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    Lost in the black hole of no GnR news of any substance at all.
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    The fact that Axl came through so much hell, trauma, pain, abuse (physical, psychological), came from absolutely nothing, a small town boy who worked his ass off and became the ultimate Rock God of the LA hard rock scene, and eventually the whole world. The depth of his songwriting, vocals, composition, his dedication to his band, the fact that he became clean for his band to not loose sight, etc. I absolutely fucking love his "I don't give a fuck" attitude. I love how he'll speak his mind without caring what anyone thinks of him. His performing during the Use Your Illusion tour inspires me. You can see he gives every bit of his body to performing. Axl Rose to me is hope. When I look at him, I see hope, I sense that no matter what life puts you through, there's always a way out. You just have to get up and put up fight for what you believe in. Those "rants" of him aren't rants to me. They're motivational speeches for me. There's things he's done that I don't think I'll ever get comfortable with but those things happened 30 years ago and I don't wanna hold anything against him. I'm sure he's changed and that he deeply regrets his actions. I don't care if this sounded cheesy/corny, this (and more) is what I feel about Axl Rose. And I'm happy he's back with Slash, Duff.
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    Agreed. And to think Dizzy is out of the loop is laughable. That's why he laughed! They won't be revealing any plans.
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    He said new music has not been discussed and he knows nothing about any album plans. Alluded that he is out of the loop on any plans. He actually said he knows nothing at all about a new album.
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    ^^couldn't disagree more. I think the Switch BLOWS the Xbox 1 and PS4 away. Not only does it have better first party games, but developers are RUNNING to jump on the bandwagon. Honestly after getting a Switch, you couldn't get me to trade it for BOTH an Xbox 1 AND PS4. They feel like old technology for me now. Being stuck on tv sucks man, it just does. I can take my switch to work, on vacation, wherever I want. I still can play my games. You are stuck to a couch and tv. Seems lame in 2018 imo.
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    The ginger is going to eat all of that bread
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    I still believe SMKC and AxlDC is happening, not GNR, atleast for now
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    I look at the Wii U as similar to the Dreamcast, basically sold fuck all, but has the potential to become a real cult machine, the library of games is top notch. I see Bayonetta 2 has come out on the Switch, which I thought might happen, with 3 to follow. Probably seals the deal that I'll get one.
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    I would be so damn pissed if I spent money on this Switch. Fortunately I got it as a birthday gift. (Not to sound like a complete ungrateful ass. :lol:) I just can't use it. I would love to download Super Mario Bros. 3 or something until Yoshi comes out, but instead we get classics like Super Meat Boy and Shovelware Knight, games that look like they were made 25 years ago. *fart noise*
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    Coming Tuesday guys......our interview with Producer Sean Beavan. We sat down with him for 1.5 hours and talked NIN, A LOT OF GNR, and some other stuff!
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    I picked a Wii U up recently for a good price with a bunch of games, cracking little bit of kit, absolutely love it. Might get a Switch further down the line, my nephew has one and it does look pretty good.
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    Happy Saturday, Axlettes! For those of us in the US, enjoy your long weekend
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    Come on. If they truly cared about their older fan base @action, they would have virtual console included on it. Not all hope is lost I guess. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is probably one of the greatest games of all time. I admit. I don't care about any of those games. Skyrim has been out for nearly a decade. Who fucking cares. Give me original and old Nintendo content ffs. Not this half assed bullshit.
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    That album is probably the worst live album ever. I would rather listen to any soundboard of the concerts.
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    My fuzzy brain instantly read this to the melody of 'Sitting On A Dock In The Bay' I cant reproduce it, but it worked initially
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    The bongo player is usually the last one to know, so don't worry.
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    All this time later it still shits me when people can't understand some of us actually enjoy the different eras of Guns N' Roses. I would rather listen to a show from 2002 to 1992. Reason for this is I dig the "industrial" element the sound had more than the 20 person "Big Band" bullshit. At the end of the day it's all Guns N' Roses, to me. I just prefer certain era's to others.
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    Hope you Axelettes are having a great Friday!
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    Any of the 86/87 concerts. Specifically the Troubadour and Music Machine.
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    Do you think this mygnr alibi will serve you well when the counter terrorist cops come knocking at your door?
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    No problemo *goes back to having a writhing seizure from lack of GNR news*
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    Actually, passage seems more than possible. In 2013 the bill failed in the senate by just three votes (57 in favour, 43 opposed). Many of the Democrats who supported the law (13 in total) are still in the Senate. BTW, your obsession with labeling people "extreme left or right" is getting old. Stick to the issues being discussed.
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    Vegas, 2016, Night #2 is what I listen to most these days. Mostly for that Jungle scream. I still can't believe I saw that in person.
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    Double post. Please delete. And as a placeholder until that happens, here's a joke: Two hunters are out in the woods when one of them collapses. He doesn't seem to be breathing and his eyes are glazed. The other guy whips out his phone and calls the emergency services. He gasps, "My friend is dead! What can I do?" The operator says, "Calm down. I can help. First, let's make sure he's dead." There is a silence; then a gun shot is heard. Back on the phone, the guy says, "OK, now what?"
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    The ones from soundcheck without any vocals. I love Axl, but Sweet Child was hit and miss in his prime. Last good ones were St. Petersberg 2010 and LA 2006
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    New videos!!!! Guns N' Roses | Slash Solo: Johnny B Goode NITLT Tour (soundboard-multicam) Guns N' Roses | Madagascar | Live NITLT Tour (soundboard-multicam)
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    I currently live in Eastern Ontario - Ottawa being the nearest notable city. The spring is in Quebec. I grew up close to both Lake Erie and Huron (also close enough to cross border into Michigan every now and then). I lived along Huron for a while. Its beautiful. The way our two Nations utilize the lakes as resources is really important to me too. We need to coordinate our sustainability efforts. And in many ways we do, but both Nations have been drawing too much water out of Lake Erie for instance.
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    For any undead yet to play this melancholy opus...I cannot wait for the remaster. @DieselDaisy
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    Duswalts book has a few good stories but it's a bit overwritten, real content/filler bullshit ratio is 20/80.
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    "Hello, Homeland Security? I'd like to report my friend Leonard, he's of dark complexion, has a history of aggression and roughhousing, recently been to the middle east where he and his family possess many firearms and are well trained...yes that's right officer, lil dicked." I know it's not all/every gun owner or like you say sports car owner etc. I'm just speaking generally.
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    Music Machine is definitely one of my favourites. Also: Ritz '87 Indianna '91 MSG '91 night 3 (December 13, show included Breakdown and Locomotive) Columbus '02 (wish the soundboard version I have didn't have a fucked up KOHD) Rock Am Ring '06 Vegas '16 night 2
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    Anybody know the whereabouts of Frank, Melissa, Kat these days? I follow them on twitter. Usually they are pretty regular posters. Well maybe not Frank. But the ladies? Hmmm...
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    Tracii Guns would be awesome!!! They have a new album out and they are touring..... Steven Adler would be great too....glad to see that London trust you....could bode well for an interview with @janrichmond God
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    I'll finally get to see Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats, at the Burnaby Blues & Roots festival in August. Stoked.
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    Cool Runnings 5/5 Barry Lyndon 4.9/5 The Aviator 4.9/5