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    Thank you to everybody who helped make this possible. You know who you are
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    That's a tough question because there's different ways to answer: Toughest to buy or trade online: There's a whole bunch that have never been seen for sale or trade online from my experience: Bilbao is probably the white whale. There's others that are extremely rare and have only been seen online a few times - Madrid, Orlando United, Bangkok, Stockholm, Munich, Imola. Mexico City is tough too because it was so early in the tour and not many people were that big into collecting them back then. Toughest to buy in person: Probably the last Los Angeles show in 2017. There was a British guy who hired two or three of his douchebag friends to buy SHITLOADS of lithos from all the LA and San Diego shows. Me and my friends saw them walk away with at least 50 or 60 Slash lithos at Staples Center and they cleaned out several of the inside merch booths in San Diego too. We made sure we got there before them on the last day and did our best to make sure the didn't screw everybody over because they had outside merch at that last show. So it was a long day lining up for merch plus we were running on empty because we'd driven back from the San Diego show at 1 or 2am and only had a few hours sleep. The show was worth it though! And then there's just ones that were just tough for me to find personally. I started collecting them later than a lot of people so even though some people had no problem finding theirs, it took me a while to find lithos like Toronto 2016 and the Coachellas. I also had a couple of 'friends' promise to get me a litho from Regina and all they did was run away with my money. It's all good now though! Arian Buhler went out of his way to meet me in Hawaii too - Words can't express how happy I was about that! It was one of about twenty different reasons that Hawaii ended up being so unforgettable.
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    I think GNR will release a full album of new songs in the near future. Fuck the haters and negativity. I'm glad this message board is open to all opinions but I just can't stand those who say GNR will not release anything ever again. It makes no sense! Bring it on 2019! GNR will rule the world again. Get ready you snowflakes, Axl and Slash will kick your asses! Fuck Trump too by the way!
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    Day 4: song from a movie soundtrack
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    Day 4 - song from movie soundtrack
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    GNR/Metallica Tour Part II: Now with fewer riots!
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    Someone said to me they will release a new album tomorrow and the recording line up is AFD5, and then there will be a tour featuring AFD5, Matt, Gilby and Tobias, who will perform right from axls ass. This is all legit but I cant reveal my sources.
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    Well I do. But as you can imagine I won't say who. But his information has been accurate. (Duff solo album for example)
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    Does saying Snickers very fast count?
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    I just read that entire article and two things you cannot say about DLR is that he's lazy or boring. Not many rock stars became EMTs or are capable of piloting a helicopter. He has a fear of heights and became a rock climber. Yeah, he can be a douche but he's an interesting one. Btw, I seriously doubt that show will happen.
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    I’m going to get this thread title printed on a shirt over Christmas. “The Wacky World of Ominous Avocado Man Izzy Stradlin and the NO! Gang”
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    In all honesty, I have a hard time believing people think he has sounded good in the last two years...
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    They didn't charge 1k for solely the audio - in fact now you can listen to the exact demos they removed except legally on Spotify - for free even if you don't have a premium subscription - in higher fidelity than you ever could. Or for purchase on iTunes, for example I think the L&L is overpriced for what is included, however your comment is definitely a misrepresentation of it in my opinion!
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    Amateur hour with GnR management continues. A multimillion dollar brand that has been run off a cliff by the redhead and his nanny. The village idiot Fernando has the business acumen of a turnip.
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    This video always makes me sad. This is Guns n Roses falling apart completely (Steven was gone already). Izzy quit right after that show.
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    So cool, I got my eyes dilated. The lights on the Christmas tree have not looked like this since I did acid back in the 70's.
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    I suppose you are right. We can throw everything at it and someone is bound to nail it I am sure we will know a lot more soon enough from official channels
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    If Axl himself announces the album you have to still have that stance because he told us Chinese Democracy would be out in March 2006 and we were left empty handed.
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    At this point, pretty much everybody and their brother has a "source they can't name" over the past several months. We'll have to see what happens I guess I personally continue maintaining my same stance; I'll see it when I believe it. I don't expect new a new GN'R album anytime soon, but I would love to be wrong!
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    Oh, awesome. I don't supposed you have a source for that claim?
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    Both Alan and Doug need to shut the fuck up when it comes to GNR. They are not helping whatever cause they think they're chasing.
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    Again, your post is utter nonsense. You're coming up with your own conclusions that are not based on facts. The U.S. did not fund Al Qaida in Yemen. They did not fund Al Qaida in Iraq. Your first link relates to what happened with the Bush administration, not the Obama administration with respect to torture. You can't find the exact quote of Obama saying Yemen is payback to the Saudis for Iraq and the Iran deal because it doesn't exist. There is space to criticize Obama for allowing continued arms deals to Saudi Arabia when the Yemen civil war began, but the humanitarian crisis the country now finds itself reached a whole other level after Obama left office. Again, not to say that there isn't anything to criticize, but to say that the situation in Yemen is Obama's doing is nonsense. As for your last link, it doesn't speak at all to what we're talking about (i.e., Obama is responsible for the wars in Syria, Libya, or Yemen). Certainly there has been an increase in using surgical strikes against terrorists, but I don't see the how one connects those actions to regional conflicts like Yemen, Syria, or Libya.
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    There was a time Axl was one of the most interesting musicians for me. He was surrounded by people like Buckethead, Finck, Brain, Beaven, etc. I thought he had it all to make hundreds of great modern rock songs. Watching him become an 80s rock singer parody (or an older and heavier parody of himself) is certainly a big frustration to young Edson here. ACDC, Van Halen... Geez. Now I know he's just a cheesy rock singer playing for money. But for a long period back then, I believed in Axl's lol vision. I wanted that Axl's solo industrial/experimental album badly.
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    Well I never, learn something new everyday. I thought trans fats was a euphemism for middle aged cross dressers.
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    This is Guns " N " Roses all logic goes out the window
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    You need to drink 4 cans of Tennents first. Then review them. Once a year I don’t make you eat shit, have some class and respect the offer.
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    Mr Wasted, with these Rocher you are spoiling us!
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    I never saw the big deal about these. Used to hear about em from over in yankee land, when they finally made it to these shores you find they're just glorified bourbons.
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    That’s how nuke scientists think. Do we want Netflix and xboxs? Then a few radioactive people don’t matter. We are all gonna die so let’s get high!
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    "God is good." You hear that from (many) christians. In their psalms, preaching, prayers, and just as a statement. Are they serious? I mean, my youngest daughter was playing her violin at a hospital recently, and I was sitting in the gallery watching as a bunch of patients came to listen. Young kids, kindergarten and up, all bald and attached to IVs. Some were helped to their places. And I couldn't watch them of fear of starting to cry. I was in a sentimental mood that day and all I could do was a quick smile in their direction before I had to look elsewhere. Yeah, "god is great." Are christians so blind? No, I think when they say that it is more of a hope. A prayer. That when they get to heaven it will all make sense and, yes, he is good. It was all okay and all the time. A fervent hope. If you just say it enough times it will become true. And I am thinking, phew, glad I am not a christian because I don't want to get closer to that obviously insane psychopath. And on the topic of christians, I just read that the third in command, or something, of the catholic church, their treasurer, I believe, is charged with two accounts of molestation of kids. I think he is currently heading the Australian catholic church. It goes all the way to the top. Institutionalized pedophilia. And, besides feeling sorry for the victims and their families, I feel sorry for all the good, decent catholics around the world who have to witness the truth of their organization being revealed. An organization that in itself should be holy, can be so degenerate.
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    Definitely. He had a fucked up childhood, anger issues, paranoia, would hold therapy sessions on stage, and explored all kinds of weird therapy and psychic things looking for peace and happiness. I don't think he was simply a self-absorbed asshole, I think he was someone who was suffering and didn't know how to handle it along with the fame and money he had rather suddenly.
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    In terms of what I think the worst thing the state does yes. Bush lied us into wars and got around 1 million people killed. Obama carried on the wars Bush started and started 3 more with Syria, Libya, Yemen. Yemen is Obama’s perfect disaster, he has admitted that Yemen was to placate the Saudis for taking out Saddam and shifting power back to Iran. One of the few good things Trump has done is not start anymore wars. Whether he banged a few porn stars just isn’t the same as getting 100,000s killed in wars. However, Trump is doing the second worse thing in terms of government spending, spending more than Obama did. All the problems stem from these two things, spending trillions on wars and just in general gov spending. This is what all 3 of them steer the narrative away from. They focus on issues that divide us. Then when you look at it the rich people benefiting from the wars /gov spending are often the same. Trump looks like the ultimate distraction and perfect scapegoat to pile our guilt into. Bush and Michelle on magazines hugging all united against Trump who has barely got close to the crimes of the Bush/Onama admins. Trump is just a corrupt business man who says stupid things in comparison. I guess I just think different things are more important. It’s what remains the same that is the problem. When the next financial crisis comes Trump will bail the banks out again. Some things never change.
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    You mean interrupting her, ignoring her points, failing to understand what she's saying and how the legislative system operates? Donald's simplistic world view is not how things work. As Chuck said in the video, the facts Donnie operates on are demonstrably false. You can look a few pages back in this thread to find multiple sources demonstrating the falseness of Donald's claims regarding illegal immigration. Democrats are obstructionist? Elaborate and give examples please - she's literally suggesting the House votes, she wants the process started, that's the opposite of obstructionism. Which Congress refused to confirm a respectable Court nominee and then later used the same arguments Democrats made at the time (every nominee deserves a vote) when confirming their own nominee? For how many years did a Republican Congress display unprecedented obstructionism against a Democratic president? I'm not a big Pelosi fan, but she's not a dim wit. And she's been in congress for about 30 years. I think she has a better grasp on its operations than Donnie does.