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    Axl was on fucking fire tonight. Great show! About 20 people stayed outside to meet the band after the show. Del James, Fortus, Frank, and Melissa all rode on the same bus. Axl,Slash,Duff, never came out Del said they left from underneath the venue and wouldn’t be out. We all stayed just in case but he was right so I stayed for 2 hrs in the cold just to say a quick hi to Frank and Fortus. Melissa just walked right through everyone lol Got some decent pics and a lith too so I’m pretty happy.
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    Got to make it out to the show last night. Something that stood out to me last night was just how much this band needs Slash. Personally, I'm a fan of Chinese Democracy, and think the album would have been much better received if Slash had been on it. That said, none of the guitarists that filled Slash's spot through those years came close to Slash on the charisma side of things. Here's what I mean; Fortus played some killer stuff last night. Technically, he is a better player than Slash all the way around. Slash is a blues pentatonic guy from the word go, and often a bit sloppy (in a good way) - Richard, on the other hand, has the whole bag of tricks, and pulls them off perfectly... dude plays so clean, and that hybrid picking stuff he does is sweet. (you guitar players know what I'm talking about - he's legit... even though I think his solo tone is a little on the weak side) But, when Slash plays there is so much more soul in his playing - he lights the room up, not just with his tone and playing, but with his charisma. There aren't very many guitar guys that can change the mood in an arena like Slash... just something about that guy. Back to my main point; Axl is just too big of a musical personality to not have a guy like Slash to match him in this band - It is THE spark that still lives in this band... at least live anyway. They are a dynamic duo. Here is a review of the show from The Tennessean I came across this morning: http://www.tennessean.com/story/entertainment/music/2017/11/13/guns-n-roses-started-their-nashville-concert-exactly-7-p-m/859943001/
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    Not pit but I guess it is almost as good as I can get if its not pit
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    Fair enough. Just wanted to understand where people are coming from. I'm not out to challenge anyone's opinion on this. I'm coming from a different place, I guess. I've made a decision not to hold Axl's past against him post-reunion. I'm giving him a clean slate. As you guys know, I've been a massive skeptic about Axl and Slash's relationship and I've always thought (and still think) that is key to GNR producing new music, even more so than Axl's care factor (well, positive working relationship between those two and Axl's care factor go hand-in-hand). I believe I've seen a change in those two over the past few weeks. Lots of little things have caught my attention, but mostly it's been the music. Slash is in top form at the moment, and it's on the CD songs where he's been really quite astonishing. In particular, Louisville's Catcher was outstanding with Slash playing his absolute best of the tour; incredibly melodious, full of emotion and really carrying that song. But he's playing his heart out on all of them and no, I don't believe for a second that Slash could reach that level of emotionalism, to coin Axl's word, for money. And Axl's reaction has been plain as day; each time Slash nails a CD solo you can see that Axl is thrilled to bits. To me, this means something. But since no-one wants an essay on that particular topic (post is already long enough - lol) I'll just leave it at this: I think those two have repaired whatever was broken. They're doing great. I don't know if Axl will be an obstacle or not. I'd like to believe that he's a different person today than he was 15 years ago possibly because he finds himself in different circumstances, with different opportunities and old friendships renewed. It is possible for people to change. I think it's likely GNR will make new music.
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    Madagascar from last night. Front row and very good audio. Nice rasp from Axl The backing vocals by Duff and Melissa in the second half are fucking awesome. Best version so far I loved it
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    Awesome show. Axl has so much rasp on Madagascar. Slash’s tone was so beautiful. Fantastic show. I like them in the arena. Great production on the video boards. Not too much Mickey last night. Maybe YCBM was the most mickey. In person Mickey is not as noticeable. Slash’s opening portion of his solo spot was freaking awesome. I am talking the part before The Godfather. I will post some videos later.
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    If somebody does the thread about song meanings, i will definitely be there. I actually bought a ticket to the Tallinn show today, because it's my 20th birthday soon and also I've been kinda down lately and need something. Part of me feels bad or like... used somehow and i did hesitate at first (especially because i already went to Finland this summer), but... screw it. Some recent events made me realise how short life is and how lucky i truly am so from now on, i've decided to do what makes me happy. Maybe a bit selfish, but oh well. By the way, I've been listening to these a lot lately. Seriously awesome vibes.
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    (From 50:40 for those who don't get timestamp from above embed) Corgan was discussing the power of "brands" in business and the music world, and talks about how GNR has proven to be a durable brand, having just seen them at MSG. He argues that Axl's decision to go off on his own for a few years added to the brand, because "when I look at Axl Rose, I see a free person... that means more to me than if he did the right thing in 200X... I love the fact that Axl doesn't give two fucks about anything... there are only a few American iconic artists who are truly free". Corgan's spoken on Axl and ChiDem quite a bit over the years, seems to be one of his biggest celebrity fans.
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    Albums released by the 5 GNR members outside GNR Slash: 7 (It's 5 o'clock Somewhere, Ain't Life Grand, Contraband, Libertad, Slash, Apocalyptic Love, World On Fire) Duff: 10 (Believe In Me, 10 Minute Warning, Neurotic Outsiders, Beautiful Disease, Dark Days, Contraband, Libertad, Sick, The Taking, Walking Papers) Izzy: 11 (Ju Ju Hounds, 117°, Ride On, River, On Down The Road, Like a Dog, Miami, Fire, Concrete, Smoke, Wave Of Heat) Steven: 1 (Back From The Dead) + 1 EP (Adler's Appetite) Axl: 1 (Chinese Democracy). Personally, I see no reason to doubt Slash and Duff/s ability and intention to release new music. With Axl is exactly the other way around, I have no reasons to believe he wants/cares about releasing new material at all. For me, it'd be surprising to see Slash and Duff not wanting to do it and it'd be surprising to see Axl giving a shit.
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    I think the question was more about what if they had an encounter just to talk things out. Not to go back into a relationship. Sort of, like, that dinner Slash and Axl had when they decided to work together again. I swear I cannot begin to understand why it is so hard for some of you to make a difference between a normal relationship and a sick one YES DUDE, it is fucking normal to be a woman in a relationship and get mad, be jealous, have fights with your partner, discuss stuff then make up and be cool to each other again. Now it is way different to be a woman in a relationship with a guy and have the guy coming home mad for whatever happened to him outside the house and beat the living shit out of you just because. It is very different to be in a relationship with a man, have a discussion and receive a slap on the face, or have him grab you by the throat and pull you up from the floor. Or tell you lots of shit that makes you scared of him. When you say she was not innocent, what exactly do you mean? I hope you don't fall in the typical ignorant thing of repeating like a parrot that "she provoked him, pushed his buttons, blah blah blah." Basically, you can be the worst woman on earth to a guy and the guy has every right to tell you you are wrong, to discuss things he doesn't like and even leave you. What he doesn't have a right to is to get violent with you, under any circumstances. And if you start things out, if you as a female get violent, then he should just leave and tell you that next time you get like that the relationship is over. Violence should not be part of a loving relationship in any shape or form. How was Erin manipulative of Axl? He did what the fuck he wanted. He LIVED OFF HER for several years before he made it in music. She worked as a model to maintain his lazy ass, so let's talk about manipulation, right? He went on tour or to the bar or wherever and fuck lots of women. Adriana included. He fucked Adriana for Rocket Queen and put it on AFD, the same album where he put SCOM, the song he wrote for Erin. Seriously, people, do you even make connections in your heads before you let the little snake inside come out?
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    To whoever is tossing insults in this thread I highly suggest you stop
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    Day 19 - connection song - Call Me - Blondie
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    I filmed this. Just uploaded for my homies.
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    Deliver the oldest girl to theatre practice at 5:15pm. Deliver the youngest girl to her sports practice at 5:30. Pick up oldest girl at 6:15 and take her to her sports practice at 6:30. Pick up youngest girl at the same time and drive her home where the wife can put her to bed while I go back again. 20 minutes to buy pommes-frites for the two of us, then pick her up at 7:30. Drive home. I feel like a soccer mom.
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    The only safe place is far away from them. You will fall in love, it's inevitable. You will be calling them the Big Three, some will be calling Slash God and loving his drool. Those things will pass, though. Nothing is greater than the Izzy Love. That puts everything into the right perspective. So. Since they're in your city, you can go. I really wanna read a post of yours about Axl's charisma, Duffgiraffe and "Slash is god and his drool is great"!!!
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    Don't worry, if you don't go you'll be totally fine. And it's good to have someone around who won't be converted for at least 3 days. Thank you for taking that one for the gang I still think you should go, though. Slash will be there and I would pay just to read one review from you saying Slash is god Everyone leaves that show drooling over him, you wouldn't be exception and that, young lady, that would be fun
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    Can't believe you're all dreaming of Erin and Axl getting back together. He raped her, multiple times. He abused her, he was very very cruel to her. Just google what he did. Those dreams just leave me speechless. Would you advice your best friend to go back to a man like this? If Axl wasn't a rich dude back in the day who paid good lawyers, he would have went straight to jail.
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    It's 100% bullshit. This new Madagascar leak originated on another forum in wich the person who had it sent it to the people over there. In less than 10 minutes, there was a download link in this forum. Do you really think that, as the people on the forum that has Atlas and Silkworms claim, if they sent this leaks by PM to dozens of people they wouldn't be all over the internet? They are full of shit, that place has an history of being full of trolls and banned people from other forums.
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    What a tragic hipster parade. Axl should take one watch of this, and lock himself in a studio with Izzy and Slash until they've beaten some sense into him.
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    LOL! And here I was thinking Axl sounds marginally better on this show's Prostitute than I've heard him all year. Just goes to show, different eras hear different things. I'll have to have another listen - I did just listen the once in a noisy environment. Slash absolutely owns those solos now. Another awesome performance from him.
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    Some of them are. Interviews nowadays are a cocksuck though, it's all just fuckin' commercial telly shit, wheel out Keith Richards tale of 'that time when Chuck Berry smacked me in the mouth' or asking Roger Daltrey 'what was Keith Moon REALLY like?', or Paul McCartney wheeling out some old chestnut about how that arrogant acerbic scouse bastard Lennon was really 'a lovely guuy, y'know'. And the younger artists are even worse, awful shrill voiced little rats moaning about their 'brand' or how they've 'tried to do something different with this album' when they blatantly fuckin' haven't. And part of it is to do with the interviewers. Like Jimmy Fallon is an awful fawning weasel of a man. Its a reciprocal relationship though, the 'artist' is there to sell you a product and the 'interviewer' (cuz they've never journalists now) is there to facilitate the sale of that product, which often is part of a twin interest between the corporate entity that promotes said talk show and said product artist is trying to flog you. So they lick each others arses, pause in all the right spots to invite applause and everything keeps ticking over nicely. But then we as fans don't like tough searching interviewers anyway, just go on youtube and click on any interviewer from back in the day, ones who pressed on certain question or put forward vaguely challenging propositions and you see a swarm of youtube fanboys going 'OHMIGOSH, that interviewers being such a dick!'. Its a fuckin' agreed upon thing though...ever see that interview with Martin Bashir and Tarantino and Tarantino goes off about how 'this is a commercial for my movie!'? Its all that sort of thing now. Shame. But hey, the product reflects the people it comes from, what do you expect but wank from wankers?
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    Belefonte's inspiration, Paul Robeson
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    @Lio @Len Cnut @Tori72 It actually went ok in the end. Still don't know why they insisted it being a Tuesday… and they decided they wanted lunch afterall so brought a loaf of bread, butter and sandwich filler. They also brought an overwhelming amount of baby gifts which was nice. The stress comes from my grandma being a very intense person. She's an oversharer and really into her gossip. If she wants something she has a way of persuasion. Obviously wasn't worth worrying about. I got really cranky about it all last night as I was in a lot of pain. Thanks for the listen, I should know not to worry so much!
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    Just don't answer the door to surprise visitors, that's what I do. Unless the kids ruin everything by yelling that there is somebody at the door! If they don't ring at least 3 days in advance to tell me they're coming round they can get lost.
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    Oddly enough it's my favorite time of the year, dark outside and cold, I love it. Not because of some depressive agenda, but I just always make a lot of great memories with friends during skábma
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    Gosh, I feel ya!!! There's nothing like a hormonal, heavily pregnant woman feeling irritated. lol. We never spoke but I happend to read that and I probably know exactly what you feel like. Being emotional while being pregnant is definitely the high end of being hormonal and it is no fun. I know! Never been so easily irritable and becoming slightly aggressive in an instant over cups of tea. I'm not mocking you, honestly! Doing something you don't feel like doing while being pregnant is impossible. So what can I say? Either tell them you're working and don't have the time (same as if you were in some office etc. etc.) or just breathe. You should be practicing that every day by now anyway. Good luck, girl, with everything.
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    I reuploaded it, if you guys want the link.
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    I agree- it’s been said by everyone by Finck was truly Axl’s Randy’s Rhodes and I believe Axl could’ve had a second coming in his music career if he utilized him properly. I just don’t get how a man who had Buckethead, Finck and Brain all on the same team could let that go to waste. At least we do have the song Better (which was a Finck song) which to an extent made an impact on Guns history, still in the set list and is one of the most loved Chinese song.
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    Finck guesting with Guns in 2012 on Better.
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    I dont think it would be, it would be like the stuff that Calvin Harris does. Like Calvin Harris Ft. Hurt on Under Control or Calvin Harris Ft. Florence Welch So the album could be a brain album and the songs be FT Axl Rose for those remixes
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    @killuridols thanks for those Erin's pictures...she really has eyes like the blue sky, right? lovely lady. Axl if you read this board, call her, she is million times better than the women Andrei found
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    @Tori72 I like your post very much, but I differ with the last part, because the band has made signals that they try to work together. The big thing for me is Slash. I read a lot of people saying that Slash is not the same, that he is unhappy in GNR, that he need his freedom of choose the songs that he wants, etc......but all people says his contract ends in January, but here we are, expecting GNR shows in june and july of 2018!! (This was pretty unexpected) and like all, wondering what they will do in the first 6 months of the new year. Probably Slash will record with SMKC, but the band Alter Bridge and Myles were very clear about their plans for 2018 and even 2019, and they don't mention SMKC, so that in my opinion is very telling, they push that project (of course, I could be very wrong)....why push it? for GNR? If it's not GNR for what else, he would change his plans?
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    Smashing Pumpkins is my all-time favorite band, so that was a cool moment for me. Billy has spoken very kindly of Guns N' Roses and Axl rose over the years, and even mentioned on Twitter a few years ago he would work on a song with Axl (in any capacity) in a heart beat if given the chance. I attended one of the VIP pre-shows for the In Plainsong Tour last year, and during the Q&A, someone asked Corgan if he had seen the new lineup with Slash and Duff or if he had seen any of the 2001-2014 lineups of the band. Billy said he had meant to see the band multiple times throughout the years, but never got the chance because whenever they played, he was working on a project or touring. He did say he REALLY wanted to see the newest lineup, so I'm glad he finally got to see them. He said he really liked Chinese Democracy, thought there were some genuinely beautiful moments on the album, and was impressed that he really did feel like it was the album Axl set out to make.
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    Axl yelling at security at 1:20 Outside of that and a couple times where a song got messed up and restarted or stopped, no, no "incidents".