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    I told you it would be uploaded in a few hours, here it comes -> Wav Lineage: Sirius XM app set to maximum quality -> S7 Edge plugged into white Macbook Late 2007 (line-in plug) -> Audacity -> Flac - Faction XL source - Full show uncut - No re-encoding to lossy - Nice Quality DOWNLOAD TRACKED FLAC BOOTLEG: (not winrar, so you can see the flac files and download what you want, also added id3 and @neon cover) Tracklist 01-Intro.flac 02-It's so easy.flac 03-Mr Brownstone.flac 04-Chinese Democracy.flac 05-Welcome to the Jungle.flac 06-Double Talkin Jive.flac 07-Better.flac 08-Estranged.flac 09-Live and let Die.flac 10-Rocket Queen.flac 11-You Could Be Mine.flac 12-New Rose.flac 13-This I Love.flac 14-Civil War.flac 15-Yesterdays.flac 16-Coma.flac 17-Band Introductions.flac 18-Slash Solo.flac 19-Godfather.flac 20-Sweet Child o' Mine.flac 21-My Michelle.flac 22-Whole Lotta Rosie.flac 23-Wish you were here - Layla.flac 24-November Rain.flac 25-Black Hole Sun.flac 26-Knockin on Heavens Door.flac 27-Nightrain.flac 28-Encore Break.flac 29-Sorry.flac 30-Patience.flac 31-The Seeker.flac 32-Paradise City.flac 33-Outro.flac