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    Not according to almost everyone I talked to after the shows around here and I know quite a few people that went. That can also be said for all the people I know posting on social media during and after the shows. Not to mention the majority of the people here. Slash is absolutely the highlight of the tour. There really is no case that can be made for anyone else on that stage.
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    The 2010 album story (from MSL so take it with a grain of salt) was that Axl really did want to release a follow-up album in 2009 (similar to Kid A and Amnesiac or Load and ReLoad), but all the 2008/2009 drama happened: trouble with Azoff and lawsuit, planned spring/summer 2009 tour being cancelled, Axl being pissed the label did not promote Chinese Democracy, etc. However, Axl apparently got inspired after playing live again in late 2009 and early 2010, and decided to pursue releasing new music again. Management went to the label in summer 2010, and asked about using the Reading and Leeds festivals as an opportunity to announce a new album to be released in late 2010/early 2011 (similar to how they used the VMAs in 2002 to announce the North American tour). Per MSL, Axl wanted the album to be self-titled (either Guns N' Roses or GN'R). The label told Axl that was way too short of a turn-around to release an album (which, in all fairness, seems reasonable). Axl apparently got furious, broke up the band, and posted that tweet about shows being cancelled. When management/Team Brazil was finally able to get Axl calmed down, they used the "hack" story as an excuse. Apparently, this was when Axl really stopped caring a ton about releasing new music, and did not even approach the idea again until 2014 (after the Vegas residency). Regarding a follow-up album, I would imagine it is really close to done, but might need just a little extra work prior to releasing. I would assume that was why Pittman hung out with Axl in the studio in 2014/2015; to take stock of what songs were available, and in what stage of completion they were. It was mentioned here, by mods, that the rumor was Axl really inspired again, and wanted an album release in 2016 (and even went so far as to begin auditioning new guitarists to replace Bumblefoot to play live and potentially record in the studio). (Another MSL rumor at the time was that the band auditioned a female guitarist DJ Ashba recommended. The GN'R community assumed it was Orianthi, but we never heard much besides that). Would an album have come out in 2016? Knowing the band's history with deadlines, probably not, but it was certainly the intention. Once DJ left, however, the door opened for Slash to come back, and the focus became tour planning. Assuming the 2010 album rumor was true, I noticed some here have asked "what would be different between 2010 and 2019." The answer, when you really think about it, is a TON: The wave of disappointment around Chinese Democracy has died out after ten years. Not to say it's a beloved album these days, but it seems a lot of people are reassessing following the NITL tour, and for new generations and new fans just getting into Guns N' Roses, the album does not have any "mystique" around it. They can stream it, download it, or buy a copy. There's no feeling of the album being mythical for these folks because, to them, it's just another Guns album to listen to. On that note, and the Billboard article brought up this point, Slash and Duff playing Chinese Democracy songs definitely was a "stamp of approval," and definitely had an effect on more old school fans deciding to give it a try. Axl has built up a LOT of good will over the last three years. When Chinese Democracy came out, Axl was still seen as a reclusive, eccentric, and controlling front man who did not even turn up to talk about the album or tour it. The only "promotion" (if you can call it that) was posting on message boards, and a good portion of that was just Axl ragging on fans who acted like dicks (not saying it was not super cool for Axl to stop by the message boards or that the people who acted like jerks did not deserve being called out, just saying that the average person would not have known about those chats). As of today, about to enter 2019, Axl just finished a massive, two and a half year tour with no incidents. Not only did it seem like the band was "getting through it," but Axl seemed to be having fun. Additionally, he fronted AC/DC, another stadium level band, between GN'R shows, while his foot was broken. All these factors lead me to believe a label would be more interested in a new album.
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    Day 20 - song with Good in the title Day 21 - song about high school angst
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    Ashba is in zero successful bands after Nikki ended Sixx AM. Last I checked Ron just did an international tour this year
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    Missed quite a few days. I'll skip a few and start with Day 17: Germany Day 18: 60s Day 19: Song with H Day 20: Good Day 21: Angst
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    What are you on Son? Buckethead is the MANNNN!!!
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    I literally just listened to this riff from 1988, and there is no fucking way that all those years later Axl Rose and Josh Freese listened to it and said "That's the main riff in our new song"
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    Day 21 - song about high school angst
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    Happy New Beers! Taking into account that a great many wont be able to enjoy these incredible beers from my Province, I hope your celebrations will still be awesome and that the year to come is full of health and happiness!
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    Sorry man I think you are very much alone with this one lol. Slash being the lowlight of these gigs?
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    Happy New Year to my dear Axlettes, than 2019 can to get yours dreams makes true!! Cheers!! Kisses to everyone 🎉🎊🍷🍷🍹
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    That's why I always give plenty of time to other subjects, not just GNR, so we know everything about them. But you know that
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    Listening now. Gary comes off as a really cool dude. I sometimes feel bad for some of these guest though. Most or all of these people work on SO much more than GNR and we're all so focused on just the GNR aspect. I'm only about halfway through right now but kudos to you and the users who knew so much about Circus of Power. I wasn't even aware of that band prior to listening to this episode but I'll definitely check them out now.
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    The difference is that while it may be a similar pattern, it's not the exact same riff used in Chinese Democracy. I listened to it, and did not think of Chinese Democracy whatsoever.
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    Happy new year and don't forget to get wasted elegantly, ladies.
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    That freak with a bucket on his head should have NEVER been in GNR to begin with. Slash is the MAN!!!
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    "With the rise of self driving vehicles, eventually there WILL be a country song about how your truck left you too."
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    Thank God Buckethead will not be coming back!!!
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    It was always weird for me that a drummer wrote the guitar riff for Chinese Democracy.
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    Day 21 This song is about angst, right? Right?
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    Well, the long and short of it is, I visited amaninjapan over the weekend. Not only is he a scholar and a gentlemen and all around wonderful human being, he owns every single NITL lithograph. He's the real deal, friends. He's the kind of guy that gets tenacious as hell when he gets a bug up his ass, and it all started in January 2017 when GNR came to Japan. Who would have imagined that grabbing a few posters for the very short Japan tour would eventually spiral into an all out obsession to acquire at least one of every single litho, including tracking down details on the artists, inspirations behind the images, untold behind the scenes stories from the artists themselves. "So what? They're just posters." Well, if you think that, then I don't know what to say, cause for those of us with a passion for these things, (and not even strictly GNR; people love rock concerts from all bands) there is just something precious and timeless about a perfect rock poster. Essentially, they're just advertisements. But they morphed into something so much more over the years. They're a time capsule of a moment or event that's going to live on in thousands of people's memories for the rest of their lives. And what the best posters do is tie the band's imagery into the city's and create a piece of art that's so cool it just burns itself into your brain. Were all the NITL lithos that good? Nah, of course not. There were plenty of duds. But there were way way more classics. So the point of all my rambling is, I had the distinct honor to be the first forum member to see "The Vault." And that's exciting as hell, cause according to his research, there may not be another complete set anywhere in the world. Not even in the band's collection. Not even in Bravado's archives. I found that hard to believe, but apparently with all the craziness involved with getting from one place to another and all the crews changing hands and stuff, nobody had the foresight to put aside a complete set. Sure, there might be some that are close, but unless we hear otherwise, the only DOCUMENTED complete set is in Japan. And I got to sit and have a private showing, one by one, in order, of every single lithograph of the Not in This Lifetime tour. Up until now, I'd only seen the THREE I own, even though I'd spent countless hours staring at jpegs. And yes, lithorati.com is an amazing, invaluable resource, but it's just plain incredible to see them in person. I finally got to see the reflective foil details, and several of them have unique textures. Yes, I was even allowed to touch! Of course, the highlights for me were seeing my favorites in person, and they did NOT disappoint. Cincinnati is just gorgeous. London (Ripper) just took my breath away. I think that's the one I stared at the longest. Everything about it is just perfect. The blood red logo and outline, the trail of roses in the corner. I also love Paris and but unfortunately the colors are a bit muted due to the glow in the dark gimmick. I love the "comic book-y" style of the art, along with the Perth Bunyip. So it was naturally a joy to see all my favorites in person. I got to see Kobe. It's not a myth. It's real, and it's fabulous. I swear there's colors and lines that just POP in real life that you simply can't see on a screen. Europe 2017 has so many gems. I particularly liked the sideways Prague litho. The Imola skull was never a favorite of mine, but seeing it in person, I couldn't tear my eyes off it. It has a repulsive, unsettling quality yet it's completely mesmerizing at the same time. I'm a big fan of Hannover, which is fairly simplistic, but again, I really like those comic book style renderings. I also spent some time gazing into the abyss of the infamous Madrid "Dali" style litho. I know it's a fan favorite, and it's has insane demand and value, and I definitely appreciate its rarity, but it's not one of my favorites. Sacrilege, I know! But that's the thing about art...we like what we like. I was very disappointed that one of the worst of them all is my hometown of Cleveland. The design is just OK, but the shitty production just ruined it. Of all the ones to come out "ruined" it would have to be my hometown, wouldn't it? Well....Clevelanders are used to disappointment. American 2017 had some that surprised me. The colors on Sacramento are just lovely. The Gangs of New York triptych is fantastic was fantastic, but by far the one(s) that hit me hardest were the LA Forum trio. The dimensions are different than the standard...they're much longer than the usual litho, and that difference in size, combined with Buhler's impeccable line and color work make these among the most impressive in the entire collection. We were going through them in order, and then turned to the first LA Forum litho, the one of Slash, and I think my jaw just dropped. It looks.....AMAZING. And then you put it next to Duff....and Axl?? Just insane. The long format makes these truly special, as well as the almost muted colors. They printed them really well; it almost feels like you're looking at an original painting. If I had the means, those three might be the first I try to get, but good fucking luck. Getting any one of them was no easy feat...getting all three? I don't know man. As we continued into Europe 2018, I got the sense that the tour really might have been wearing everyone out. There are some good ones, but some of the very worst are Europe 2018. The colors on Mannheim Castle are just gorgeous; Madrid is every bit as lovely and detailed as you imagine....but...Paris 2018, the hunchback, is one of the ugliest fucking things I've ever seen. Goddamn that's an ugly poster. Who the hell ever thought anyone in their right mind would want to commemorate a wonderful concert experience with a shitty drawing of a deformed mongo ringing a bell??? Drawn by the artist Johnny Crap. Well. At least his name is fitting. Thankfully, the inspiration returned for the last few shows of Asia 2018. The Hong Kong skeleton litho is really simple, and not particularly inspired, but I can't help but like the contrast of the white skeletons against the colorful neon. Both Taipei posters are very nice. The Abu Dhabi Formula One litho is SICK. Just insane colors and lettering....that's another one that's just fun to look at. The last two are Hawaii, by Buhler, and they're fine, but nothing could top those three LA Forum posters as a "finale." It's a shame that they couldn't have ended up the last ones chronologically, cause man, they're the visual equivalent of a Bruce Lee punch to the nutsack. I absolutely loved seeing all of the lithos in person, but if I had to choose just one (three) that really blew me away beyond my expectations, it's the LA trio. And then with the Litho exhibition done with, I had a lovely visit with amaninjapan and we explored just a fraction of the awesome sights of his city, which I was visiting for the first time. Absolutely won't be my last though. Out of respect for his anonymity, I won't get into any more specific details, but I will say this: if there's one thing in the world as gorgeous as a complete collection of NITL lithos, it MIGHT be the collection of indescribably hot Japanese women we saw that night. Just........trust me. So, not only is amaninjapan a very intelligent, capable, and all around shrewd individual, he's also a hell of a guy. I'm sure those of you that met him on your travels attending shows will back me up on this. Incredible kind, funny, and generous to a fault. I'm not even exaggerating when I say the guy gave me the shirt off his back! Well, yes I am, cause it wasn't on his back, but DUDE! He gave me some GNR shirts he picked up along the way!! And that's not all!! OK, you're reading this and probably thinking "Jeez, dude, if you love the guy so much why don't you marry him?" Well, just hanging out and seeing the collection would be reason enough to gush so much.....but there's more....
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    I havent seen Steamworks here, but I generally go to The Beer Store which has mostly Ontario breweries in the Craft section. I'll keep an eye out next time I go to the LCBO. I checked the Steamworks website and their bottles and design are cool. Nice roster of beers too! Im not typically a black IPA fan either, its pretty impressive that they can make that work. Amazing emoji, lol. Happy New years!
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    agree to disagree man. Have a great New Year!
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    ...Because Animals is closer to the person I am offline. A paranoid cynic who despise's Thatcher. Dogs is also one of the best tracks ever imo. As for Wish You Were Here, I love it too. However it's more of I wish that I was that person kinda thing. It's an album by rockstars about a rockstar. Animals is abit more real. From 1-5 I've probably listened to those more than any Guns N'Roses album.
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    Thats because he is the best fucking singer on earth hahahaah he can tear down walls with his screams and he can give you shivers with his low tones. Number fucking 1
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    When you talk about the past you tend to do it in past tense, that don't mean that Guns have broken up, it just means their past is being referred to folks.
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    Thanks for all the kind words, @estrangedtwat - Most importantly, I'm glad you enjoyed yourself! My section of Japan has much more to offer so please feel free to come by again. Hope you enjoy the shirts - I'm not into the shirts anywhere nearly as much as the lithographs because I consider shirts a 'consumable' and always find it bittersweet that they essentially have a finite lifespan if you 'consume' them the way they are designed (to be worn). I've loved wearing many 'favorite' shirts over the years and always end up sad when they eventually deteriorate into glorified rags. But at the same time, they're designed to be worn - so it's just as sad to have shirts just tucked away in a closet, never to be worn. So wear them with pride and rock out with them while you can! And enjoy the Kobe - you've literally been on this journey with me since day one, were the first person I traded/bought lithos with and been a great friend every step of the way. Can't think of anybody who deserves it more! Just sorry that it ended up being a late Christmas present
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    No Slash = No Gn'R Slash is the highlight of these shows and reunion. The band didn't survive by most people standards without him before. I doubt people would be flocking to see shows to see Fortus, Melissa, Frank and Dizzy.. Especially with the current state of Axl's voice and appearance.
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    Although to be fair if you had enough songs recorded for a trilogy though wouldn't it make sense then... to put out a trilogy?
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    @Andy14 hey girl!! Thank you for the Advent calender this year, i know i've said before how amazing you are at this stuff, but you made an unbiased, funny and wonderful piece of work. I and everybody here really appreciate the effort and love you for it!! THANK YOU ANDY xxxx
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    That's the thing though; while CD is my favorite album so far, I don't think it was "the best" of what they recorded. I think we got the album we did because so much of it had already leaked.
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    I hope so. Slash’s solo material is bland and uninteresting to me. Myles is just a generic rock singer and subpar lyricist. The song titles could be an REO Speedwagon record. Maybe Axl’s lyrics can elevate the material. We’ll see. I personally don’t want a rehash of the classic sound. Whether people bought CD or not, it definitely pointed to a continual evolution. I imagine anything they do will be very safe commercially.
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    I heard from a guy who cobbles Axl's shoes that it's gonna be an Ultra HD Blu Ray of the Bridge School Benefit.