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    Mods, feel free to put this in the travel thread if you don't think it's significantly different to merit its own thread. I just recently returned to Scotland from Mexico after being there since January. This was my third time staying in the same small city, an hour from the Pacific coast. In total, over all three times, I've now lived there for fourteen months. When I first went across in 2014, it was the first time I'd been out of Europe and the longest I'd ever been out of Scotland beforehand was four weeks. I spoke no Spanish, I'd never had any lessons in school and my greatest exposure to Latin culture was a week's fieldwork in Mallorca, Spain three years prior. Needless to say, I felt like an alien when I touched down in the sweltering heat at a tiny rural airport and wound up in a taxi with the realisation that I could basically say -nothing- to the driver whatsoever. After the taxi ride and then a bus through some wildly unfamiliar landscapes including tropical lagoons, coconut plantations and then a belt of mountains, I arrived in the city I was supposed to try to get to know over the next few months. I remember being picked up from the bus station by my then-boss and driven to the house where I was going to live, being left in the living room of a guy who spoke no English, listening to a genre of music I'd never even heard of... Just thinking, "What have I done?" as I unpacked all of my familiar things in totally unfamiliar surroundings. Then I met the guys I would be working with, who were a blend of people from all over the world. I walked around in a daze, looking at the unpaved streets, the blend of massive shiny 4x4s and ancient, beaten up saloon cars, palm trees everywhere, having no idea what there was in the city or where anything was in relation to anything else. I ended up taking a taxi with the others to what turned out to be the city centre that night, and I discovered a beautiful old colonial square full of trees and lights and hundreds of people listening to live music in the open air. That was the first moment when, in the midst of all of the fish-out-of-water stuff, I got a good feeling in my gut... Then we promptly went to a restaurant where I knew what nothing was on the menu whatsoever. Fast forward to the end of my time there this year. I arrived in Colima knowing absolutely no-one and now I feel like the city's adopted me. A good friend from home came to visit me and as we were walking around, we kept bumping into friends of mine and he said to me "it's like this city knows you." Also, I now know the city like the back of my hand, my local pals rely on me for navigation, some taxi drivers have said to me "you know the streets better than I do". I didn't take taxis that frequently though, I walked everywhere most of the time. When you pass people on the streets, most of them wish you a good morning or a good evening, big families will shout it at you in unison. I now have an intimate knowledge of Mexican cooking, can generally read menus and have fallen in love with the rich and colourful cuisine (my tolerance for spicy food is now pretty high). I've gained a language, being an English-speaking monoglot most of my life, I never really imagined that I'd learn another one, but I have and it's really precious to me. It's weird because I'm tall, and pale and blond-haired and when I arrived, I felt that I stuck out like a sore thumb, but after being there for long enough, I stopped feeling noticeably foreign and started to feel like I belonged. I had my first relationships there, and while they didn't work out in the long term, they taught me a lot about myself and gave me confidence. My timekeeping has also become notably worse because of the endemic acceptable lateness that's so ingrained in Mexican culture. My last week there was basically one long farewell party, and there was one point where I was at an outdoor rave in a city-centre square, surrounded by a big group of friends and I just remember looking around, seeing hundreds of people singing and dancing together and thinking "this city fucking rocks." It really does. It's not a massively popular tourist destination, it's a residential city rather than a resort (although it is surrounded by amazing landscapes on all sides and dominated by two massive volcanoes on the northern skyline). But I feel like I've unearthed a gem on the other side of the world and I've made it mine. I can't imagine a future in which I don't go back now. Has anyone else got any experiences of living for an extended period of time in a country very different to their own, good or bad? Did you have to adjust to a different culture, cuisine, language? Did you fall in love with it the way I have with Mexico?
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    I've given up hope for an AFD5 reunion SO my new rallying cry is this: BRING BACK THE SASKATOON SIX!
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    We're on a Guns N' Roses forum, this isn't a question.
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    There are seriously too many British people on this forum because almost every thread turns into a British thing. And that's shit... or shite, as you people say.
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    Wichita Lineman! I hope no artists with worse songs die between now and the tour dates.
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    oh, I thought that was their newest hit!
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    I don't think that the percentage of British posters who show their "Britishness" (intentionally or unintentionally) in the language they use or the country specific topics they discuss is actually bigger than the percentage of American posters who show their "American-ness" in a similar manner. It's just that the American mass culture is dominant in the world and that makes "American-ness" less noticeable and more "acceptable" to international users. For example, when it comes to country specific culture and traditions, it's more likely that someone from another country has seen wrestling or baseball in a movie than cricket; and that they've heard more of the accent of U.S. southern states than of the, say, Manchester accent. It's telling that the majority of international posters use American spelling and American slang. I used American spelling too when I first joined the forum because of the auto-correct (which got to my nerves), although when I learned English I learned the British spelling. Also MS Office and all the other software come with American spelling by default for international users, unless you change it manually. As a general observation, I'd say that international users seem far more familiar with and interested in American, and even British, culture than the other way around. This doesn't apply to all American and British posters and I'm not saying it as an accusation or anything. It's just how it is. And we all are on a forum about an English speaking (and American) rock band, after all.
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    Let's try to find the positive aspects about the setlist - at least they didn't add Silkworms to the set, amirite?
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    I'm very critical of the current affairs of the band, but I disagree the latest remastering work and all the comes with it is that bad. I'm definitely glad for stuff like the HD ISE video. For lovers of the real GNR era, it's invaluable material. And yes, it does make a difference to see it in such quality versus the crappy Youtube versions....
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    You're not missing much
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    Sorry? Im talking about the video quality, the new ISE is actual film footage, scanned and polished/remastered from the original negatives, not the sd tape quality we are used to. Amazing upgrade in quality, and better than any GNR footage out there. Dont know if youve seen the video yet and in 1080p. I understand not being excited or even impressed by this video in particular, its not the best possible film quality, but if they have 1986(and 89) footage in this quality, im pretty sure they have a lot more film material in the vault, other music videos(all of them?), some concerts and even studio and behind the scenes footage, and the quality is probably much better too, especially from the 90s. I hope they release more in the near future. I only watched a 720p version and the upgrade is pretty clear to me, can wait for a 1080p or even 4K version. Theres lot of insane film footage out there already from other artists, i recommend the Blu-Rays for the best quality possible, youtube compression sucks a bit. Looks like it was shot yesterday, its uncanny and a bit weird, and amazing. Watch in 1080p.
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    This is such a cluster f, I still can't see it. I ain't signing up for anything to watch it. I mean seriously, this band can't do anything right anymore. Geez, just show the freakin video like every other band in the history of the universe
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    I feel i need to apologise for my Britishness
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    without Robin and BH/BBF and with current Mickey vocals - I can quite agree.
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    I was never a fan of BHS. As long as they don't replace it with some CD bullshit I'm cool with it.
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    Ummm... where have you been since 2001?
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    Same old predictable setlist. Not worth hundreds of bucks to me. I hope GNR doesn't up like KISS and Journey. Trotting out the same old songs for decades on end...
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    Blurry but still great. Working on finding a cornrow pic next.
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    Never heard of such a thing as a posh Geordie
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    According to the promotional information on Suicide Shift, the new IEM XAVEL matrix releases sound better than Double Shot. We'll find out next week.
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    I second Kurt's vote! Perhaps Matt and Gilby will return someday, once the current lineup loses its drawing power. The ultimate cash grab tour would be done in 3 rounds... 1. NITL lineup 2. 1993 lineup 3. 1985-1990 lineup
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    Meegan posted this beautiful pic And I don't know if any of you checked Nandinho's instastory... But where is he celebrating his birthday? Who's house is that? Why is there a huge Slash litho on the wall? Also isn't the GNR/ GNR entourage birthday callendar very odd? Is it just me who thinks this? Duff and Del, Slash and Stephanie, Meegan and Nandinho, Melissa-San and Kat they all share birthdays
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    Also, I'm really tired of everybody being offended all the time. So fucking what? When did people lose their ability to deal with it? When did we all start thinking it's terrible to offend people? By all means, offend the fuck out of them! If you offend everybody you'll soon figure it out because the world thinks you're a dickhead. If you offend some people because they're being pussies, you'll help them learn to fucking deal with it and make them more resiliant people. Go you! The world is NOT supposed to be a "safe space". It's unsafe as fuck. And so is the internet. If you want to feel safe, have good relationships with friends and family. So for the record, there are 2 genders. No more than that. Just two. Man or woman. You're one of them. In the rare medical case of being hermaphroditic you're both. You can identify as whatever the fuck you feel like, but that doesn't make it true. Also, yay to jokes about race, gender (which, by the way, is the same as sex, just two options) , sexual orientation, religion and all that. Prejudice is fun. Use it for fun. It takes away it's power and makes society better. ...sorry. Went a bit off-topic there.
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    At least we are spreading British colloquial to others. Doesn't it install you with patriotic pride when you see an American say ''wanker'?
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    I think it was Moliere who once said, or wrote, that the job of comedy is to correct the vices of men. With this in mind I think its important to offend because the rational civilized mind will look at why he's offended and maybe learn something about his or her self.
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    UPDATE: I have received confirmation of the order from Ohkura. He'll send me a tracking number once it ships, which I'll share with the contributors. I believe selling CD's is Ohkura's side gig, so it sometimes takes him a while to respond.
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    its the raunchiest thing guns have ever released - axl is making out with 2 babes in a limo and ERIN's ass is a 10 along with her performance adler rocks the whole band looks RATED R or more so RATED X bad ass motherfuckers, criminal celebrities bolting to the top to say the least u can tell they used 35MM film on this as the imagery is exquisite im surprised they'd release it considering the footage was used to incriminate Axl as a sado masochist towards Erin in that trial
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    I love old music like 60s/70s but i guess that's what i grew up with. I like to remember good times with friends and family but doesn't everyone? I have more years behind me than in front...omg that's heavy shit
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    Song is #9 this week on the Hot Mainstream Rock Tracks!! https://www.billboard.com/charts/hot-mainstream-rock-tracks
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    The Garden in 1080. What a weird and wonderful video. I remember watching this back in '93 thinking that I guess they got to do videos for November Rain and Estranged was busy. But I liked it for its simplicity. It's great to watch it now and think how much NYC has changed. The grimy and grittiness captured in the video has largely been cleansed, so to speak. There are still some rough spots in Manhattan, but some of the feel depicted in this video is lone gone. Strange time and place and I think it worked well for the song.
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    It's a mean thought but I'd like to know if Erin gets any royalties out of it. One thing is to be just an artists' muse. Another one is to have your image sold on a $1000-box and on a video that is also being sold. No idea what was the legal agreement at time (specially considering she was Axl's GF) but I think it'd be ethical if she's involved on the decisions of it. Steven and Izzy are a different bag because all those actions promote AFD so they get royalties anyway.
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    Vocabulary and construction of sentences. Plus, he uses sarcasm and figures of speech that are not easy to grasp if you have not learned tons of English expressions, or read English literature, both fiction and non-fiction. Obviously, his posts are piece of cake to native English speakers, but to non-natives, they are quite challenging. Anyway, the problem started with the dutch user who got bothered by the invasion of British posters in every thread. He blamed Diesel for the derailing most of them, also accussed him of being difficult to read because he exacerbates his Britishness and sounds like a sir from the 18th century! Man, I don't know what's the real deal here but I find all of this pretty hilarious
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    Don't give them any more excuses to not come out with new music!
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    I honestly think that this video and the AFD bundle is just a huge slap in the face to the fans that have stuck with them over all the years and BS. This video has been online for years and remastering previously (un)officially released material is the definition of a band looking to squeeze as much money out of their loyal fans as they can.
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    Fashionista is Miser. No shit. I like Miser, Misers cool, the worlds a good place with Miser in it. I'm more offended by how fuckin' shit Jim Carreys films are, the rubber-faced cunt.
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    I tend to also give Len a pass, knowing how hard it must be for him to make himself understood in real life, with the lisping creole and all, I couldn't bring myself to criticize him for how he writes.
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    I basically just post whatever I want too. It's just, Leonard and DD look up to me, ya know? They need me to defend them or they'll fall apart like a tissue in a monsoon.
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    Slash and Meeghan are so cute together. I just can’t @Andy14 LOOOOOOOOLLLLLL! You’re a genius! Can you finally please do this for money and become rich and famous? Thanks.
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    All grandmas chill at some point of course
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    I would pay more for a UYI boxset than i would pay for the AFD one.
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    Fernando has just bookmarked that article.
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    Well, thanks to "Saskatoongate" my youtube channel is going to be deleted, as i said. My new channel is: https://www.youtube.com/user/epicero PLEASE FEEL FREE TO SUSCRIBE AND INVITE YOUR FRIENDS part 2 is going to be released there. Thanks!