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    People are dissing Richard for playing with Rihanna, but Slash has done the same thing?
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    Yes http://www.mygnrforum.com/topic/217883-lets-play-30-day-music-challenge/ I missed these challenges (although I failed to finish the last one) so I don't mind doing this one again Day 1
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    day 1 WTF --my GN'R video got pulledputting the Ritz one instead day 2 I wanna play
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    I hate artists me. Used to live with one. Bunch of jobless ne'er-do-wells who wouldn't know a proper days work if it bummed them in the arse.
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    I love this subject so much I stared a very similar thread back in 2011 with some excellent responses from other posters. Could be fun to compare those answers to the ones given now 7 years later.
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    Johnny Carson once said “If you ever want to commit a murder and get away with it, go to Decatur, Illinois.” He was implying that the cornfields would help hide the body.
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    Fans who cannot see things from an objective point of view like to repeat like parrots that media is to blame for his reclusive spirit. I think he is a reclusive for fear of people and for being conscious of what he's done. Just take a look to the comments on any website where is reported that he's been criticizing Trump... In a nutshell, most comments advice him to clean his own backyard before criticizing others, they blame him for destroying the band, for walking out of shows and unleashing riots. I mean, none of those things are "made up stories" by the press. Thousands of people attended shows that were cancelled because of his behavior and people have intact memories of that. Also, he's the one who toured for more than a decade with a bunch of guys he called Gn'R but they were not.... no one else but him did it. When you have so many things to apologize for but you are not willing to do it, you obviously gotta go stealth with it.
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    Literally. See Vito Acconi In his original performance of the piece, Acconci lay hidden underneath the ramp installed at the Sonnabend Gallery, masturbating. The artist's spoken fantasies about the visitors walking above him were heard through loudspeakers in the gallery.[1] "In this legendary sculpture/performance Acconci lay beneath a ramp built in the Sonnabend Gallery. Over the course of three weeks, he masturbated eight hours a day while murmuring things like...
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    21 days until the Mexico show 😊
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    Was he exactly been burnt badly in the past? I mean it. What was the press being unfair about, seriously? Sure, if you count the domestic violence, riots and going mental on his bandmates, which he totally didn’t do, so he’s fucking innocent? lol You know what I mean? He just wasn’t a nice person and the press caught up on that. For some reason I do think he now is a nice enough person on a daily basis. I think those Indy-boys are somewhat reclusive. Maybe it’s a mentality thing?
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    This seemed like it would be a fun thread. Is there any type of game you thought you would play forever, but it's dead to you now? What is it? Why did it die out for you? I'll start Genre: MMORPG Pinnacle: Asheron's Call (Yeah, before Assasins Creed there was another AC!) How I found it:I had never played an MMORPG before, Everquest didn't appeal to me in the slightest. I actually had beta access to Asheron's Call (that I got from a Microsoft rep) and didn't even touch it because they told me it was the "Everquest Killer." I only got it because Resident Evil 3 was like a month away and I wanted to kill time. My friend had gotten Asheron's Call and was nagging me to try it. Why it was so awesome: It was a massive open world, without loading screens. I had never seen anything like it (not sure if there WAS anything like it) and it was the wild west. You could pick a direction and go running and eventually find things you had never seen before, and had no idea if anyone else had. You learned of things from other players, in game, in real time. It 1999, and the internet was NOT what it is today. Not every quest/mission/dungeon was documented on well laid out web sites. You even had to figure out how to cast spells through experimentation! Spells were a a candle, a scarab and a combination of 12 herbs and powders out of like 50 and you just tried different combinations until your spell did something beside *fizzle*. Once you knew a spell, you would tell all of your clanmates. Same thing with new dungeons, chests etc. There was no global chat, so if you wanted to talk to people, you went to a town. Some of the most fun online gaming that me and my best friend ever had came during those days. Just running around looking for shit (The visuals were good for that time, also) We run across old notebooks with spells we hand wrote, coordinates to dungeons, etc. snap a pic and send a "remember this?" text and get a good laugh. Why it is now DEAD to me: I actually played AC on and off until the closed it for good in December of 2016, but the reason it will never be replicated is because of the timing of its release. The internet was so far from what it is today, no game will ever require exploration like Asheron's Call. Today, before a game goes live, you have your choice of a dozen websites to see every single quest/easter egg/location etc. Even if you avoid spoilers, you are never going to discover shit that is new to EVERYONE. My personal expectations have ALSO changed because of the internet. As much as I look back at the game fondness, I would not tolerate a game where I had to fail at spells 1,000 times to run across one that worked, I wouldn't accept a game with no global chat, and I'd probably rage quit the first or second time I got lost or ran 40 minutes only to find it was wasted time because there is nothing for me to do where I ended up. It really is a situation that cannot be duplicated because of modern tech, and if it was, it would flop, hard... but goddam, it was awesome back in the day.
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    Mustaine said BH is twice as good as him and Slash combined...end of discussion.
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    Some people say that Bucket can't put his feel into his guitar playing, but this is nonsense. They have never listened to the songs from albums like Colma, Electric Tears or other albums, because they wouldn't say it otherwise.
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    - Slash says Buckethead is a "fucking amazing player". - Slash fanboys respond by trashing Buckethead.
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    It's like those people who blindly support and follow Axl despite whatever he did or didn't do. There was this girl on IG recently who tried to pick a fight with me about it when I asked if she was going to go to any of the SMKC shows in Europe (if there was one near her). She got all upset because she's an "Axl girl" so I guess she can't support SMKC as well. Fans like her are really annoying and ruin it for everyone else.
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    In reply to the posts above: I like when artists evolve and progress, so I certainly hope GN'R never ever try to re-do AFD. I'd much rather hear them continue the progress of their sound that was made on UYI, then CD. The type of opinions in this thread are coming from 25+ years of history. Before Ashba & Ron were around, Axl and the rest of GN'R were going around telling everyone that they had over 40 amazing songs yet nothing ever came of it. The fact seems to be that Axl just has no interest in releasing music.
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    I don't like threads like this that try to state opinions as fact. Don't tell me to face "reality" and then give me your opinion why there will never be new another GNR record. I don't sit here every day eagerly anticipating word of a new single or album. However, when or if that day comes, I will rejoice. According to the band, Slash and Duff returning was only ever going to be a few dates and then "see what happens." They ended up getting along and they're touring every nook and cranny of this wide world. We don't know what they're doing in their downtime. Maybe Bumble was shut down because Axl didn't care for his songwriting ideas. Ditto for Ashba. Nothing either of those two ever wrote has really interested me. So I'm glad they weren't given carte blanche on anything GNR.
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    Changes in setlist? Let's see... who has died this year? Maybe they'll do a cover of Aretha Franklin's RESPECT.
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    This should impress me? He has his style and he's recognizable after few notes, obviously I won't deny that he's better technically than Slash. I just say that he's not as good as his fans think. BH can't match Malmsteen, Bettencourt, Satriani, Vai, Lukather, Petrucci, John 5, Al di Meola, Tremonti or even Bumblefoot (and many others). He uses really simple measures to be who he is, his bucketheadness made you a little blind on that matter. And that 'GNR footage I can dig into' is a total mess. He never did any justice to GNR classics, same with other NuGNR guitarists.
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    Guns would’ve got cancelled for OIAM these days. Parental Advisory stickers were a badge of honor. In a way when the president is un PC it’s not cool anymore. It used to be the right that was censorship now it’s the left or both. 90s bands were anti rock star but still behaving like rock stars. 90s movies were pretty un PC. Tarantino is pretty crazy for these times. It might just be that conspicuous excess isn’t cool anymore. But rock stars probably still living in luxury. They just don’t flaunt it. The Strokes had a chance to behave pretty badly and get away with it but they opted to just stay indie rock. I guess hip hop is now like 80s hair metal.
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    Rest in peace Shannon! Loved his singing
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    I don't know if I have heard that one, it definitely sounds like Axl though haha, I came into this thread thinking you were talking about the "he is in my ass, that's where Slash it - fuckhead go home!" thing during Patience in 2002 which is one of my favorite clips
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    I won’t talk about the quality of the production because it doesn’t matter how technical i get and what i say, in the end you will say “but i don’t like it, it’s a personal preference, it’s an opinion and i’m entitled to one”, and you are totally right, but your opinion doesn’t mean the production is poor. I don’t care about that “legacy”, to me it is an absurd idea. I love artists, period, because their art gets me on a deeper level than mere entertainment or pleasure. I dig that connection, it’s magical, and i just follow the artists creations as representations of his inner self, his life journey expressed to the world in the form of art. Axl was prolific until his ghosts started to get at him. During the Illusions recording he was already “unstable”, not showing up, etc... we all know the story, but he had a band. From then on it just got worse, he started going crazy(er), and it all went to shit. I don’t mean this in a mean way, I have much sympathy for his pain and suffering and going through that kind of emotional and mental rollercoaster. Anyway, he had something to prove, and that became his drive, but he was so insecure about it that the fear of failure froze him and pushed him into overperfectionist mode, and that’s an endless trip, it’s never good enough. But still, something came out of it, and that’s what it is, a snap of Axl’s interests at the time, his focus, his pain, his views, etc. And it also happens that I love the sound on CD. I couldn’t care less that “it doesn’t sound like guns” or that it isn’t straight rock & roll, or hard rock. I get bored when bands get stuck in a style or formula. That stagnant state starts to stink quickly. And most of the artists I admire have that characteristic: their art changes according to what they are going through and their influences at the time. And I like being surprised, and I also love layered music and that kind of production, the instrument separation, discovering new layers... it makes for very entertaining listens. And there is hidden stuff there that “gets lost in the mix”, and maybe that’s how it was intended to be and it was done like that for a reason, it’s not like professional producers and mixers didn’t know what they were doing and fucked up. So, based on that, and considering the bulk of material recorded, I’m very interested to listen more because of technicalities, preference for the style and what it means as an expression of the Axl of those years.
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    Great points, and the way you put it makes perfect sense. i just hope that we’ll get to listen to the rest of CD sometime. I consider that era to be Axl at his most creative and fearless (if that makes sense). I find it exciting when an artist steps outside of his own boundaries and dares to explore new territory and for me, being exposed to the outcome of that process (whatever it is) is a way more enriching experience than getting a 2.0 version of previous work. Given the circumstances, I fear that an album of new material will be a derivative collection of songs that will be made to please the crowds. I’d rather not get a single new song from GNR ever again.
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    Yeah, I agree, I love Axl on piano. I wish he would cover some of Elton's songs since he is also a fan of Elton. 😊
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    To me Bucket was probably the MVP of nuGuns. His moments like the TWAT solo were some of the best parts of that era and I enjoyed his take of stuff like the Nightrain outro solo. If Axl didn't force GNR to be sonically and visually totally different than public perception and expectation and did CD as a solo album I personally think it would be held in much higher regard. But you can't take a band called "Guns n' Roses" that was one of the biggest bands of its time period, and go around not having the vibe, look, or sound of that band anymore without getting shit for it. To me, a GNR without Slash is not truly GNR because Slash's guitar work is inexplicably at the very core of GNR's identity. So to me overall I think instead of thinking in terms of "who is the better player" I think in terms of "who is the better fit for GNR" and Slash is the only answer I can think to give Because overall their playing styles are just so different, a total "apples and oranges" type of thing
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    It's only in the guitar community that technique matters or is really given any prestige. Average music listeners want melody. They want a guitar part that has a melody that they can remember, follow and embrace. They appreciate it in the context of the song and how it makes the song better. It's why people like David Gilmour have become universally loved.
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    I think theres a section in flashs autobiography where he says as a way of giving advice to young bands, record together. That was based on the way VR recorded their albums and i think the way slash likes to record having the rest of the band with him. Im hoping if we get a new gnr album the band record together. When guns started rehearsing again in 96 the band were so disjointed they were in different patterns. Slash and duff would come in during the day but axl wouldnt shown up till either night or early hours of the morning. You cant develop a band chemistry if everyones in a different time zone.
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    I guess I'm a bit like the opposite of that girl, i lost interest in Guns when everyone left/got fired then I returned when Slash rejoined, I couldn't support Axl because there was nothing to support until CD came out a gazillion years later. I chose Slash who was making and releasing music but i still listened to all my old Guns bootlegs and loved them. I love classic Guns and always will, Axl was an amazing singer/frontman but a poor example of a man.
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    Electric Tears is my favorite Buckethead's album. I agree, yet both Slash and Dave aren't exactly the best benchmarks for technical abbilities. No one's tearing Bucket down, especially me because I like him and respect a lot, there's no other guitarist like him on this planet. What I'm trying to do is explain to you that he's not as big as some of you try to imply to the others. Are we clear now?
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    Apparently he got the main riff from listening to the dead tone on the phone.
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    Pass out and possibly shit himself!
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    I was at the Electric Factory show in Philly and it was awesome. Seeing Slash in such a small club venue is the way to do it! I have to say that Myles' stage presence was also a lot better (or at least different) than during his solo acoustic gig that I caught a few months back. He may not be as dynamic as Axl but he definitely had a stronger presence this time, while still letting Slash do his thing and command the stage. They sounded great. The new record grew on me a lot and it was fun hearing some of those tunes live. Slash also absolutely shredded on Rocket Queen. Here's my recording of Shadow Life for anyone who cares:
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    Nightrain is the worst band fan club in existence. The people who run it are morons and the people who post there are even worse. Its full of idiots, at best. Don't bother
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    I seriously hope that Slash would ever release an album like that
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    I'll be watching two of my favourite films tonight.
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    Tommy Stinson, the guy who has inspired your idol Duff McMagan in the early 80's.
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    I've worked too hard for my illusions just to throw them all away.
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    What a bunch of bullshit. Of course there will be a new album. Just give it time, for god’s sake.