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    Damn, you know you've lost it when Axl has to calm you down.
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    The notion that Axl was controlled under Niven and uncontrollable under Goldstein, is a bit imprecise. Axl was quite a problem to the band throughout both periods, but seems to have gradually become worse. The way I see it, there is no clear demarcation where he went from being a highly functional band member (not that he ever really was) to being a mess. It swung back and forth, but it seems the band of brothers mentality in the 80s and the fact that Axl hadn't become the de facto leader of the band, helped to control things. And possibly Niven's no-nonsense attitude. Axl simply couldn't get away with stuff the same way as he did in the 90s, or didn't even try. With the lineup disintegrating (Steven and Izzy gone), with Axl more estranged from his band mates and having his own entourage of followers, his ego and issues were more unchecked or in some ways stimulated. So Niven and Goldstein had somewhat different challenges at hand, although Axl always presented a problem to the managers of the band. There is also not a fixed date when Goldstein replaced Niven; Goldstein was there throughput Niven's period (more or less), and they were both co-managers for a period, before Niven was sacked. I find it pure speculative to argue that Niven would have done better if he was in charge post-1991, or that Goldstein would have done worse if he was solely in charge pre-1991. It is just conjecture. It can all be explained by the dynamics of the band changing and by Axl's swinging mental issues. In late 1989 and early 1991, when Axl really was off the hinges due to pressure with finishing the follow-up records, Niven didn't cut it. He simply wasn't able to manage Axl efficiently. As a Geffen representative said, "Axl's got everybody by the balls" and in the words of Clearmountain (who tried mixing the records), "[Axl] would threaten to quit every three weeks". Axl refused to finish his work on the records if Niven wasn't fired. So ultimately, the presence of Niven helped to delay the release of the 'Use Your Illusion' records. It was obvious that whatever Niven had to give was not good enough at the time. His managerial approach didn't cut it anymore...unfortunately, I guess. In my opinion, what happened is mostly a result of a band disintegrating, addictions out of control and a frontman with serious mental issues, and there was little any manager could do to fix these issues. It seems, in Axl's case, it almost had to burn out before he reached a more mellow state of mind again with Team Brazil after having gone through plenty of managers again during the CD era. Arguing that Niven was the hero here and that Goldstein was the villain, or vice versa, is in my opinion giving way too much credit to both of them. I am sure they did what they could with the means at hand, with different strategies adapted to shifting circumstance, but in the end the tide couldn't be turned. And it if obviously now in hindsight that they are both flawed people.
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    Well yea Ive met him in the most hilarious way. I sold him a drone at Best Buy in Lafayette Indiana two years ago. I was walking around the isles and stopped at a computer to check my sales that day when a man walked up to me and asked if I have seen keys laying around because he misplaced them. I said "no". I asked him if he'd like me to announce if anyone saw any keys and he said "no" and started walking away. I instantly knew who he was and I respected why he didn't want anyone involved so I kept who he was quiet. He walked outside to his Mercedes Van and got out his two dogs which if I recall correctly were German Shepherds and smoked a cigarette. A few minutes later he walked back in and bought a Phantom drone off of me for a little over one grand and I believe he also bought a tablet and a PC from my buddy in the PC department. This dude was awesome and very quiet. He must have found his keys though.
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    Context is everything, so remember that 9/11 had happened earlier that year and we were suddenly at war in the middle east. There was a video montage of clips of war, and audio/scenes from the 1970's movie "Network" ( I think?!?) with a general theme of "Arabs controlling oil" among other things. It ended with a red white and blue GNR logo, that was featured on one of the t-shirts from the show. I have that T-shirt somewhere, come to think of it. Robin was pissed on the first night (29th) because the sound was brutal. It was so bad that Axl left the stage, and Tommy sang most of OMG. Robin threw his guitar towards one of the techs, and he meant business. I've seen this band over 50 times going back to 1988, and it was perhaps the only time other than the St. Louis show that I felt like it may go south quickly. It actually got better, but it was a disaster eating to happen.
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    this is troll post of the year already
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    Starts with a d and ends on rugs
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    Day 5: Couldn't really think of one so this sprang to mind, its my old mans favourite song, or one of em anyway.
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    ''Nugnr'' continue to fascinate, fascinate more than NITLT line-up. You had the soap opera, the histrionics, the rumour and speculation.
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    I'm not above leaving a sly shoulder barge on the chopsy ones when no parents are looking 😁
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    Day 6 . What song do you feel represents you in the eyes of others?
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    I have this awful fear of being broke. Work cures everything, two best pieces of advice I ever got was 'you don't work, you don't eat' and 'if somebody hits you hit em back'.
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    Not wanting to stoke this argument further... But I live in the UK and had literally never heard of The Replacements. I've been a drummer all my life surrounded by musicians into rock (and jazz) music, and never came across them, not a single person I know ever had one of their CDs. Were they ever popular over here? When Tommy joined I had to google them to find out who they were, I genuinely thought "The Replacements" was a joke given it was new GnR line up full of replacements. I don't know Tutti Frutti! I'll check them out on Spotify today though... Edit / Update: I speed read the above post and thought that The Replacements also had a song called Tutti Frutti. Figured it was a namesake. Obviously I'm aware of the original. Anyway - now heard some Replacements... Sounds "alright". Can't say I'm overly impressed but will give it another go.
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    If I had the misfortune of knowing anyone who didn't know Tutti Frutti, I would fucking disown them.
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    Good interview again @Gambit83. I have been listening since episode 2 and think you have been doing a great job with the podcast. I actually use to post them before you guys would get them up here, but then I quit, when I realized that you were posting them minutes later lol. Keep up the good work. I am torn with Niven and Doug going back and forth. I think they just need to get together and talk it out. It just seems like GN'R had, and still has a lot of crazy shit going on with the people around them.
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    Even though Robin is extremely talented his a unprofessional dick on stage. He has thrown multiple tantrums with NIN and GNR on stage.
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    How come the replacements arnt a household name?.
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    "Professional Music Critics" are the end all be all of music now? And only one influential album?! I think you need to go spend time in the UYI release day thread..... Dude, what are you talking about??? I'll give you an example of why you're so utterly wrong with this statement. If I go to a party or sports bar, if its a rock setting, I gauren damn tee I'll hear at least WTTJ, SCOM, or Paradise City before the nights over. Nobody in that place is going to be slow dancing to "Swingin Party." You are talking about INFLUENCE as if the average joe knew who the fuck The Replacements even are. I knew one kid, ONE KID in high school who knew who the replacements were. Everyone else could tell you who GNR is. when The Replacements reunited, they played theaters and clubs. Guns sold out STADIUMS. I don't understand what you aren't seeing behind your personal bias..
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    I love The Replacements, and they were influential in their style and scene sure, however GNR was and is on another level in terms of influence and importance for sure
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    Slash is a fucking legend. Tommy is a nobody. Slash never had to bully anyone. Tommy, who is a wet fart in gnr history, did.
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    I'm probably in a minority here, but I loved that freak-show era of GNR. I love Axl, but he is literally crazy. And surrounding himself with the likes of Buckethead and Finck and Brain. And contradicting that with a seasoned punk like Tommy and a great session player like Fortus...I think that was the kinda totally fucked-up/absolutely incredible band someone like Axl should be in. It makes me happy seeing him onstage with Slash and Duff - and seemingly happy about it ($$$?) - but, in truth, I don't believe that's where Axl as an artist should be in the 21st century. I think if he had more confidence in himself, we'd have several increasingly strange and experimental GNR records to be discussing right now.
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    i like them both, so it's weird. Maybe episode 500 they'll both come on
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    Hey, now that the FRANS N ROSES Youtube Channel is gone, is there any other way to watch the videos? Like are they on some other video platform or some download site? Sorry, don't know much about all this, but his videos were epic. Especially loved the Argentina '93 version of You Could Be Mine Sucks that they're gone.
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    For those that doubted, or said "pretty sure it was the same as blah blah Europe", here is a link to a review from KNAC in LA from John's GNRontour site. Talks about U.S. soldiers blowing things up in the montage and what not. Glad I decided to do some more digging. http://gnrontour.com/sets2001/20011229reviews.html
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    No 100% it wasn't the exorcist clip. Entirely different and used only for those two shows. Back in the day, other sites had similar conversations about it, I can promise you it wasn't the same intro. There was no "I believe in fear, I believe in cruelty" etc....... And it an related note from this thread, it was not Finck on Manson, it was the other way around. That concert is one of the most video-bootlegged out there
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    When I googled Replacemenzs, I found that lame Keanu Reeves movie... Few scrolls down , there was that punkrock band...
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    Nice, I didn't know the demo dropped! Downloading it now, but this "1 shot" thing is for the birds!
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    That still makes him an unprofessional dick. And a spoiled entitled prat.
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    Yes it is😊. Funny enough, I didn't really catch him saying it during the concert. Everything was so chaotic and jumbled in real time. It wasn't until I saw the footage of the show and the "lame ass security" comment. The thing I remember is the ungodly sound of the mic hitting the stage when Axl slammed it down.
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    Ill add that it probably doesnt add those things to the top of ones resume. We may as well start interviewing the paper boy who does the rounds around any band members neighbourhood.
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    That's the final track on her last album. I think it's beyond beautiful, very Poly, and I'm not ashamed to say it's brought more than a few tears to my eyes over the years.
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    Just found a bar in town that looks after the spawn while the grown-ups get swilled on a Saturday.
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    Thats my favorite from the new record
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    I love that one too. UYI1 is so good.
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    That's why those line-ups from 1999/2000 2001/2002 are my favourites. Every musician had his own signature sound and stage presence.
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    Ok, I'm a bit confused, I think you might have your Tom Cruise movie soundtracks mixed up.😊 I'm pretty sure Kokomo was on the Cocktail soundtrack and KOHD was on Days of Thunder.
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    Just upload another video playing a record by another band who's fans aren't assholes like Alfred.
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    Here's to hoping they'll do Fall to Pieces in my show So looking forward to seeing Slash again next month
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    I'm not surprised Izzy recognized him...." oh look there's that guy in the ninja outfit i met earlier he'll know where to find some scissors"
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    this money grab thing doesn't need any "loyal audience" anymore, the casuals already supplied unlimited influx of cash by paying ridiculous sums for NITL cabaret and even more ridiculous sums for fake plastic junk "boxset". we're more or less redundant now.