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    This seemed like it would be a fun thread. Is there any type of game you thought you would play forever, but it's dead to you now? What is it? Why did it die out for you? I'll start Genre: MMORPG Pinnacle: Asheron's Call (Yeah, before Assasins Creed there was another AC!) How I found it:I had never played an MMORPG before, Everquest didn't appeal to me in the slightest. I actually had beta access to Asheron's Call (that I got from a Microsoft rep) and didn't even touch it because they told me it was the "Everquest Killer." I only got it because Resident Evil 3 was like a month away and I wanted to kill time. My friend had gotten Asheron's Call and was nagging me to try it. Why it was so awesome: It was a massive open world, without loading screens. I had never seen anything like it (not sure if there WAS anything like it) and it was the wild west. You could pick a direction and go running and eventually find things you had never seen before, and had no idea if anyone else had. You learned of things from other players, in game, in real time. It 1999, and the internet was NOT what it is today. Not every quest/mission/dungeon was documented on well laid out web sites. You even had to figure out how to cast spells through experimentation! Spells were a a candle, a scarab and a combination of 12 herbs and powders out of like 50 and you just tried different combinations until your spell did something beside *fizzle*. Once you knew a spell, you would tell all of your clanmates. Same thing with new dungeons, chests etc. There was no global chat, so if you wanted to talk to people, you went to a town. Some of the most fun online gaming that me and my best friend ever had came during those days. Just running around looking for shit (The visuals were good for that time, also) We run across old notebooks with spells we hand wrote, coordinates to dungeons, etc. snap a pic and send a "remember this?" text and get a good laugh. Why it is now DEAD to me: I actually played AC on and off until the closed it for good in December of 2016, but the reason it will never be replicated is because of the timing of its release. The internet was so far from what it is today, no game will ever require exploration like Asheron's Call. Today, before a game goes live, you have your choice of a dozen websites to see every single quest/easter egg/location etc. Even if you avoid spoilers, you are never going to discover shit that is new to EVERYONE. My personal expectations have ALSO changed because of the internet. As much as I look back at the game fondness, I would not tolerate a game where I had to fail at spells 1,000 times to run across one that worked, I wouldn't accept a game with no global chat, and I'd probably rage quit the first or second time I got lost or ran 40 minutes only to find it was wasted time because there is nothing for me to do where I ended up. It really is a situation that cannot be duplicated because of modern tech, and if it was, it would flop, hard... but goddam, it was awesome back in the day.