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    Just saw this on Facebook a little while ago
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    Is there some unwritten law that a certain number of people have to exclaim "if this doesn't end the way I want it to, I'm out!" per thread? Lol
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    Are you kidding me? This is so great! Axl and Izzy singing together and Izzy's voice is perfectly listenable in the mix... best voice duo in rock music! sounds like... Guns n Roses!
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    All this for a shitty box set would be hilarious How about a full vault release with 1995 demoes and CD leftovers? Or ar least a good NITL show on BluRay?
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    Lol @ people saying they won't buy. Most of us will. We're all suckers
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    Damn sure is a lot of hate around here, don't think anything would happen without tb! We probably have them to thank for Axl coming to terms with Slash
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    I can’t believe how some people say that its current Axl singing. HOW
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    I just listened to the "original" version and the new one back to back, and it HAS to be rerecorded. The tempo IS slower, new guitar parts, and Axl does sound a little different. If he did these vocals recently, give him credit because he sounds great.
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    purple dots are the posters/billboards. In edmonton just followed the compass and was directed to this
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    As much as we love to hate #TeamBrazil... Universal are involved with this, so standards surely are half decent at least !
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    Then he better take his shoes off or he'll sleep outside.
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    I’m using a shit iPhone and it just never goes past the skulls bit or it crashes completely on me. I have given up! If he comes to my house he better bring the £30 he owes me for his no show in Manchester 2001
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    “I just want to bury Appetite. I don’t want to live my life through that one album.” -Axl Rose. 1989.
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    I haven't been able to keep up on the thread a lot today. Please tell me there aren't people who don't know that.
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    1. We didn't do shit 2. Actually Team Brazil found yet another way for people to throw money at them without really doing that much at all. Stop lowering your standards.
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    A 3 hour drive to stare at some posters? That's dedication I guess.
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    So basically they have all of us help do their promoting . So use your time and gas to go take a picture of something they are going to make money off of. Then, they want you to share it to help promote it before you even know what it is I think I am going to just go and take one of the posters
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    Omg... this is so exciting! And yet I know we won't get anything! Only GNR can do that!
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    This is just making me nervous. I am trying to not get excited about any of this shit, just to be let down when they announce some cheap over priced things I don't need. Goddamn it, they always end up getting me in the end though.
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    The biggest ones to blame for Axl and GNR being so unproductive is actually GNR fans themselves. I haven't been to a single reunion show, haven't seen them since 2012 and have no intention of ever seeing them again until they put out a new album (lol). I'm just not that interesting in watching the same show with the same songs played over and over again. I don't understand why anyone is tbh. If GNR fans weren't such mugs, willing to pay top dollar to see the same setlist year in, year out, then the band would be forced to do another record just to stay relevant.
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    The only ''destruction'' occurring will be a destruction to the contents of your wallet.
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    This is an oldie. I bring it back due to this renew Fab 5 mania. Better advertising than a billboard
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    My stages of grief Stage 1 - gunsguy original post Stage 2 - Finding out its only Appetite remastered Stage 3 - Thinking one day I'll see the AFD5 reunite....
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    Gibbo always has solid sources. I'd go with him if I were everyone.
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    It's not going to be a show with the originals. Just a AFD Deluxe edition with some goodies is what I have heard.
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    I can't see them selling this for $150 if they have gone to the effort for world wide promo, it will have to be something cheaper, appealing to the masses... especially when it will most likely drop on Spotify
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    If it has ANYTHING we haven't heard before on it, I'll crap my pants. Even if it's just ONE song. I don't care if it's from the 80s, 90s, 2000s, or new. Just SOMETHING we haven't heard before would be epic.
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    If Fortus has touched these recordings, I want nothing to do with them 😂
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    I'm old. I wouldn't walk down the block to see these posters unless I knew I could rip them down and keep them.
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    In a positive world, hopefully a deluxe Appetite doing decent numbers, will make Axl want to release more of "something"... One can hope!
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    I would never consider renting a place that didn't have a dishwasher or owning a place that didn't have a place for one. This is a basic appliance. I don't have the patience for standing at the sink forever washing shit, then having some other place for it to dry. Plus I'm not going to wash my dishes with a dirty sponge and in dirty water. I eat, I give a two-second rinse, I stick it in the washer and forget it until it's full, then turn it on once it is. Clean, sanitized, and I didn't waste my free time on something that's been unnecessary for at least 50 years.
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    If I see one of these posters, I am taking it home with me.
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    This is real? Axl and Izzy in the new Alice Cooper album?
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    It reminds me of all the celebrities that swore they would leave the U.S. if Trump got elected....they are all still here 😏
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    yes, red balls oh you want blue balls?