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    I think he would look a lot better if he put out a new album.
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    If I peppered my guests with too many GNR questions... a) it can be an insult as the focus should be on the individual. b) imo makes a boring show. I like to be well-rounded. I’m not news, but a place for GNR fans to talk and connect about everything and anything. c) She wouldn’t have done the interview if I pushed things or just focused on GNR. Many guests are like that. Brain respectfully declined at first, but I offered to focus more on him. Little did I know how open he’d actually be. I try to balance what we GNR diehards want and what’s best for the guest. FYI Tyler Bryant and the Shakedown are my next guest.
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    Voice, melodies, lyrics, stage presence. The guy is a nothing, he is just there doing his little job. I dont know about the other bands he is in, but with Slash...? Bland as fuck.
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    Myles is good on SMKC and Alter Bridge material but I hate how he sings GNR songs. Sounds too nasal and the clean voice doesn't work for the older stuff.
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    If you're going to attempt to insult someone, a solid place to start is spelling their name correctly.
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    Look, my dear. How can I put it? And I’m not even starting on the braids! Ok. Positive things first. The cut of the suit is great. It really is. Great for his figure and he looks slim and manly and all. But. THE SHINYNESS!!! Sorry, total no-go for me. It’s looks nearly wet that’s how shiny it is. And the shoes! Too long, too slim, to dark at the top. No no no. And, to not leave anything out because I told you I’m in a bad mood and will take my chance to badmouth: The tie is tied too short. It’s wayyyy up the waist. It’s supposed to end just with the waist of the pants. (Also it makes me think of something else being too short but that’s just me probably ). And also I don’t like the big knot. So yeah, it’s a no from me. The cut is great though.
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    I liked 'security fuckhead' better
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    On this page in facebook there are pics Of Axl that are like 🤪😍 if someone can upload them here you could appreciate them more. This is the link for those who haven’t seen them https://www.facebook.com/GunsnrosesAppetiteForEurope/posts/1551278024989562
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    OMFG so is the wedding tonight? We need to stayed tuned! I have a screenshot from Sasha's chat with friend. She's gonna be wearing a red dress!!! ----- The Women's Thread TONIGHT!!!!
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    "The only thing he [Axl] doesn't do good is tan — and that's 'cause he's a ginger; gingers don't tan good." [Steven Adler]
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    Doesnt change the fact that most of the people that dislike current Slash solo material do so because the vocals sound like a whiny screaming kitty running away from a big bad dog. Who cares for technic and education when you still sound like that? Just the geeks and nerds, its just rnr.
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    That's a bad pic of him....almost all of us take bad pics at times. This is also a recent pic of him. Just sayin...
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    rnr hall of fame 1994 unrecognizable ever since
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    Aghhhhh the fucking braids.....nooooooooooooo Really cool picture
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    So should we give our predictions before the wedding? My votes: Women Best Dressed: Meegan Worst Dressed: Susan Men Best Dressed: Duff Worst Dressed: This one is hard because if Axl wears a suit he usually looks pretty good. But if he goes his normal 'let me layer as much clothing as I possibly can, just like the layers in my music' route; He'll probably be the worst dressed. But Slash also usually looks terrible at fancy events so he could be worst dressed too. I can't decide between those two.
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    Christopher Thorn and London Hudson are both musicians. That is their base connection with GnR. Shirazi is...a groupie. That is her connection with GnR, take that away and her connection is taken away. That is her entire frame of reference. If she was just a traditionally raised Iranian girl exploring her sexuality no one would give a shit. She wouldn't get a book out of that. I guess I just don't understand all the dancing around the issue. Having read her book (and re-read it when I found out she was going to do the podcast) she is absolutely a groupie and so what? She has sex with guys in bands (not just guys in GnR) because she wants to have sex with guys in bands. Get your rock n' roll dick, girl. Who cares? There are stories to be had that are relevant to the rock n' roll experience- but she would be a far more interesting and relevant guest if she accepted who she is and went with it. I absolutely do not expect every guest to talk about their connection to the band for the entire broadcast. I like to hear outside perspectives and it's nice to hear from people I didn't previously know much about. But the Shirazi episode stood out to me as being confused and lacking perspective. She has the potential to be interesting. She just needs to pull a Pamela Des Barres and accept who she is. She always comes off as discombobulated because she is trying so hard to intellectualize the fact that she's a groupie. I do appreciate the need to establish trust with someone being interviewed, but having seen several interviews with Roxana this seems to be par for the course with her.
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    i think she is taller then him.. same with Axl and Sasha. they looked like a dot and a comma
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    If she's not a groupie (she is) and she doesn't want to talk about the band, then what the hell is she doing on a GnR podcast? She has literally no relevance outside of those two things. Why would she be valuable as a two time guest?
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    Of course! GN'R has to play November Rain for Fernando's wedding
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    Yes. Middle aged man doesn't look like younger self in photos shocker!
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    *slowly rolls awake off a soiled rug, beads of sweat and grease collecting residue and crumbs.* "...no new album yet? Better start critiquing the physical appearance of this middle aged man I do not know...I wonder why he looks so miserable and uncomfortable in photos?" Most are just making passing comments but this is how cringe it is to me when I see the same particular posters who go on and on about it lol. P.S. Axl is never fucking coming back to the forum. Ever.
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    I couldnt agree more with you people always seem to find anything to blame it on axl because he's an easy target. Problem with guns n' roses? Axls fault. And its pathetic, i mean the smallest issue to do with a gnr member that has nothing to do with axl people will STILL find an excuse to blame him. Its boring, old and silly newsflash-he's not the source of every wrong doing in guns n' roses.
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    Day 38: Belgium I can cheat, as it's my day A band from my city, filmed in my beloved city
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    myles should leave the gnr stuff alone. slash has axl to sing that stuff now. if smkc ever happens again for the love of god please leave the gnr songs out of it
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    I kinda miss one of those “stop! Interpreter please” moments
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    I'm actually sitting next door to Graceland as I type this so it's kind of funny but here's what I've always said about Elvis, Axl and any of my other favorite singers: I couldn't give two shits what they look like. I use Elvis as an example because there's many people who've never even given his later material a listen and they always cite that era as "old fat Elvis" Well I'm here to tell ya... Dude was out of shape, but he wasn't old. Far more important than both of those things is this: he had his voice til the end. That was far more important to me than what the dude looked like. Same thing with Axl. Dude is human and in his 50s, he's gonna start to look rough! We can, have and will continue to debate "the voice" aspect, but my overall point is that I just can't bring myself to give two shits about what he looks like. He looks great for his age in some pics and way worse than his age in others. If I were to offer ANY critique about him in pics, I'd just say that I would like him to not look like standing next to a fan repulses him lol
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    i like Myles voice in Alterbridge songs, though I can't listen to them too much without feeling bored. On the other hand, I can't stand Myles singing Slash songs and needless to say, attempting to sing GnR. Axl nowadays can't sing like he used to, but he's still Axl Rose. I'm sure he can sing the shit out of anything in studio. I still think no one can beat him in studio. I hope he proves me right anytime soon. When I first heard Chinese I was dissapointed due to his vocals on some songs, and I was delighted by some others; but when I listened to Angel Down...man, if he can replicate that voice for an entire album with Slash on guitar, I can listen to him singing argentinian cumbia, I wouldn't care.
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    Oh yeah, because I dont like his cute little voice and lack of attitude I dont know Slashs career, yeah... keep telling yourself that. FYI, went to two gigs and own both records. Listen to it frequently and would love to have instrumental versions of both. Kitty kitty makes good songs sound like baby lullabies.
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    It does, but at least Axl had everything that lacks on Myles during his youth and sometimes is still capable of doing "good" like he did with AC/DC and some songs with GNR. Its possible he could do a good job on a new album. Myles on the other hand... poor little kitty.
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    Maybe. If she really doesnt wanna be stuck in this whole GN'R thing then she should just shut up and write about something else.
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    Well, that's enough to keep me out of this thread.
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    Right, that's why Frank was getting those drum lessons!! He can't fuck November Rain on the boss's wedding Kat's on her way too. Wonder if Slash was invited
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    He doesn't really need to, for one. 2008 was a time when GNR's popularity was waning with every passing month. The album release drummed up a bit of public interest, but it still unfortunately bombed considering the hype. GNR had zero tour dates planned when it came out and we didn't even know who was in the "band" at the time. When they did finally tour they were playing half sold arenas in North America with pretty cost efficient ticket prices. The hardcore fanbase was pretty important to the brand and Axl, Fernando, other band members, and even Beta were on here more. Now they are reunited for all intents and purposes and playing near full stadiums and arenas with extremely inflated ticket prices.
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    PS Was L. Jackson as Fury not simply cast because of his charisma and that he is heavyweight, and not that he fulfills some sort of racial quota or pandering exercise in political correctness. I do not believe anyone looks at Samuel L Jackson now and says, ''token black guy''.
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    Interview on the red carpet at the Tony Awards last year. Made me laugh.
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    Ah I see, and that's very fair. To be honest I wasn't sure how far to go with this one because of the "negative" that may come with it. One GNR FB group already started with the "whore" and groupie remarks, which pissed me off. So in hopes of having her again as a guest, I wanted to focus on who she is. Now that there's trust between her and I, I think next time we get can into a lot more stuff.
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    Can you stop being so unpredictable and witty in your posts?