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    By almost every measure Axl hasn't done much to further his career until very recently. The notion that he should censor himself out of fear of commercial loss fails to consider how he's operated for the past 20+ years. I get that some people don't like celebrities speaking their minds on social and political issues. As fans, our interests are generally tied with their creative talents and less so with who they are as a person and their opinions. But I also find that people generally only take issue with celebrities who hold different view points than their own. Moreover, just as you and I say whatever we want online or in person, a famous person doesn't lose that right simply because of their fame. They still pay taxes and are every much the citizen as non-famous people. To chide someone like Axl or any well-known or creative person for speaking their minds is hypocritical unless you're willing to criticize everyone, famous or not, for being open with their opinions.
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    Yeah, because Axl's the kind of guy who would take pleasure in being acknowledged by someone like Trump...
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    Not sure why so many of you are getting your feathers ruffled by the political tweets. I'm as anti-trump as they come but even if he was posting pro-trump tweets I wouldn't be upset. He has every single right to post his opinions whenever and wherever he wants. Just as it's your right not to read them. This whole mindset that he has to stay quiet or he might upset his fan base is ridiculous. What happened to freedom of speech and when did the gnr fanbase become so sensitive?
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    We're fine with rock stars driving Ferraris, living in Malibu mansions, sleeping with groupies, telling security guards or really anyone to fuck off, showing up three hours late to concerts, etc... That's all great, but fuck them if they speak out on a topic they hold strong opinions on.
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    Day 15 - this song has been stuck in my mind since Leonard Cohen passed away . @Rocketqueen76 that Sheryl Crowe version of SCOM was played at a wedding I recently went to and a lot of people hadn't heard and were quite horrified by it. Sheryl Crowe:for doing that.
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    Day 15 The OG Nine Inch Nails version is great, but fuck did Johnny Cash make this song his own..Its ridiculous and definitely one of the best covers ever recorded.
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    Day 15 - A song that is a cover by another artist Looks like today is a GNR day
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    I haven't heard Green Day's version yet, but I love Working Class Hero. On this note: Day 15
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    Day 15: Love Nirvana's cover of this song by Bowie.
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    And plus I remember when the Trump blow up doll thing was a big deal here on the GNR forums, some people were saying how bad it was for ticket sales and GNR's reputation but in the grand scheme of things not only was there no backlash, nobody really seems to care. There is going to be no backfire
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    If Trump stuff backfires for Axl? What about how Trumps stuff has backfired on Trump? I thought his supporters liked how he's the best at making and closing deals? Wasn't he supposed to successfully change a bunch of stuff? Trumps utter failures justify Axls comments.
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    Day 15 This could have been also day 5,6 or 7 song... Original: ... and this could have been day 3 song: Original:
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    "I can't enjoy myself or GNR unless they keep their opinions to themselves." LOL. Okay.
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    Day 15... I absolutely love this version of this song. The chili peppers did this song justice....the Ohio Players would be proud.
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    I don't care what Axl does on his own twitter account but he needs to leave that stuff out of the GnR shows and official social media channels. GnR are not a political band like RATM nor have they ever really cared about social issues in the way Bono or even Nirvana did. Their whole shtick was "fuck the establishment". The irony is, Axl and GnR's fanbase are primarily conservatives in America -- most liberals probably find GnR too misogynistic. They certainly did in the 90's. Axl in particular is still seen as a racist and a homophobe by many. While he's entitled to his beliefs and has every right to say what he wants -- in this case, his politics will be seen as divisive by most of his American fans. It's a lose/lose situation. He doesn't gain anything and liberals are not going to be giving him or GnR kudos for their political beliefs. All he's doing is pissing off a large part of his American fanbase with each political tweet. Also, Del James is a fucking idiot and a leech. His writing blows. No talent hack.
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    Day 15 GNR Cover Version UK Sub's Original Version I love Axl rockin' out to this one
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    Also I'm not sure how many of you have seen this but it's an amazing little compilation that truly showcases how great he currently is. He sounds absolutely ferocious on some of this stuff.
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    Well right from the start they wrote the music they wanted to write without comprimise. I mean every other fucking band on the strip would have given their left nut to have Paul Stanley heavily involved in their debut when Guns told him to fuck off as soon as he mentioned tinkering with their songs. Dont Cry and November Rain were waiting in the wings for the girls to swoon over and they said fuck that, SCOM is enough for now we're hitting them hard with this one. They certainly didn't take the easy road visually either, you had the drama of their original AFD cover and MTV not wanting anything to do with their WTTJ clip, Axl said he wanted to be huge but really they were going about it in all the wrong ways for the time and probably shouldn't have made it. Another AFD would have gone down a tea in the "alternative" era but they went in another direction with Illusions, again taking the hard route potentially alienating their fanbase and deterring new fans. The tunes at the end of the day were too good to ignore i suppose. As for Chinese i'm not a fan, but again it's hardly a project that was designed to appeal to the masses either.
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    Elton John Never Felt That Eminem or Axl Rose Were Homophobic March 23, 2017 Earlier today, Zane Lowe interviewed Elton John for a special Beats 1 broadcast ahead of his 70th birthday this Saturday. Within the in-depth interview Elton talked about everything from his music career to his relationship with David, his children, the Lion King, performing Candle in the Wind, the dangers of celebrity culture, the future of radio and much more. On his friendships with Eminem and Axl Rose: I’m always a supporter of the people that are getting trashed. For me Eminem was never homophobic. I listened to the whole of the Marshall Mathers album when I drove to a show in South Hampton and I was floored by it. And I thought how could anyone think this is… he’s just writing about the way things are. Not how he thinks but the way things are. And the same with Axl. Never in a million years did I think he was homophobic. So I did things. I did the MTV Music Awards with him and the Guns N’ Roses and I did the Grammys with Marshall and I became very big friends with Marshall. I’ll fight for anyone who is misunderstood and misrepresented by the idiots out there. http://www.vintagevinylnews.com/2017/03/elton-john-never-felt-that-eminem-or.html
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    Day 15. I need to do this earlier cos you lot keep posting such good stuff! All things considered this is a fucking great song
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    this is a hard one but this possibly may be the hottest pic of Axl ever!
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    Just chewing gum. It's good for keeping moisture in the throat. Also, after Hells Bells on the Philly show Axl mentions that he's only allowed to have ice water after Hells Bells. He's obviously joking about being "allowed" but it's interesting to see that he's fully aware and concious about what's good and bad for his voice. Especially for demanding AC/DC material. Probably explains why he's so good at times and lacking in others. When he's sticking to doing everything right he's unstoppable, when he cuts corners the cracks show. I think it's simply a matter of discipline.
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    I'm starting to feel guilty for eating avocados. They are so cute! I found this Tracii Guns old interview from 2010. You've all probably read it already but he has some nice words for our most beloved avocado farmer (we need an avocado emoji, we really do). http://www.uberrock.co.uk/interviews/57-june-interviews/981-tracii-guns-la-guns-interview-exclusive.html
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    Day 15. A song that is a cover by another artist. I really love the original by Toots and the Maytals, the cover that The Clash did too, but Izzy makes it so his own. Also love that the end is pretty much a tribute to the original.
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    I'm totally unsuited to this job, this landlord comes in the other day right, he's a big noise and everything and they started discussing the market and he's like 'hows rents around here, levelling off round our way' and i was like, yeah, here too, i think it's good...and he looks at me like 'what?!?' and i was like...cuz, y'know, it over-prices the market. He looked at me like i was such a nobhead My excuse is i just do the fuckin' admin and running around and earn my wages, sort of like the SS, I VAS ONLY FOLLOWING ZEE FUHRERS ORDERS! My Nuremberg awaits.
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    day 15 - nirvana: where did you sleep last night
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    I think people who talk about the impact of grunge and how it ended rock and metal are exaggerating. The reason GN'R remained popular was simply the fact that their music was good and their controversy kept them in the public eye. I mean, even after Nevermind hit and rock and metal apparantley became "uncool" you had GN'R, Metallica and Pantera. All of which were giant, had new found success and continued to grow at the midst of all the grunge hype. Aerosmith became bigger than ever throughout the '90s too and AC/DC and Iron Maiden were selling out stadiums throughout the world. Guns N' Roses just have a cross-over appeal were everybody from metal heads all the way to people who listen to radio pop and it's simply just down to the quality of their music. Their singles went to the mainstream charts all of the time in that period so they were everywhere.
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    Day 15: I fuckin' love this cover so much
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    whats funny is Donald is a Guns N' Roses fan.
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    I'd like to know more about her too and yes, it would be interesting to hear her side, but it's highly unlikely that, especially now, anyone involved would talk... I'd found out about the time of her death and came across the obituary (not the messages though) while doing some research at the time we were discussing the school yearbooks pictures and Axl's family, but I didn't share thinking that everybody else here knew. And yeah, it must have affected Axl a lot (despite her being an old woman), considering his relationship with her. It's noteworthy that there's no mention of her husband, Axl's grandfather, in the obituary, even though all the other close relatives (the living ones and also Axl's mother) are mentioned. I think it adds to @Lumikki's hypothesis making it very plausible. Who knows, maybe grandpa Lintner left his family very early, hence grandma's hatred towards men (along with her daughter being involved with a creep). And I agree with @killuridols, from the messages and the life facts in the obituary it looks that Axl's grandmother was a really good, loving and giving person (she did voluntary work in hospitals and schools for years) and a very strong woman. It's also mentioned that she was an active member of the Lutheran Church, but, like you had said, it doesn't seem at all that she was near the kind of sick religious fundamentalist Axl's stepfather was. The shows with The Stones were in 1989, i.e. around the time we assume the other pictures (the ones of Axl with family members) were taken. If the pic with the turquoise shirt was taken at the same time (Axl's hair is the same in all these pics, as well as in the one with Erin and Amy which is, as killuridols pointed out, from the same year), it coincides with the period when Axl was afraid that someone would kill him. Also, a similar situation to the one @Frey pointed out about when Axl went in Indiana in the 90s... ...was described by Izzy about when he and Axl went to Indiana in 1989: But let's talk more about success, about your success. Well, it's frightening, that's what it is. I mean, a week ago I flew with Axl from New York to Lafayette, Indiana, with one lay-over flight and by the time we hit Lafayette there were people just milling around the fuckin' airport. Mainly for him. Axl really brings out the fuckin' crazies, man. They relate to him particularly in this very weird, intense way. But that's the same with all of us, y'know. It's like a sickness. 'Cos they don't want to shake your hand or get your autograph. They want to scream in your face or mess with your head, sneak around your house, sneak into your hotel room and fuck with your head. It puts you right on edge, man, all the fuckin' time. Because a lot of these kids carry guns, right. And you never know what the fuck they're up to. http://www.oocities.org/rattlesnake_suitcase/face90.htm So I think that it's possible that Axl wore a bulletproof vest. --- @giuls, glad to see you here again
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    @Whiskey Rose Yup, only 14 years older than Axl. I'll try to index that part of the thread some time soon. I agree with both of you. His body language speaks volumes. He looks so tense and nervous and like he's trying to disappear. Which yeah, is interesting considering he was already a big deal rock star at the time. But apparently being around certain family members was still enough to scare the shit out of him. I actually couldn't figure this out? Which one do you think is Axl's mom? The one on the left or the one on the right? Because the one on the left looks more like the yearbook pic of Axl's mom, but the one on the right looks like the woman holding all three kids in the other picture. I agree about the bolded (though that is really reaching with these pictures ), but I don't think that's the step father because the mean looking guy doesn't just look mean, but also old. Too old to be the step father. I mean look at Axl in that picture- he's still absolutely tiny. Though Amy and Stuart (?) are already there as well, so I'm guessing Axl might be around 7 here? Or a really small 8 year old? (I'm shit at judging kids' ages). So if Axl is about 7 or 8 in that picture then his step father would have been 21 or 22 at the time. And the guy in the picture really doesn't look like a 21 year old. Maybe it's Mr. Lintner? The mysterious grandpa @Lumikki wondered about? I also think the woman in the back in white is Axl's grandma. Plus 2 other women. Soooo.... I'm going to say this is a picture of Axl and his siblings at their grandparents' house for Christmas, especially in light of the Stuart quote @Blackstar posted. Seems like they spent Christmas at grandma's house a lot. As for the the weird pic of Axl in the blue shirt... I can think of three possibilities: 1) He's wearing a bullet proof vest or some other type of protective gear. Remember that article about Axl visting Lafayette and going out to have pizza in the 90s? People were hysterical and he could barely go anywhere without bodyguards/police escorts. I think it's highely likely that picture was taken at some kind of family dinner in Lafayette (probably in a restaurant or church or something) and the various people in the pic are extended family. Axl was already famous at the time, so maybe he was paranoid (as the article @MillionsOfSpiders posted claims) about being seen in public without any kind of protection. 2) He's wearing some kind of medical brace. For his back or chest for example. Did he ever have any issues that might explain that? 3) It's just a weird angle- Axl might be pushing his chest out and hunching his shoulders in the picture. Doesn't really look likely, but pictures sometimes turn out weird, so who knows. Well so I guess this confirms it for me then that the short-haired young woman in both pictures is Amy. Apparently she had a short hair cut around that time (I only know her with long hair from pictures). As @killuridols said, never been posted. Interesting find, thanks for sharing! And I agree. Also, saying "Those words in themselves are the most fitting tribute that I know of" in regards to her looking out for the children makes it seem like watching over these kids was a priority for her in life (or at lest the children perceived it that way). Between Axl being so fond of her his entire life and even living with her when his parents kicked him out of the house, and Stuart talking about her looking out for the kids and associating her with food, Christmas and a feeling of security, I get the feeling Grandma Lintner really represented a safe place for these children. And that thing about her being a tough woman- might go along with @Lumikkis theory about her being married to an awful dude as well and nevertheless staying strong and being there for her family. Or something.
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    Good for you. But there are people who find it interesting what their favourite artist has to say about whats going on in the world. Guns were always political in some way. Afd was a fuck you to society. I dont get why people are harmed by what artists have to say about politics. Its ridiculous and narrow minded.
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    Let's be honest, the only real reason why some people here would be very very bothered by Axl's views is because they are Trump fans and don't like the cognitive dissonance between a singer they love hating a President they love. But unless Axl does some real outlandish shit like Ted Nugent, nobody is really going to turn his Twitter posts into a water cooler conversation Realistically, the evidence that Axl talking about Trump equals lowered ticket sales is just kinda illogical at this point. Even if the ticket sales are a bit lower this leg than last year in the US, you would have to present a ton of evidence that GNR hating Trump means ticket sales decrease in a substantial, quantifiable way. Considering the lack of talk outside the GNR forums, hell even in the GNR forums, I doubt that Axl's view on Trump will impact ticket sales in a real way
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    How can you write lyrics to a song that we don't know anything about besides it uses the D chord?
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    I can't help it but it reminds me of this or this Please Axl, don't bring them to our European party, come alone, we'll take care of you
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    Agreed. Celebrities, at the end of the day, are private citizens and they have their opinions too. And they're also in a position to speak out against things, if they wish. Some people want that. I certainly appreciate it.
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    welcome back J! did the bad people leave? sent you a pm i hope you reply to
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    If Watson joins your company you should cut the power supply.
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    We were watching Friends last night and it was an episode about flirting and how some people are really good at and some aren't. I would guess that Axl belongs in the "good at flirting" category, (or just really good at talking to supermodels )
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    Some "hidden gems" if you will Fun fact: David Allen Coe wrote this and sings back up. (I love how it just builds and builds the entire song. The tempo, instruments, vocals, it just keeps adding layers. Not much of that goes on in country songs. Good stuff) Most people forget Hag and Possum recorded a whole album together. Really good effort too. Not sure this qualifies as a hidden gem, but dammit it just doesn't get talked about. Never gets mentioned, and it's a fucking tune.
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    how cute is Steven ? And holy fuck has Gilby found the fountain of youth ? He's the same as he was in 92