM. “Which is what we’re going for with each new album—to be present in what we’re doing and come up with something that is representative of and reflects this moment in time.” For SLASH and the band, this moment in time has been unlike any in their past.The seeds of what would become LIVING THE DREAM were first planted back on the World on Fire tour, when SLASH began bringing in material for the band to work on at soundchecks. “Historically, the way we write is we’ll be on the road and I’ll have my guitar with me, coming up with ideas sitting in the hotel room or in the dressing room or even sometimes on the bus,” SLASH explains. “When I have something, I’ll bring it to soundcheck and I’ll start jamming it out with Frank and Todd and Brent. Then Myles will start humming ideas into the recording apparatus on his telephone, and that’s how the nucleus of these songs will start.” “I can tell you that’s the way it happened for some of the early songs, like ‘Lost Inside the Girl’ and ‘Serve You Right,’” KENNEDY says. “We were touring Europe in 2015, and at soundchecks Slash would start playing one of those riffs and everybody would jump in. I remember grabbing my phone and singing some ideas into it right then and there, just being really excited about those two tracks. And at that point there were pieces of a few others, like ‘The Great Pretender’ and ‘The One You Loved is Gone.’ So we were definitely embarking on the songwriting process for a new album.” The plan, according to SLASH, “was that we would finish up the World on Fire tour, take a little break and then go right into preproduction and get started on a new record.” Which, of course, was not quite what happened. Instead, the Guns N’ Roses reunion was announced, and SLASH went directly into rehearsals with that band. As Gn’R hit the road, KENNEDY reconvened with his other group, Alter Bridge, for an album and tour, and eventually began writing and recording his solo debut (Year of the Tiger). Any work on a new Conspirators record was put on indefinite hold. It wasn’t until December of 2017, in fact, that SLASH, with GN’R on a break, returned to L.A. and resumed writing in earnest for The Conspirators. In addition to the songs that had already been worked up, he used his time at home to write a few new ones, among them the slinky rocker “Slow Grind” and the track that would become the album closer, “Boulevard of Broken Hearts.” Then, in January of this year, SLASH and The Conspirators finally came back together in a rehearsal space in L.A. to pick up where they had left off years earlier. “I wouldn’t even call what we did rehearsals,” SLASH says. “It was really about just getting back into shape after being apart for so long.” But even as the band was finding its groove again, the new songs kept coming. The barnstorming “Mind Your Manners,” powered by a turbocharged SLASH riff and a double-time rhythm, was written on the very first day of rehearsal. “I just sort of came up with it on the spot to give us something to warm up with,” SLASH says. “It was the very first thing we jammed on. And from there we fell back into revisiting the old songs, polishing them up and getting the arrangements together. Then we rehearsed everything and jumped into the studio and started recording.” The LIVING THE DREAM sessions, which commenced in late March, saw the band reunite with producer Michael “Elvis” Baskette, who also helmed World on Fire. But while the producer stayed the same, the studio this time changed, with SLASH opting to move operations to his newly active recording facility, Snakepit Studios. “At some point a couple years ago I bought a small residential property in L.A. and put together a rehearsal space and studio,” he explains. “It has a 16-track digital board, and we did pretty much everything there except the drums. It’s just a very homey and cool and cozy spot.” “The environment there is definitely ‘SLASH,’” says KENNEDY of Snakepit Studios. “It’s got a lot of the things that over the years I’ve come to equate with him—dinosaurs, pinball machines, photos of guitar players like Rory Gallagher and Keith Richards on the walls, stuff like that. It’s a vibey hang. It was good for the creative process.” To demonstrate just how good for the creative process it was, KENNEDY points to the lyrics to one new song, “Serve You Right,” which he says were partly inspiredby a painting hanging on the bathroom wall at the Snakepit--“a picture of this kind of devilish nun,” he says. “That’s the only way I can describe it.” “It’s actually a masturbating nun,” SLASH clarifies, then laughs. “I’ve never talked to Myles about it, but the lyrics he came up with for that song, which are insanely suggestive for him, I knew they were influenced by that picture.” Dinosaurs and devilish nuns aside, the sessions at the Snakepit went quick. Recording was completed by early May, at which point the album was mixed and mastered…and then held, as SLASH headed back on the road with G’NR for a European tour. “That was definitely a weird feeling,” SLASH says. “I’ve never done a record where I’ve had to wait four or five months for it to come out after we recorded it.” He laughs. “Now I understand what actors feel like after they finish shooting a movie…” As it stands, that pause will be the last extended break for The Conspirators for the foreseeable future. The band will be heading out on the road in September for what will be the beginning of a lot of touring across a lot of the world. “We’re going to do the U.S. this fall, and then I’ll be out with Guns N’ Roses in in November and December,” SLASH says. “Then we’ll get together and do Europe, and after that it’ll be South America, Australia…we’ll try to hit as many places as we can. Because as much as I enjoy the writing and recording process, when I’m creating music it’s always with the intent that it should be played in front of an audience. For me, that’s always the endgame--to get out there with the band and perform the music live. That’s what I love the most.” You could say, then, that SLASH is, in fact, living the dream. But he’ll only laugh in response. “Well, you know, the album title is actually meant to be a sarcastic statement about the world we’re living in at the moment,” he explains. “I never wax political on records, but it was just something that came to mind—this tongue-in-cheek thing directed at social political events across the globe.” That said, SLASH continues, “If you do take it in the literal sense, then, yeah, making records and touring and getting up onstage every day and playing music with these guys, that is the essence of living the dream. And that’s why I was always dead- set on getting back together with this band and continuing to do this. And I always knew it would happen. Because The Conspirators story is not over yet.” Tracklist (not in order): 1. Call of the Wild 2. Read Between the Lines 3. Lost Inside the Girl 4. Serve You Right, 5. The Great Pretender 6. Driving Rain - new single, available SOMEWHERE AROUND THE WORLD on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/7uonTXm4WR3QXhlpKi4Zv9 7. My Antidote 8. Slow Grind 9. The One You Loved is Gone 10. Boulevard of Broken Hearts 11. Mind Your Manners 12. Living The Dream? I worked my ass off to edit it so please don't remove/close this thread. Cheers, Ralph
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    I'd love to say "I'm shocked! I'm disappointed! I can't believe this!" Frankly, none of that is true so I just won't say it. Del's response is just about what I'd expect from him. I'm sure he A) didn't bother to actually read the whole thing and B) wouldn't actually give a shit anyway. These people are so consumed with how to work the fans for money that they do not understand the heart of this matter: peoples families are being threatened by people saying they're representing Team Brazil and GNR. That's the issue, Del. The issue is NOT uploading content to YouTube. Seems to me this is a simple proposition: these people say they are working with and representing you while they are threatening families. Is that true? Yes or no. It's a pretty simple question that deserves a simple answer.
  34. 15 points
    I think you speak for all of us, @RussTCB. I hope we get a solution to this, I'll send this letter to Duff via Twitter (he follows a page I own). I'll do my best to make them notice about this.
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    He doesn't want to call the president anymore
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    Downloading bootlegs? My goodness! The youth today!
  39. 14 points
    Beautifully said, and I share the same sentiment Russ. There are shenanigans here that go way beyond the actual material out there as bootlegs. You have a kid and one other person acting as GNR's de facto "internet manager" threatening and obsessing over bootlegs of live shows, and old demos and whatnot that are being traded freely just as any other band in the entire existence of the world does without issue or moral problem. At the same time doing stuff that ACTUALLY harms the band like leaking demos after exchanging decently large sums of money in situations filled with lies and threats And now tons of C&D letters. Why? For only one reason - old internet grudges or delusion. There is no other reason to explain it, if GNR has a problem with a youtube video of a proshot concert from 1993 let THEM take it down - fans manipulating and taking advantage of how Youtube and the internet operates to take down stuff is only harming the fans who want to enjoy music in a positive and constructive way @Fernando and Team Brazil - the reason why I became a hardcore GNR fan was because I stumbled upon various GNR live shows on Youtube back in the day of shitty AOL dial up. Those videos blew my mind and that is why I now dedicated money to seeing GNR live, buying merch, buying all music that officially is released. We are not the enemy here, and those bootlegs are not the enemy
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    Slash's dad shared the cutest story about his eldest son 'Mark' Please give it a read.
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    Gothenburg was amazing last night... incredible atmosphere and crowd... it was so fantastic to see Axl Duff and Slash again... I can hardly talk after singing and screaming all night!! I’ll post more when I recover... I must just say it was so lovely to meet @Hejanne who is such a sweetie and looked after the early entry crowd - I’m so happy we managed to meet up!! Also greetings to @NorwegianGirl whom I didn’t get a chance to speak to but saw at the rail, I’m so happy for you that Axl acknowledged you !! His smile, oh my god it would melt a heart of stone!!
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    Slash does this. I remember the interviews around the time of the second Snakepit he was, ''yeh maan, when all things are considered this is the best fuckin' rock n' roll band I've been in. It is just really cool to be jamming with a group of individuals who are rockin'' etc etc. Then subsequently he sacked everyone, lambasted the bands (drug users) in his book and founded VR!! I can actually see why Rose used to get infuriated.
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    The thing that pisses me off is that almost every fan I know that watches boots would 100% pay if the band officially released the show in good quality. The problem is this band is allergic to new releases and portrays hardcore fans as the enemy. When you have a band who refuses to release soundboards, pro shots, and god forbid a new song or two but happily offers shitty sweatshirts and plane tickets that's the only conclusion I can come to. They only care about playing the hits to casual fans because they know they'll make money forever playing songs like NR and SCOM. Every decision I've seen this band and their management (TB Is a fucking joke) make has to do with making money. I'm ranting because it has become crystal clear to me that they have no intentions of releasing anything new; they will continue to belittle the hardcore's while milking this cash cow for all that it is worth. Never seen a major band treat its fans worse than this. I'm done with this band. Won't see a single cent more from me. I will stay on Mygnr though because I think you guys rock as a community and have always enjoyed reading the discussions around here. Just wish the band we all loved would stop treating us like dirt on their shoe.
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    Thank you, Russ. If @Fernandodoes not address this, it speaks volumes I share the same sentiments. I've been brought so much joy from this community. Joy from the awesome people Ive become friends with. Nobody should have their personal life attacked We know Fernando reads this board, its time these issues are addressed.
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    Isn't it like choosing between a douche and a turd sandwich these days? You can see Slash play GNR with Axl sounding like a terminally ill granny or with Myles Pussy Kennedy, who posseses none of the vemom or attitude required to really sing the material well. Still, I'd rather see Axl at his worst than dull Myles at his peak.
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    I spoke to the RIAA yesterday at length. I spoke to Brad who was very nice and informative. They take fraudulent take down letters in the RIAA and IFFP name Very seriously. If you feel you received one private message me here and I will provide you with his email address so you can pass it along.. I told him I would get the word out in the community. Brando was personally attacked last night on Facebook Its getting to the point where law enforcement may have to get involved before this escalates into even darker places. This has gone WAY too far, and I hope band management reads this. Someone in the"enemy" camp has a RIAA account and either knows someone at UMG, works there or stole info to get an account. A person (s) who is as unstable as this should not be trusted with this sort of power. He told me normally they don't go after You tube unless someone "manually" brings it to their attention and then they take it down, because they worked a deal with the artists. The clip I had removed for copyright was 36 seconds long and it was west strumming a guitar and AXL singing for 36 seconds. You can post copyright law all you like, but in an internet sea of copyright infringement, its hard to believe all that effort was taken to remove a 30 year old 36 second clip. So it is a form of harrasment in my view even though they want to paint themselves as fans helping out GNR. The RIAA Brad told me only tend to go after only the most abhorent acts of piracy. 90 percent of the internet could be considered some form of infringing. He agreed...I am sure these other sites have retweeted photos of the band right to share with friends.... well someone OWNS those photos don't they are you giving credit to the owner? Are you using with permission? yea, I didnt think so
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    Just letting you know that Prince Axl finally sang Happy Birthday to Curly Daddy