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    "I just don't think he wanted to do it. We tried to make it work, but it just didn't" Lolduff.... I'm sure Izzy would've done it if you guys were willing to pay him what he's worth.
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    I haven't posted here in almost 5 months so let me wish you all a Merry Christmas and all the best in 2020! I've never finished an advent calendar for this year so here's what I've made, it sucks but whatever. You can use it as 12 (13) days of Christmas.
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    So my beautiful wife @Whiskey Rose and I were digging thru some old photos and stuff today, and we found these old GnR ticket stubs. Hers is on the left from Toronto, mine on the right from Saratoga Springs NY, 3 days apart. It would be 26 years until we knew each other, yet we both held onto these stubs. We are gonna make a cool photo/ framed thing with these, because for us, it all started because of GnR... Anybody else have old school ticket stubs to post? Or GnR love stories? 😆 There’s gotta be something...
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    Others have mentioned this, but I'll say it again: Guns N Roses fans want to buy Guns N Roses music. We would gladly pay them for new music if they ever chose to sell it to us. The fans are NOT the problem in this equation. Period. If this band would just sell its music to its fans, all of this would go away in a heartbeat.
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    "It is tremendously disappointing, sad, and unfortunate that a record executive involved with the band in their early years found it appropriate to auction off the unreleased materials owned by his former employer." You know what else is tremendously dissapointing and sad? This band lol
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    2019 was a wacky and eventful year for G’N’F’R and us die hard fans. So I’ve decided to create a best moments of 2019 top 10 list. I’m sure I’m going to forget something important and these are just my personal takes so feel free to chime in. 10. THE NORTH AMERICAN FALL TOUR Yes the performances were up and down but an active GNR is always better than an inactive GNR. And I thoroughly enjoyed the two ACL shows I attended. 9. THE RETURN OF DEAD HORSE It was nice to see GNR start to dip into the Use Your Illusion back catalogue and start working this gem back into the set. 8. THE RETURN OF LOCOMOTIVE I was genuinely disappointed that this was not played at either of the shows I attended. This is arguably the best Use Your Illusion 2 deep cut. 7. THE FIRST MINUTE OF ATLAS The Who like guitar intro, the incredible drum sound, the acoustic guitars, and that moment when Axl’s vocals kick in are so so good. It was genuinely exciting to finally hear this mythological tune. 6. CHECKMATE is JACKIE CHAN is HARD SCHOOL We finally got to hear this classic sounding rocker after getting a sneak peek way back in 2006. And the full version did not disappoint. Great drums (a constant theme of these leaks) great guitar work, and a catchy chorus. The reworked Slash version is going to be a modern GNR classic. 5. THE PIANO BREAKDOWN ON PERHAPS The whole song is so good but that coda and that piano breakdown are just Axl Rose magic. How a song this good has been on the shelf for 20 years is just baffling. 4. THE SECOND HALF OF STATE OF GRACE In my opinion the best of the leaked songs. The first half sounds a little dated but the second half more than makes up for it. It’s why we all love Axl so much. The melt your face off bridge coupled with the power screams is just insanely good. And yet this song still feels like it has more in the tank. It could easily be expanded and turned into a modern GNR proto-epic like Prostitute and TWAT. 3. CD 2000>CD 2008 Some songs still needed work and or completion in 2000 (TWAT, Better, Sorry, Shacklers) but these songs could have easily been replaced with SOG, Perhaps, Atlas, and Hard School and you could make an argument CD would have come out better. The years and the layers did not enhance these songs. The 2000 versions are much more open, have better bass and drum sound, and just feel more visceral. 2. THE ABSURDITY OF THE VILLAGE LEAKS Only in the world of GNR fandom would the Holy Grail for hardcore GNR fans be sitting in a Tom Zutaut storage locker for 20 years. Only in the world of GNR fandom would would Zutaut stop paying for the locker and let it go into default. Only in the world of GNR fandom would the contents be bought storage war style. Only in the world of GNR fandom would the new owner then sell the contents to multiple fans for absurd amounts of money. Only in the world of GNR fandom would the fans hoard the music and back stab each other. Only in the world of GNR fandom would this lead to a fan receiving a lifetime ban from attending GNR concerts. And only in the world of GNR fandom would one rogue fan decide to leak all of the village sessions in high quality so that we could all share in the fun. Thank You to the chairman whoever you are. 1. THE TOTALITY OF THE VILLAGE LEAKS Dozens of instrumentals. The 2000 version of Chinese Democracy. Tracks running the gauntlet from amazing (Perhaps, HS, SOG, Atlas) to interesting (Eye on You, Silkworms, KOHD acoustic) to WTF (Nothing). Fans finally getting to discuss new songs for the first time in over a decade. Confirmation that the vault exists and has some really great stuff in it. All in all a pretty fun year for GNR fans. Hope everyone has a happy new year and I hope that we get some new officially released new music in 2020.
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    I don't download any leaks and I don't watch illegal concerts footages. I only buy official material and I only watch the official GN'R YouTube Channel. So 2019 was very boring and shitty but I still enjoy the $999 Locked N' Loaded Box from 2018 and the Tokyo '92 DVDs .
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    Does anyone else feel stuck in some weird bizarro Guns fan time warp gimmick? Every fucking day from 00-05 i'd check online first thing every day to see if there was an announcement that Chinese was about to be released or whatever. Same shit in 08. Generally here during tours anyway in case they swap out Patience for Don't Cry or whatever. But seriously, it's nearly 20 years later and i'm still checking here every day in case of Jesus. This fucking band.
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    31 pages on a thread for a new GNR album we have no proof exists says otherwise.
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    You mean you're wondering if GNR will act like every other band? Come on now, this isn't a fan fiction site!
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    My ideal tour would be one where they release a new record and properly promote it prior to the start of the tour
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    Gotta love Susan! Leaks the reunion, posts pictures of Stephanie and then leaks US tour.
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    Or it'll be something totally left field like the China Exchange thing Axl did. "this week Axl and Slash sit-down with the Gloucestershire Farmers Gazette'
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    If it makes you feel better, none of them will be rare or worth shit ever
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    You can turn that around. When Slash wasn't in the band, everyone was saying GNR couldn't exist without him and Axl was an asshole for taking the name, yada yada. Now Slash is back and now they can hate on Axl (and Slash and Duff) because Izzy isn't there. People are never satisfied. I see no Izzy hate. I mainly see an utter despite of Axl, and they will always find a stone to throw. Out of everyone, Axl certainly gets thrown the most shit at him. Sometimes justified, sometimes because people make up scenarios in their heads just to spin a story to fit into what they believe. Even if I'm an Axl fan, I love all of them, always have. I don't feel like I have to pick sides. I accept that the lineup and everything regarding GNR is out of my control; so no use getting worked up about any of it. It's kind of a take it or leave it situation. I enjoy the shows (GNR's, Slash's, Duff's) and the music.
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    After YEARS of putting it off, I finally started my own music podcast! You can listen to the first episode right here: https://anchor.fm/infectiousgroovepodcast/episodes/Side-A--Song-1---Pilot-ea929m?fbclid=IwAR3-Bratci1Az0KabR6uCWPB8x82cbRa4R1KkQ1sUksZDRKwmiFbQ7ux8sg This is my very first attempt at recording so it's probably got some rough spots lol. We're shooting to put out a new episode every Monday, so I'll share a link in this thread every time there's a new episode. If anyone has the time to take a listen, I'd love to hear any and all feedback
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    So I met Fortus yesterday, super nice guy. Honestly I don't think he knows about new music and tours any more than we do, because I asked him if there's going to be a US run this year and he said he didn't know but would like to do it. Then he gave some bs reason for the increasing ticket prices. I met Matt Sorum today, also really nice guy. Talks a lot but he seemed genuinely interested in hearing about my band and stuff. And I hung out with Todd Kerns and Brent Fitz a little too.
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    [...] You’ve always remained tight with one ex-member of Guns, rhythm guitarist Izzy Stradlin. You’ve played on each other’s records over the years. But Izzy declined to rejoin the band for the tour. Duff: He and I have done a lot together in all the years in between. But this tour, I just don’t think he ever wanted to do it. We tried to make it work, but it just didn’t. And in a situation like this you’re really in it, man. You either get on it or you don’t, because the train’s moving forward. The good thing is, Slash really likes playing with Richard Fortus [GN’R guitarist since 2002], and Slash is somewhat picky about that kind of stuff. They get on great as far as a two-guitar player relationship goes. To be honest, I haven’t taken a lot of time to go back on the Izzy thing because we just move forward, and things are so good. And as I’ve found out many times in my life, things are supposed to happen as they happen. [...] Full interview: http://www.a-4-d.com/t4352-2019-12-10-classic-rock-interview-with-duff
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    Been a long ass time since a song grabbed me the way this one has. The lyrics are haunting and feel like a heartfelt goodbye to Ozzy's fans. A paint by numbers Slash performance is totally on point, and the guy just has a way of "getting" me at some point every time he does any kind of solo/outro in a ballad like this where I get that little chill when he bends a note a certain way. It's why I have been following him the past 30 years and will until he kicks the bucket (hopefully waaaay down the road). Song just had so much more impact on me when I found myself realizing Elton/Ozzy are in their early 70's and time is ticking away fast, even Slash is 54. Makes you realize how fast time is passing by. I seen people likening this as Ozzy's version of Johnny Cash doing "Hurt" at the end of the line, and it captures the feeling in much the same way. (As an aside it just illustrates how infuriating the Guns situation is when I hear Slash playing on a song with Ozzy/Elton, but Axl still can't get motivated enough to realize how lucky he is to have the guy at his disposal and make something happen. I loved reading through the comment section and people saying they knew it was Slash playing despite not having been mentioned anywhere on the video page because the guys sound is iconic and people just know it. How many guitar players are left in the world that people know who it is just by the sound coming out of his Les Paul. God help Axl and his unparalleled ability to fritter away such a special resource). Don’t forget me as the colors fade When the lights go down it’s just an empty stage Yes I’ve been a bad guy Been higher than the blue sky And the truth is I don’t wanna die an ordinary man I made Momma cry Don’t know why I’m still alive Yes the truth is I don’t wanna die an ordinary man
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    No one, you're pretty much alone in that thought lol
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    Here's an idea of how hopeful I remain even though there's seemingly no reason to be: No joke, I wake up literally every day and check the forum thinking I'm going to have to merge and/or lock a dozen threads about confirmation of a new album. I kid you not, every single day I have hope that will be the case. Then I check D&N, see that it's the same topics and it takes the wind out of my sails haha.
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    We just need to make a “Fortus Vaguely Talks About New Music” thread that we just update every year at this point
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    I was there. Best part was having no idea what to expect. I was nervous they might not even show up. The internet was still sort of new so there were no leaks etc. we knew slash and duff weren't in the band but didn’t really know anything about bucket head. I remember waiting in line for a while and completely missed New Years because think the doors opened at 1am. They didn’t go on until like 4am. Opening notes of welcome to the jungle was insane. I remember just jumping around about 2 rows back where general admission was for the whole show. I remember thinking Live and let die was really good for some reason. The blues was my favorite new track. It sounded like something off of the illusions albums the first time heard it. Axl sitting on the piano and the welcome back chant was also a highlight. Only lowlight for me was bucket heads stupid nunchuck solo. It was day light by the time the show ended.
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    So we got our official "Hoping for new music" quote from Richard for the year!
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    The constant overuse of “f’n” in their social media is so embarrassing. What old Harley riding boomers are they marketing to with that??
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    Open the door on axls one and there’s no toilet paper, just del standing there ready to lick axls ass clean
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    I disagree. I want a redone "Atlas Shrugged," "Hardschool," "State of Grace," "Eye on You" and "Perhaps." And there were so many instrumentals that were absolute bangers. Nothing wrong with going to older material. A good song is a good song.
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    And the irony is the leaks were by far the most interesting and normal thing to happen to the band since the reunion. Forum members were actually discussing new music for the first time since 2008.
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    Interview from 1988: Axl talks about his vocal issues and working with a vocal coach (Ron Anderson, the same one he has today): Transcript here: http://www.a-4-d.com/t4361-1988-11-dd-blast-axl-rose-explains-how-he-has-guns-n-roses-by-the-throat
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    This is a very salient point. Izzy might have wanted his "fair share" for the initial few shows. And perhaps Axl, Duff, and Slash might have been open to the that possibility (just a guess on my part). But then the concern for Axl, Slash, and Duff was whether Izzy would be up for the amount of touring that they might have had in mind should those shows go well. If the assumption was that Izzy wasn't going to be on board for a multi-year, global tour, then the calculation might have been that they weren't going to cut him for a few big money shows if they were going to have to replace him with Fortus not too long afterward. Plus there's the optics of it all. If Izzy had played with them at the Troubadour, the first couple of Vegas shows, Coachella, it would have given the fans the impression that the big four members were back on a permanent basis. It would have created a marketing issue should they proceed with a tour that Izzy wasn't willing to fully commit to. Forgetting the concerns about money, even from a logistical perspective I can see why Izzy wasn't part of the greater picture. Again, that's all working on the assumption that Izzy wasn't interested in being apart of a multi-year, multi-continent tour. Considering Izzy would pop up here and there with GNR and Slash and Duff, it's understandable why the key players decided on the path they ultimately took.
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    Huh? The setlist is nearly identical every single night. If Fortus needs to know the setlist well before "go time", he can give me a call any time after 6am EST every day and I can give him the 411.
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    Osbourne is 71 and practically senile yet he is still releasing new material. Rose is truly the laziest man to have ever graced rock.
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    What! You fool. This was class man. And when did Slash wear a KFC Bucket on his head?
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    There's a faction of fans (not saying Soul Monster is one) who believe you have to be positive about GNR 24/7 or you're not "a fan". Horseshit. I've been a big fan for a long, long time but that's never going to stop me from calling a spade a spade when I see/hear bullshit from them. I'm more than happy to point out when positive things happen, but there haven't been a lot of positive things to point out lately IMO. If that changes, I'll be happy to change my tune along with it. It's in my existing attachments on here, so it's always available upon request haha
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    For a band like GNR it is normal to release nothing at all and tour the same setlist nonstop
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    Axl is one of my childhood idols, but I have to respectfully disagree with you on this. The biggest mistake that Axl made was not letting go of the GNR name. If he had done that and started a new band with a different name, he might have had success with it. The casual fanbase didn't want to see Buckethead nor Finck in GNR. I had people asking me wtf happened to the band when they performed on MTV. I also had friends that went to the MSG show in 2002 and hated it due to BH being the guitarist and not Slash. Axl should have created a new band with a different name. Heck, you had Audioslave, Velvet Revolver, and Alter Bridge at this time period that did so and had success with a name that that had core members. The casual fanbase, especially those in the 35-45 age range, sees Axl and Slash as GNR.
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    Atlas may be my favourite GNR song. Certainly my most played since it leaked anyway. Axl sounds incredible on it and that intro hits me right in the feels. What could have been for the Guns N' Roses of 1998-2002.
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    Here’s a spicy one I didn’t really care about most of the instrumentals leaked last summer. I listened to some of them only out of curiosity and then never again. Unfinished and without vocals I had very little interest and couldn’t even tell you one from the other. This is coming from a major Chinese fan.
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    A tour with Axl singing a shitload better than 2016,17,18,19 I don't care if he's less bloated and cracking jokes, I care about his voice.
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    You don't dig what he's sayin', home-fuck?
  43. 9 points
    Never gonna happen. Slash all the way, even if Bucketheads stuff is better. That would be like getting back together with your ex wife and telling her: "Honey, glad you're back, I'll be getting my blowjobs from Karen though, she was more talented in that regard! Love ya!"
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    "that's just what I was told" "plans changed" "my source says that was the plan at the time" "someone close to the band told me they have a much bigger plan now" "next year is going to be a big year" Take your pick! GNR Insiders go back almost 20 years now and it always ends exactly the same way.
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    Slash can work with any of the songs, guys (and gals). He's a pro. If a song doesn't "sound" like a Slash song in demo form, he can always alter it dramatically with the rest of the band. People do wildly different covers of songs all the time.
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    2011- There will definitely be a new album! They took 10 months off 2012- Maybe there will be a new album, its technically a new tour 2014- I think there might be a new album! Axl said maybe and there were weird studio pics! 2015- Its quiet! They have to be working on the album 2017- NITL just ended, next they have to do an album Etc
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    Wish they would be like Storming the F’n studio... F’n sucks being a GnF’nR fan. F’n hell, should have been a Bon Jovi fan instead dammit. I mean F’n dammit.
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