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    If the set was a lean and mean two hours with strictly the hits it would totally make sense to only stick with the hits, but if they’re going to bother with all the covers and 3+ hour sets it seems silly to not add in a few more originals. To me, something Slither is fair game but why is Black Hole Sun still around? That could easily become say a short rocker like Pretty Tied Up or Dead Horse.
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    I was wondering what they were talking about as well. That whole "if Axl wasn't on this, you wouldn't like it" line of reasoning has always been laughable to me anyway. It's like "News Flash: Artist I Like Makes Art That I Like" what a shocker lol
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    Rose's sizable arse now accommodates a whole manner of people, Messrs Adler, Sorum and Izzy. Adler briefly got pulled out, but then got reinserted after a show too many in Argentina. Probably poor Marc Canter is up there somewhere also (no wonder we don't hear much from him these days)?
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    No, the diplomat is @Andy14 I doubt Axl or anyione in TB are diplomats.
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    Dude we have a pro-shot and soundboards from last year. Aside from about 5 songs, the Apollo, Forum and Rio shows weren't good. San Diego and Japan weren't good. He sounded bad when he was 10 ft in front of me in Vancouver. And he sounds even worse in the audience recordings from this year, so, what story is there to tell?
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    imagine a row of 3 seats with Len cnut, dieseldaisy and Axl in the middle
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    Will the band be there? We should make some money and pay to the angriest member of this forum to go there and while on the sky, start to rant about every single wrong thing going on. They're in the sky, nowhere to run, they gotta listen we want a new album and Frank is terrible and we want the guy from Foo Figheters.
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    Very proud of Mexico!!! ..bet my father is VERY happy that his country won on this Father's day weekend!
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    it's very hard to say to be honest. yeah, many people including me consider Beavan mix "the ultimate Holy Grail" of Chinese Democracy. but would it really be that great? we only have a few bad quality "1999 demos" which are supposed to be from that era. even considering those were rough demos without proper mix and production, they would probably be very raw also in terms of the song quality itself. probably very dirty, grungy, remember this was still pre-Buckethead era, and hard to say how much space did Robin get back then - his parts might have been at least partly removed, like from the EoD version of OMG. yeah, I'd still love to hear that shit, really love. but all things considered, it would rather be a hardcore fan thing than something generally great... then, in spring 2000, RTB got onboard and it seems logical, at least to me, that the first official release date in 2001 was produced by him. we can clearly hear how things were going, with both Buckethead and Robin in their place - altough the band still lacked much of cohesion (Buckethead and Robin only met right when the 2001 shows happened? insane shit!). still the stuff sounds quite raw, but it might be the mixing and production again. RTB was there until early 2002, so the "Boston promo" snippets must be of later date, and they sound extremely well made - I guess that era might have been the right spot, when ChiDem should have been released. late 2002, early 2003. Buckethead was still firmly in the band, they were already a real band with working chemistry etc., they even had a new skilled rhytm guitarist (Fortus), and still there weren't that many unneccessary layers as later. hmm... I tried to say something and ended up talking about something much different. what the hell I was trying to say? I already forgot. damn.
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    This show is better vocally than all of 2017-2018. And it's not even close.
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    He's in their ass. That's where Izzy is.
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    How stupid is it to take a pic and pretend youre sleeping
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    Come on Most of the set consists of songs Izzy has a credit for. Two more songs wouldn't make a difference. And Axl has played AFD based shows for years (for which all five members get royalties). Also, if that was the case, why prefer covers over GnR songs Izzy doesn't have songwriting credits for, like Dead Horse, The Garden, Breakdown etc.
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    I hate cricket, golf, rugby, basically any sports with balls ⚽️ 🏈🎾🎱🏸🏓🏏🏑⛳️ I like certain balls
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    Have i stumbled into the men's thread?? Have some cute girly kittens
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    I think denial/sugarcoating is at an all time high right now. Jungle has been fantastic throughout 2016 and even bits of 2017, and it sucks now. For the first time in his career since recording TIL his voice is failing to reach some of the notes and he is switching to a lower voice. For the first time in his career since releasing UYI he is failing to reach notes in the bridge of YCBM, and his voice is reverting back to a low voice, voluntarily or not. His voice cracks and falters whenever he goes high, and he even had a bad Nightrain performance for the first time since god knows when. But hey, everything is fine, Axl is fantastic. People who paid and go to shows, drink lots of beer and sing along the songs are surprisingly not complaining. To each their own, I guess. I know the shows are great and very enjoyable when you are there, but to not recognize what's going on with his voice right now is a level of delusion that baffles me.
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    Just came across this video uploaded today by JHAudioOfficial. Pretty interesting as it features the entire NITL lineup minus Axl. Also Tom Mayhue and other crew members. Some very cool shots of the stage, rehearsal room, equipment, etc.
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    Not to get into a setlist discussion, but I was wondering why they never play some of their best songs in concert? I sure appreciate them doing Estranged and Coma, but I wouldn't mind some even deeper cuts. They have so many great original songs but they rarely ever play them! Like Breakdown, Catcher In The Rye, Locomotive, Prostitute, Dead Horse, The Garden, Sorry...I mean seriously that's some really good shit, much better than the covers they do every night. Do you think they don't like these songs anymore? Or maybe they are too hard for them to pull them off in concert?
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    Hey friends! Here's the Kids Tribute to Guns N' Roses from Moscow, Russia... made by 8-years-old children with live sound and sincere love for GnR music! All the generations here are looking forward to historical reunion concert of GnR on 13th July 2018 at Otkrytie Arena in Moscow!
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    What Izzy lacked in shirtlessness he made up for in pants- tightness, which is nice.
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    First of all I think they do a pretty good job with the set list over all. Some bands don't change their sets at all and Guns do add subtle changes. My only gripe is when they play more than 3 CD songs but so far this leg they have balanced it out better. The 3 shows I saw this tour were all a bit different. For instance 7 songs played at the last show I saw in Boston weren't played at the first Vegas show I was at. That is a pretty decent swing. Unfortunately 2 of them were CD songs in the encore.. ughh lol... Aside from the CD stuff the only songs I don't really care for are Wish You Were Here and Blackhole Sun. All that said, they still do have a bunch of songs to choose from that they haven't played. Not sure if Axl could feasibly sing them all but they have plenty to choose from if they ever wanted to throw in another deep cut here and there. I would enjoy any of these. Reckless Life Nice Boys Move to the City Mama Kin You're Crazy (slow version preferred) Down On The Farm Think About You Anything Goes (It is still a good song.. Just out shined by the rest of the album. I actually like it better than the AFD version of You'r Crazy. Dust N' Bones You Ain't The First Bad Obsession Back Off Bitch Don't Damn me Bad Apples Dead Horse 14 Years Get In The Ring - without the rant Breakdown Shotgun Blues Pretty Tied Up Locomotive
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    Alex show your way out..this might be the worst opinion I’ve read on here
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    Everyone who's sane. They're awful.
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    Berlin audiences are the most critical and spoiled in the world. Every band , artist, etc. you can imagine shows up here and there is a lot of comparison ( who was good, who sucked?). Germans are quite critical but they are honest and if you suck they will tell you, but if not you'll really have a great and thankful audience. They are just not able to pretend that something is good if it isn't. Is it charming? No. But you always know where you are standing which is not so bad IMO.
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    They should take 4 drummers on the road, every guitarist, Tracey and Roberta to help us. Then re-create every song as it is on the record live. There’s a few CD songs that need Frank and Brain drumming at the same time. Bucket, Finck, Fortus, Ron, Huge. AFD has 3 guitar tracks on it so we need to clone Slash to re-create AFD perfectly. I never thought I’d say this but we need Gilby for the Spaghetti covers live. Bach needs to be there for Sorry.
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    As much as some deserve it, let's leave personal insults out of the conversation. No need to belittle someone because they are autistic. Thanks!
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    Melissa's #overuse of #hashtags makes #me #want to #die.
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    The "famous" Ole Beich (the blond one) lasted two rehearsals. Then Duff came in and they played 7 shows, then Tracii Guns left/was kicked out followed by Rob Gardner, and then Slash and Steven came in.
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    Honestly, I would like to like my own post.
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    Ghost Prequelle Even the instrumental tracks are awesome. So cool that Tobias is letting the Ghouls shine on this new cd. This is one of my mom's favorite LZ tracks. When she saw them in 1973 they never played the damn song. Always the same songs that went on for hours. lol This is a very cool song.
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    Part of me wishes Axl would have dissolved GNR after 2002 failed. Returned in 04 as a solo artist and mellowed out a bit working on an acoustic record and touring small venues for five years. Then do a grand return to GNR in 2009-2010. Thats kinda my personal hindsight simply because I’d liked to have more content from Axl Rose. He’s kinda the one that we haven’t gotten to see the talent meet the potential. He’s had an insanely great career but for what could have been and what has been it’s a bit of a disappointment. I think Axl alluded to this in that interview from 2006 on radio. The whole thing could have gone a million directions in the end
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    Great thread. I just wanted to comment on what someone else briefly touched on. They don't pay royalties to Izzy for playing songs live, or any band that plays covers in bars/pubs wouldn't survive. You only pay if they are recorded and broadcast/sold. You can play anything live, the venues do pay towards costs but it's minimal. I really don't think that would be the reason anyway. Axl would not omit songs not to pay Izzy a small royalty. I would personally love room for more tracks like Dead Horse, Perfect Crime, Locomotive, Back off Bitch and some lesser played CD songs. I'm just glad songs like Estranged, Coma and DTJ are now regulars at shows.
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    I believe it was in MSL's 'internal emails' debacle where he talked about DJ making more than Ron, Dizzy and Caram requesting back-pay, there was a bunch of shit he claimed were in the emails and Axl dissolving the band was one of them. I'll have a look for them. edit: I meant to imply in the original post it was just a rumor, not something I'm claiming is true, just to be clear.
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    England - Scotland England - Germany England - Argentina
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    They could easily replace Black Hole Sun with Bad Obession. It would also be more suitable for Axl's voice.
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    That’s a great point. Whether it had a solo or what kind of form it was in while being considered who knows. I saw above that Axl wrote part of it to a hip hop beat. Maybe this remix is connected to that movie version. But the way I see it 2002 CD was different in scope/sound than what they started putting together with Costanzo. In 2006 the plan was to make the songs more rock n roll according to Ron. He added rhythmn guitars to everything. That guitar part on Chi dem gave it a much more GNR feel. It seemed someone started to see a shape for the record.Big intro, almost a UYI style tracklisting. Going for more of a big rock record feel. With that TIL was probably suggest ed as a classic sounding GNR ballad. Maybe it was just an ace Axl had up his sleeve but it doesn’t seem to have been written in the CD era but it fits in with Chi dem and Better pretty well. With SOD and Sorry you have songs ranging from AFD to UYI covered. Then Shacklers, If the World, Prostitute are pushing the envelope.
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    I mean...that's already off to a good start if I want to grind some gears I think
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    Ha! The write up makes me think of Chris Thorn or whoever from Blind Melon on one of the podcasts a while back telling about Blind Melon getting on the GNR jet and seeing the platters of lobster and the huge bar... but then being quickly escorted to a tiny cabin with zero amenities or accoutrements. Im thinking that is the type of flight experience that only GNR could create.
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    Just heard on tv that we were 100.000!!! Axl introduced Duff as the former King of beers and duff laughed surprised. Then added the word "f..king" before Every surname of band members (except for melissa). Before introducing slash said something about Italian crowds and waited for us screaming madly for some loooong seconds. Twice Tried to cut the show saying that It was all, only because he wanted to hear us complain. Made funny faces during used to love her. Asked for 2 banners from the crowd. Did something to meeghan e they laughed and jumped backstage. That's the best I Can Remember for now..
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    So you get to fly with the crew? Who the fuck wants to do that? Chatting to some guys who have been brought on by a 3rd party by livenation or whatever promoter to chat how they dont really like GNR but absolutely love Gojira? Or does Fernando act like a VIP and you get to gaze at his moustache and lick his arse for a flight by telling him brilliant he is? Sorry i dont seem very positive about this, but unless you get to fly with the band and get to have a chat with all of them including Axl then fuck this.
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    That's the thing, In my personal opinion Frank would sound much better, if he was free to play the songs the way Frank would play them, instead of trying to be somewhat faithful to the original versions. But we all know that people would slaughter him here, even more than now, if he would actually make the songs his own. When you're a GNR drummer, you can't win, unless you're Steven or Matt. When you read these forums, the biggest complaint towards Frank is always the tempo (which isn't his fault) and that he doesn't play the songs faithfully enough compared to the originals. That's why it's so silly to see people praising Taylor's drumming, when he plays the song waaaay faster than Frank and he's not faithful to the original version at all. Frank plays it much more faithfully. If Taylor was the drummer of GNR there's no way people would accept that kind of drumming. He would be called the worst drummer of all times etc... It all comes down to this. Some people won't accept anyone else but Adler or maybe Matt as the drummer of GNR. Who ever is the replacement, they want him out and they want Adler instead. Their hate towards the drummer, who ever it is, becomes so strong and irrational that they genuinely start believing that anyone would be a better drummer than the current one. If he plays the songs faithfully, then he has no feeling. If he plays the songs his own way, then he butchers the songs. It doesn't matter how he plays, other people always play the songs better. Until that other person becomes the official drummer of GNR. Then he becomes the worst drummer of all times and the past drummer will be remembered fondly. Who ever is the current drummer is always the worst. In the end only Adler could ever become a fully accepted drummer of GNR. I have a feeling that even Matt would get a lot of hate in here. Gilby also. Some people won't be satisfied before Steven and Izzy are back in the band. Everyone else is the worst musician of all times if they're a drummer or a rhytm guitarist of GNR. Today even DJ Ashba would probably be remembered fondly, if he was replaced by anyone else but Slash, cause if it was anyone else, he would now be the worst lead guitarist of all times according to many people here. Well, that's the impression that I get when I read this forum. Of course there's individuals here with different tastes. This isn't directed to anyone specifically. I'm sure that some genuinely don't like Frank's playing, but many seem to have just jumped into the Frank hating bandwagon without actually even knowing what they dislike about him, except the fact that he isn't Steven or Matt.