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    Great show in a cool little venue. I live in the Seattle area and my brother lives in SLC so I planned a little vacation to come down here to visit him and see Slash in the same trip since he doesn’t have any Seattle shows announced. In regards to the show, the one thing that really surprised me and is worth noting is how low of a volume they played at. Definitely the quietest rock show I’ve ever been too. My brother and I were able to talk to each other during the show without having to scream, which is usually the case. But all in all it was a fantastic show. Those guys are all killer players and are really tight as a unit. This was the second time I’ve seen the Conspirators and I enjoyed tonight a lot more mainly because of the setlist. I’m glad they only played one GNR song (Rocket Queen). Quite frankly, I’m very tired of the Guns material and I’m much more into Slash’s solo stuff because it’s not old and overplayed. The songs from the new album are all great. Call Of the Wild is probably my favorite. Can’t wait for the rest of the album to come out. Thought I’d give you all a little review of the show. Cheers!
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    Alright, here is my inevitable review on the first listen. Its overly long like all my reviews, I know some people in this thread seem to be upset with the seemingly negative reception some of the first singles have received on here. I'll start this post saying I am a HUGE Slash fan. The dude is my favorite guitar player. Not only that, I really like Myles and the rest of this band. Like a lot of people on here, I feel like I sort of "grew up" (at least in my young adult years) with them, in the sense that I've been following them since their formation. I was in my freshman year of college when Slash's first solo record came out and I played the hell out of it. Starlight was my favorite and it helped me get more into Myles and Alter Bridge. I was psyched Myles became Slash's singer. Even though I like him, I do totally see and understand the points of view some others have regarding him. Especially after the third album. Anyways, I was super excited for Apocalyptic Love and for me it delivered. I saw a bunch of shows that tour and even got to meet Slash. It fucking ruled. I also saw them once on the first album tour and WoF tour each and was at the Hall of Fame. Love and support these dudes. I was so fired up for AL and WoF. This new album got me nostalgic, so I went back to the WoF thread. Its like 160 pages and I started it like a year before the album was announced or something stupid. I was that excited. I still love that album, even though it has quite a bit of filler. So I am definitely a huge fan of these dudes, not a hater or anything. Track by track, The Call of the Wild- I like the weird start and stop intro. The choruses will later on prove to be some of the weakest points on this record, but I like the chorus here. Its fun and works for the song. Solo fits the song, although it isn't anything mind blowing. Sort of reminds me of the middle solo in Nightrain I guess. Song is alright. Serve You Right- Yeahhhhh. This tune smokes. Killer guitar work from Slash. I love the riff and the lead game is strong throughout. Myles sounds cool in the verses. The chorus doesn't elevate the song, but doesn't detract from it either. This is probably one of my favorites on the album. My Antidote- This is by far my favorite of the singles we've gotten so far. Cool riff and intro. Solo is pretty good, especially the start of it. Chorus and verses all flow together and I like the background wah parts on the verses. Wish the second verse wasn't shorter. Feels abrupt. Mind Your Manners- Sounds like a WoF leftover. Lyrics are pretty stupid. Its not offensively bad or anything, just lackluster. Now that we have heard the whole album I actually appreciate a quick hard rock tune. I just wish it was a better one. Lost Inside the Girl- They really (the band and some reviews/previews) hyped this one up and it falls short because of the stupid fucking chorus and song structure. I had a grin on when it started. Sounded like a sleazy Snakepit tune. Myles started great on the verse. "Oh shit, this is going to be unreal"... nope its fucking not. The chorus sounds like a country pop song. What the fuck were they thinking. It doesn't fit the song at all and makes it sound like a shitty ballad when it could have instead been a really cool and creepy song. Like, its not an inherently bad sounding chorus, its just disappointing thinking about what the song could have been. Then, I was hoping after the main solo the song would shift direction for something different and cool in the second half. Nope, we get the chorus again. The solos are great, but man, what a missed opportunity for them to have done something different and cool. Read Between the Lines- Really dig it. I don't know if its the production or what, but for the most part the rest of the album reminds me more of the 2010 album. Its cleaner sounding (whatever that means) with less Slash/GNR-like riffs. That doesn't mean these songs don't rock, though. They don't change the game, but Myles' melodies work great on this one. Really good solo. Slash has some great notes to hold runs on in between the shredding. Great lead tone, too. This is probably one of my favorites. Slow Grind- Another one I really dig. This and Read Between the Lines are sort of quick filler tracks that kick ass to me. This is a pretty poppy one, for sure. Also really impressed by the solo in this one. He actually planned something out it seems, and its great. Some awesome technique in that one. Also some great background fills throughout the song. The One You Loved is Gone- What the fuck. Its a straight up pop song. It isn't bad, but I'm not going through a breakup, so pass. Good solo, I guess. Meh, this could have been side by side with Gotten on the first album. Driving Rain- Generic and boring although the riff is great and verses are alright. Like Mind Your Manners, I would have liked a few more WoF-y songs, just better ones. Chorus is so singalongy and boring and the bridge is fucking stupid. Why are they revisiting Standing in the Sun (a much better song, anyways)? Pass. Sugar Cane- Really cool riff. Pop rock with some Slash guitar. Its definitely filler, but its alright. Typical run of the mill Slash solo on this one. The Great Pretender- Slash channels Still Got the Blues by Gary Moore. Awesome tone on the leads throughout the song. Myles sounds good on the verses but it suffers a bit from SMKC-chorus-syndrome. Not quite something like Lost Inside the Girl or Driving Rain where it detracts from the song for me. One of the best solos on the record and I actually wish it went a little longer. It IS a good song. I dig it quite a bit, but this is another example where I think someone else could have helped elevate it (ok, I'm talking about Axl). The leads and verses are great. The chorus and bridge are alright. They're fine... they just don't make the song better imo. The song sort of plods on with everything going at the same tempo with the same sounds. I would have loved some really different parts to bring it home. Still, its a good song. A little different for these guys, so that is good. Boulevard of Broken Hearts- Another decent short pop rock song. I dig the Fleetwood Mac guitar. It doesn't stand out, but its fun. Its fine. I quite like Slash's tone on the solo. And its done. So I like the album, but I am quite underwhelmed. I've probably listened to all the songs twice now (except Lost Inside the Girl) so obviously that isn't enough to rank it. I know a lot of people will say its just like any other SMKC project, but for me it wasn't quite what I was expecting. WoF had a lot of filler (Stone Blind, Avalon, The Dissident), but I love that record. It was more hard pop-rock and some of the songs reminded me of more modern hard rock. I also really like AL, its stripped down and quick with some real standout songs. There is no Anastasia on Living the Dream, there is no Wicked Stone and that is disappointing. There isn't that one really cool standout song that knocks me off my feet. My favorites are probably Serve You Right, My Antidote, Read Between the Lines, and Slow Grind. They are cool songs, but stuff like Wicked Stone, The Unholy, Beneath the Savage Sun, etc really excited me on the last album. These are just cool Slash tunes. I think some of the solos are great on here, but for the most part there aren't as many that really jump out at me and grab me. The choruses overall are more generic than ever and actually hurt some of the songs. They weren't anything new on WoF, but choruses were catchy and way better on that album (Shadow Life, Automatic Overdrive, title track, 30 Years to Life, Withered Delilah, etc) I also think his tone is a different on this album and for some songs it works while others it doesn't as much. It almost sounds like he isn't using humbuckers on a lot of parts. I like single coils but with Slash we are all used to the Les Paul/Marshall combo. His normal tone shines through on a lot of the solos, but some of the rhythm parts and riffs I wish were beefier. I kind of had the same complaint as Avalon on the last record but that was only one song where my ears picked up on that so I didn't mind it as much. Might be a different guitar or amp, or the production, or I could just be crazy. The production is very clean and perfect on this, and not as raw (ok none of these multi million dollar releases are raw, but more simple?) as AL or even WoF. I don't think its a protools thing, as countless albums are recorded digitally. It sounds good, its just different and makes the album seem more poppy. Maybe thats why it reminds me of the 2010 album. Overall, I'm disappointed but it isn't a bad record... its fine. I'm glad to have more SMKC songs and I'm glad they are back. If this was the album we got in 2012 or 2014 I probably would have been gushing because I just love Slash and I like hearing him play guitar. I do think this is definitely weaker than AL and WoF, but I was still way more hyped for those albums before they were released. I said in an earlier post that I couldn't put my finger on what I thought was wrong and why I wasn't nearly as excited as I was for AL and WoF (I didn't think the singles were that amazing for WoF although they are better than these singles). I think after listening to Living the Dream I know what it is, Its fucking GNR. Myles, Todd, Brent, and Frank are great. This band has been a lot of fun for me over the years and I respect them all as an independent band and as individual musicians. Fuck me, though. We have Axl, Slash, and Duff together again. I know one project doesn't and shouldn't have anything to do with the other. I know an all new GNR album would probably not deliver. I don't care, I want them to try. This is the third album with Myles. He's done a good job, but he is indeed a better fit in Alter Bridge. He sounds good to great on some Slash songs, and detracts from others. I say that as a fan of the guy. I'm not saying I want this band to break up or for Slash to stop doing his own thing, its just this is the third album cycle. I thought they did sort of push themselves a bit with WoF and this seems to be a regression. Maybe Axl and Slash could push each other (Yeah right), or maybe these guys are older and past their peak and we should just accept what we get and maybe we will get lucky here and there. TLDR- I like it, but its disappointing and the weakest SMKC album for me right now.
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    Thank you. I could understand the troll motivation when there was still a split in the GNR world and it was a warring tribes mentality to tear down the other side, but at this point it makes no sense. The totally over the top "I had to turn it off after 20 seconds because Myles is so bad" type takes (of which there seem to be many) are also starting to remind me of the little kids that run up to the girls they secretly like and punch them in the arm or something as a sign of affection (while claiming they hate them at the same time). People are trying way too hard, because even if you don't like him the guy is still considered one of the best singers in rock today. Being so totally over the top with the hatred like he is local goon down at Karaoke night embarrassing himself and ruining everything is just laughable (at least it would be if it wasn't so sad). If people want a Guns sounding album take it up with Axl, as Slash would be more than willing to help if asked I am sure. Turning every thread about SMKC thread into a boo hoo session about why Slash isn't trying to write November Rain pt. 4000 when it's his non-GNR solo stuff is stupid and misplaced anger. Folks should also be eternally grateful to Myles for bringing back most of the GNR back catalog for Slash when it looked like a reunion was never happening. For that period from 93-2010 Slash wasn't playing any of that stuff really outside of a few of the easy songs, and Slash wasn't going to play the better stuff where it would be embarrassing to himself and the GNR legacy. People like me who were just old enough to have missed GNR's prime were looking at a future of never getting to see him play most of the Appetite songs, Civil War, YCBM and so forth because they are vocally demanding and few guys can do them justice enough to justify Slash playing them. I still remember how fired up I was hearing Slash play Rocket Queen that first time they did thinking I was never hearing that again. Same goes for SCOM (minus the 1 or 2 times he did it with Fergie). No one requires anyone to love Myles, but he gave Slash a platform that helped keep the GNR legacy alive at a time when Axl was doing everything he could to run it into the ground. I think doing so also gave Slash that spark again to realize how much he missed playing that stuff. He managed to credibly cover the GNR stuff without trying to be a cover version of Axl, which is an almost impossible task because of how distinct his voice is. Guy will always be A++ in my book for what he did during that period for GNR fans.
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    When you listen to the NR demo you are hearing the same lyrics and melody. The chord structure is all there. What you are referring to is the arrangement. Obviously from 1986 to 1991 it evolved and changed. Songs sometimes change over the years when they are being worked on. Some songs are done in their form in 5 mins, some take years. There’s no formula here. Producers can change or they can bring in outside help, but that doesn’t make them a songwriter If they used outside writers, they’d own part of the copyright and would be listed in the credits. Outside of the guys they’d normally would write with, there’s nothing there
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    Chinese Democracy Time. So about 10 years from now!
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    The ballad solo just SCREAMS Guns! One of the highlights of the album so far. For now, i’d say that if you didn’t like the singles, then the album is going to surprise you. And if you did like them, then you’ll probably love it.
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    There are some great posters on this thread that have given negative responses and that's ok. They're just expressing opinions. But if you hate all of Slash's solo stuff, well it probably makes no sense to be here other than to troll.
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    So i picked my son up from afterschool care and he greets me with one of those stick on googly eyes on his forehead and says " I'm the Illuminati "....i don't know kids these days.
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    Most probably post-concert blues or hangover, I had one very severe after my last GNR show, I don't remember being so down for very, very long. Concert worth it, the better the show and the more you love the band, the more harsh it will go.
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    It was expected that there would be nothing much about the current affairs in GnR. It was funny how many times and how many ways Dean Delray tried to get a word from Duff about Izzy, future plans etc. It's interesting though that Duff didn't want to answer even the question in the end about what he will be doing while Slash will be busy with his band. From the way Duff talked about Izzy in regards to the past I got the vibe that there is no bad blood between them on a personal level - or Duff wanted to get across that there is no bad blood from his side, at least. It was a good interview overall. Interesting stuff about the Illusion albums.
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    I get it, I'm poor too, but we all just should live a little... If not, what's the thrill of living? I'm talking out of my ass, this meme actually sums it up pretty well But, oh well, at the end of the day concerts are always worth it
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    They really shouldn't even have choruses if they can't write more than 4 different ones for the album I mean The Great Pretender doesn't really have one, they could do something like that more often. I always imagine Liam Gallagher's Wall of Glass as an example, chorus is "waaaall of glaaasss" and a little riff and it sounds pretty good. You don't have to go for arena rock anthem thing every time when you clearly can't
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    I was reading through an old thread on the China Exchange interview and just happened to stumble across this quote, which I found pretty funny: What made you change your mind? Hypocrites indeed.
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    Seriously, anyone who hasn't seen it already, look at this. LOOK AT THIS!!!!!! https://www.metallica.com/store/and-justice-for-all-remastered-deluxe/REAJFADLX.html Someone please tell me how an amazing set which is literally packed full to the brim with actual content is being sold for $200, but we get a barely noticeable remaster, demos that we've already had for years (decades?), and a box full of useless crap for a fucking grand. What the fuck? If we got something like this I would have pre-ordered it in a heartbeat.
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    @GNRfanMILO Every-time i see his posts I know to skip. Usually identifiable by CAPS followed BY non CAPS
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    Never Aerosmith full on ghost writers, but friends liek Paul, West etc. helping out with ideas and stuff. With Izzy and Axl they basically had one of the best songwriter teams in rock. Izzy is like the solid ground to Axl artistry madness and Axl is the wings and fireworks to Izzys downearth rock and roll, its a shame these two dont work together anymore.
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    Whether or not the fact that Izzy personally asked him to pull the book is true, the author is glossing over a lot. I was one of the few people who managed to actually receive a copy (I preordered it back in the day) and it is a steaming pile of shit. How much of a steaming pile of shit? He spells Izzy's name wrong on the first page. I'm gonna say that again, because I can't emphasize this enough: He spells. Izzy's name. WRONG. On the first. Page. A lot of the material was straight-up stolen from the old fansite, and he didn't bother to get permission to reprint any of the pictures or articles he used. The original material was so badly edited (not even spellchecked!) that it was incoherent, and didn't give any new information. When I posted my review to beenafix, Jake Brown showed up and called me a f@ggot. It's interesting that he's saying now that Izzy personally told him to pull it, because back then he told me that the book getting pulled from Amazon was my fault and threatened to sue me. So yeah. Fuck that guy.
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    The Great Pretender sounds alright Sugar Cane followed by utterly brilliant The Great Pretender, as I start to feel more than a little bipolar. This track is truly dazzling in every way possible and every note played to perfection by the perfect performer. Again, one wonders if anyone but The Conspirators could possibly have brought such raw emotion bleeding to the fore from every pore. The solos…oh god, the solos.
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    While I can't say much, I'm now working for a political party. If you've seen The Thick of It, it's like that, but with more arguments.
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    She must spend a lot of time on Gimp sharpening Rose's chin.
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    Absolutely @Alja Guys I met Alan Niven tonight!
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    Yes, I know the feeling!! And I also know how to heal it The answer is - and I'm sorry your bank acount won't agree - more concerts. Last year after the GNR show I went to see Aerosmith and this year Steven Tyler with his solo project and Nuno Bettencourt. So choose a band you like, don't think about the money and just go... It will feel better
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    Guns N' Roses fandom summed up in 11 words.
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    Can't wait until they ask him what did he think of the success of both the albums and the tour, for him to reply "yeah that made me HAPPEAAAH".
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    Slash: "Richard is awesome. He and I complement each other really well. I think Rich has brought out some of my best guitar playing, just playing with him, because he's so accomplished technically and all that. "We wanted to get it focused more in a feel for what 'Appetite' really sounded like. We just slowly but surely evolved into something that captured that but still seems new and fresh. It's been an interesting ride and a lot of fun." Richard: "There's a reason that Slash is a legend. As a guitarist, the players that I always held in the highest regard are those that took chances. Those that stretched out every night and never played the same thing twice. "Hendrix, Beck, Van Halen - those guys kept pushing and stretching their limits on a nightly basis. Slash is exactly that. "I have the incredible good fortune of being able to listen to him nightly and stand inches from him and have a musical conversation with him. He's definitely made me a better musician." https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/news/general_music_news/slash_richard_fortus_brought_out_some_of_my_best_guitar_playing_hes_awesome.html
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    When the messiah gives such high praise it must be hard to swallow for all those who suggested Slash didn't like Fortus, or for those that said Fortus's style didn't suit GNR. Ah, it's days like this that make the last 2 years of whinging (from both sides) worthwhile.
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    Love it!!! just checking out some more now Thanks guys for the suggestions
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    But... There aren't any temporary tattoos included! 😂
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    Until GN'R learns to do a boxset like Metallica, I am not really interested. Especially for these prices.
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    Very cool review , I guess myself and a few on this board love the new album , because I do , but most of the haters on here don't and that's cool too, as a lifelong SLASH fan -I am a happy MOFO because SLASH slays on this record , riffs and solos like no other JUST LIKE HE ALWAYS DOES -SLASH is a the top of his game right now-HEY AXL? WHERE THE FUCK U AT? Because SLASH is ready to create the best GNR ALBUM POSSIBLE, STEP AND LETS GET THIS DON E PS I play guitar in a band and have for a long time , making a record is very hard, so all of you critics bashing MYLES , how many records have u cats made ? do u cats even play a instrument ?
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    http://silvertigermedia.com.au/2018/09/album-review-slash-ft-myles-kennedy-the-conspirators-living-the-dream/ Ok now I'm crazy hyped again!
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    McGregor and Money sucking each others dicks at gunpoint? I think I have my Netflix special!
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    Hadn't listened to Sticky Fingers in a while and I swear every time you put this album on after not hearing it for a while it completely blows you away all over again. What a fucking brilliant record!
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    Haha, I do the same, I go to at least three concerts a year and that way there’s always something I’m waiting for. This year I’ve only been to Download so far but I have tickets for Jack White and The Prodigy yet to see... then I’ll be looking for next year. * And I saw Iron Maiden last month, forgot about that one
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    Chris Pitman's synth bridge > everything else on this song
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    Worst Photographer ever. Of course she has to be gnr's photographer
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    This. I don’t even know how this music would sound to me if I didn’t have it in the context of that time. The period from Appetite through grunge up to 1996 and the end of Britpop was brilliant. Great music, great drugs and great great bands. An earlier poster mentioned his Aunt was a nun who bought him the albums.... I went to a Catholic school and the teacher would rattle on 2-3 times a week about bands being Satanic and all this bollocks. Madonna with her black jesus and all that stuff. Guns were a prime target of this monkeys ire. Droning on about playing their music backwards and getting messages.... being into Guns in the area I grew up in was for people who were “trouble” ...drinkers, bikers, stoners, coke heads, fighters. It was a lifestyle for sure. And it was fucking great 😂 Nirvana are also a band that make no sense now. They stopped making sense to me the day he was found dead. That period was a great great time to be alive and into music. Nirvana and bands of that ilk were brilliant live, you knew the people at the gigs were cool, and it was pure joy when they played. It felt like music and society were changing at that time, it did feel somewhat revolutionary, tv shows like the word on channel 4 were chaotic, print media was changing, indie record labels were churning out hit after hit, the underground was coming overground there was a change happening. That ended the minute he was found dead for me. Nirvana have never sounded the same to me since. Oasis filled that gap. Seeing them live on the tours for the first two albums were brilliant gigs. But it ended in 96 I think, bullshit record company stuff got hold of music again around that time. Guns N Roses releasing UYI 1&2 on the same day and the tour that followed made perfect sense in the 90s. They were the last great rock band in the mould of Stones, Zeppelin, etc.... But no one knew it then. The 90s pissed all over the 60s. There, I said it. 😂
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    @Gibbo is dead on about Eric Dover... That video of him doing SCOM was just last year. The fucker still sounds great. He wrote great lyrics, he was different. I would argue outside of Axl, Dover was his most talented front man. Back in 1995 Geffen pulled them from the road. Now in 2018 Slash says Dover wasn't comfortable. Looks comfortable now!! Look at him sing Weiland! NOTHING GENERIC ABOUT THIS GUY!
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    i see your point, its a good one. i would say i agree 100% with you but i have some doubts axl - does axl really spends time "thinkering, over analyzing, copying and pasting layers"? i dont think he does. I don't think axl spends time writing music AT ALL. i think that for the last 28 years he was probably doing whatever else 90% of the time -- like watching TV or drinking all day or laying on the sofa or whatever, except working on music. i would go on and say that he likely spent 90-95% of the 13 years he took to do his solo album doing nothing, just procrastinating. axl again - does axl really feels "a need to have to evolve"? There is some evidence -- if you believe in Zakk Wylde, for example -- that Axl was obsessed in being "current", "modern", etc, to the point that he was envying pearl jam (!) and limp bizkit (!!) in the mid-90s (). that has nothing to do with desire to evolve musically. that has everything to do with the desire to look good. which is understandable (we all wanna be admired, don't we) but pretty pathetic, isn't it? Izzy can write good rock songs rock songs and some fucking great ones and he has a good enough band to make them sound very nice. But, yeah, i see your point, of course he doesn't have a guitar player like slash and his singing doesn't have the drama-quality that Axl singing has (used to have?), which would automatically improve all of his songs and eventually turn a lot of them into classics. agree 100% with what you said about slash: can play great guitar but isn't able to translate that into great songs. all that leads me to the conclusion that these guys should #1) be together in a band again,like, for example, GNR could reunite, couldnt it?
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    Not ghost writers, just friends like Paul, West, Del, etc. Paul Huge is still locked in the vault, fine-tuning The General right now.
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    Slash still has it... My Antidote is another one that KICKS ASS musically... Same with Mind Your Manners. Not ground breaking but it sounds like an old school 70's AC/DC jam guitar wise anyway.. Rock N' Rill doesn't need to be groundbreaking and the songs have great potential.. But again Myles just makes the songs all sound the same. Then the choruses with him and Todd harmonizing every time has been beaten to death.. I am not a CD lover.. I hate that album... I am a GIANT Slash fan and have bought and enjoyed everything he has released up until now. I am not wasting my money on this.. I will take my free digital copy from ticket master and am most likely selling my tickets as well. Aside from a few SMKC songs, the VR and GnR songs were always the highlights for me anyway. I am just done with Myles.... This isn't just the opinion of the forum either. My two cousins, my buddy and a friend from work are big Slash fans. All 4 of them have came to the same conclusion about Myles and everything sounding the same.
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    Your posts are absolutely hilarious, in a bad way. I already had very little interest in the album but posts like these make me have even less
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    well GNR died the day Ashba quit so i'm just trying to keep the spirit alive