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    Reopening this thread that @sofine11made yesterday. We were in contact with Fernando directly today. He was asked 3 times throughout the conversation if the reddit account was his, but he chose not to answer that question during the course of the conversation. So... due his dodging of a direct question (THREE times!) we'll just assume the account is his.
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    A lot of people are insanly busy mixing and matching all the recent (and also older) leaks to the proper source discs. And figuring out which leaks are now redundant. This is what I've been able to piece together from mostly other people's great work. Please feel free to add or correct things if necessary. Fully leaked discs from The Village Sessions: Rough Mixes CD #1 (2000-11-08) - 01 - Madagascar {Drum Adds} (2000-11-05) (5:47) Rough Mixes CD #1 (2000-11-08) - 02 - T.W.A.T. {#10} (2000-10-12) (5:19) Rough Mixes CD #1 (2000-11-08) - 03 - Atlas Shrugged {25} (2000-03-27) (4:20) Rough Mixes CD #1 (2000-11-08) - 04 - Perhaps {19} (2000-03-27) (4:02) Rough Mixes CD #1 (2000-11-08) - 05 - Prostitute {19} (2000-03-27) (6:19) Rough Mixes CD #1 (2000-11-08) - 06 - Rhiad {Ver.1} (2000-11-07) (3:40) Rough Mixes CD #1 (2000-11-08) - 07 - Catcher {30} (2000-03-27) (5:43) Rough Mixes CD #1 (2000-11-08) - 08 - Chinese Democracy {Ver.1} (2000-11-05) (3:22) Rough Mixes CD #1 (2000-11-08) - 09 - The Blues {#6} (2000-10-23) (4:52) Rough Mixes CD #1 (2000-11-08) - 10 - Silkworms {Ver.1} (2000-11-07) (3:42) Rough Mixes CD #2 (2000-11-08) - 01 - P.R.L. (w/out Thyme) (no gtrs.) (2000-11-08) (4:05) Rough Mixes CD #2 (2000-11-08) - 02 - Eye On You (Ver.1) (2000-11-07) (3:46) Rough Mixes CD #2 (2000-11-08) - 03 - If The World (Ver.1) (2000-11-07) (5:16) Rough Mixes CD #2 (2000-11-08) - 04 - Mustache (Ver.1) (2000-11-07) (4:20) Rough Mixes CD #2 (2000-11-08) - 05 - Quicksong (10) (2000-03-27) (4:15) Rough Mixes CD #2 (2000-11-08) - 06 - Zodiac 13 (no vox) (Ver.4) (2000-11-08) (4:46) Rough Mixes CD #2 (2000-11-08) - 07 - Tonto (BLK/FRG dat (#3)) (2000-07-14) (4:09) Rough Mixes CD #2 (2000-11-08) - 08 - Real Doll.com (B. Head cd (#2)) (2000-09-14) (4:15) Rough Mixes CD #2 (2000-11-08) - 09 - Shankler's Revenge (cd (#1)) (2000-09-14) (3:39) Rough Mixes CD #2 (2000-11-08) - 10 - I'm Sorry (B. Head cd (#1)) (2000-10-26) (6:12) Rough Mixes CD #3 (2000-11-08) - 01 - Billionare (BLK/FRG dat (#2)) (2000-10-15) (1:38) Rough Mixes CD #3 (2000-11-08) - 02 - Dub Suplex (BLK/FRG dat (#5)) (2000-10-15) (3:10) Rough Mixes CD #3 (2000-11-08) - 03 - State Of Grace (12) (2000-03-27) (4:09) Rough Mixes CD #3 (2000-11-08) - 04 - Oklahaoma (10) (2000-03-23) (4:20) Rough Mixes CD #3 (2000-11-08) - 05 - Devious Bastard (#6) (2000-10-05) (3:35) Rough Mixes CD #3 (2000-11-08) - 06 - I.R.S. (21) (2000-03-27) (4:23) Rough Mixes CD #3 (2000-11-08) - 07 - Hardschool (12) (NU AX) (2000-11-08) (4:11) Rough Mixes CD #3 (2000-11-08) - 08 - Dummy (#8) (2000-10-05) (6:34) Rough Mixes CD #4 (2000-11-08) - 01 - Me & My Elvis {10} (2000-03-23) (5:48) Rough Mixes CD #4 (2000-11-08) - 02 - Circus Maximus {Ver.1} (2000-11-07) (4:39) Rough Mixes CD #4 (2000-11-08) - 03 - D Tune {11} (2000-03-23) (5:25) Rough Mixes CD #4 (2000-11-08) - 04 - Curly Shuffle {15} (2000-03-23) (3:51) Rough Mixes CD #4 (2000-11-08) - 05 - Nothing {Ver.1} (2000-11-08) (3:55) Rough Mixes CD #4 (2000-11-08) - 06 - As It Began {Ver.1} (2000-11-07) (3:55) Rough Mixes CD #4 (2000-11-08) - 07 - Thyme {P.R.L.} (2000-11-08) (2:04) 085 Robin-Tommy Demos (2001-04-03) - 01 - Inside Out (4:02) 085 Robin-Tommy Demos (2001-04-03) - 02 - 3 Dollar Pyramid (4:29) 085 Robin-Tommy Demos (2001-04-03) - 03 - Tommy Demo #1 (3:45) 085 Robin-Tommy Demos (2001-04-03) - 04 - Tommy Demo #2 (4:28) 160 Rough Mixes (2001-06-01) - 01 - Chinese Democracy (Doubled Guitars) (3:30) 160 Rough Mixes (2001-06-01) - 02 - Chinese Democracy (Single Guitars) (3:28) 160 Rough Mixes (2001-06-01) - 03 - Quick Song (4:08) 160 Rough Mixes (2001-06-01) - 04 - Prostitute (Original Drums) (6:12) 160 Rough Mixes (2001-06-01) - 05 - Prostitute (Chopped Drums) (6:18) 160 Rough Mixes (2001-06-01) - 06 - The Blues (4:46) 160 Rough Mixes (2001-06-01) - 07 - Rhiad & The Bediuns (3:43) 160 Rough Mixes (2001-06-01) - 08 - T.W.A.T. (5:16) 160 Rough Mixes (2001-06-01) - 09 - Atlas Shrugged (4:19) 160 Rough Mixes (2001-06-01) - 10 - Zodiac 13 (4:44) 184 New Brain Drums (2001-06-27) - 01 - Madagascar (Drums Up (Version Tom Likes)) (5:47) 184 New Brain Drums (2001-06-27) - 02 - Madagascar (Drums up Instrumental) (5:49) 184 New Brain Drums (2001-06-27) - 03 - Madagascar (Drums down 3 dB) (5:52) 184 New Brain Drums (2001-06-27) - 04 - Madagascar (Drums down 3 Db Instrumental) (5:45) 184 New Brain Drums (2001-06-27) - 05 - Madagascar (Old Josh Drums) (5:42) 184 New Brain Drums (2001-06-27) - 06 - Madagascar (Original Brain Drums) (5:41) 184 New Brain Drums (2001-06-27) - 07 - Chinese Democracy (Old Josh Drums) (3:29) 184 New Brain Drums (2001-06-27) - 08 - Chinese Democracy (New Brain Drums) (3:33) 184 New Brain Drums (2001-06-27) - 09 - The Blues (Old Josh Drums) (4:49) 184 New Brain Drums (2001-06-27) - 10 - The Blues (New Brain Drums) (4:49) 184 New Brain Drums (2001-06-27) - 11 - Rhiad (Old Josh Drums) (3:39) 184 New Brain Drums (2001-06-27) - 12 - Rhiad (New Brain Drums) (3:41) 187 Madagascar (Rough Mixes of New Brain Drum Takes) (2001-07-02) - 01 - With Vocals (5:50) 187 Madagascar (Rough Mixes of New Brain Drum Takes) (2001-07-02) - 02 - Instrumental (5:47) 190 Rhiad (New Brain Drum Take) (2001-07-11) - 01 - Rhiad (Original Rough Mix) (3:46) 190 Rhiad (New Brain Drum Take) (2001-07-11) - 02 - Rhiad (Final Rough Mix with Compression (Vocals at Regular Level)) (3:49) 190 Rhiad (New Brain Drum Take) (2001-07-11) - 03 - Rhiad (Final Rough Mix with Compression (Vocals Up)) (3:47) 190 Rhiad (New Brain Drum Take) (2001-07-11) - 04 - Rhiad (Final Rough Mix with No Compression (Vocals at Regular Level)) (3:55) 190 Rhiad (New Brain Drum Take) (2001-07-11) - 05 - Rhiad (Final Rough Mix with No Compression (Vocals Up)) (3:45) 196 The Blues (New Brain Drum Takes) (2001-07-13) - 01 - The Blues (Vocal at Regular Level) (4:51) 196 The Blues (New Brain Drum Takes) (2001-07-13) - 02 - The Blues (Vocal Down 1 Db) (4:50) 196 The Blues (New Brain Drum Takes) (2001-07-13) - 03 - The Blues (Instrumental) (5:02) 201 Rough Mixes (New Brain Drum Remixes with Axl) (2001-07-19) - 01 - Rhiad (3:48) 201 Rough Mixes (New Brain Drum Remixes with Axl) (2001-07-19) - 02 - Rhiad (Eq'd Toms) (3:49) 201 Rough Mixes (New Brain Drum Remixes with Axl) (2001-07-19) - 03 - Prostitute (6:20) 201 Rough Mixes (New Brain Drum Remixes with Axl) (2001-07-19) - 04 - The Blues (4:49) 208 T.W.A.T. (Rough Mixes of New Brain Drums) (2001-08-06) - 01 - T.W.A.T. (Less Ambience on Drums) (5:21) 208 T.W.A.T. (Rough Mixes of New Brain Drums) (2001-08-06) - 02 - T.W.A.T. (More Ambience on Drums) (5:19) 208 T.W.A.T. (Rough Mixes of New Brain Drums) (2001-08-06) - 03 - T.W.A.T. (Snare Compressed Only) (5:17) 208 T.W.A.T. (Rough Mixes of New Brain Drums) (2001-08-06) - 04 - T.W.A.T. (Strings Up) (5:22) 208 T.W.A.T. (Rough Mixes of New Brain Drums) (2001-08-06) - 05 - T.W.A.T. (Old Beaven Mix) (5:19) 219 Atlas Shrugged (New Brain Drums) (2001-08-20) - 01 - Atlas Shrugged (Drums at regular level) (4:23) 219 Atlas Shrugged (New Brain Drums) (2001-08-20) - 02 - Atlas Shrugged (Drums down 1.5 Db) (4:29) 219 Atlas Shrugged (New Brain Drums) (2001-08-20) - 03 - Atlas Shrugged (Drums up 1.5 Db) (4:16) 229 T.W.A.T. (Brain Drum Remix With Snare Sample From Silkworms) (2001-08-27) - 01 - T.W.A.T. (Ambience Down, Mono Room Off) (5:16) 229 T.W.A.T. (Brain Drum Remix With Snare Sample From Silkworms) (2001-08-27) - 02 - T.W.A.T. (Ambience down with Mono Room) (5:16) 229 T.W.A.T. (Brain Drum Remix With Snare Sample From Silkworms) (2001-08-27) - 03 - T.W.A.T. (Ambience at Original Level) (5:18) 229 T.W.A.T. (Brain Drum Remix With Snare Sample From Silkworms) (2001-08-27) - 04 - T.W.A.T. (Snare Sample during Outro Only) (5:16) 229 T.W.A.T. (Brain Drum Remix With Snare Sample From Silkworms) (2001-08-27) - 05 - T.W.A.T. (First Half with Old Snare, Second Half with Snare Sample Only) (5:13) 238 Chinese Democracy (New Brain Drums - 3rd Time) (2001-09-06) - 01 - Chinese Democracy (Drums and Guitars at Regular Level) (3:23) 238 Chinese Democracy (New Brain Drums - 3rd Time) (2001-09-06) - 02 - Chinese Democracy (Drums up 1 dB) (3:24) 238 Chinese Democracy (New Brain Drums - 3rd Time) (2001-09-06) - 03 - Chinese Democracy (Drums up 2 dB) (3:23) 238 Chinese Democracy (New Brain Drums - 3rd Time) (2001-09-06) - 04 - Chinese Democracy (Guitars up 2.5 dB, Drums at Regular Level) (3:23) 238 Chinese Democracy (New Brain Drums - 3rd Time) (2001-09-06) - 05 - Chinese Democracy (Guitars up 1.5 dB) (3:23) 238 Chinese Democracy (New Brain Drums - 3rd Time) (2001-09-06) - 06 - Chinese Democracy (Guitars up 0.7 dB) (3:29) 238 Chinese Democracy (New Brain Drums - 3rd Time) (2001-09-06) - 07 - Chinese Democracy (Instrumental with Drums and Guitars at Regular Lev (3:31) 250 Quick Song (2001-09-29) - 01 - Quick Song (Full Take Without Vocal) (3:59) 250 Quick Song (2001-09-29) - 02 - Quick Song (Full Take with Vocal) (3:59) 250 Quick Song (2001-09-29) - 03 - Quick Song (Starting From Robins Solo... Take 0) (1:06) 250 Quick Song (2001-09-29) - 04 - Quick Song (Starting From Robins Solo... Take 1) (1:07) 250 Quick Song (2001-09-29) - 05 - Quick Song (Starting From Robins Solo... Take 2) (1:09) 250 Quick Song (2001-09-29) - 06 - Quick Song (Starting From Robins Solo... Take 3) (1:07) 250 Quick Song (2001-09-29) - 07 - Quick Song (Starting From Robins Solo... Take 4) (1:09) 250 Quick Song (2001-09-29) - 08 - Quick Song (Starting From Robins Solo... Take 5) (1:07) 250 Quick Song (2001-09-29) - 09 - Quick Song (Starting From Robins Solo... Take 6) (1:09) 250 Quick Song (2001-09-29) - 10 - Quick Song (Starting From Robins Solo... Take 7) (1:07) 250 Quick Song (2001-09-29) - 11 - Quick Song (Starting From Robins Solo... Take 8) (1:08) 250 Quick Song (2001-09-29) - 12 - Quick Song (Starting From Robins Solo... Take 9) (1:09) 250 Quick Song (2001-09-29) - 13 - Quick Song (Starting From Robins Solo... Take 10) (1:09) 250 Quick Song (2001-09-29) - 14 - Quick Song (Starting From Robins Solo... Take 11) (1:09) 250 Quick Song (2001-09-29) - 15 - Quick Song (Starting From Robins Solo... Take 12) (1:07) 250 Quick Song (2001-09-29) - 16 - Quick Song (Starting From Robins Solo... Take 13) (1:10) 250 Quick Song (2001-09-29) - 17 - Quick Song (Starting From Robins Solo... Take 14) (1:08) 250 Quick Song (2001-09-29) - 18 - Quick Song (Starting From Robins Solo... Take 15) (1:08) 250 Quick Song (2001-09-29) - 19 - Quick Song (Starting From Robins Solo... Take 16) (1:09) 252 Knockin-Jungle (2001-09-29) - 01 - Knockin' on Heaven's Door (Acoustic Version) (Axl Take 3) (6:26) 252 Knockin-Jungle (2001-09-29) - 02 - Warmup... (1:34) 252 Knockin-Jungle (2001-09-29) - 03 - Knockin' on Heaven's Door (Electric Version) (6:08) 252 Knockin-Jungle (2001-09-29) - 04 - Welcome to the Jungle (4:59) 252 Knockin-Jungle (2001-09-29) - 05 - Knockin' on Heaven's Door (Acoustic Version) (Take 3 from 10.8.01) (6:07) 277 New Songs (Straight Analog Downloads - These Are Not Mixes) (2001-11-13) - 01 - Prom Violence (Take 2) (2:54) 277 New Songs (Straight Analog Downloads - These Are Not Mixes) (2001-11-13) - 02 - Prom Violence (Take 3) (2:55) 277 New Songs (Straight Analog Downloads - These Are Not Mixes) (2001-11-13) - 03 - Three Dollar Pyramid (Take 2) (4:23) 277 New Songs (Straight Analog Downloads - These Are Not Mixes) (2001-11-13) - 04 - Three Dollar Pyramid (Take 4) (4:32) 278 The Rebel (Straight Analog Download - This is Not a Mix) (2001-11-15) - 01 - The Rebel (Take 1) (3:05) Leaks that have become redundant: As It Began (2000-11-07 demo, 2019-09-15 leak) - Replaced by Rough Mixes 4 (19:26) Atlas Shrugged (2019-09-05 leak) - Replaced by 219 Atlas Shrugged (New Brain Drums) (2001-08-20) - 01 (4:23) Atlas Shrugged (Drums up 1.5 Db, 2019-09-05 leak) - Replaced by 219 Atlas Shrugged (New Brain Drums) (2001-08-20) - 02 (4:16) Catcher In The Rye (2000-03-27 demo, 2019-08-28 leak) - Replaced by Rough Mixes 1 (5:33) Chinese Democracy (2019-08-28 leak as Chinese Josh) - Replaced by Chinese Democracy Old Josh Drums (New Brain Drums) (3:11) Chinese Democracy (2019-08-28 leak as Chinese Stew) - Replaced by 238 track 06 Guitars up 0.7 dB (3:29) Eye On You (2019-09-20 leak) - Replaced by 2019-09-22 leak (3:36) Eye On You (VER.1) (2000-11-07) (2019-09-22 leak) - Replaced by Rough Mixes 2 (3:46) Going Down (2019-08-28 leak) - Replaced by 085 Robin-Tommy Demos (2001-04-03) - 04 (4:25) Hardschool (2000-11-08 demo, 2019-08-28 leak as Jackie Chan) - Replaced by Rough Mixes 3 (3:56) Hardschool (2019-08-24 leak after 2019-07-26 excerpt, same version as the 2006-05-27 DJ Razz snippet) - Replaced by 2019-08-28 leak (4:05) I.R.S. (2000-03-27 demo, 2019-08-28 leak) - Replaced by Rough Mixes 3 (4:12) Knockin' On Heavens Door (acoustic, 2019-09-14 leak as rayraysdoor, 252 Knockin-Jungle track 1) - 252 Knockin-Jungle (2001-09-29) - 01 (5:41) Madagascar (2017-11-12 leak) - Replaced by Rough Mixes 1 (5:46) Me & My Elvis (2000-03-23 demo, 2019-09-22 leak) - Replaced by Rough Mixes 4 (5:48) Me & My Elvis (2019-09-21 leak) - Replaced by 2019-09-22 leak (5:48) P.R.L. w/out Thyme (no gtrs.) (2000-11-08) (2019-10-03 leak) - Replaced by Rough Mixes 2 (4:05) Perhaps (2000-03-27 demo, 2019-09-13 leak - Replaced by Rough Mixes 1 (3:51) Prostitute (2000-03-27 demo, 2019-08-28 leak as Prostitute v2) - Replaced by Rough Mixes 1 (6:17) Prostitute (2019-08-28 leak as Prostitute v3) - Replaced by 201 - 03 - Prostitute (6:05) Rhiad And The Bedouins (2019-08-28 leak as Rhiad Josh) - Replaced with Rhiad old josh drums from new brain drums (3:33) Silkworms (2000-11-07 demo, 2019-09-07 leak as Isn't That Absurd) - Replaced by Rough Mixes 1 (3:31) State Of Grace (2000-03-27 demo, Mix 2, 2019-09-13 leak) - Replaced by Rough Mixes 3 (3:59) The Blues (2018-06-10 leak) - Replaced by Rough Mixes 1 (4:44) The Blues (2019-08-28 leak) - Replaced by 184 New Brain Drums track 09 (old Josh drums) (4:42) There Was A Time (2018-06-10 leak) - Replaced by Rough Mixes 1 (5:25) There Was A Time (2019-08-28 leak) - Identical to There Was A Time (2018-06-10 leak) and both sourced from Rough Mixes 1 (5:06) Three Dollar Pyramid (2019-09-15 leak) - Replaced by Three Dollar Pyramid Take 2 (New Songs Disc) (21:02) Other Chinese Democracy-era material that isn't from The Village Sessions: 01 - Sweet Child O' Mine (1999 release from the movie Big Daddy) (4:41) 02 - Oh My God (1999 release from the soundtrack for End Of Days) (3:40) 03 - Catcher In The Rye (1999-2000 demo, 2006-02-28 darknemus leak) (5:37) 04 - I.R.S. (1999-2000 demo, 2006-05-27 DJ Razz leak) (4:07) 05 - There Was A Time (1999-2000 demo, 2006-05-27 DJ Razz leak) (5:01) 06 - Boston 2002 promo (with studio cuts of Chinese Democracy, Madagascar and The Blues) (1:06) 07 - I.R.S. (2003-08-30 Piazza-Trunk recording, 2005-04-10 darknemus leak) (3:39) 08 - I.R.S. (2001-2003 demo, 2006-02-15 darknemus leak, same version as the 2003-08-30 Piazza-Trunk recording) (4:16) 09 - There Was A Time (2001-2003 demo, short version, 2006-02-17 leak) (6:01) 10 - There Was A Time (2001-2003 demo, long version, 2006-02-17 leak) (6:43) 11 - Better (2001-2003 demo, 2006-02-22 darknemus leak) (4:56) 12 - I.R.S. (2001-2003 demo, instrumental, 2006-03-10 leak) (4:13) 13 - There Was A Time (2001-2003 demo, instrumental short version, 2006-03-15 leak) (5:58) 14 - There Was A Time (2001-2003 demo, instrumental long version, 2006-03-14 leak) (6:42) 15 - Better (2001-2003 demo, instrumental demo, 2006-03-08 leak) (5:00) 16 - Going Down (2006 Bumblefoot guitar over older demo, 2013-08-16 leak) (4:28) 17 - Oh My God (2006 Bumblefoot guitar over older demo, 2018-06-07 leak after 2013-12-09 excerpt) (3:40) 18 - Silkworms (2006 Bumblefoot guitar over older demo, 2018-06-08 leak after 2013-12-09 excerpt) (3:25) 19 - Better (2006-2007 demo, 2007-02-20 leak, possibly the same as in Harley-Davidson broadcast 2006-10-20) (5:10) 20 - Madagascar (2006-2007 demo, 2007-03-29 darknemus leak) (5:41) 21 - Chinese Democracy (2006-2007 demo, 2007-05-05 MSL leak) (4:46) 22 - The Blues (2006-2007 demo, 2007-05-05 MSL leak) (4:47) 23 - I.R.S. (2006-2007 demo, 2007-05-05 MSL leak) (4:36) 24 - There Was A Time (2006-2007 demo, 2007-05-06 MSL leak) (6:46) 25 - Better (2008-06-18 Antiquiet leak) (5:12) 26 - Chinese Democracy (2008-06-18 Antiquiet leak) (5:00) 27 - I.R.S. (2008-06-18 Antiquiet leak) (4:41) 28 - Madagascar (2008-06-18 Antiquiet leak) (5:52) 29 - The Blues (2008-06-18 Antiquiet leak) (4:53) 30 - There Was A Time (2008-06-18 Antiquiet leak) (6:50) 31 - Rhiad And The Bedouins (2008-06-18 Antiquiet leak as New Song #1) (3:46) 32 - Prostitute (2008-06-18 Antiquiet leak as New Song #2) (6:24) 33 - If The World (2008-06-18 Antiquiet leak as New Song #3) (4:59) 34 - Shackler's Revenge (2008-08-14 MSL leak as Chicken Dinner) (3:34) 35 - Better (2013-08-16 leak, Bumblefoot acoustic version from Barefoot sessions 2008) (5:05) 36 - Better (2013-08-16 leak, DJ Ashba version from 2009) (5:46) 37 - Ballad Of Death (2018-06-26 leak after 2013-12-09 excerpt, DJ Ashba solo from 2009) (3:31) 38 - Mi Amor (2018-06-26 leak after 2013-12-09 excerpt, DJ Ashba solo from 2009) (4:31) 39 - Shackler's Revenge (2009-2010 Brain Remix, 2018-06-26 leak after 2013-12-09 excerpt) (4:08) 40 - If The World (2009-2010 Brain Remix, 2018-06-26 leak after 2013-12-09 excerpt) (4:06) 41 - Blood in the Water (2009-2010 Brain Remix, 2012-05-07 leak) (4:02) 42 - Better Gone (2009-2010 Brain Remix, 2012-01-xx leak) (4:19) 43 - This I Love (2009-2010 Brain Remix, 2018-06-10 leak after 2013-12-09 excerpt) (5:22) 44 - Silkworms + The General (2018-06-26 leak, cellphone clip from aftershow party at Vienna 2010-09-18, Mindray11 recording) (3:04) Last updated on: 2019-10-08 11:34 GMT+1
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    "I'm Not Sure That's The Best Way To Handle The Situation" Yet another great title for a book about the history of GNR.
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    We've been too long without an official release from Guns N' Roses. In that time, we have been treated as a nuisance by the band's management for wanting new music, all the while hoarders collected hidden material. So let's raise one for The Chairman, who acquired the recent leaks and published them in full for common ears.
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    It's more like Disneyland. It costs a small fortune, and you get to see Mickey Mouse.
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    Let's just make this clear. We will not allow any discussion relating to any correspondence that was intended to be private. This is none of our business and just as we would want others to respect our privacy we will extend the same courtesy to anyone involved with GNR. We kindly "ask" that members do not provide any information of the contents within private documents. This includes summaries, quotations, descriptions or anything of the kind. Failure to abide by this rule will result in a warning point and a seven day suspension. We appreciate your cooperation on this matter.
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    Concert Review: So Guns N‘ Roses is my all-time favorite band. I’ve seen them 3 times on this tour, last night being my 4th, on the rail no less! Axl sounded amazing. He did the Jungle intro and it was vicious. Didn’t expect that one, so that was cool. Honestly, all throughout, he was strong. Band was tight, you could just tell. Axl was in a great mood as well. When Slash was taking center stage, he was off to the side watching, or laughing with Duff, etc. No Seeker, no BHS, no Wichita, no pre-NR jam. What a significant difference that made. That might also have been because I was already exhausted, but still. Definitely made a difference to me and kept the flow going. Couple of funny moments: during LALD when Axl usually throws his mic stand, he actually threw it to a tech guy on the ground just to the side of me. He had a good laugh at that because I don’t think the tech guy expected it. During Nightrain, when Axl blew the horn, when he tried to throw the chord, it got stuck and fell, he tried to kick it, failed again as it fell to the ground, so he picked it up, laughed it off and threw it. Then during PC, something apparently was wrong with Axl’s boot, so while he’s singing some of the song, he called over some tech guy to fix it for him. That was pretty funny. Personal highlight: getting to hear Slither and Shadow Of Your Love for the first time. That kicked ass. All in all I had a great time on the rail. This is my favorite band and I just adore Axl so really I didn’t expect any less. Hope the next time I see them, it’ll be with new music. Edit: There was a guy just to the right and behind me who I believe recorded the majority of the show. So if you hear loud, female screams or singing at any point in these videos, that would be me.
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    Nah. You have to see the context here. Have we heard even ONE finished song with vocals with all the leaks that comes close to former GNR material? The Rough Mix #3 stuff is great but very differnet, so it might have bombed hard. And the leaked songs with vocals? I enjoy hearing them a lot, but after a while...Atlas? No. Perhaps? Kinda cool but come on, doesn't make anybody dance in a hallway, right. Hardschool is great, but not a big gun too. You're just excited about the leaks, that's it.
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    Whether it's real or not. Fuck Fernando. Fuck Team Brazil. Fuck Axl and fuck this band. Fuck the record company. Fuck hoarders. This entire band and situation are completely ridiculous. The load of material apparently out there. The assholes trying to get rich off it. The most incompetent management team of all time. The complete lack of communication. The don't-give-a-fuck-attitude from management towards fans. The endless moneygrabbing tours. And most of all this band apparently unable to make music available to their fans through any channel. I don't feel sorry for GnR one bit over this anymore. I hope it end in an all-out mess with whatever is out there spilling, Team Brazil fired and maybe some assholes in jail. What a fucking joke.
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    I have no idea about this fat gate or whatever, but I do have a comment on his appearance from when I was at the show last night so readers beware! His haircut -- it's soooo much better in person than in the pictures! The pictures and lighting just don't do it justice at all. It looks great! And yes there are some layers and whatnot, it does look professionally done. When he gets all sweaty and stuff it starts to look stringy and I think those are the pics we've seen. It is 10x, 20x, 100x better than last leg. So anyway, voice -- some hiccups and his mid range is sometimes barely there but he gave it 100 percent and his low register, rasps and screams are still killer. Didn't think he would be able to pull off Locomotive and he did. He was ticked off with sound guys or something at one point but he got over it quick and was joking around with security guy..then he went to throw the whistle into the audience and it got caught in his bracelets and was just hanging there! it was so funny and he was laughing about it. He threw the mic into our row but one section over..dammit!! Great show, lots of energy from whole band.
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    So are you two going to the show? Glad to know you are still together. ❤ You are not the only two mygnrforum members that started out as along distance romance. 😁 Since a few other people already know, guess I will spill the beans, @donny and I are also. ❤ We are currently working on plans for him to come visit me for a while from the UK. ❤❤ life works in mysterious ways, but it is wonderful. 😁
  15. 19 points
    I have to laugh at the people complaining about the woman screaming during stream. Not to be all "old timer" about it, but SO much is taken for granted these days. To be clear, here's how we would have heard this back in the early 90s: Someone would have had to have snuck in recording equipment, then got away with recording the entire show. Then it would have been sold to bootleg companies. Then you would have to accidentally find the bootleg in a CD store that happens to sell bootlegs, months if not a year later. After all of that, you'd pay at least $60 for a 2 CD set (the going rate in the early 90s for bootlegs), then you'd STILL hear people screaming over the track. Instead, everyone gets to watch it literally in the palm of their hand from their couch if they want. Somehow, people still find a way to whine about it lol. In short; kids these days!
  16. 19 points
  17. 18 points
    Shadow of your love Shadow of your love Shadow of your love, oh no
  18. 18 points
    Am I the only one who has a decent bladder and doesn't need a bathroom break during the show or something? lol no way I am gonna go anywhere when GNFNR are on stage
  19. 18 points
    Listen- I totally get the comments about the setlist. Part of me was a little disappointed not to hear Locomotive, Dead Horse, or Hard School. But this band can fucking rock. It was an amazing concert. From start to finish it was exceptional. The band is firing on all cylinders. Axl sounds amazing for his age. The fact that he’s getting through this set at 57 is mind blowing. And I will say this about the setlist- it’s stale but it’s extremely solid. Good mixture of Chinese, Appetite and Illusions. I actually forgot how many illusion tracks are in this setlist! Hearing Madagascar and Don’t Cry were always a dream of mine, especially Madagascar. Slash is king as always. Fortus is very underrated as a guitar player. I don’t get when people see that the band seems bored when playing songs. I see nothing but the opposite- the band has an insane energy! They look like they’re having a blast. In all the bootlegs I’ve seen, this show contained possibly the happiest and most jovial Axl I’ve ever seen. He was talking probably every song or two. Cracking jokes, all the fun stuff. It makes me glad to see the guy at peace after so many years of torment. Just an exceptional show. I think Russ said it best the other week. Just be happy that there is a band. They may not be around forever. Axl is only going to get older from here. Enjoy it while it lasts. Try to see a show if you can. This lineup is exceptional. Best concert I’ve been too
  20. 18 points
    A lot of assumptions there. Who knows how much other stuff was worked on before and after that time. Just because instrumental versions are all that leaked doesn't mean that lyrics aren't done and vocals aren't there on other versions.
  21. 18 points
    Slash is the best guitarist for Guns, Buckethead is the best guitarist overall.
  22. 18 points
    Yikes, this is why I don't come to the message boards anymore. Too many people wallowing in their own misery and negativity. The band was tight as fuck tonight and Axl was great 90% of the time. They played a 3 hour set and I guarantee everybody there had a killer time. I'm so psyched I got to see 90% of the show, and i had a great time watching one of the best rock bands of all time deliver an awesome performance. I feel bad for those who can't find enjoyment in a moment like this. Meh
  23. 18 points
    During the break; Slash released "Living The Dream", toured with it and got out a live dvd of the tour. Duff released "Tenderness" and did a mini tour. Axl got a haircut.
  24. 17 points
    My World has been streamed 2.7 million times?? Mark that down as 2.7 million times someone played the Alt Version of Don't Cry, then let it continue on after they left the room. 149 million or so other people caught it and stopped the track before it ruined their ears.
  25. 17 points
    Even though the content of the storage locker wasn't intended to be released by its creator, I'm glad I got to hear it. It's music. But private e-mails are another story. As much as curious I am about what it is in them, I think making them public crosses a line.
  26. 17 points
    Everyone needs to go easy on the lady screaming! It’s a concert, she’s not there to witness a music video being filmed, imagine being in the front row of a GNR concert and they bust out a deep cut they haven’t played in over a quarter of a century. I would be screaming too
  27. 17 points
    Rick should go get a boom box and blast Eye on You across the street.
  28. 17 points
    Yep, we are very happily married and having a lot of fun together. Congrats to you! Pretty wild how this reunion/ tour brought people together in ways you never expected. We wish you the best of luck! 👍 Can’t wait for the show tomorrow night!
  29. 17 points
    Really enjoyed the show last night. Last show I saw was Oct. 15th at MSG in 2017. I felt they were going through the motions that night and when the first song started last night I thought “oh boy”. Axl looked distinctly unhappy for the first couple of songs. They picked it up and delivered one of the best shows I’ve seen. I was with my girlfriend who doesn’t really know GN’R so I’ll give you her perspective as I found it interesting as she knows nothing of GN’R or Axl Rose etc. 1) Estranged and Rocket Queen, songs she had never heard, were her favorites 2) Loves Richard Fortus’ red leather pants 3) “Axl’s vocal range - is that real life?!” - she made that comment when he started singing Madagascar 4) “His voice is so clean!” - during Don’t Cry: I thought that was cool because we’ve all spent years on this forum arguing about which Disney character he sounds like these days but it reminded me he is in actual fact a world class singer, and to the casual observer who knows nothing of this forum’s yearning for “rasp”, it doesn’t matter at all. 5) Axl’s style needs some work - she loves his jewelry but some of the jacket/hat combos are in question. I didn’t bother explaining to her Axl takes his advice solely from a pointless family of clingy Brazilians. 6) Absolutely loved the show and thought it was great fun. My final thought is that the crowd in Charlotte were terrific and really added value to the evening. Hell of a band.
  30. 16 points
    I kind of hoped he was giving the middle finger to Myles
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    I can't remember this shower story, but my favorite Axl story from Baz will always be this:
  35. 16 points
    My Review Its not the first time I have attended an American music festival, but times have changed since 1996 Rockford, Illinois and Lollapalooza. This festival, like most today, attracts a wide range of people and that's understandable given the diversity of artists appearing. The only issue I have is a curtain majority only attended for the sake of attending with no real purpose. You can identify these people easily and often, these are the people who complain after the fact on social media or leave the event early. I still don't understand why you would pay money to attend and leave early because of the fact you don't like the artist or the way they sound. I can completely understand leaving early due to transport, family or work commitments. The band I always go into each Guns N Roses live show open mind, and excited about the experience of seeing my favourite band live. When Duff plays the opening bass riff to ISE, the tension and excitement in your gut releases and very quickly you end up being pulled into the world of GNR. First thing you notice, being close to the stage is how relaxed and comfortable everyone is on stage together. For me, it's the things that go largely unnoticed. At one point Axl was talking into his mic off PA, to the other members via their inears. It must have been amusing as all the band members had a smile or a laugh and even Slash glanced back and acknowledge what was said via a smile and a smirk. The band sound tight and Axl moved through 1st to 6th gear after brownstone. It amazes me how the man can be that active on stage for 3 hours. The sweat was pooring of his forearms and soaking his teeshirts. Looking forward to seeing the band in Austin at ACL. Also a big thanks to a random follow GNR fan, who helped me find one of my contact lenses. Cool to chat with someone about our favourite band while on hands and knees.
  36. 16 points
    This is my review of the show last night! ISE is a great opener, would be cool to hear something else once in a while but the excitement that bass intro gives you is hard to top! Axl sounded great all night, I was shocked when Better was great and RQ as well! WTTJ was amazing, love that they shortened the intro and Axl's scream in the break down made the hair on my arms stand. Shadow, do I have to say anything else than that this was the first time I was at a GN'R show and suddenly got hit with the same feeling that I get when listening to old UYI and AFD bootlegs, I actually got emotional because of it. This is the band, the same amazing band that I fell in love with as a 12 year old. Axl actually rasped the outro to Coma, something I had never seen in person before, which was great to see. Slash's solo was amazing. I hated it in '17 and '18 but this short emotional bluesy solo was top notch, the guy next to me said "that's why they call him a guitar god, that's it, right there" in the middle of it which made me smile since he didn't seem like a die hard and was apparently really moved by it! The highlight of the show IMO was Nightrain, I was blown away! Axl was amazing, as was Slash, the band was tight and the crowd was in to it! During the encore they dusted off Madagascar from the alts, would have preferred something else but the mini-rant afterwards made it totally worth it. Over all I didn't care that the set was basically the same as the one I saw last summer, I was afraid I would. I didn't care that Hard School wasn't played or that KOHD was 15 minutes long since Axl and the band was so fucking good. This band is a fucking machine right now and I for one love machines.
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    Got the original file from Margott! What a Legend Guns N' Roses - Manchester, TN - Exit 111 Festival 2019-10-13 [Margott] https://bittubers.com/post/95a7b0f8-1606-4ebd-bcfe-6d8ea6800c62
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    There is a hilarious story about Axl and Bon Jovi in Bach's book. Axl and Baz were at a bar in London in 2006. At one point Baz spotted Jon Bon Jovi sitting in there somewhere, and went to talk to him because they had had a fallout or something and he wanted to make up. Then he invited him to Axl's table and they had a conversation for a while about the music industry. Bon Jovi had a hit song at that time, and Baz congratulated him for it. Bon Jovi looked at Axl, but Axl said nothing. The next day, Baz told Axl that he thought it was very cool of him to congratulate Bon Jovi for his song, and Axl snapped saying, "I didn't fucking congratulate him for his fucking song! You did! I never said that!" - or something like that.
  41. 15 points
    Hi everyone, just wanna apologise for posting that set list last night, I didn't know it was fake, it was found on discord, i just C & P it. I should've checked first and i didn't I was tired and went to bed. Sorry to everyone that got excited
  42. 15 points
    I am new to this forum. I understand the complaints about the same setlist for all of you devoted fans that have seen them many times. This was my first gnr show and I loved it. I have wanted to see them for 25 years. I wanted to see the hits and many songs from uyi. I do agree that I'd prefer more original songs than newer covers, but I am on an emotional high after last night.
  43. 15 points
    Can’t wait!!! Leaving for the venue in about 2 hours! I’ll try to update y’all throughout the night
  44. 15 points
    How come everyone who is going to a show end up having a blast but the guys in the forum reading every time the same setlist is disapointed? Guess what? U should be dissapointed for not attending a show. Songs arent played for you to enjoy at home. If youre tired of reading the same letters of a setlist in a forum, dont bother reading. Shows arent made for forum users. The rest of you going to a show, have a blast 🤘 (Setlist was awesome, u crazy)
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    Twelve hours removed from being at the show and I’m still in the clouds over what I witnessed last night. I’ve followed the band as close as anyone the past fifteen or so years and Axl sounded as good last night as he has since the reunion kicked off; and I don’t feel that’s an exaggeration. A couple observations: 1. SOYL was far and away the biggest surprise of the night. Not the fact that it was played, of course, but the fact that if you closed your eyes and listened to Axl sing it you’d have no clue whether it was 2019 or 1987. It was THAT good. Same with WTTJ. 2. Slash is a wizard, no question about it. But they could cut his number of solos in half and I think we’d all be satisfied. 3. Axl wasn’t meant to sing Slither. I respect the hell out of him for including it for Slash (and Duff, I guess), but it doesn’t sound good. 4. I saw a post on here last night saying that it was possibly the best Estranged since ‘93 and I think that’s correct. Axl knocked it out of the park and Slash was phenomenal. 5. Rocket Queen was better than I’d have ever imagined. Axl didn’t Mickey at all. Same with Madagascar.. I view CD as Axl’s bastard record and don’t like any of it, but he blew me away with it. and finally 6. I think there’s a legitimate point to be made about the transference between a live show and a YouTube video. This is show #3 for me on NITL and Axl has sounded decent the other two, but he was amazing last night. I got home and watched some videos posted and it was like two different shows. I say that because Axl gets an atrocious rap on here sometimes and I’m not sure it’s fair. We all judge him through a lens unless we’re at the shows, but maybe he’s doing way better than we tend to think.
  46. 15 points
    Must be a soul destroying job spending your time removing Rose's belly and chins.
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    Can someone who's going to the gig hold up a sign that says "I'M YOUR MAC DADDY" during the show? Thanks.
  49. 15 points
    A storage locker had Tom Zutaut's 15-CD set of Chinese Democracy demos from circa-2001 when he was fired by Axl - it sat abandoned for years Some guy bought the locker at auction who wasn't a fan. After the auction had ended, a GNR fan spotted the Zutaut discs in an online listing for the auction, and contacted the buyer. The buyer agreed to sell the CD's for a set price. Then a bunch of GNR fans pooled their money together to drive and get the discs and make copies for themselves. But then, as idiots tend to do, the donors got mad at each other and started leaking tracks out of spite. And now, realizing they might face legal action, they're all trying to throw each other under the bus even though they were all dumb enough to declare "hey, I have the stolen thing!" Wouldn't expect anything less from this fanbase
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    Great show and great atmosphere. GNR and its fans were differently a minority and the band a novelty, but that's understandable even the different types of music genres and people attending. It was cool to see alot of non GNR fans take the time to admire and enjoy the show. It's funny when you observe these people as they are drawn to the band, as today's younger generation and music loves, don't understand what a rock n roll band, or rock stars are. The band. Tight as usual, and Axl seems to be in the zone. A number of people around me (non GNR fans), were amazed at his energy, stage presence and vocal range. Small cool little moment between Axl and Melissa. Axl got up on the ramp behind Frank and ended up towards Melissa's side. Melissa seemed to have had a coughing fit, and Axl stopped , put his arm around her to see if she was alright. He must have said something to her that was funny, as they had a laugh together, but that made her cough again, and Melissa did a shoo type movement with her hand, like you would to a dog, to go away. It was all in good fun. Really great to see all members having fun, and more so Axl.