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    Just heard on tv that we were 100.000!!! Axl introduced Duff as the former King of beers and duff laughed surprised. Then added the word "f..king" before Every surname of band members (except for melissa). Before introducing slash said something about Italian crowds and waited for us screaming madly for some loooong seconds. Twice Tried to cut the show saying that It was all, only because he wanted to hear us complain. Made funny faces during used to love her. Asked for 2 banners from the crowd. Did something to meeghan e they laughed and jumped backstage. That's the best I Can Remember for now..
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    Will the band be there? We should make some money and pay to the angriest member of this forum to go there and while on the sky, start to rant about every single wrong thing going on. They're in the sky, nowhere to run, they gotta listen we want a new album and Frank is terrible and we want the guy from Foo Figheters.
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    Finally back home... Well, what Can I say.. I've Never seen axl in such a good mood. He craked Jokes all the time.. with band members and with us. Oh, with meeghan too! I saw him coughing a lot of time But his voice was good and he was full of energy. I've had so much fun!!
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    Just came across this video uploaded today by JHAudioOfficial. Pretty interesting as it features the entire NITL lineup minus Axl. Also Tom Mayhue and other crew members. Some very cool shots of the stage, rehearsal room, equipment, etc.
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    I think denial/sugarcoating is at an all time high right now. Jungle has been fantastic throughout 2016 and even bits of 2017, and it sucks now. For the first time in his career since recording TIL his voice is failing to reach some of the notes and he is switching to a lower voice. For the first time in his career since releasing UYI he is failing to reach notes in the bridge of YCBM, and his voice is reverting back to a low voice, voluntarily or not. His voice cracks and falters whenever he goes high, and he even had a bad Nightrain performance for the first time since god knows when. But hey, everything is fine, Axl is fantastic. People who paid and go to shows, drink lots of beer and sing along the songs are surprisingly not complaining. To each their own, I guess. I know the shows are great and very enjoyable when you are there, but to not recognize what's going on with his voice right now is a level of delusion that baffles me.
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    It's beyond me that people like you watches Youtube videos of concerts and then comes on here to complain about it. Why waste your time? People like you complain about his voice, set list, etc. Go out to concerts rather than continually complaining about something. Last night I went to see Def Leppard/Journey at Prudential Center. Both played well. I think Def Leppard was better than Journey actually. However, both played for a 1.5 hour and only the hits. Furthermore they have the same set list for each of the concerts that they have done. I checked in setlist.fm. Compare the Def Leppard/Journey tour to Guns N' Roses. Def Leppard/Journey are only giving you a hour and half of their time each. For their hardcore fans that sucks. GNR is giving three hours and playing deep cuts like Coma. Not sure what more you want.
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    Thank you! I was at the rail and I wasn't comatose! I was singing along and woohoo-ing the whole time, cheering Axl on when he obviously had a tough time. And I was far from the only one. The guy behind me was headbanging the whole time, I was worried he might knock me out at some point I'd also like to point out the show wasn't a shitfest, despite the... um... difficulties
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    ***COOL STORY ALERT*** Wow! So cool to finally see the Pro Shot version of this show, I thought it was just a fable and didn't believe it actually existed. In 2010 I went to see Them Cooked Vultures at The Joint in Vegas. Before the show started I was playing cards in the Hard Rock Casino. Gersh (Dave Grohl's and Brain's drum tech) sat down right beside me. I recognized him straight away but did my best to play it cool and chat him up. Without any provoking from me he started talking about the GNR HOB gig when he was backstage teching for Brain ("Axl's drummer of the day").... according to Gersh during one of the new songs the laptop that controlled Axl's infamous lyric teleprompter system died.... during the following solo Axl very calmly walked backstage and without a word smashed the laptop on the floor. Went back on stage and calmly played the rest of the show without insedent. Later on he talked about Dave and Slash working together, what a sweet guy Slash was and how much money was being left on the table by GNR not reuniting. Disclaimer - time and alcohol may have inadvertently altered my story to protect the guilty. Cheers!
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    That pic was freaking me out. I thought I saw it move but was like no way, then it did it again!
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    I missed this entire show cause World Cup-Portugal-Ronaldo ( ) and when I finally come here to see the news I notice that I have to bring WT material to WT cause no one else did. Shame on you!! Anyways...Looks like Ned was the victim this time. At least he showed some reaction to it unlike Slash And look at that smile at Axl's face of a child that is too pleased with his prank going so well
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    I have always thought that songs like Welcome to the Jungle, Sweet Child O' Mine, It's So Easy or You Could Be Mine can get you into Guns N' Roses and make you like the band and eventually become a casual fan, but songs like Coma, Locomotive, Estranged, Breakdown or The Garden turn you into a hardcore fan. No doubt. At least that was the case for me. I became a fan with Welcome to the Jungle which literally was the first Gn'R song I ever heard, but once I listened to the deep cuts, specially Coma and Locomotive and Estranged, I became a hardcore fan. From that point on in my life I wanted to know everything about them and follow the band forever.
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    Hehe, got to disagree. I became a fan of Gn'R because of "Chinese Democracy", and I love all of the members who played a part in this album. The alternate universe is right now: I'm still surprised Axl & Slash are back together. Even Duff joining for some shows in 2012 was a huge surprise. It's awesome, but it's still very strange for me. That being said, again, I became a fan because of CD. It's my favorite Gn'R record, the lyrics have more depth than the previous albums. Objectively, I know Appetite is the best record. And I love that album. I also love the first Velvet Revolver album. I love loads of all the stuff those guys have released. I can't be arsed with the drama, I mostly care for the Music. I love Tommy Stinson. Tommy has played a key role in CD, and if it wasn't for his fidelity, Axl may not be the guy he is today. Tommy made the band steady. I think he played a key role in how balanced Axl & the band has become over the years. He only left because of the reunion, he was a class act. He's one of the only ex-members, along Dizzy, who have stood by Axl for a long time and didn't stir shit. Huge respect to him and I can't wait to hear "The General" some day. I also love what Robin Finck brought to the band (I love him with Trent as well, fucking great guitar player). I love Richard. Love Bumblefoot. Love Buckethead. Love Brian. Love them all. Sorry I may have forgotten Pitman (to be honest I'm still not sure if he was essential to the band, hahaha). Oh, and Paul Tobias. I know he has been very important. Those guys have worked very, very hard, and despite the shitload of criticism they got, they did their best, and together, they made one of my favorite rock albums ever. So huge respect to them. I won't forget those musicians. I wish I was a billionaire and send them loads of money for what they have accomplished. Again, I saw Gn'R four times in 2010, and they were fucking tight. I would have loved to witness the previous line-ups with Robin & Bumble, and Robin & Bucket. I'm still hoping we get a line-up with all former members playing. It would be fucking awesome. I only have good things to say about all the ex-members. Even Ashba, who did great filling Robin & Slash shoes. It wasn't an easy gig for him, and he's done an awesome work. I have great memories of him playing and rocking in Norway. And he was the nicest guy with everyone.
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    I would like to hear their reaction to one on a million
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    Ha! The write up makes me think of Chris Thorn or whoever from Blind Melon on one of the podcasts a while back telling about Blind Melon getting on the GNR jet and seeing the platters of lobster and the huge bar... but then being quickly escorted to a tiny cabin with zero amenities or accoutrements. Im thinking that is the type of flight experience that only GNR could create.
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    I have to admit that I slightly miss (early, i.e. circa 1999 - 2007ish) Nugnr. It is the creativity and madness I miss, or at least the idea that Rose was in his studio there with his tape loops. The mystique - the epic unveiling of Vegas and Rio 3. And we got a steady treacle of leaks over time (live and studio). It was certainly interesting. It may have been total chaos and didn't deliver (said ''trilogies'' etc) but it was never boring unlike now's corporate/NITL era. Later nugnr, ''moustache (2009-14) era'', did nothing for me.
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    Axl sent a special gift to this thread. Sorry if is old, saw now and wanted to share.
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    of what he said in his "resignation letter", it was more about himself having to deal with personal shit and kind of engage the handbrake. the guy has gone through hard times during his last couple of years in the band and probably was running on fumes by then. he seems to be genuinely happy with the low-profile things he's doing now. I've always enjoyed him in the band, and I can hardly say if I more like Duff or Tommy. yeah, probably Duff because I also like what he was doing as side projects, but considering purely the stuff they were doing in the band - they are on par. thanks, Tommy!
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    Brilliant story. Bullshit on the you couldn't import photos though - you just want people to go to your site you cheeky bitch Reddit link to the original poster: Nice one
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    It's absurd how many times I've listened to Silkworms...
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    Oh another nice Memory.. He Tried to reach as many people as possibile But There was a metal barrier on both sides of the stage.. he Tried to move One of them with his hands but It was fixed. He has been so sweet
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    I wonder why they play covers like Wichita, BHS, seeker, etc every night but not one of the band's biggest hits "Don't Cry". Very strange...
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    What did Ronaldo do? Trip on a blade of grass? Wonder if it hit his funny bone, he is a comedy enthusiast after all
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    All day this! Look how positive people are when they do something, just anything music related together! Look how much we hate shitty merchandise and how much we make fun of that crap! Can’t they see?
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    A rock star doing rock star shit.
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    That's the thing, In my personal opinion Frank would sound much better, if he was free to play the songs the way Frank would play them, instead of trying to be somewhat faithful to the original versions. But we all know that people would slaughter him here, even more than now, if he would actually make the songs his own. When you're a GNR drummer, you can't win, unless you're Steven or Matt. When you read these forums, the biggest complaint towards Frank is always the tempo (which isn't his fault) and that he doesn't play the songs faithfully enough compared to the originals. That's why it's so silly to see people praising Taylor's drumming, when he plays the song waaaay faster than Frank and he's not faithful to the original version at all. Frank plays it much more faithfully. If Taylor was the drummer of GNR there's no way people would accept that kind of drumming. He would be called the worst drummer of all times etc... It all comes down to this. Some people won't accept anyone else but Adler or maybe Matt as the drummer of GNR. Who ever is the replacement, they want him out and they want Adler instead. Their hate towards the drummer, who ever it is, becomes so strong and irrational that they genuinely start believing that anyone would be a better drummer than the current one. If he plays the songs faithfully, then he has no feeling. If he plays the songs his own way, then he butchers the songs. It doesn't matter how he plays, other people always play the songs better. Until that other person becomes the official drummer of GNR. Then he becomes the worst drummer of all times and the past drummer will be remembered fondly. Who ever is the current drummer is always the worst. In the end only Adler could ever become a fully accepted drummer of GNR. I have a feeling that even Matt would get a lot of hate in here. Gilby also. Some people won't be satisfied before Steven and Izzy are back in the band. Everyone else is the worst musician of all times if they're a drummer or a rhytm guitarist of GNR. Today even DJ Ashba would probably be remembered fondly, if he was replaced by anyone else but Slash, cause if it was anyone else, he would now be the worst lead guitarist of all times according to many people here. Well, that's the impression that I get when I read this forum. Of course there's individuals here with different tastes. This isn't directed to anyone specifically. I'm sure that some genuinely don't like Frank's playing, but many seem to have just jumped into the Frank hating bandwagon without actually even knowing what they dislike about him, except the fact that he isn't Steven or Matt.
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    I let this entire show play on my second monitor while I've been working this morning and I was reminded of why I loved that era so much. Robin (my favorite) aside, every time I glanced up I just had a wide smile at what was going on. Like you said, it's the fact that they're all working so hard to rebuild something they had already received shit for and were staring down the barrel of receiving a ton more of shit for.
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    Axl sucked that night because he sucked, he even said so himself. You can’t mostly blame the crowd for what happened in Berlin, seriously?.....he had vocal issues probably due to a number of things all combining into one huge shitfest... I wouldn’t dare say the crowd was a factor into that, though. By most accounts Axl was still energetic and interactive with people in the crowd despite his problems. Some crowds are just like that, there have been many like it on this tour so far and Axl was just fine. There will be more like it too - unless they only ever tour SA and Italy for the rest of their lives
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    imagine a row of 3 seats with Len cnut, dieseldaisy and Axl in the middle
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    I would actually donate to this. It would be hilarious. Actually, @Powerage5 should hitch a ride. He'll be going anyway. He can wear his best Iron Maiden tshirt and everything.
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    We in Central America are rooting for Germany! We hate the Mexican Team with all of our collective heart (only their football team, they are lovely people) Costa Rica is tomorrow!!!!!!!!
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    Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!! Todos con Argentina!
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    This is pretty cool, thanks for sharing! Mayhue sounds a lot like the ginger fella from That Metal Show.
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    Score for attempt at trolling: 0/10. Try harder.
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    Glad to hear it! He's a great dude...I was just playing to the masses
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    In honor of legendary (and original) GnR bassist Ole Beich, certainly?
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    Haha yeah it was in Gelsen tuesday! I was just in front.
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    Gattuso has just got back from the show with his verdict
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    Get in your seat motherfucker! Or ill bring a cushion for your nice little ass Hunk
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    Right. I'm talking about their whole history, not just since 1999. I'm not saying it's exactly like GN'R, but it's not all that different either. It's Dave and several different people he's hired to be the Foo Fighters. The latest version is just the most stable is all.
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    The love of his life return: Slash.
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    There have been exciting weeks in terms of GN'R releases, official or not. To ask for more in some disrespectful way is smth. i usually never comment. But fans need an update on this. Transfers, time and promo tapes: In general if you dont want/need the best raw transfers, then enjoy the already circulating versions or watch youtube. A quick transfer not being done properly will give you just ok/good quality but not the best. But i'm in for the best only. It's as simple as that. From my experience you need to do multiple transfers on different very good equipment to get the best one, the one to go out. Now imagine 150min show. 5x transfers = 750min and then you dont have verified anything yet. But you have to. In real time. Then it's small editing time. Then verifying again. Audio editing, synching not even touched by then etc. etc. So this is all just a very time consuming hobby, nobody is getting or wanting any cent for it. I've seen GN'R transfers from official companies, people paid much $$ for, but they were all worse than what i could do with the source tapes little later. But add that i'm busy with life as hell. The part i should apologize for is that i can get a bit lazy at points, but that's mainly because i dont want to spend ALL my freetime on this hobby only. Right now it's Guns in europe and it's kick-ass! It's not my fault with the non-release of the promo tapes. But there might be a solution, let's keep it like that. Now as for the longer list above in question: E-Mails have been exchanged, it all looked good and i was promised to get a tracking number from the package 3 weeks ago. And i never got that or a package. The dude didnt respond any Email of mine anymore. Contact just stopped on his side. Now....i'm generally positive thinking and off course the list looks exciting as hell! But i'm in trading business before UYI came out, so i've seen and was offered lots of hilarious things. And in similar deals it's always stopping right before the deal (family/life trouble, plans changed, legal issues, package got lost, communication stops, whatever....) and you never receive anything. You dont even get a proof from the existence of the shows! This is, nowadays, easy to do with just like filming a short clip from tv/computer with your mobile. He said to me he had the tapes being transfered by a company. So he could easily prove us the existence of the shows. Just ask him to do that, so we dont have to discuss probably non excisting show sources and me being the bad guy. Peace out Limulus