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      No More Links to Unofficial or Unlicensed Content :(   11/25/2019

      Hi, Due to numerous DMCA complaints directed towards the hosting provider of this forum, we are no longer allowing any links whatsoever to content this is shared, posted, or distributed by unlicensed or unofficial sources.   It's a sad day and we hate that it comes to this, but thanks to the sad and pathetic efforts of some even sadder and more pathetic individuals, the ability of this forum to remain online requires us to remove any links to content that is produced, shared, or distributed by individuals or sources that do not have a license or authority to post said material.   Discussion, concerns, and questions of this matter can be done so here: We apologize that it has come to this but it's the world we now live in unfortunately.   Thanks for your understanding and cooperation of this matter going forward. Downzy


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    *Posted in main section with permission from RussTCB* Hi fellow GN’R fans, I’m a longtime MyGNR member, mostly lurker, and have been a member of the other forums since their inception. Back when I was a kid, I used to be a part of the AOL message board community. Perhaps some of you were as well. Anyhoo, I’m a lifelong musician/songwriter and also work as an attorney in California. A couple of years ago, I had a pretty serious health scare involving six months or so of some pretty intense hospital treatment. I’m alright now, but it definitely made me re-evaluate my life and my priorities. As a result, and with the help of coming into a finite amount of money that I wasn’t expecting, I decided to quit my law job for all of 2018 to live off my savings and get my entire catalog of music recorded that I’d written throughout my adult life and never really had the chance to pursue properly due to always working and/or being in school. It’s multiple albums’ worth of material, and the first batch is being released today. I also recorded several tribute covers to the bands who inspired me the most as a musician. Guns N’ Roses are obviously very high on that list. I chose to cover “Locomotive” in part to show how much I love the band, and also because I’ve long considered it to be the great white whale fan favorite that perhaps never got its due. I of course had no idea they’d start playing it live again a few weeks back. In fact, I heard my final mastered version for the first time at the exact moment they played it for the first time in Kansas. I got my completed mastered album delivered to me that weekend, listened to it for the first time that Monday night, logged onto the internets right after, and lo and behold, they played it! You just can’t make this stuff up. I wanted to share this with you guys since this is the place I’ve gone for a decade or longer at this point to hear from GN’R fans who are just as passionate about the band as I am. Whether it was posting a dingy garage-recorded cover of “Pretty Tied Up” in 2007, the Axl chats in 2008, or being at opening night of NITL in Vegas and posting a review, I have a lot of fond memories of this place. The album and these tributes were recorded without any sort of expectation of money or fame or anything like that. My music is just that important to me, and getting it done really turned out to be good for my well-being. I’ve never been happier. It’s safe to say that life’s a lot easier to go through without a head full of unfinished business. With that, I hope you guys get a kick out of this! Cheers. Youtube: Spotify (Entire album + GN’R & Pantera tributes): (Search for artist Marla Hooch) The album can be found at most other streaming sites including iTunes under Marla Hooch. And for all you downloading motherfuckers, album can be downloaded here: https://store.cdbaby.com/cd/marlahooch
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    The Super Bowl is on FOX this year - they legally wouldn't be able to broadcast Mickey Mouse on live television
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    After much listening to fellow members and discussions amongst the Mod staff concerning the recent policy changes around posting links to unlicensed content, we've decided that the outline provided below is really the only course of action. To begin, the forum will not create a private or separate area for members to post YouTube links. This option actually creates more problems than it solves. First, it isn't full proof and the deadbeats responsible for this nonsense would likely access it at some point. The mod staff do a great job of cracking down on alt accounts by and large, but we're not perfect. It would only be a matter of time before the GNR deplorables that have terrorized the GNR fan community for over a decade would breach the walls and bring the section down. Second, the creation and allowance of a private section creates a liability issue for myself as owner of the forum and for our current hosting provider. Currently we cannot be charged or found liable for links or content if we demonstrate that best efforts are made to ensure it doesn't appear on the forum. Someone posting a link to unlicensed content on here doesn't necessarily expose myself or the forum to civil legal action or liability since we are merely required to show that reasonable efforts were taken to remove the post within a reasonable amount of time. Establishing a separate section of this forum with the sole purpose to circumvent the DMCA exposes the forum, the host provider, and myself to legal risk. Quite simply, a private section shows intent to evade copyright violations. Our hosting provider, if they discovered that our forum was structured to enable our members to post links to unlicensed materials, would surely drop us as a client. And while I see it as extremely unlikely, it could potentially open myself up to civil liability should the day GNR wanted to come after me personally (GNR management has already expressed to me in writing that our allowance for the discussion of the recent leaks put us in the same legal grounds as those who distributed those leaks). Some of you might want to "fight the power," but that's easy to say when it's not your potential financial survival at stake. As much as I would hate having to remove links to videos of taken by fans at GNR concerts, it's not worth jeopardizing the longevity of the forum or my own financial well being. The risk certainly isn't worth it over a band like Guns N' Roses, who have, by an large, become nothing more than business that prioritizes money making opportunities above all else. I'll repeat: the main priority with GNR these days is to make money. It's become my impression that concerns about the fans or music in general are a distant priority, if even at priority at all. So where does that leave us? Pretty much where we started last week. We will not allow direct posting of unlicensed content on this forum. We will no longer allow posts that link to unlicensed content. What we well allow, until told otherwise, is keywords by which people, with a reasonable amount of intelligence, can used to discover the content themselves. We ask that posters refrain from naming the source or platform when providing keywords that describes the content in question, but I think anyone with some level of familiarity with various video sharing platforms can figure out where to search using the keywords described. We get it: it's incredibly annoying, frustrating and disappointing, but it's the best of the bad options at this point. As we saw with the leaks, a tremendous amount of discussion is still possible on this forum without having access to it via the forum. At the end of the day, it wasn't YouTube videos that built this forum (YouTube didn't even exist when this forum first started). It was the community of passionate GNR fans who wanted a place to discuss anything related to the band and the music. The forum will continue to provide a platform where fans can learn, discuss and debate any topic that comes to mind. If this forum needs YouTube videos to survive then it's probably not worth saving at this point. Again, we apologize that it has come to this but there's not much more we can do or say on this matter. GNR seems to be on the forefront of having some real pieces of shit as fans. As much as I feel sorry for the community as whole who find themselves continually and repeatedly disappointed from the same old bullshit, I also feel sorry that there are people out there who have so little in their lives that taking away joy from others is the only thing that gives them purpose. How little in one's life does one have to have to make taking down fan videos and harassing online communities like ours a priority in their own lives? It really is sad that such sad little people exist. But that's the world we live in unfortunately. I do agree with many that it's a shame that GNR management doesn't feel compelled to do much or communicate their position on the matter. But understand that even though we're all dealing with it, the problem is larger than GNR and what they are likely able to do help fix it. The system that manages content rights and rights holders is severely broken. Until such time when anonymous losers can't lodge a copyright complaint, that only copyright claims can be filed and acted upon by the rights holders, there's not much we or the band can do. We're going to pin this discussion in the D&N section so that it can be seen as many members and visitors as possible. Feel free to discuss below.
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    I've honestly been done with the band for a little over a year. There's a few users here who can attest to the fact that I've spoken to people in private for around a year now about possibly leaving the forums. I started leaning that way just before all of this BS started with our site being directly attacked. The few people I talked to about it reminded me how the community itself is worth so much more than the band. Then all of this shit started and it really seemed like way more trouble than it was worth. Again, I was reminded that fighting for this site is a lot more about fighting for the community than it is fighting to keep a GN'R forum running. I just started posting even more in My World, then I started contributing more to the Seen That Movie Too section as well. I'd go so far as to say 80% of my posts in the GN'R section over the past year have had to do with responses to the site being attacked. Even taking into consideration all of the discussion regarding the leaks, I'd say the great majority of my posts in this section were about what's happening with attacks on fans and this site. GN'R just doesn't interest me much anymore and hasn't for at least a year. However, the site itself interests me a great deal and more so the friends I've made through here. I've had users from many corners of the world over to my house to spin records, solely because of this site. That alone makes the community worth fighting for, at least for me. Side note- we have absolutely NO intention of shutting down discussion of previous leaks or (God willing) any future leaks that may come our way. TBs notion that allowing discussion of the leaks is just as bad as allowing links to them is not only dead wrong, but completely irrational. I'm so beyond thankful that downzy posted that bit of information. It gives all of you a small bit of insight into the ridiculous crap that we as a leadership team deal with. We get accused regularly of being under the influence of TB and/or censoring our site at the request of TB. In the past, all I've done is told people that I can assure them that's absolutely not true. It was never my place to reveal information I'd been privy to, and I totally understood why downzy wouldn't either. I can't stress enough that the line of thinking TB presented us with here (discussing the links is just as bad as allowing links) is a small insight into the ridiculous things we've heard from them, but never had any sort of desire to comply with. If/when more leaks happen, our stance will remain the same: no links, but discuss them all you like. Any other stance is just absurd (no shitty Silkworms pun intended). TL;DR- The community itself is worth sticking around and fighting for, and TB couldn't be more wrong in their view and treatment of the fan base if they tried.
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    Geez people actually still think it's the label and not TB who's the initiator of it all. First of all Universal is known for monetizing the shit out of fan posted copyright material. And as you can clearly see in these screenshots, they were not on a mission to stop gnr content from being posted. They monetized almost every single video from my channel and many other gnr related channel too and im not claiming we made them rich but still every penny is one. Take a closer look to these (re)posted shots from my old channel, its a pretty good summary that shows that universal was liking the money gnr content created for them. As i said before UMG removed a lot of those demo's included in the box right before the box was announced, so they went manually through my channel blocking all content that was about to be released but UMG never striked me as you can see on this screenshot. Please also note the Claimed by: UMG part In this next screenshot u can see UMG claiming a video but this time they choose to let is stay on my channel but they will monetize it, which is fine by me because i even didnt have the monetizing option turned on and nearly all my video's where monetized by UMG anyways Please also note the Claimed by: UMG part Then suddenly the IFPI comes and claims the same video and gives me a strike for it, which i find very strange because the IFPI works for companies as UMG making sure any YT money goes to the right copyright owner which in this case is UMG. So here comes the IFPI overruling a decision made by the real content holder UMG and by doing this they make the company they work for LOOSE money. Please note the Takedown issued by IFPI part So when that happened it raised some questions and I contacted the IFPI about it and at first, they didn't react at all but after multiple emails asking them how they could overrule a decision made by the one and only copyright holder they gave me some automated bullshit reply, not even responding to my original question. Ofcourse i replied with screenshots proving the overuling story but they never responded again. So I knew I was working with copyrighted material and I also knew that one day this could happen. Therefore I'm not complaining, my whole point in this is the way TB executed their plans. First they monetize certain channels for years and years and then suddenly out of the blue many channels where being terminated. And instead of just sending an email or make a statement that they want the video's gone they'd hired some mentally disturbed tards to do the dirty work for them. Remember when the strikes added up TB was reached and nicely asked what was going on and they ignored it from the start until screenshots were given to them and they noticed the claims came from Uzisuicidal LLC. An account that was owned by GNR/TB, the minute they saw that action was taken and the copyrights stopped coming from that account. Soon after that, the claims began to come from the IFPI which is an organization that protects content holders and it's main goal is to make sure the revenue that comes from YT adds goes to the right content holders. Many content holders can get an account from them after making clear and providing proof that the content they claim really belongs to them. When the proof is verified a content holder gets a "license to strike" which makes it as easy as sending the IFPI an email with a link to the content they wish to have removed and then the IFPI will report to YT which always leads to the removal of the provided YT video. All of this is an automated process IFPI doesn't verify they links they get offered because they would need to hire a ton of employees to be able to verify every single link that gets forwarded to them which is way too expensive. Besides that, all account holders have already been verified anyways. YT also doesn't verify all the links they are offered because the IFPI is already a known company to them, besides that YT doesn't want any copyright bullshit to deal with. So they block any claim coming in, afraid to be sued by the claimer and basically tell the channel owner, hey you're guilty until proven innocent. So yeah more and more people blame TB for not being responsive and the tone against them get much rougher every day and in my eyes there's plenty of legit reasons for that if you consider these facts: - When noticing strikes came from Uzisuicidal they stopped it within 24 hours and now they say they can't do anything about it. I bet they never even tried it - Beta saying she doesn't know who's behind the claims but she does know it's not a fan and it will continue - Anyone can remove some video's through a scam but to remove them on this scale you need a verified account - How did them tards gain control over Uzisuicidal LLC which was proven to be tied to Wankers personal email adress - How can them tards remove vids on this scale when they don't own the copyright to it...... indeed do the math - Companies like UMG always use algorithms to identify their content so how come certain fb pages are being killed and others not while they have the same content - Almost every single claim on facebook says its from a third party that reported it which means someone personally reported it and not an algorhytm - If Universal was responsible they would kill every FB page that has video's and not being picky - Beta bashing a very dedicated fan that never disrespected the band nor stalked them and is always very helpfull to other fans - Selling a very expensive AFD box you know only hardcore fans will buy and cutting the price by 500,- within a few months without compensating the day one buyers so basically rob them for 500,- - Hiring tards to do your dirty work while they are known as a malignant tumor in the community for years and banned from nearly every gnr related platform for obvious reasons - Ignoring a disturbingly racist meme on your main forum without a permaban - Paying lots of money to the wrong person to keep leaks from happening but still have it leaked and killing peoples dedicated channels earning money for you with no reason - Asking to be tagged in video's in order to strike their channels easily - Terminating peoples non gnr related youtube channels which sometimes was their life's work without a warning because they went to a show and posted a small clip of it. I can go on for hours but for it's these kinda things that all add up on the bashing of TB and yet there are still people who can't understand why TB is being criticised more and more. Must be losing my mind, are they blind?
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    "No new bands can play stadiums" is only true of rock bands. But plenty of "newer" acts currently fill stadiums. Taylor Swift. Ed Sheeran. Rock music isn't mainstream right now. That's it, that's all. It has nothing to do with the talent level. GNR came up in a different time. What made them special were they were their sound, which was brought together by the sum of their parts. They melded their influences and wrote great music that rose above the hair metal slop on Sunset Strip. They made other bands like Poison seem like a joke. GNR were really the band to kill hair metal. Not Nirvana. Axl's voice is a musical instrument unto itself. In his prime, he was peerless. IMO, the best ever.
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    This policy has been in place for years. ------------------------------------------------ I want to thank everyone for their participation in this thread and eagerness to find a solution. Also, I want to apologize for not being more involved the past week as I have been dealing with some serious real life matters that has afforded me no time to engage with everyone on the forum. The forum's staff and I will be reviewing everyone's suggestions over the coming days and determine if there's viable path forward to restoring the kind of service we all love and want. So please hold tight for a few days while I sort some personal and work matters out on my end. I hope you all understand that everyone on staff and myself absolutely hate what has been happening to the GnR community and are very saddened that nothing seems to be done about it by those with the authority and agency to bring about effective change. As much as you would think GNR fans are conditioned to deal with disappointment and frustration, this latest development is a gut punch that there's no preparation for. Cheers!
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    Just dropping in to say TB are trash managers and ruined GNR
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    Credit Mitch Lafon from his Twitter. This is cool. This is exactly how it was like back then. Whatever city they were in it was huge. I remember when they hit Mpls and it was all over local news too. Such a kick ass time. -
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    Whilst I understand the sentiment, loads of people will miss out - lots of good people. I am not a trouble maker but just because I likely have less than 2k posts people like me would miss out on some great debate and discussion.
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    Axl's issue was people bootlegging the new songs they were performing. He doesn't have to worry about that these days.
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    Axl holding resentment, anger, or insecurity about something? That's the most absurd thing I've ever heard.
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    Man, I hope they play Sweet Child and Paradise City.
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    I like you but frankly, this is unacceptable. No one cares about that stuff. Please minimize response time to 30 seconds tops.
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    those clowns were in no way responsible for bringing the two back, so there's no need to thank them. I guess it happened pretty much despite them.
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    "Fuck GNR" - Bumblefoot
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    Can we ban Fernando and his alt accounts? Fuck you, @Fernando.
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    Best show period was Bridge School in 2012- I cant provide video proof because of the people who got unofficial links banned on the forum, so you’ll just have to take my word on it.
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    Sure, this is gonna be great! A widely publicized live show for Guns after a break. Axl always show up in top form and prepares for those!
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    Think this is a very good statement, and I agree with the decisions made by the MyGNR team 110%. I’ve cared less and less about this band recently anyways. They don’t care about the fans one bit and have been creatively dead since the release of Chinese. It’s purely money as others have stated. The band is stagnant, nothing more than a nostalgia touring act and money making machine. I’m glad the leaks came out. I could care less if TB and Axl were shaking in their boots crying about it. Since we’ve gotten what may as well have been CDII, I’ve cared less about new music significantly. Axl and TB deserve to have every instrumental, bootleg, show, photo be leaked all over the internet in my opinion for how they treat this fanbase. Absoloutely no remorse for them.
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    Tommy had a concert last night in someone's living room in Buffalo. There was also a one hour "drinks with Tommy " session available before the concert to talk with Tommy, hear stories, and have his "undivided " attention. Got there at 6 on the dot, walk in, about 4 or 5 people were there. Host told me Tommy isnt there yet will be there soon. (I'm already thinking "wtf"). Tommy gets there at 615, kind of gets the lighting squared away in the living room , stuff like that. I believe 5 people had bought the VIP ticket, 2 of us were there, the other people were hosts, helping, ect. Some small talk about music -I get the feeling more of the people at his concerts are Replacements fans. Of course my obsession with GNR takes an opening to ask some questions. they were talking about producers. I ask about Roy Thomas Baker. Tommy says he could not wait for him to get fired. Hated working with him for a year and a half. Mother fucked him basically. Pompous , and other words. I asked if any of his solo stuff was intended for submission for GNR-said he gave a song which Axl sang vocals to that they did not or will not use. I cant remember how he worded it. Says he wishes he could get it back. You could see and hear the regret over GNR not working out like he thought it would when he talks about the experience. Seemed almost apologetic about how they tried, mentioning issues with management and record company. I wanted to ask more but he almost seemed uncomfortable talking about some of it, which I get , but I told him the band sounded great live when he was in it, which he agreed. It wasn't a bad experience, wish it was better organized (other people started showing up early during the meet and greet for instance) . I know meet and greets with bands are a pic then you move on , so I guess it's hard to complain, but not sure I would do it again. Also think they sold about 20 tickets too many , it was pretty crammed for the concert. Did say he and Axl left on good terms, as he has said before. I'm assuming the song he was talking about was Going Down? Or is that the Izzy song? I've been off the boards for the most part. Oh he did say he made good money scoring the Catch and Release movie, which I asked about
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    I said I’m done spending money on GN’R until they release new music, but I have one way they could change that... Can they just please do an event shirt for this that says “NOT IN THIS HALFTIME!”?
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    Assuming any of GNRs performance is broadcast, I fully expect any one or a combination of the following excuses: -Axl was sick -There were technical problems -The moon was full -Certain conditions the band asked for were not met by the organizers -It was unseasonably cold in Miami, which caused vocal problems for Axl -Lars wouldn't sign off on Axl's vocals -To aviod any
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    This is all pretty ridiculous and sad
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    Much of this I think we all saw coming, as unfortunate as it is. What I didn’t know was that TB took it to the point of personally letting the mods know that they weren’t even okay with us TALKING about the leaks (sans links). Ya know...talking about Guns N‘ Roses...on a Guns N‘ Roses forum. I’m hoping, as mentioned, that as it pertains to links, users can either figure it out themselves to access them, or other posters here can help via PM or some other way. Just sad, really.
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    It's 2019 The band is irrelevant Let it die
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    Axl doesn’t need a breather, he needs a vocal coach and a trainer and a new family
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    This is really unfortunate. I totally understand the decision as you have to protect yourself the best you can. What I can’t understand is the whole premise behind this. Seeing videos of a concert and discussing the songs, concert, sound etc is not taking anything away from the band. If Axl is on the street and a pic is talked of him, tabloids can run it. If I’m at a concert that I paid to get in, take a video with my own phone, and post it on you tube, there shouldn’t be anything wrong with that. The leaks are another story. That is potentially harming the future sale of an album ( if they actually ever do one). We should be able to talk about them though. What the GNR team is trying to do is the same thing the other liberal media outlets are doing; Control the tone and content of what people hear and see. This allows them to put what ever spin they want and have people think the way they want them to. It’s all pretty disgusting. This is a band that should be celebrating all their passionate fan base, not trying to piss on them every chance they can.
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    I want to thank everyone for contributing some thoughts and possible solutions to the problem at hand. It is incredibly frustrating and saddening that GNR fans have to resort to this level of nonsense. I'm going to lock this thread for now as we will be posting our strategy and rationales in a thread later this evening.
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    Ok if I'm serious... -Close the forum to new registrations -Make the forum only viewable to registered users -Turn off YouTube auto-embedding -Any post or link with the text "youtube.com" in it automatically gets changed by the server to "FuckYouMojo" The bootlegging going back to the underground isn't a terrible thing for those of us who know where to get material and/or already have it - but for casual fans...they're fucked Also giving Matt Sorum his own forum called Sorum Forum in the vein of Canter Banter would be swell
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    I gotta say, as much (rightful) bitching this forum does sometimes, this reunion is one of my favorite things to happen this entire decade. GNR is my favorite band. I never got to see them in their prime, but because of this tour, I got at least a taste of why this band is so legendary. I’m happy for their success. (With that being said, I will still be a said complainer on this forum about lack of new music and excess laundry bags )
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    I’ll go just to see if there are any soccer moms in their 60s that’ll fuck me.
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    wait, one last question, do you think it's a waste of time?
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    Well, it's a long story, but you asking this is another reason to create an explainer video, the same goes for the numerous 'innocent' YouTubers that suddenly lost their channels which they, in some cases, had for years without any problem. All because TB felt the need to put some idiots in charge of removing videos from YT. While they could have easily made a statement about it so people would know and have peace with it. But no instead of that they asked people to share and tag them into any gnr related video for easy removal. What a way to treat your fans, think it's about time to repay them with an unremovable video and tag em all over it. /end of rant.
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    That recent video of Axl falling was given a copyright takedown by Blojo, so here's a compilation of Axl falling that has no GNR music and so can't be taken down. Suck it, Blojo.
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    expect the "all things considered, yeah we're planning to do a record."
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    Even Kim Jong-un is thinking to himself, ''crikey, Guns N' Roses are a bit too totalitarian''.
  42. 9 points
    Couldn't agree more. I was totally stunned by that.
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    Last night I won a business award, one which some of you voted for me to win. Thank you. I also got engaged, married and had a kid. Had a couple of nice holidays too.
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    I'm certain I'd have no interest in GNR if I didn't come to forums. Hell... I help run this place and I'm barely interested in GNR! Lol I've often had that thought of "Wait. If GNR is pathetic these days and I help run a GNR forum, what does that say about me??". I always come back to the fact that I just care about the community, not the band.
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    DJ is the main reason why my love for GNR was taken to the next level of obsession best addition the band has seen mostly due to his fan interaction and technical ability to rehash the GNR songs in a way that really provide a creative outlet to listen to them and appreciate them that much more, i think we really only scratched the surface with DJ, it's really too bad he didn't accept coming back with GNR for NITL. Axl's vision for NITL was on point here by having DJ included in the lineup, very much in tune with what the public wanted, if only he could have brought in Paul Huge as well... oh well live and learn
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    Fuck me! It has been explained my many people many times. Everything you keep saying we should has been tried. It falls on deaf ears, we have wasted a lot of time and effort providing the evidence for TB. I honestly think you know this but find it amusing for some reason. If TB are so fucking nice to you, you tell them, maybe then you will have some understanding and compassion for those who worked hard on their channels only to have them removed.
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    if you call "fanatical fans" all the people who'd just like their favourite band to be releasing stuff just as every other band in the world, and would like to have some normal communication from the band/mgmt just as every other band/mgmt is doing - I see. then probably all of us must be fanatical, maybe besides huge piles of super casual fans who just go to shows to sing along KOHD and buy tshirt and toy truck. it's sad that these are the only target audience of the band for nearly a decade already, and definitely since the NITL reunion. the band and management showed numerous times (and keeps doing so) that everyone else who's more than super casual can just fuck off. this band's and this bands psychopathic management's attitude towards all of us is flat out hostile. everyone is frustrated because the fat axl memes are probably the only thing we can talk about for a long time. yeah, childish as hell, but hey - don't tell me the fanbase is to blame. every other band in the world and every other management in the world is trying to have a nice relationship with their fanbases and both parties are super happy about it. in GNR world - not so much. GNR management is probably the only management in the world, which has been and still is actively working on alienating the band from its fanbase. so no wonder people are frustrated and fed up with those incompetent clowns. all they can "manage" is probably selling some merch online and make Axl a cup of tea. everything else is massively successful almost despite their tryings. if the "management" just packed their things and went to hell, this snowball would still be massively successful, just for being there (and the label would probably make sure everything would make sense from the commercial point of view - but again - just the reunion itself is a cash generating machine, so why trying to "improve" something which generates billions without even trying) rant end.
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    Why do you keep spreading this nonsense? You do know that YouTube is not the only place where videos are being removed from, right? Facebook fanpages with literally hundreds of thousands of likes have been deleted forever because of copyrighted videos that were uploaded to the pages (and not copy-pasting YT links, I mean by actually uploading the videos to Facebook). Instagram posts have been deleted, which also have nothing to do with YouTube (Instagram is Facebook and YouTube is Google). I lost the main Twitter account of my fanpage, with 15k followers, because they took down videos that were uploaded there (again, not YouTube links, by uploading them myself). So there you have Twitter that isn't Facebook's property nor Google's. Discord users have been banned from the platform (and Discord users that were owners of servers, so those servers are gone too) because "someone" reported them for spreading "illegal material". Just to name a few. So please stop trying to justify this. You are wrong. Thank you.
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    @SoulMonster Please stop