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    I still believe he can sing and sound like he did with AC/DC, just chooses not to.
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    You may get another half step down to "D", but after that point, the guitars would start sounding less Hard Rock and more metal. Transposing to a different key might help but would change the feel of the song. Alternative versions would be better than than the weak old grandma voice, he could do a Robert Plant and sing an alternative melody to pace himself. Or just write some new tunes that suit his current range better than the ones he wrote 30+ years ago.....
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    The top of his range has really never been an issue for him. Tuning down won’t really solve much of anything. The GNR catalog requires him to change registers pretty frequently over the course of a 3 hr set. That’s the main issue that people perceive. When he’s off it’s usually more due to his middle register and jumping back and forth from it. ACDC sounds more consistent because those songs don’t really deviate and are similar in range. Thing is Axl wasn’t consistent even 25 yrs ago. It’s always been hit or miss to a degree. However when he’s on it’s still freakin transcendent to this day. Victory or Death
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    I think it’s a good idea. I made this topic a while back... most people said no. But it sounds cool to me... especially if it means more consistent delivery. Nightrain especially sounds cool as hell haha (7mins in). Just because he can hit the notes in Eb doesn’t mean tuning down wouldn’t potentially make it more comfortable... if it’s easier to get to where he needs to be note wise maybe he can work in that zone better and rasp it the fuck up.
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    Well, in my opinion it takes something out of GNRs great songs if they got Mickey Mouse on vocals instead of their actual singer Axl Rose. Hence, if tuning down means to get back Axl Rose, I am damn fine with it. In fact, I still don't get why Axl does not simply tune down his voice and sings every song with his deep "Its so easy" voice instead of ruining them with his attempts of sounding like he used to sound ages ago. Axl singing with his ISE voice on every other song would sound more like GNR (and way better) to me than a Disney character performing those songs. This is because at least I would identify the vocalist as Axl Rose singing my beloved songs. But instead of this simple solution we are now debating about the whole band tuning down and not just one member tuning down, the one member who causes the requirement of something to happen.
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    I would never tear BH down because he might be my second favorite guitar player after Slash. We should try to enjoy both of them, each on their own.
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    Interesting idea. But movie productions have deadlines and so does composing music for them. You think Axl could finish a score in time?
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    @WhazUp I knew so many people that played Myst, and LOVED it, but I never tried it. @OmarBradley SWG was among the many games my friend and I tried in our vain attempt to relive out Asheron's Call glory days. The thing I remember most about that game was a huge momentum killer it had early on. The process of becoming a Jedi was cloaked all through development, and shortly after release it was discovered that only a few people would have the ability to be a Jedi and they couldn't find out if they had the power until end game levels. It was like luck of the draw type of thing, there was no path for *anyone* to become a Jedi. It really pissed people off hardcore. I remember my friend calling me and telling me, he was so mad! I was too, but he was really pissed. I think we bailed before the combat was changed, but I went through that in Asheron's Call 2. AC1 outlasted it's own sequel going from 1999-2017, whereas AC2 only had a five year run. The biggest dagger in the games heart came about 6 months in. Now, granted, it was already a massive disappointment that is wasn't Asheron's Call redone with modern graphics, but it was still a fun game... until they took a steaming shit on it by nerfing all classes like 40% or 55% in damage. The Dev team got a bee in their bonnet because they wanted people to play in parties, but people seldom did. Their solution was to make everyone so weak, that grouping was mandatory, and soloing was not an option. I quit by the end of that month, and my friend had already quit. It was a ghost town in 3 months, and never rebounded. One thing I'd like to point out was that my friend and I didn't "rage quit" in protest, we quit because it simply wasn't fun and we went back to AC1. @Oldest Goat Amen to that. MOH was my JAM back in the day, with my peak time being when they released the one with all the expansions, (Allied Assault, I believe.) There was already a downtick in quality from the first one, and I think it was the 3rd of the expansion packs that was awful, but it was still an awesome series, then it started to descend. The First COD was really good, I liked the second one too. Now it's jetpacks and shit. Agree of BF1 also, not sure how much you read on 2, the next BF, but it's even worse. They are still pushing the "historic" line, but you can be things like a cyborg, a black woman dressed as a Viking, and other clearly NOT WW2 era soldiers. @LightningBolt I never got into platformers, but indie games are some of the best out there these days.
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    Because in his mind GnR isn't his main band, SMKC is. That's been inferred by some first hand conversations I've had. It's funny because some of these interviews say something like, "Slash releasing new album Living The Dream with side project SMKC" but in reality GnR is the side project. He won't come out and say it like that but he's said in recent interviews that SMKC isn't going away and will be around for a long time while with GnR they would like to record but they'll see what happens next year. One of the interviews he said something about how he always intended to get the Conspirators back together when he had a break from NITL to do this new album. It wasn't a question of if but when. The thing I was talking about in my previous post about that girl was not about how she didn't want to see SMKC but about how she, in the way that she responded to me, seems to be blindly fanatical about Axl like some of the people on that FB group. Just seemed really irritating that she would say that then try to start a fight with me, as if I was criticizing her or something.
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    Day 3 - Summer The jam of summer 2018!
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    Make the setlist shorter and sweeter. Stop choosing to sing like a fucking imposter.
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    Trying to remain anonymous is difficult so I try only to date holograms and beat off to UFC ring girls as a hobby. Life is hard when you are a world class poster on mygnr and have to spray paint Pigs R Dogs on a telephone box by night. I’m like Batman meets Sarah Lucas. A living contradiction that only makes sense in a truly cybernetic way.
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    I think based in Slash´s interviews we can read he really is comitted in GNR, but in my opinion it must be a new album to keep Slash in the band. At least for me (an Axl's nutswinger) there is not GNR without Slash.
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    No because the timbre would sound completely different. There's definitely a few songs where he could do that. The outro of Coma would be a great place for that. Agreed. Listen to Out Ta Get Me from Cincinnati 2016 (Steven's first appearance). His voice sounds great there. He's gotta save his voice and sustain it over a 3+ hour show, so I don't mind a little Mickey here and there.
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    I think theres a section in flashs autobiography where he says as a way of giving advice to young bands, record together. That was based on the way VR recorded their albums and i think the way slash likes to record having the rest of the band with him. Im hoping if we get a new gnr album the band record together. When guns started rehearsing again in 96 the band were so disjointed they were in different patterns. Slash and duff would come in during the day but axl wouldnt shown up till either night or early hours of the morning. You cant develop a band chemistry if everyones in a different time zone.
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    I'm pretty sure, that axl will present us a new hat!
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    I would LOVE to be wrong about never seeing an album.
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    the very strange think is that 80 % of us told that there is not even one chance to see Slash and Axl together. Now nobody remember that period. So again same story about the Album
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    There really isn't anything that sounds quite like it, but IMO this stuff starts to scratch the surface. Elements of Aerosmith's Just Push Play album in particular sound like the kind of thing Axl was going for (before all the layers of orchestra). Funnily enough all of this was recorded around the same time as the bulk of CD.
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    Grohl looks like he's the Uncle who wont let anyone else man the BBQ grill
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    Kneel down ....sinners... streetwise religion... greeed!... crowned kiiinng..... dream teens..... trash queens!!!... blessings — finalringaaaohhhh!! We may have Mickey but at least we get most of the words... the basic structure remains intact... . Welcome to the jungle.... fun n’ games... everything ya want.... know the names... people’ll find... what ya need.... Anythingyawaant!!.. notfrommeeeya... jungle....... the jungle!!!
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    Is the bit Axl plays at 1:28 from a song or is he just fucking around?
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    Hey guys, I’m getting my first tattoo on Wednesday; it’s going to be the Appetite cross. i would love to see other people’s gnr tattoos and also was wondering if someone could email me or DM some LP scans of the appetite cover for color when I go in. It would be much appreciated!!
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    16-20 songs like most bands but with no Mickey would be great!
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    No, there still will be Conspirators even with a new GnR album. It won't be as consistent as 2010-2015 but it's not going away. I hung out with the long, dark haired band members in January and one of them told me that he had gone to one of the GnR shows in 2017 and when he and Slash were hanging out backstage after the show Slash said to him, "This GnR thing is fun but I can't wait to get back together with you guys and play my songs." (I'm paraphrasing there). I think the main band/side project dynamic might shift down the road depending on future plans but SMKC will still be around. Albums, tours etc.
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    An A-list artist dies, and Guns picks a new song to cover in tribute of them Fall to Pieces? Axl finds a different t-shirt and pair of alligator boots to wear during one of many costume changes
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    A lot of this reasoning is why I loved SWG so much too. I missed Asheron's Call, but SWG generated a lot of these same feelings and had similar mechanics. EDIT: I thought all of these replies would naturally be added to my initial post. Instead, I've just triple posted. pls don't ban
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    Cool thread. Genre: MMORPG Pinnacle: Star Wars Galaxies (pre-NGE) How I found it: I was in middle school at the time. I had played Jedi Academy with a friend, and he kept telling me about this huge SW game where you could be anything you wanted to be and explore iconic locations from the films (and much more!). This would have been mid-2003 if I remember correctly. I picked up the game a month or two after he did, in late '03. Why it was so awesome: I had played a decent amount of games, but nothing before was like this. I know Everquest was a thing, and maybe the first Guild Wars was out around that time too? But in terms of 3D rendered MMOs with complicated profession, combat, and crafting systems... nothing compared to SWG. At least, nothing I'd played or heard of. I started out as a Rifleman and worked my way up to a Bounty Hunter/Commando build before unlocking Jedi. I had a little green Rodian, wish I still had screenshots. Think I made it to Lieutenant in the Imperial faction. My character's name actually ended up being one of the main few names I use when creating online accounts (forums, new games, messenger software, etc.). I've been using it for close to 15 years! PVP and guilds/clans were very big in SWG, as with most MMOs. There was a stupendous community of hardcore SW fans and gamers, as the game's mechanics attracted a bit more of a sophisticated crowd than some of the comparative MMOs (WoW, etc.). The game wasn't perfect on release, quite a few things had to be added in via patch (speeders, space travel, bug fixes, etc.), but the feeling of openness and being in the SW world was unparalleled. I still consider myself a decnetly big gamer, but these days it's rare for me to play anything for more than 2-3 hours in a row, and that's on the upper bound. Back in the SWG days, I played for... a lot longer than that sometimes LOL. I could probably type endlessly about the game and my experience in its unfortunately short-lived golden era. But no one wants to read that (except me ), so I'll stop. However, if anyone played SWG too, check out this article. Fascinating account of the game's development and initial release from a lead developer. Why it is now DEAD to me: The Combat Upgrade was jarring at first. It pretty radically changed the game's combat and introduced other changes as well. I believe the Jedi village showed up around this time too. It made the game a bit different, but it was still the mostly-familiar epic MMO it was before. Then, about a year later, the NGE came. New Game Enhancements... or Experience? I don't really remember. All I remember is that everyone hated it and it came out of nowhere. I think it was announced like 2-3 weeks before it was rolled out (fall 2005). It significantly changed the game, almost to the point that I'd say SWG pre-NGE and post are two different games, just both in the SW universe with the same planets. So many of the mechanics were simplified and streamlined. Anyone could now become a Jedi, there was no arduous path of learning and experience toward it. They also shaved it down from something like 26 professions, to 12. There were some balance problems in the beginning of the NGE, don't know if they were resolved as I never really went back to the game after that. I kept playing for a month or two after the NGE's release, but the game was so different, and worse. It just wasn't as much fun, it wasn't the same game. So I cancelled my subscription and left, along with hordes of other players during this time period. I would check in every now and then via free trials maybe once a year, and each time less and less people on my friends list/guild list would be active. I didn't really follow the game after this, I know there were some expansions like Hoth and other stuff, but eventually the game was shut down. When ToR was announced, everyone knew it likely meant SWG was heading toward its demise, especially given the radical shift in gameplay it endured, and the poor reception it received for it.
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    day 1 WTF --my GN'R video got pulledputting the Ritz one instead day 2 I wanna play
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    I did like CD but it really didn't feel like a GNR album to me, but there are some amazing songs on it. Glad Axl kept them in the set list and Slash rocks the guitar solos very well. Love how in tune Slash is with Richard too. Guess time will tell. The band seems to be getting along well, so maybe they will decide to see what new stuff they can come up with in the near future. I agree with you. I would love to be wrong too.
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    Why would he regret it? I have a sleeve going with nothing but Guns N Roses related material. I have been listening to this band from the time i was 12 and I am now 42. No regrets.
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    Ever since I first heard the 'One Nite Alone' album I've wanted to hear what Axl would do with an acoustic piano album like that. The solo piano spots he used to do were amazing. On second thought, I'd love to hear Axl do straight up classical pieces.
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    Yeah, I agree, I love Axl on piano. I wish he would cover some of Elton's songs since he is also a fan of Elton. 😊
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    Wonderful, thanks for posting, I'm even more excited for the Glasgow show now!!
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    It would be kickass to hear them do Think About You or You're Crazy (electric or fast). A setlist that has either of those, Shadow, Slither, Coma, etc. would be a kickass set. They could sub out a few of the covers and replace them with those and it would be perfect in my opinion!
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    Yes, I'd love to see Axl do "Anastasia"
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    Big three decided, Steven filled in and nailed Frank. I guess he wasn't forced to play to the click. No pyro/screens/lights etc. at the Apollo show. Sorry guys, what you're trying to say is so far from the truth that I won't even bother explaining it anymore.
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    No one in NuGNR bothered for 15 years to play CLASSIC, TIMELESS, LEGENDARY songs and solos the way they were recorded. Why would he care about ChD? But you want someone to say that so let it be me, yes - he's not capable to play that stuff.
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    God forbid Buckethead playin with Slash, that guy sounds like a computer lol
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    They couldn't top Slash's guitar from previous GNR albums, why should I be worried?
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    This NIN song in particular reminds me of a more OMG / Silkworms style direction
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    Of course the Slash and Duff version of Better is Better. Because everything is Better with Slash and Duff.
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    Finish Ozark Season 2. Liked it a little better than Season 1. I think: