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    He's right. No he's not. He's just speaking his mind about people in his own life and his own situation. He shouldn't be allowed. Maybe he shouldn't if he wants to be strategic but that's up to him. He shouldn't need permission. Axl is GNR Steven is just a drummer and drug addict. No, Axl is a big part of GNR but GNR is GNR. You're all entitled. I WANT A FUCKING NEW ALBUM ALREADY.
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    Nintendo Entertaintment System + Space Invaders and Tetris
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    Adler guesting one-two songs was like somebody guesting for five minutes at their own party. The whole notion was so strange and punitively back-handed, only W. Axl Rose's imagination could have designed it. Imagine the Kiss reunion in 1996 and you have Peter Criss appearing for two songs before departing, or the Pistols reunion and Paul Cook comes out to play ''Pretty Vacant'' before buggering-off again, to be replaced by somebody people neither know, desire or rate?
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    We interviewed Doug Goldstein this past weekend for over 3 hours!
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    Honestly, one of my favorites conversations I've had on this podcast. Roberta talks about joining GNR, the UYI tour, how bandmates/management/fans treated her, the November Rain video and a lot more. What an amazing woman, she's forever awesome in my book. https://www.spreaker.com/cms/episodes/14390072/edit/info https://www.iheart.com/podcast/53-Appetite-for-Distortion-27615384/episode/ep-54-roberta-freeman-singervocalist-29107480/ https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/appetite-for-distortion/id1116569741?mt=2
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    It's always a double standard here. Basically if you're not Axl/Slash - you need to be damn near perfect or a lot of fans will discredit you depending on the whims of their dear leaders. If Axl/Slash were on good terms with Steven you would see an instant about-face from half the people here. If Duff wasn't a partner, I'd love to see what the comments here would be like supporting his exclusion. I can take a stab: "Who cares about an ex-alcoholic has-been who releases crap solo albums and peddles his book and connection to punk rock to anyone who will listen. He's just in it for the money since he's a businesssman now. He's an average bass player - Tommy ( or insert random replacement) is way better." Currently Steven is just a junkie who is always whining about the past. Funny because Slash was arguably a bigger junkie that also whined about Axl and GnR from 1995-2012. Remember his Velvet Revolver press tour for Contraband and all the whining he did about Axl and old GnR? But that guy wasn't living in the past, only Steven. Slash is still the same stuck in the past cock rocker he always was. Versatility isn't his strong-suit. He's not that different from Mullethead Steve. Just a better networker and businessman. But let's pretend otherwise. As for Izzy being unreliable - consider the irony of the statement given Axl's past. Who was the first guy to submit his material for Use Your Illusion? Who was the guy showing up to rehearsals and gigs first for Illusions? He quit in part because he was sick of being the only guy who gave a shit enough to bother showing up on time. He was also sick of being the only guy in the band who cared about the fans and wanted to actually learn new songs for them when the redhead was running off to his psychic 30 minutes into a show. Slash and Duff meanwhile were content getting drunk and high. Izzy being a flake and Izzy honoring his commitments are not mutually exclusive. If he's contractually obligated, he'll be there or he gets a gigantic fine (like what Axl would face now if he tried his old tricks again). Just have the decency to admit that you're on Team Axl or Slash and that the others aren't as important to you. At least that's a valid reason for your opinion. But throwing the other guys under the bus for reasons like being a broken record, or talking too much (yeah - that's the problem in this band, people talk way too much), being a junkie, getting injured, not being reliable, etc just seem like lame excuses. Also - how hard would it have been for these guys who have raked in tens of millions to throw the fans a bone and give them a single AFD 5 show - they could have even done it at the Troubador (forget dignifying AFD 5 with a stadium show) and been done with it. At least the stuck in the past fanbase who bought 30 million copies of AFD would have gotten a decent send-off party. And these are the people some of you are defending. People who don't give a fuck about the fans. Whatever Steven or Izzy are - as per Marc Canter, they've actively sought to reunite the band in the past - they cared more about it than Axl, Slash, and Duff. And Izzy does not need the money unlike Steve or any of the other 3 - he's just fine without GnR as we can all see. It is what it is folks. The two GnR former members that actually are interested in fan service are ironically the two people who get bagged by fans here. Classic. And for the record, Adler is not my favorite GnR drummer and I think the guy can be irritating. But the level of disrespect and lack of perspective from some fans is surprising here. Is it that hard to believe that Axl,Slash and Duff cut out these two former members to maximize their profits? So it's more believable that Adler's back injury/annoying personality and Izzy's "reliability issues" are the main reasons they're not in this reunion? Really?
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    Can’t believe this was two years ago. What an amazing night. While there’s constant drama with this band and it’s fanbase, and I concur it’s lame we’re not getting new music, lets all take a moment to step back to the days where we were happy just to see anything above what we had seen in the 2011-2014 years of NuGuns.
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    I'm sure Axl will get him a pair of cowboy boots and a cow hat so that they match. Anyway...HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE!
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    HAPPY BIRTHDAY IZZY!!! I managed to get two pics from his bday party, but please don't tell anyone. This is our birthday boy after he's eaten the whole cake: And his friends caught in the middle of the party:
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    And Axl broke his foot early in set! And then his sexy Dr gave us a detailed update, which was the first and last time we fans were given any info from the band since NITL
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    This forum is really active because we're all too ashamed of discussing Guns N' Roses on Facebook.
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    Well, that's the thing. We're always talking about "smart moves", that they're leaving certain people out of the band because it could affect the tour and make them lose money (and that they're not needed because they're making all the money without them anyway)... Whenever we discuss anything to do with this "band", we're supposed understand that they're doing what they have to in order to maximize their income. I mean, forgive me if I'm not beyond excited about the awesome life Fernando's great grandchildren are going to have thanks to all the "right decisions" this big enterprise have made in the past three years but I used to think Guns N' Roses was a rock band and not this silly money-making machine that we're seeing now. In my opinion, it's a very sad turn of events because people cared so they were gonna make a lot of money anyway, they didn't need to sell their souls to LiveNation and make a One Direction pre fabricated tour. I get many people is sad/frustrated about SMKC making a new record but to me it's the best news ever. Everything is handled diffrently, to me it's Slash being himself and doing what he loves with people he chose because he loves it. Some years ago, he decided to go on with this band and reject the idea of going back to VR with Corey Taylor on vocals which would have obviously meant making a lot more money, that time he didn't put money first. To get back in GNR, though, he accepted Axl's band, accepted the idea of having two keyboards when he doesn't even have one in his band (and pretty much goes against what he wanted for the band back in the day which led him to quit), accepted Axl's material (and without getting his own in return), accepted not doing interviews... He made every single compromise that was expected from him. To each their own, I don't want that Slash who's working for a salary, I want his band to be his project and his passion, not his job.
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    The Antja Mimes Live 1988 1:Sweet Home San Francisco w/ Axl Rose and Slash 2: Kick Kick Scratch and Fight w/ Members of Johnny Crash, Hardley Dangerous, Axl Rose and many others
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    You've got a point. Also, your post made me think: we take a pop at Steven for not being able to let GNR go, for living in the past, for not moving forward. Really, it's Axl who has never been able to let GNR go and move on. Guns, or the idea of it, has dominated his entire life. And that's been bad for Axl, and his career, as it's turned out. Axl admitted he saw the writing on the wall as early as before the Illusions tour; he should have let the band die when Duff left. Instead, he hoarded the name and tried to keep it alive by artificial means e.g. hired hands. He spent a good chunk of his early years obsessed with certain muses and lovers, but his greatest muse and love is Guns N' Roses. His obsession with that name makes Steven Adler look well adjusted. I wish, with hindsight, that he’d not clung to the Guns N' Roses name. I wish he'd released CD under his own name in 99/2000 and had let it be the crazy, progressive, industrial album it should have been, then put it behind him, and continued to release solo material, going from strength to strength and developing as an artist. He could have done whatever he wanted to: industrial, country, orchestral rock, that instrumental album he always wanted to do, Axl and Friends - think of all the people he could have collaborated with over the years! All the gifted guitarists he could have worked with. And how much more liberating and satisfying would that approach have been than the one where he spent 15 years as custodian of a dead thing, desperately trying to safeguard its fading memory? I read that Kylie Minogue has put out her 14th album. Kylie Minogue! It should be Axl putting out his 14th album, alongside the reunion. He has a natural talent. Instead of nurturing it over the years, his inability to let Guns N’ Roses go, and follow his own path, has stunted his creative growth. And what we have now is…well, what we have now, which is the NITL tour. And no new music. At least we can say that Steven is making some attempt to move on. Axl never has.
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    Steven Adler: tells everybody he's been sober for this many years, has no resentments, poses friendly with Frank and Melissa. Also Steven Adler: smokes pot after the first show, airs dirty laundry in public, belittles people behind their backs. Would you, being 50+ and having your own things to deal with too, want to tour with this kind of a person? And some people applaud him for speaking his mind. Integrity and shooting straight are really good character traits, but Steven just runs his mouth and blurts out his every thought. He seems like he doesn't have a filter. And the world doesn't work like that, you can't just say everything you think. When working with other people, you need to know how to be diplomatic. It's not about lying or being a yes man, it's about knowing what arguments and fights are beneficial for the bigger picture.
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    Spoke mainly about his new music, but we did talk GNR. Called what Axl did with reinventing the band "punk rock." Also asked about his unreleased GNR song "Going Down" and if either of his new bands would open for them. Hope you enjoy! itunes - https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/appetite-for-distortion/id1116569741?mt=2 iheart - https://www.iheart.com/podcast/53-Appetite-for-Distortion-27615384/ spreaker - https://www.spreaker.com/user/theafdshow/ep-59-tommy-stinson-the-replacements-gun soundcloud - https://soundcloud.com/theafdshow/ep-59-tommy-stinson-the-replacementsguns-n-rosesbash-pop stitcher - https://www.stitcher.com/podcast/appetite-for-distortion Episode 59 of The AFD Show features perhaps our biggest guest to date, legendary bass guitarist Tommy Stinson. Tommy is iconic from his band The Replacements, a special era of Guns N' Roses, and is now in TWO bands. He is back with Bash & Pop and also with Cowboys in the Campfire, playing guitar in each. Tommy joins us to talk about a special charity event happening in May - Safe At Home--A Benefit For Hudson Little League. The two events will include live music from a plethora of national and regional musicians with all proceeds raised going to the Hudson Little League Association. The first event will be held at Hudson Brewing Company on Saturday, May 5th featuring Tommy's "Cowboys in the Campfire." The second event will be held at Club Helsinki,on Saturday, May 12th with Bash & Pop. For more information on the benefits please visit hudsonbrew.com and helsinkihudson.com Tommy talks to us about how his new bands formed and that we have NEW music to look forward to! He also shares how he met Axl Rose and what ever happened to his unreleased GNR song, "Going Down." Also, would any of his new bands open for GNR in the future? All this and a lot more! Please follow/subscribe/leave a review...and DONATE!!
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    If Slash isn't there, the likelihood of an Izzy appearance goes up- still unlikely. I wish Izzy would do an interview. I wish Izzy would do a show at the Whisky with Taz and Rick. I wish Izzy would get management and do a proper album and tour. I wish Izzy would do something, anything. I also wish for a million dollars and a unicorn.
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    Wow. I hope for you that your family won t consider you retarded and dumb if you happen to have a stroke. So you are better than people with Down Syndrom or other health issues? And don’t begin the drug argument. Slash took the same amount of drugs but he got off the drugs earlier and didn’t have a stroke for his fortune. Steven merits all the fans in the world as well as Izzy and the other 3 cause it was them who created the music. Frank has nothing to do with GNR other than being hired by Axl to play. Insulting people cause of illness is beyond understandable. Incredible. Like in the 15th century
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    “This man right here is what you call a true survivor. He went all the way to the depths of hell and was able to make it back alive. When most died he lived. What an amazing story of redemption my brother has to tell. Salute to the greatest big brother/ grooviest drummer I’ve ever known. This man has a heart of gold. The biggest heart of anyone in his caliber. The most humble, loving, gracious person I’ve and anyone else who’s ever met him has known. If only Slash, Axl, and Duff had 10% of the heart this man had then maybe he would be on tour with GNR. If those guys had an ounce of decency, compassion, love, care, and acceptance maybe they would have allowed my brother to play more then one song in Argentina after they flew him all the way out there and TEASED him to only play one song. ONE SONG ONLY!! The only thing the fans wanna see is Adler back behind the kit especially since the world knows Adler is no longer on drugs or alcohol. It took him longer to drive down the hill from his house to the bottom then he was allowed to perform on stage in Argentina. What kind of inhumane people would ever be that cruel to someone?? Greedy, selfish people only. With out Steven Adler there would never have been GNR or the greatest rock album of all time. Adler did teach Slash his first guitar chord and gave him his first guitar. For all we know if Slash never met Adler he may have never even found the guitar. People forget to often where they come from. Let’s remind Slash right now how he picked up even being the greatest guitar player of our generation. Steven Adler handing you your first guitar. Facts!! Adler’s groove made that album what it is today. That’s why No other drummer since Adler has been able to duplicate that sound in GNR. It’s a gift from God not any drum lesson can teach you what he was born with. They have no heart so that’s why he has to go out and do his own thing. He loves his fans so much and he wants to play for each and everyone of you. Do you actually think Steven Adler got sober and Changed his entire life style to sit around the house and do nothing? NOPE!! He did it, so he can finish what he started. My brother is stronger then ever and will show the world once again this May when he begins his world wide tour with his own band. You would think the guys in GNR would be overly proud that their once fallen brother has returned to health and happiness and would want to share their new found success with him this time around. Well, my brother is alive and well so it’s never too late. I write this because I see a lot of fans making comments on why is Adler doing his own thing and not with GNR. Please ask GNR that Adler would love to be back on stage with GNR. That’s his dream. He’s never been healthier and more alive as you see in all his pics. For those who struggle with addiction and Life issues my brother is an example and inspiration that you can turn your life around and Live a life beyond your wildest imagination. If he can clean up then it proves anyone can. I send all my love and respect to all who read this and love it or those who may disagree with what I said. I felt it was necessary to get this off my chest. GNR is and always will be the greatest 5 piece Rock n Roll band of my generation. I’m just grateful I was a little part of it. My brother is alive and well today and I want the whole world to know this”
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    Happy bday, grandpa Angus!
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    Oh boy... I would highly recommend to everyone to take most of what Doug says with a grain of salt. A big part of Doug's problem, I think, is he still thinks it's 1992. He seems to think the music industry operates today the same way it did in the late 80s/early 90s; that Axl/Slash/Duff are the same people now as they were back when he was the manager. The total lack of awareness is shocking for as to why Doug thinks Axl doesn't want anything to do with him. Most fans likely know by now that Axl, someone who is notoriously private, might not wanting anything to do with someone who spills his guts about his "best friend" to someone like Mick Wall (or is willing to talk for three hours about deeply personal stuff to random guys for a youtube podcast - no offence to Sid and co.)? Doug might also want to check the contracts he signed with Guns with respect disclosure clauses. It was only a couple of years ago Doug clammed up pretty quickly after doing one interview, and from my understanding it wasn't because Axl asked him politely. It's also difficult to understand where Doug gets the nerve to question the performance of previous and successive management when he was present and oversaw the great unwinding of the band. Under his management GNR went from the biggest band in the world to a band in name only within three or four years. Not that it's all on the manager, but the fact remains the band totally fell apart under his watch. He's not in any great position to level criticisms at others. The notion that Doug would do things differently with respect to the most recent tours is also nuts. Bands as big as GNR generally are paid large upfronts these days and there's less consideration for audience targets, and hence there's less of a need for interviews and self-promotion. For a guy so removed, how does he know what the band is being paid, whether attendance targets are considered, and the pay schedule should they hit said targets? The truth is, he doesn't. I don't know where he's getting the assumption that the band doesn't do press because TB simply decided against it? You'd think someone as smart as Doug claims to be would know that the smart move would be to mitigate any possibility of something being taken out of context in the press. The band is making money hand-over-fist, why risk the operation when something could be said out of context or reported inaccurately? You also have to wonder how such a brilliant manager was apparently always the runner-up to manage seminal acts like Blind Melon, Smashing Pumpkins, Limp Bizket, and the Black Crows and has never managed anyone of note since managing Guns. And somehow, the guy who, according to Doug, is single-handily responsible for Lies, GNR's cover of Since I Don't Have You, and Eminem is now sitting on a billion dollar shoe idea. Okay. I don't want to knock the guy too much. It sounds like he has some worthy causes and since I don't know him personally I can't speak to his character. But like the guy who caught a fish twenty years ago, there's a strong whiff of exaggeration in a lot of what he says. Finally, for those wanting to bad mouth or criticize present or former management, I'd ask that you first define what you think a manager actually does (hint: it's not promotion and getting artists to release music). Management represents their clients, and as such, it's almost impossible to determine a manager's performance from a fan's perspective. Unless anyone here actually works in the industry and knows what the going rate for a reunion show/tour with a band as big as Guns is, there's no way to tell whether TB is maximizing every earning opportunity for GNR with respect to the tour. Again, tour promotion isn't really a manager's responsibility. That's what bands pay tour promoters for. We'll leave this thread open for a little longer but if I'm being honest, there's just so much nonsense it doesn't seem worth it.
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    Whilst collectively they are all interesting characters it's Axl that separates this band from other bands (in online fandom terms). He would have made a great cult leader! His special brand of personality is largely what has brought such colourful characters into play in the fan community, so following the fandom has been as equally fascinating over the years as following the band. It didn't matter that much when the band had periods of inactivity because we just entertained ourselves.
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    I think at this point, the "take anything possible" category covers about 99.99% of GnR fans. It's been so long since they've released anything that people here would lose their minds over a Scraped remix. It would be hailed as the second coming of Jesus and crash this site immediately. The desperation of GnR fans is legendary. Agreed. But the CD2 situation is a difficult one. If the rumors are to be believed, this album is more "experimental" than the last one. One thing that struck me most about the Chinese Democracy project is how it isn't really a guitar driven album like AFD/UYI. I imagine any follow-up album would be even less so. Having Slash approach those songs would change them entirely. Best thing to do would be to release most of the songs untouched and add Slash/Duff appropriately to the more guitar driven work. But then you run into another problem. The majority of the fanbase does not want Slash-less GnR music now (they voted with their wallets in 2008). There would be no financial backing for a release like that from the record company. So he'd more than likely have to either release it direct to iTunes or put out a boxset which would require some level of effort, fan service, and competence (something that has proven to be impossible for GnR). I also doubt Axl would want to see his 20 year passion project unceremoniously compiled into a boxset and dumped into the marketplace with little fanfare (the corporate machine would not want to distract from the reunion). The music more than likely would sink without a trace and probably destroy his ego when it again confirms how little interest there is in his "Axl is GnR" era. In addition, such a release would be very embarrassing for him when the world discovers what many fans already suspect: that there just isn't much music in the vault. Probably not much more than an album at best. It would confirm that for the last two decades, Axl Rose was basically retired but pretending to be an active musician by hiring the best cover band money could buy and waltzing into the studio every few months to "work". All that being said, at this point I have more interest in a boxset release of CD era songs than anything new from this band. Get all that Buckethead/Finck/Freese/Brain material out. "But I don't care about that stuff, what about Axl/Slash material" you say? If they actually want to get off their ass and work, there's literally hundreds of hours of material from their prime in the 94-96 sessions featuring Axl, Slash, Duff and even Izzy. 94-96 GnR is the holy grail. Whatever they do now with Frank and Fortus is almost guaranteed to be inferior to that vintage material.
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    I guess the assumption was that nobody would notice. They underestimate the skills and determination of CSI -MYGNR.
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    No, that's bullshit made up by you (like the whole Loaded tour bullshit that you've repeated at least 100 times). Argentina was when he showed up a day before the first show, stayed in the same hotel as the rest of the band, went to the soundcheck with all of them (except for a certain member who never shows up) and a few minutes before the show, Axl saw him and said "what the fuck is he doing here?" showing he lives in his own world and has no idea what's going on with his own band. Other than him, everyone knew Steven was there since they were all with him. Picture from Meegan of Steven doing the soundcheck "the wrong day". Picture from Susan from the nigth Steven "wasn't supposed to be there". Everyone was clearly pissed off and upset at Steven for being there. Everyone, not just some guy with control issues... SHOULD be impossible but this is the most fucked up band ever. Let's not forget the very same thing happened to Slash when he tried to see a show in Las Vegas (then they claimed he showed up guitar in hand, blah blah blah). And let's not forget many """GNR fans""" were ok with this and thought it was the right thing to do and that Slash was a mediocre asshole who shouldn't be anywhere remotely close to GNR I couldn't tell you with words how disappointed I felt that day when Steven left the stage after playing only ONE SONG. I wasn't even expecting this stupid band to play the entire Appetite with the only drummer they have who actually knows the songs, I was just expecting them to give me the TWO songs that they had been playing with him before. It was the easiest thing in the world and still they failed to deliver. Intentionally. It was the ultimate demonstration that they don't give a shit about their fans.
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    I would be stunned and amazed it anyone on Earth thought what Pete Wentz thinks about any topic at all, let alone what he thinks GNR should do.
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    People ask Adler for interviews. Adler does interviews. Fans get upset. Rinse/Repeat. If the content is upsetting to people, that's one thing - but don't slam the guy for answering questions and giving his opinions. He's the only guy in the camp who even talks to media. Izzy is never going to tell his side of the story and if he had a problem with what Steven was saying, he would have told him to shutup by now. It's not farfetched to imagine they're both on the same page when it comes to GnR. Clearly based on what Steven's been saying recently, he realizes there's no way back into GnR in the capacity he wants. And so he doesn't pull any punches.Truth is the truth hurts.
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    Apparently Rourke just heard him singing a few weeks ago..Studio w/ Angus? CSI Team..now is w/ you guys!
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    I can totally imagine Axl when Matt @ 's him. "Oh for fucks sake, just leave me the fuck alone"
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    I keep coming here because of all the fellow fans. There's a whole bunch of people on here I'd be friends with in real life. Also, I'm a fucking idiot desperate for news and new music...(kill meeeeee)
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    I agree 100%. We need to realize how lucky we are to be getting hard rock albums of the caliber of Apocalyptic Love and World on Fire in this era when rock is no longer dominating the mainstream. I was just watching Youtube videos of SMKC at Pinkpop 2015, and damn were they on fire! Sometimes Myles voice can be grating when he sings in his upper register, but so could Axl, even in his prime. As long as Slash is involved, I'm in.
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    This is true. Only Gilby had him singing on Dead Flowers, West Arkeen on Anxious Disease and Sebastian Bach on a couple songs. Oh wait, you were talking about Steven? My bad
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    Alright, everyone needs to cool their jets and refocus on the topics at hand, rather than each other. Please see this post as a break from previous sparring matches. The usual suspects that feel the need to discuss each other rather than news and opinions can stop now.
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    Despite Gilby and Duff's best efforts at least one of those sneakers are at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. My mygnr CSI audition:
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    I forgot to post this here . I guess this thread is more appropriate for secret pics of Izzy's bday party. Happy birthday, Izzy.
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    On this day, 10 years ago, my wife and I got married
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    Can't wait for the 3 hour Alan Niven rebuttal interview where he shreds Doug Goldstein. How 'bout it Sid?
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    Because the history of this band is like a plot of a Telenovela No kidding. Just think about it. All the romance about AFD5 - the main characters who came from poor backgrounds, drug and sex filled, and made it to the top of the world to then breakup - the feuds, the mystery about what's gonna happen next - will we have a happy ending? Are they gonna end up together in the last chapter?...And of course all the drama. It's so much drama with this band You just can't turn the TV off, you can't miss the next episodes
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    Unpopular opinion- I like Myles' voice with Slash's guitar and am excited for SMKCIII
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    I admit I was more timid than usual when asking GNR questions. His reps, while very nice, kept reminding me that he really preferred to talk about his new stuff and the charity event. GNR was not off limits, but it could not be the focus. My goal was, since he did not know me, was to win him over and show I cared about what he cared about. When it came to the GNR ques, I was very aware of his cadence, trying to read his reactions to see how far I could push it. When I mentioned Bucket, I was hoping he might jump in and say something. After the meeting Axl/Going Down/opening for GNR ques, I figured I got enough for this specific interview. His reps were very happy with it all, even giving me credit for how long I kept him. Now I'm hoping when his Cowboys in the Campfire EP and new Bash & Pop, I can get him again, asking more since I have a level of trust now.
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    No one here insults Axl just to insult him. The criticism of him is deserved and brought on only by himself.
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    It amazes me how there's a bunch of you putting the blame on Steven for not be there cause he talked shit about CD and NuGuns. Why shouldn't he talk his mind? Why shouldn't he say what he thinks about a subject? Just cause he might bother Axl? And, because of that, he should just shut his mouth? Really?
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    My honest answer is that there are some great personalities on this forum. I've been here for 13 years. I had a hiatus from 2009-2012. (Which means I've been back for longer than my first stint was, which feels odd.) It's all about the people. I became addicted to this place as a teen. I never saw myself rejoining, until I randomly got back in touch with one of the members. I lurked for a while, then started posting as a noob again under a different username before rejoining under my original name. I've met 13 of you guys, who are great company in real life. I even flew across the Atlantic to spend a week with one of you. So far, there isn't one person I've met who I would not want to spend more time with. Even the people who are great writers and are a little more timid IRL weren't disappointing. I once found myself on the brink of homelessness for a few weeks in London. Someone from here (he sadly hasn't posted for many years) was happy to put me up in his flat for as long as I needed.