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    KPFK 1985. Thanks to Raz Cue for sharing this gem.
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    I think it's cringeworthy , personally.
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    anyone a member? I am going through some old stuff and I came across this, I remember I signed up for it for 1 year and I am pretty sure I was supposed to get a Newsletter every 4 months and I got this 1 newsletter and I never heard back from them, kind of makes sense if you look at the timeline as this was dated from May 9, 1996 and Slash left in October and maybe the band went into a disarray and they stopped sending them and making them, anyone know if they made any after this Volume 1 issue 3? anyone have any of the previous 2 Newsletters? it is odd though I received this in May 1996, and looking at the "Language of Fear" thing it talks about a contest and the entries have to be received by February 1995 and the discography says compiled November 1994 and Sympathy for the Devil was released in December 94 so I am guessing they just sent me an old copy.