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    Shotgun Blue-cheese? It's So Cheesy? Feta? Out Ta Get Brie? Roquefort Queen? Sweet Babybel'O Mine? Street of Cream? Jumpin' Pepper Jack Flash? My Worcester? Parrano City? Use Your Ilchester? Appetite For Cheese? Swiss I Love? Oldest Goat Cheese? Can't think of anymore and gotta go now lol
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    You know what goes great with cheese? Eggs. Just sayin.
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    Happy Birthday to Duff McKagan 2/5 and Axl Rose 2/6. Keep on kickin' ass for years to come!
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    Someone's got some eggsplainin' to do.
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    Well gosh negative nelly, don't look at it like that. I am thankful that Axl is here living life, happy and healthy.....we have lost far too many great talents like Scott and Chris far too young! Anyways back to the birthday wishes. ROCK ON Axl and Duff!!!! Happy birthday!
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    “We have to finish this tour to do what’s next”
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    This is a bit obvious, but whatta hell: It Tastes Gouda, Don’t It
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    No one ever told me when I was alone They just thought I'd know cheddar , cheddar .
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    Considering they elected Donald Trump to their president and glorify fat macho men in unitards who engage in fake wrestling, I am surprised they don't eat their eggs raw.
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    I’ve seen better crop jobs by 5 year olds using MS Paint
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    Perhaps we should label this episode "Appetite for Emotion." Former Great White & Guns N' Roses manager Alan Niven joins us for the 3rd time. Alan fell into a deep depression after his firing from GNR and tells us that part of his story, mainly in hopes it will help someone else. An important conversation is had in episode 102 of the AFD Show. Please follow/subscribe/leave a review! iHeart --> https://ihr.fm/2S9c4TG Spreaker --> https://bit.ly/2RGqqFK SoundCloud --> https://bit.ly/2GaOcsu Stitcher --> https://bit.ly/2PeSsY5 Google Play --> https://bit.ly/2REfzMs
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    Here’s the butter to go with the bread and cheese.
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    *stares wistfully at the sunset* ...sometimes I feel like I'm beatin' a bread horse.
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    Wait a minute, isn't Feta Axl's mom?
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    Well, when GN'R start selling official eggcups, we'll know Fernando was reading this thread. "Yes! How did I not realise? I know exactly what the fans needed all this time... eggcups!"
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    I already got more than I can swallow. Anyway, I think we can all agree that taking down the Youtube videos is the work of a pathetic loser (perhaps on behalf of TB but also possibly just claiming to have their approval), TB is somewhat lacking in their communication skills but have been pulling off excellent touring and Duff and Slash seem content, we'd all trade in stupid merch for new music, and although we might not know what the future brings the excellent work being done over at A4D certainly helps us to understand the past (@Blackstar).
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    Once there was this rock'n'roll band rollin' on the streets. Time went by and it became a joke...until they realised with just 5 easy payments of $89.99USD the official GNR Tupperware could be yours!
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    loooooooool the huge belly of the cow! *so accurate*
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    there is 3 versions of omg from me: 1 gtr mix its around for over a decade i made an update mix recently more pollish. 2 a mix of 1999 and the leak 3 a mix of the leak i can upload it later ...
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    You know, I wouldn't trust TB to get the eggcups merch right anyway, they'd probably end up launching a series of women's underwear in the sizes 'egg cup', 'orange cup', 'cantaloupe cup' and finally -- and this will feature a design by Slash himself -- 'pumpkin cup'.
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    Attempting an alcohol fast between now and May 18th when I go to Thailand ... Wish me luck
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    Well, then every person reacting to it is making it about themselves too, right? Even if they have nothing to do with the victim or perpetrator. It just annoys me how they're always so quick to point fingers and judge everyone and all I can think of is: Wait until you experience something like that. Let's see if you're so holy. In the end, nothing bad happened, he didn't assault a random black person, he shows regret, he didn't say it's a good thing to go on a racist killing spree. What more could you want? Humans are emotional beings after all. I think the world would be a far happier place if we all tried to understand each other a bit more than to constantly judge. Unless you're smug. Smug people deserve to be judged, of course.
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    OMG this thread. Can someone do some photoshop thing what GnR eggcups would look like? Please? By the way, we have them in Germany, too. Is it a European thing that the settlers did not take on the boat or something?
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    People like us who have eggcups are genetically superior? We should enslave the no-eggcup-having plebs?
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    What the fuck is going on in this thread
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    Yeah, no more yolking around.
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    This is weird but it came up on my YouTube feed for some reason and coincidentally or not seems like UMG causes trouble even to non-GN'R fans? its kind of funny, please watch it
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    Back on topic please guys...no eggcuses
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    We cook a soft boiled egg where the centre is still runny then put them in an egg cup, remove the top and dip buttered toast in it. Like so.
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    This is your brain after listening to Guns n Roses, any questions?😄
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    It must be fucking horrible for that poor woman getting humiliated like that. There's no need to put such vitriol on a platform for people to mock her. I think the owners son should be ashamed, I'm sure he's not perfect. How are you bearing up Dazey anyway? Ignore the mean fucker. Nice try with the "woman" angle 😂
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    Well, as crazy as this may sound, Fed Ex just dropped off my second turntable! I will end up giving this one to my son for his birthday next week. I ended up with the L&L box set, phono pre-amp, and two GNR turntables all for $200.
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    Just like I thought, they were just platinum seats. I just purchased 2 really good presale seats for $180 after taxes and fees. So I am happy now.
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    It seems to be just a super exposed picture. Crop or not, it looks bad and cheap anyway. Kat
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    Breads! Ain't It Bun Back Off Brioche Butter Dont Rye Hoagie Of The Dog Its So Yeasty Knocking On Leavens Door Catcher In The Rye Raw Flour Gluten Blues Sweet Child O' Millet And for the bakers: Altitude Dont Dock Me Double Talkin Rise Get In The Ring-Mold 14 Years sourdough starter Live And Let Die (the yeast culture!) Since I Dont Have Proof Siv Bators Patience
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    Why move the proper cheese thread to the Jungle and leave this duplicate? Too much jokes/fun? I guess GNR cheese is a subject to be taken seriously? This is part of why I don't bother with the main section these days. MySeriousForum.com
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    Do not be giving them any ideas!!
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    Um, they do Plus one more that wont embed: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yc7dxzISZDc
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    I agree. I'm sure I've said the same at some point. I've also wanted to kill old people, women, kids, police, teachers, fat people and dogs at some point in my life.
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    Well you don't go shopping for Bentleys at the Skoda showroom young man.
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    I heard the ''latest thing'' is transracialism whereby you just decide you're a different race and adopt the language, clothing and social mores of that said race; it goes without saying that these are usually white people imitating black ''hippy hoppy'' people, which I suppose has been going on for some time but now they have a distinct category through which they can feel offended. Vanilla Ice was thus a pioneer for us all! What if you're a transracial transsexual? Twice the trans! (Blows brains out).
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    Happy Birthday Alice Cooper! and 2 days till Axl's- get your bday wishes in for him gals!!
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    I'm out of reeggtions but this one killed me
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    Here in Detroit, we hard-boil eggs and dye them different colors at Easter time. Then the Easter Bunny hides them under the couch and behind the TV and shit. Sometimes we don't find them for days until they start to smell. Raw eggs, on the other hand, are strictly used for throwing at random garage doors or passing cars on Devil's Night.
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