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    All I can say to the people thinking this board is full of haters/complainers is "If you think this place is bad nowadays..." I've said this over and over, but I'll say it again: We work very hard to allow an environment for all opinions. Whether you love or hate any specific era of GN'R, you're allowed to express that opinion here. As long as you can do it without insulting other users, more power to ya. There's a couple of things to keep in mind about the perception that we have more haters & complainers than we have positive users though- 1) Many of the "haters & complainers" are genuine, die hard GN'R fans who are just upset about what's happening currently (whatever that may be). They usual hope for the absolute best for GN'R but when it doesn't live up to expectation, they're vocal about it. 2) As referenced above, people tend to be more vocal when they have something negative to say. It's just part of human nature, and it happens everywhere in real life as well as the internet, including here of course. 3) Sometimes there's only so much "positive" to say. I just don't see many people logging in each day just to say "Yet another great version of Jungle! Hooray!" A lot of the more positive posters stop by show threads, check the setlist and watch videos if anything out of the norm happens. 4) While many users like to paint the haters/complainers are trying to start trouble, often times it's the opposite. I've been on GN'R boards for about 15 years now and I can tell you from experience that I've seen far more "positive posters" try to get their point across by insulting other users than I have so-called "negative users" who are just posting their opinions. 5) ....this is probably the most important one... Opinions change constantly in the GN'R community. Robin Finck is my favorite guitarist who's ever been in GN'R. I used to get my head absolutely caved in for that while he was in the band. Then all of a sudden, a few years later people were referring to that era as "the good ol' days" and longing for Robin to come back. Same goes for the 2010 tour; everyone praises it now because of Axl's vocals but while it was going on the threads were filled with people bitching up a storm about the setlist and everything else. There again, that tour is now seen as a high water mark and many of people who dogged it find themselves seeing it different. In short, I assure you that this board is in no way filled with haters & complainers. It's filled with GN'R fans of all eras. Each one with their own opinions, styles they love, things they like and things they don't like. All of that equates to a big boiling pot that's very hard for us to manage, but we do our best.
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    Well my friends, finally i've decided to use the Apollo Theatre (soundboard) recording and put togheter a full show with HQ audio and good milticam videos. Heres is the first on the list: IT'S SO EASY - Hope you like it!!! Mr Brownstone: NEXT: Chinese Democracy
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    Holy shit, what a night it was!!! I know many some things could be a lot better, in fact watching how awesome they are just reinforces that idea for me but right now I'm so happy and grateful that I got to see these three legends again. It was a very long, rough and exhausting day. I left home at 11am and got back at 5am, spent pretty much half of those 18 hours under the fn' rain and it got worse by the time GNR hit the stage. Who cared at that point anyway? Duff started the show and it was all joy in the stadium, nothing else mattered anymore. Speaking of Duff, his bass was loud and mean as fuck, it was beautiful! No wonder why he's one of the five special guys who created the greatest rock album ever made! Oh, and he seemed to be having a lot of fun, never saw him moving so much (almost dancing at times) since he got clean. It was really entertaining to watch him. Once Axl started showing positive signs, there was nothing to worry about, a hell of a show was coming for sure. He sang his ass off (I know, not enough for many of you, it was more than enough for me) and looked so happy. He was talking a lot, making jokes, dancing, running, imitating fans who were waving at him (he's such a dork ). He was overly worried about people's safety, though. Had we taken as many steps back as he asked us to, we would have gotten of the stadium Anyway, he was absolutely brilliant, love that fucker to death! SLASH IS NOT FROM THIS WORLD. He's been getting quite some shit lately for his playing (and I do agree he's ruining Yesterdays and KOHD's solos) but truth is he's having 4-5 "bad minutes" in over three hours and the rest of the time he's a motherfucking beast!! There's nothing like watching him rock the shit out of a massive stadium like it's nothing. The way he feeds the crowd is unreal. He rocked so hard on Coma, jumping and headbanging non stop, then I was really close to him when he played that insane solo at the end of SCOM, I was in fn' awe watching him shred and move like reacting to his own playing. And then came Nightrain! He lost his shit on Nightrain!! I felt like I was watching the Oklahoma 92 show when I saw him dancing in the first verse. He looked so excited, like a kid doing air guitar to his favorite band on his bedroom. It's like playing a song he loves for a crowd that reacts to it is what he lives for, you just can see how into it he is. Really can't put into words how mesmerizing Slash is, he's something else. He's not about technique or those kid of things, he is rock n' roll, it naturally flows through him. I could spend a few more hours trying to describe him but I would still fall short. Thank you God for getting bored of heaven and coming down to Earth with a Les Paul! In case it's not clear, I had a blast last night! Couldn't give less of a shit about how tired I am now, it was all worth it and I wish I could do it again right now. Already looking forward to seeing any of these three fuckers (especially Slash!!!) and Steven live again ASAP. For those of you going to the next NA run, have fun!
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    'The Boy Who Never Smiles' - A Photographic Journey, by The MyGNRForum Women's Thread
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    Same. Imagine you meet your idol and that's the face you get I would be so embarrassed and my family would piss themselves laughing. Axl fucking hates having his photo taken Can you imagine a nice shiny coffee table book 'Axl And Fans A Photographic Journey' and it's full of grumpy Axl I'd still buy it
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    I had too The minute you realise your left testie has popped out
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    I don't know where to post this so i create this topic. This video from the top of the stage is f*cking amazing.
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    Here a summery The broadcast to the GNR show starts at 00h15min (Saturday 23th/Sunday 24th) Local time. Countdown Timer: https://timeanddate.com/s/3c40 Live Stream No vpn program/extension needed Link: http://tudotvonline.com/assistir-o-canal-multishow-ao-vivo-24-horas-online-gratis/ Note: You will need to change your I.P. address to a Brazilian one for the Multishow Link & G1 Broadcast Link. Them 2 Links outside Brazil will not work without a vpn program/extension that changes IP address Google Chrome - Extension (IP changer) Link: https://chrome.google.com/…/gkojfkhlekighikafcpjkiklfbnlmei… Live Stream Multishow Link: http://bit.ly/2f3exc2 Live Stream G1 Broadcast Link: https://glo.bo/2wvNwEo Am pretty sure LiveXLive site isn't streaming GNR. I have been able to watch that in Australia without a IP changer. If you miss the show don't stress because it will be available for download shortly after from a cable recording on Dime
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    Pink, Pink, Pink and we're all missing Slash making TheLeaningTM and a sex face by his own will And...You're welcome
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    Since GNR is the worlds most famous cover band, I'd say chances are high we'll get a tom petty cover.
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    GNR fans are the worst fans ever. I swear that some of you never grew up. Look, the ticket prices suck and I’m priced out of these shows, but that’s my only legit complaint at this point. Some of the people that post here have serious mental problems.
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    @SerenityScorp Ok, I think I've finnally managed to do it . I haven't put watermarks on them because they are basically sketches (I don't have any of my canvas here, and the photos I have of them are terrible, sorry ), but I hope this ones make me justice. Anyway, this is made with bleach and ink (I'm not very good at it, but I tried my best) http:// http:// This one is a watercolour http:// And these are made with oil painting, I'm still working on them http:// http:// And this one I made it last year (is pencil), in class because I was bored sorrynotsorry http://
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    Holy fucking shit. MADAGASCAR!!! AND TWAT?!!! I'm blown the fuck away. Thank you to whoever recorded those awesome quality videos youtube.com/yupsure I haven't been watching many videos from any shows for a while but having read all of the doom n' gloom about Axl's voice i'm surprised at how fucking great he's doing here. And also all the stuff about the band coasting and being bored. This Axl from Philly is like 2010 Axl in terms of energy, effort and really giving everything. Constantly interacting with the crowd and totally engaged with them and the lyrics he's singing. Making eye contact with the band, tapping Slash and Duff and leaning on them loads. A world away from coasting behind The Disguise in 2011-2014, only taking his hate and glasses off for a couple songs. To be performing like this after the last 18 months of slog is fucking awesome. Jungle is fucking SICK. He is totally 100% in the zone, loving every second, rasping the absolute shit out of it, loving milking the long breakdowns. Better sounds really good. I'm not keen on the clean vocals but he's strong and consistent here and rasps the shit out of the screaming part. Twat was pretty good. He'll probably never sing it like Hammerstein night 1 ever again but he was in control and not struggling. However it pisses me off that he almost always comes in too early/late for the high parts. Slash was just about to go into the solo when Axl threw an extra line in and the band had to pull it back. I'll never understand why he can't just sing it like the record when he does the similar high screams in many other songs. Hearing him repeat "I would do anything...." over and over in mid-range clean voice just ruins the impact of the whole song. It sucks for me, must really suck for those there who've never heard it. Estranged was lush, lower register vocals are stunning and the end is fine clean when it's powerful and controlled like that. Don't Cry sounds as good as he ever has up until the falsetto switch and even that is again, powerful and controlled with no cracks and he throws in the 2010 rasp on the last lines proving that it's a choice. Coma doesn't interest me at all but I watched to see if he's as weak as people have said. He sounds fucking good. People have made it sound like he's doing a Jovi and hanging off the mic stand barely able to sing. He's actually totally engaged in the lyrics and performing the song, not struggling at all, not missing lines and even the last two minutes are fine. Would have been interesting to hear 2010 Axl give it a go but hey. I've rarely listened to Chinese live ever because it does nothing for me but fuck, he brings that snarly, raspy voice from the album in spades. Fair play. Madagascar, holy shit. I never doubted that they'd play it again at some point but it's beyond surreal to hear him sing a song about the old band and breakup WITH Slash and Duff. Goosebumps. Even for a first attempt the band sounds better than a lot of versions since 2002. Having 100% live backing vocals really helps instead of the jarring Axl backing tracks. It's so cool that 18 years after recording it he can still turn on the 'old man' voice and sound so close to the first verse on the record. Poor Jon Bongiovi can't even sing the one tiny bit of rasp he used on the album he released last year! The switch to his clean voice is a bit jarring but there are parts of it where he sounds pleasingly close to the really rich, deep clean vocals on Maddy at Rio '01. And the first high part: powerful, controlled and sustained with no cracks or weakness at all. And that's in the encore! I love how Frank picks the beat up at "For the many times..." There's guitar missing in parts e.g. "never too late" but if they work on it this could be the best version ever. Axl looks really happy at the end, too. To the couple of people on here bitching: fuck you. There were plenty enough people at the show cheering when they heard the first notes. You get your fucking overplayed Appetite songs about drinking and drugs mysognyny and partying every show. I hope they play Madagascar and Twat every show now just to piss you off.
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    Haha I made a post in the live show thread, but I can share it again if you would like! (to be honest I can tell this story a thousand times because it makes me gush each time I even think about it) So I went to the San Antonio show. Long story short, I ended up getting PIT tickets! Didn't even know I was able to get pit tickets until literally the morning of. And the best part is I'd never ever been in the pit before for any concert, so Guns was my first! I already knew it was going to be a special night because of that. So to shave off the full day details that included meeting lots of kind folks who wanted to help me get a good spot in the pit (aka rail, which I wanted so bad), then the show came. I did end up getting rail (my hand was literally touching the rail), corner of the catwalk. Axl Rose, Slash, and Duff McKagan were mere feet away from me. I couldn't believe it, I was in awe, it was overwhelming happiness, I can't even put into words how amazing it was for me. But it wasn't over! Because Axl pointed and smiled to a woman during Jungle and in my head I was like "wow AXL ROSE just noticed her!" so I tried a couple of times for him to see me by waving happily at him. Well, during Estranged, as I was smiling and waving happily, HE SAW ME AND WAVED RIGHT BACK AT ME!!!! I DIED. I pretty much melted on the spot, started sobbing, I couldn't believe that had just happened. We made eye contact, and he smiled and waved at ME, while singing! That was enough for me, I knew nothing could top that. BUT! Towards the end of the show, during Nightrain, HE WAVED AT ME AGAIN. I don't want to say this part because it's probably just me being in fantasy world, but I feel like ever since he saw me during Estranged, it's like he wanted to keep an eye on me throughout the show. So he waved at me during Nightrain, then after holding the long note "never to returnnnn!" he looked back over at me and smiled at me. This part I didn't even know about until afterwards, because when he waved, I covered my head in my hands because I was just so overwhelmed. Gosh, it was SO AMAZING. AXL ROSE smiled and waved at me-TWICE! I know I'll never ever get over that. He really does mean a lot to me and I'm so so thankful that all happened. A guy who pretty much recorded the whole concert even got both moments on video. Go to 5:05, wait 10 seconds and you'll see he waves at someone, that someone is me Go to 1:55, wait 10 seconds, you'll see he waves at someone, I'm the same person again xD then after he holds the long note, he totally looks back over at me and smiles So yeah!! That's about it! I still am not over it haha best night ever honestly, so crazy Axl did that for me
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    This is from Nando's latest IG story, you can see Axl and Duff talking in the background Sorry, Beta, but we don't have that many pics/videos of the guys together, lol
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    Check out Axl introducing Slash at 10:37 he says something about 'Balls out' I bet they all had a right laugh about Slash's bollock after the show
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    OMG!!!!!👀 Best Patience ever!!!👀 @marlingrl03 @Oldest Goat @MillionsOfSpiders @Ratam👀😍😂😂😂 I can't stop watching!! Send help!! #bollockgate
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    I hate to tell you but Susan's picture is photoshopped. This is the original
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    When people refer to Madagascar as Maddy it's about as cringe worthy as when Padme and others referred to Anakin as Annie in Star Wars. Stop it.
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    OKAY. I’m home now, and after taking a hot bath, i’m ready to write my review. 🔹 Summary: The crowd was one of the most intense I have ever been to. We Argentinian fans are fucking crazy. Axl told us 3! times to step back. The band sounds better than last year (IMO) and Axl had one of the best vocal deliveries of 2017. 🔸 Song analysis: Axl was clearly into it because of the crowd. There was no doubt about that. The songs he usually nails, were as expected (ISE, Brownstone, Chinese, Jungle, Nightrain). One of the highlights of the night were the You Could Be Mine outro (it surprised me. You can see I tend to criticize Axl a lot around here, but he nailed this part), and Wichita Lineman. That is a very nice song to hear live. Coma was very weak, and Yesterdays too (even thought that Axl’s Mickey sounded a bit more strong tonight). Civil War is IMO horrible live, and also Rocket Queen. Those two should be re-rehearsed or left out. Paradise City is the cancer itself. Patience, Don’t Cry and Used To Love Here were listensbles, with Don’t Cry a step above. Black Hole Sun is played really good by the guys. 🔹 Curious things i saw: Axl wore again an ACDC jacket. He was CONSTANTLY (and i really mean it) talking to the band trough their private channel or whatever. It seemed like jokes because it was during songs and Duff and Richard laughed. He was very chatty with the crowd and he seemed happy. During Knockin On Heavens Door, when doing the sing along part, he said something like “You should sing this one because we really don’t know when we are coming back”. It was not like that, but he basically put some mistery to them coming back soon. And the stadium got frozen for a second. 🔸 Was it enjoyable? Totally. Was it worth the money, even thought it was the same show as last year? Totally. Specially when you don’t know if they are coming back. Can you hear Mickey live and tell when he’s rasping? Absolutely. If you can’t do that then you are deaf. But, it’s also true that the live enviroment makes Axl’s voice a lot more enjoyable. Okay, i think that’s an acceptable review. Going to bed now since it’s 4AM.
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    I understand how it can look like that to some people but I really don't think that's the thing. I think many people here root for GN'R & Axl but when they see/hear shows like this, it's just hard to justify in any way, shape or form.
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    We can lock this thread. I've proven I have no will power and I'm a hypocrite. I just bought two tickets in the PIT 2 for LA at the forum on November 25th.
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    Just read this in the show thread: "He (Axl) even came out during the encore and said Duff just told a funny joke backstage he wanted to share with us in the spirit of Halloween: every time you yawn, a ghost sticks his dick in your mouth. LOL" You're welcome Edit: you can hear it at the beginning
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    Maybe I'll submit it to the book.. Some pretty cool stories.. One was that he didn't even know he was on Live Era so I played a the songs for him. Another was him, my two cousins and myself hanging out smoking and listening to tunes in my car.. He was saying how much he loved the song "Draw The Line". I knew I had it loaded into my 6 CD changer (was awhile ago lol) and exactly which CD and track. I put it on and cranked it.. We were all drinking.. I was a bit younger and it was so surreal. I was so jacked up that I punched my windshield while rocking out making it spider web and crack, Had to get it replaced.. I actually have a bunch more of memories.. Ya know... People talk a lot of shit about that dude. I don't "know" Steven but got to hang out with him a couple times for a few hours.. I have to say that in that short time you could tell he was one of the nicest, sincere, genuine and most gracious people out there. I probably will write something up and send it to him..
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    MyGNRForum Setlist Average Is CD A Real GN'R Album - 971 Axl's Vocals - 876 Axl's Weight - 853 Frank's Drumming - 808 Does Melissa Have To Be There? - 765 Too Many Covers - 712 Steven and Izzy - 687 Is This a Cashgrab? - 92 Dizzy Reed - 4
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    Im just curious, but how many people that went to shows on this tour were bored? I've been to 10 so far and haven't been bored for a minute of them.
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    Anyway, I'm just a #grumpyyounglady now who's been kinda sad all day about yesterday's show ( I know, lame, but whatever ), so I went to that part of the show where I went 'awwww' Here it is.
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    https://youtu.be/Mdj-ltacc6Q "Balls out performer in recent memory, ladies and gentleman.... Slash" - Axl 😂😂😂
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    Am I the only who's getting annoyed with the constant posting/spamming of every Snapchat (and multiple angles of one!), every pic imaginable and Periscope link for the show threads? No one is engaging with these posts for the most part and they are slowing down the site and the thread for me every single time.
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    Axl cannot stop talking about Slash. He is truly the love of his life
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    My 2 cents, last night and tonight msg shows were pretty good. Msg has poor acoustics for the "big New York arena", so much hype here based on illusions and delusions. I saw Pearl Jam last summer at msg and was so annoyed with the acoustics and at one point, Vedder couldn't take it anymore and commented on the crap acoustics. So that's a barrier any band playing at msg must contend with. For the 2 shows, they blasted the sound pretty well and were able to compensate to an extent. I think axl/slash/duff/fortus, all sounded good. Axl mixed it up between regular voice and the alternate one, on both nights. Slash was on fire and Fortus played until he bled. I kept hoping for Perfect Crime and there were a number of missed oppprtunities to segue right into it. Adler and Izzy's abscenes were acutely apparent--sad and unjust to say the least. Now to give thanks, I was frightened Pink was going to pop out at any moment but crisis averted. I liked the addition of witchetaw man because axl in his fringe jacket gets to let the country out of him and does well. Coma & Double Talkin Jive were highlights. Things that oddly amused me: The name of the guy at the merch stand at the entrance was Axel Rahul, he took out his eyeglasses to look at my credit card and asked me if I wanted to purchase Axl's glasses for 3G then laughed for a good while. Fortus now has stiff competition in the full frontal baring department, Slash (the open shirt). Einstein was in attendance. The shows were truly sold out, packed solid. I agree about the set list. Locomotive would be my #1 wish, would also like to hear Perfect Crime, The Garden, Bad Apples, Breakdown, You're Fucking Crazy (Lies version but like both a lot), so many good songs. I would be happy with Ain't it Fun instead of Attitude or New Rose. And while I'm dreaming, 14 Years with Izzy would be so appreciated I would take that and Right Next Door to Hell, with Adler on the kit, and end of show--then salute them all.
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    I love you, Susan, we can always rely on you girl
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    Of course. He knows what he's doing. And he must be aware that he's also pissing off a large amount of gnr fans who are waiting for his tour or GNR related tweets and all they get is this. I'm pretty sure he's laughing his ass off right now . I love this Axl . Btw. Duff liked his tweet
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    I really couldn't find any decent Slaxl from the vids I saw from last night - and I got lazy and stopped searching, because what the hell is wrong with you Axl, use your hands - but I found the Slash intro cute and fitting. And I also found this oh-so-scary cute little thing, just before his Slash fishing moment
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    Aww, Slash's definitely reading this thread
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    I'm just going to leave this here
  43. 11 points
    Maybe he just forgot to put his teeth in
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    Seriously, Mickey is Mickey. There's no "stronger" Mickey or "listenable" Mickey. If he sings clean, he sounds bad. Simple as that. It's just a dude with a regular voice and some training trying to sing GNR tunes. It's borderline amateur. Axl became famous because his voice was very distinctive. And powerful. I don't expect 1987-1993 level obviously. Nobody does. But current Axl is not really Axl. Take Estranged for example, the climax of the song, it's so dramatic and it begs for Axl to give his all and all he does is his half-assed helium voice and lacks any effort to give the song what it needs. It's like I'm watching someone at a karaoke bar. YCBM is another example. Fucking heavy kickass song. You just can't sing that song like an old lesbian lady like Axl does. Retire that shit if you won't even try to sing it with balls. 2010 was the end for Axl vocally in GNR. His ACDC stint proved he can still sing when he wants to. From 2011 til today with the ACDC exception, Axl sounds bad, very very bad. A bad parody of himself. Oh he was 8,65% better in São Paulo than he was in Rio? Big fucking deal. It's still the Mickey Mouse show.
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    Ok, Imma post my "review" of the show in Santiago de Chile (09/29/2017) at Estadio Monumental: Unfortunately, I don't think I have a lot to comment other than just me being bitter about the audience because that's all I can remember : When I got to the stadium, around 5PM or so, I entered by Duff's side.... There were a lot of people around the stage area so it really seemed hard to get a spot front row, even though when we arrived I noticed there was like a perimeter closed off right next to the VIP area. I'm not sure why there was that there but it seemed like it was either a dangerous zone or it was going to be opened up later. I wanted to stay around because if they would remove it later, I would have had a spot at the rail but then the friend I was with decided to call other friend that had been already lining up since early so we could go there with him. But he was on the Slash side and we didn't know what to do....... We had been at Duff's side last year in River and it was awesome, we got big hold of the giraffe, but we had seen very little of Axl and Slash. Only when they came close to us. So we said ok, lets go to that side for a change and faking it that we were coming back from the bathroom, we managed to get where the other friend was. Some people gave us some bad looks but ok.... Tyler Bryant was finishing their set. Once in our spot, which was like in 8th row on Slash side but kinda more like to the catwalk, we waited until The Who. It didn't take long for them to get ready. So The Who begins and I don't know one single song, except for The Seeker (which they played in second place). People were alright, I saw some really old dudes very happy to see them live and well, I tried to go with the flow and pretend I knew something.... But then, the rather nice environment that was reigning was disturbed by a bunch of ASSHOLES who came from behind pushing and jumping, so bad and so hard that it was hard to believe they were The Who fans. This group of idiots used all their force as a group of five to break into the first rows and attack us all by moshing around like the only ones deserving to be there were them! They were drunk and drugged.... they would throw themselves at each other and at all the people around them by pushing and jumping. They wanted to air-dive or whatever that is called and security gave them shit several times but they were never pulled out At some point, one of them dropped a GLASS BOTTLE OF LIQUOR from his pockets. I have no idea how it was possible for them to pass with a GLASS BOTTLE and when I saw it I tried to hide it.... I just can't imagine what wouild have happened with that bottle had been used as projectile to throw at the stage. The Who was cool.... I kinda liked it and all people around me say they were fantastic but it didn't really make a huge impression on me Once it finished we had to wait for Guns N' Roses...... It didn't take long either................... what I liked is the new animations they used for these shows. Pretty good and looked awesome on the big screens. After that, there was the Looney Tunes song, the instrumental one and Mc Bob announcing the band. From this point on, don't ask me anything specific because I remember nothing.............. As soon as "Its So Easy" began, I cant explain to you the madness.... the tough guys were roughier than ever and they pushed us, hit us, made us bleed..... Not only that but a new group of violent guys came out of nowhere and did the same. I couldn't enjoy anything nor sing the songs.... all I could do, being the small woman that I am, is try to protect myself from being knocked out by these huge tall violent guys and try not to lose my spot. What I'm trying to say is that all of these assholes made their way til that point by using their piece of shit means like pushing, running, forcing themselves among people and moving in group. They didn't line up or arrived very early in the morning. I know I didn't either but I never pushed anyone or tried to hurt them so I could get their spot! Ok. The songs kept coming: Brownstone, Chinese Democracy, Jungle..... don't ask me if Axl was Mickey or not, I have no idea! ..... By times I couldn't hear him at all... not sure if its because I was battling my battles or the sound was shit but I didn't hear Mickey until maybe Live & Let Die or one of those slower songs. I think "Better" was nice and maybe there was a Slaxl at some point... I don't remember now, in spite of having told myself that I had to memorize the Slaxl moments so I could come and tell you here later By this time, I had moved a lot in the area that I was originally in..... One, because some guys who were there for The Who left when it ended so I advanced some places forward, but also because I was trying to run away from the bunch of assholes that wanted to ruin everybody's night and I ended up at the corner of the catwalk (Slash side) for most part of the show. That spot was really hard to keep because everytime Axl would come to the front and even worse when there was Axl, Slash and Duff, all of them together, people went NUTS trying to call their attention. So more pushing, more beatings, more bullshit...... everybody wanted to be there next to their idols. This show didn't mean to me as much as the River Plate one because in first place, things were rough last year but I found this one to be FUGLY.... I was told by someone that Slash side is usually wilder than Duff's but I dont know if its true or not. Second, since I felt more comfortable last year, I could sing much more and remember a lot more other than fighting with drunk guys. But I can rescue some things like I was able to listen to the songs they had not played in my shows last year (Yesterdays, Whole Lotta Rosie, the Only Women Bleed Intro) plus the new added ones to the setlist (Black Hole Sun, I feel Good, Wichita Lineman). I don't have a lot to say about the show, Axl's voice and sound in general because, I don't wanna be repetitive but it was impossible for me to pay a lot of attention or focus on the show details when I was fighting for my life every minute of it but all in all, I think it was a good show because people were nuts about it, singing every line and being happy when Axl or Slash or Duff came closer. Axl seemed to be in a really great mood, joking around, saying hi.... I think at some point he commented something about Marihuana, like it smelled of marihuana or something along those lines and he grabbed a Chilean flag, wrapped himself with it and I think that made the day of all Chileans in the stadium. Everybody wanted a picture or video of that moment and it was sublime for them. Since I have already seen this show last year, the surprise factor wasn't there for me but I got surprised with "I feel good" because I thought they wouldn't play that one here and they did and Axl sounded really awesome! I don't know.... I think so.... maybe through videos and streams it was all Mickey but over there, things sound way different! I liked it and I had not liked it before. Slash was great as usual, he moved around a lot, ran, chewed his gum or whatever is that thing he chews . He played his ass off as always and did his job like the guitar maestro he is! There's nothing bad to say about Slash and if there is, I don't know.... I was deaf! Duff was amazing too but I didn't see a lot of him this time..... The few times he came in he was looking amazing and gave us all one of those looks he does, like looking straight down to the audience and making eye contact with everyone. He is cool as fuck! The rest of the band was fine! I saw Fortus only once and from my spot I could gaze at Melissa and Frank. Melissa is more like a dancing girl than anything else The encore was the part I enjoyed the most because slow songs put the group of assholes to sleep and then I had changed spots again... I went more to the front of Slash side. But things stopped being cool when Whole Lotta Rosie started and again, the psychos went nuts and started moshing again Paradise City was the craziest thing..... Impossible to hear anything for me as everybody was pushing again..... not to mention when Slash decided to throw his picks...... Cant describe the madness to grab one..... they almost killed me. And I think that's it........ I'm sorry if all of it sounds negative but I couldn't do much about it........... and the show was not a novelty to me but Im pretty sure it was a good show, in spite of all I went through, I didn't hear any complains regarding voice or sound and we got a bunch of songs played, so I can say I'm satisfied! About "eating the ass".... I could say I did because I have advanced since last year..... I saw Axl much closer than before.... I saw in detail all of his jackets and I loved them!!! (the Wolf one, Bones, Kostabi, Black Snake Leather, the Orange & Red one, Axl/DC jacket!!!) and also his bandana/baseball cap look Here I'll leave some videos I could make when life was not so tough at the show and this is a SLAXL moment I dedicate to my Princesses: @Andy14, @dgnr, @SerenityScorp and of course, all the other Slaxl lovers that I dont remember right now but you know who you are ---- And these are some other videos...... didnt upload them all because i dont have much time now...
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    He sounds great! Love his playing. He had mentioned on Facebook that he was thinking of putting Adler's Appetite back together and playing some shows. I hope he can make it happen. Thoughts?
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    Yes! But once we get the hug, what will be next? Will he give us his pen? (I mean....the stolen pen....from @Hejanne *cough* ) Anyway, Tako caught Slash who was trying to kill his band members
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    BITCHES: It's time for me to start PACKING!!!! All the emotions are getting to me right now.........aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh
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    Just woke up from the show. As happy as I am to see Axl/Slash/Duff live again, they could make a few changes that would make the experience much better. Axl's voice didn't seem so bad live, so it didn't bothered me so much, as other things did. First of all, they could adapt the show to the festival. They have to realize that most people there were standing and walking for like 10 hours and therefore play a shorter set. Everyone close to me was totally without energy by the middle of the concert, I was singing and dancing to all the songs, but all parts of my body were in pain, and songs like Coma (wich I love, but is too long and the final part was just a lot of noise live) Sorry, The Seeker, the other cover that I forgot the name could be easily dropped, as people were just standing and looking and waiting for them to finish. Another thing that bothers me is they extending the end of the songs, instead of just finishing the song and letting the crowd applaud and enjoy the moment, they keep playing and shredding and drumming for like one minute at the end of every song, and again, people just stare and wait for it to end, killing the response from the crowd to the songs. Slash solos, too many and too long, again 99% of people just staring at each other and waiting for it to finish. I wish he just made a quick solo in the middle of Rocket Queen and then Godfather, I think everyone would love that. And the worst part was that he didn't seem focused. He made a mistake on SCOM intro and in most of his iconic solos he was just shredding (last Estranged solo as an example), that was especially disapoiting to me, since I am such a huge fan of his. All that being done the set could be reduced to like 2 hours or so and made the show much more dynamic. This is MY opinion but for what I could see almost everyone (if not everyone) close to me would agree. Sorry for any english mistakes, since it's not my main language.