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    At the same time, you can't begrudge fans for thinking whatever they want if the band doesn't do anything to address the situation and correct the record.
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    Bootlegs and lyrics have been on the Internet for as long as I can remember (and I've been online and involved in the online GNR community since '96). GNR has been making hundreds of millions of dollars from its highly lucrative reunion tour and through its likely sponsorship arrangements. I find it crazy that anyone would suspect that members of GNR or those employed to represent their interests would, in 2018 and 2019, be orchestrating these takedowns despite the fact that these materials have been available and online for years, in some case decades. Also examine and consider how the takedowns occurred soon after the leaks from last year. Those who followed that little escapade know it was the result of one foolish idiot who has a history of being a pain in everyones ass, who has long been shunned by the community at large, and has every incentive in his warped and petty little mind to abuse the online reporting mechanisms for copyrighted materials available to everyone. Lastly, I've been told by well connected sources that GNR and its management have a zero comment policy on almost all matters, from the trivial to the significant. They just don't comment on this stuff, even when, and this is my opinion, it is to their own detriment. We can speculate why. It has been argued by some that commenting on one matter would require clarifying all (a logic I don't agree with), while another line of thought is that they refuse to comment on matters they do not wish to bring attention to (which is what I believe). There's some who believe that management doesn't comment on these and other matters because this is Axl's preference; others believe the lack of communication is to ensure that Axl isn't made aware of what is occurring that would result in a whole other set of problems. Again, without clarification it's difficult to know for sure. But I would caution anyone who believes that because there's a lack of comment or clarification on this matter that it translates to coordination or involvement by GNR in these matters. The lack of public comment is just how they operate on all matters, even stuff that one would think they would want to set the record straight. EDIT: Apologies for the poor grammar/sentence structure (which is largely fixed). I write quickly and am always looking at two or three apps/windows on my computer, resulting in me getting lost at times in a stream of consciousness. I generally fix posts after I publish them).
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    You got to know that something is wrong with your life when you’re drinking whiskey at 17:00 and reading about a hypothetical GnR album that might come out, or not.
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    Reading over these past few pages and I'm thinking, "yeah I've been to all of these places... in Assassin's Creed games." Europeans are so spoiled not having a massive ocean separating them from the rest of the world. As a northeastern American, I've been to Canada. And not even Toronto, but the French Canada.
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    There's actually some really sharp fuckers on here, Dies' for example, that cunt could give you a detailed rundown of the history of the fuckin' planet. Wasted, that guy should be some kind of a fuckin' writer...which he is already I guess. McLeod is funny as fuck. My brother posts on here on and off and he says its like...an oddity in the field of forums in that its basically full of all nice people...and when you think about it it is innit? I mean in a world full of online bullying (a laughable concept to me but it fucks with some people) and like...the general fuckin' know it all arrogance on the internet they are sort of all nice folk around here. Quite odd for a Guns n Roses forum I think, you'd sort of expect people to be cunts around here I suppose I don't much venture into the main forum, perhaps they're all a bunch of know alls there but here in Anything Goes and the film and music sections everyones really nice.
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    I think they have a different concept or standards on what it means to be fan friendly. They would probably look at actions like starting a fan club, running contest, releasing remastered music, touring for 2+ years, reforming with Slash and Duff, playing a hits-laden setlist, and shows that often run three hours as being efforts to appeal to fans. They just aren't the kind of band that's ever been into fan-engagement in ways that fans want or expect. I can't speak with certainty, but their modus operandi is more akin to the bands of the 60s, 70s, and 80s. The internet ushered an era of unparalleled access and transparency; two things that have never been GNR's thing.
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    I've had a great time with you guys. Met some really nice people through the GNR community. Thanks for participating and hanging around, always "down for good conversation" and the occasional what the fuck is going on here, lol. It's been entertaining. Er, I've done the mod thing, couldn't pay me to do that again. Thank you to the folks who do that.
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    This game looks froggin fantastic. I was a huge Pokémon guy, haven’t planned since generation 5 but I’m going to pick up these titles day one for sure. What do you guys think?
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    I think off the top of my head I am in for: Cheap Trick - Epic Archives Vol.3 (as a huge trick fan, I LOVE this series) Alice Cooper - Dirty Diamonds John Lennon - Imagine (rough mix) Stones - She's a Rainbow single (I dig the art) I'll probably bite on the stupid 3" player too as a fun novelty.
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    I went to see Rolf live twice!
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    Timing Len, timing.
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    Got to agree with this. I've always enjoyed coming here but I think it's now better than it's ever been. Really nice group of people and really well moderated. Even when @janrichmond shouts at me. I joined in November 2002! Fuck me that's terrifying!
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    Guns n roses are the biazarr-Pearl Jam. PJ does everything for their fans, they dont care about bootlegs, hell they even at one point, they may even still do it now, sell every soundboard version of their live shows because they wanted their fans to have good quality bootlegs of their shows. PJ treats their fans great where as GNR treats their fans like shit. PJ plays a different set list every night, gnr plays the same set list for 10 years. GNR does not deserve the fanbase they have
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    100 percent agree. And thanks for the compliments. It should be noted that this community is not free of bullying by accident. It takes a lot of work and some thick skin by our moderators and admins (past and present) to ensure that the tone and attitude of this place facilitates the kind of dialogue and exchanges that most people would enjoy participating in. Some don't like the fact that they can't be assholes, and so those people don't usually last long. Thankfully there are other places on the web for those people who want to shit on everyone and everything, but they're no place I'd waste my time on.
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    Yet you're here and posted over 29.000 times. Man, your life must be boring.
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    In noticed that the list of GnR lyrics in Metrolyrics includes "Every Rose Has Its Thorn," "Cats in the Cradle" and other irrelevant songs (these are not taken down ). It looks like Metrolyrics isn't very well monitored by its contributing community. I wonder if this has anything to do with the takedown of the GnR lyrics only from this particular site. Of course, if that's the case, they could have just asked the site to remove the fake lyrics instead of the real ones.
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    *Rolf reaches into his pants and rummages furiously saying "can you guess what it is yet?"
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    No but Rolf put his crackerjack pencil somewhere and its not been retrieved since
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    You take that back this instant!
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    Scaramouche my fuckin’ arse
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    I was the morbidly obese jelly babies guy I’ll have you know!
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    Nah man, he was in the band for what, 19 years? You can't just skip over a third of your life like that. He'll detail it.
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    NEW! Ep. 107 - Tommy Stinson talks The Lemonheads, New Music, and Russia We are honored to have Tommy Stinson back on the show. In May he will embark on the North American leg of the Lemonhead's tour, but he has so much more planned. Cowboys in the Campfire, Bash & Pop, solo record, autobiography, Guns N' Roses, your fan questions...we discuss all! Also joining us as co-host is Jenna from Philly, a listener of the AFD who won the chance to interview Tommy! iHeart --> https://ihr.fm/2SkteJ9 Spreaker --> https://bit.ly/2VbtjRa SoundCloud --> https://bit.ly/2IvTcty Stitcher --> https://bit.ly/2PeSsY5 Google Play --> https://bit.ly/2txYl9Z ...also just did an episode with Michael Sweet from Stryper... Ep. 106 - Michael Sweet talks Stryper, rock docs, and #GNR Cross Michael updates us on new #Stryper music, a solo record, and a documentary in the works. How do we compare a Christian metal band to #GunsNRoses? Only one way to find out... iHeart --> https://ihr.fm/2GWQZVI Spreaker --> https://bit.ly/2GDcdsh SoundCloud --> https://bit.ly/2TdVnGc Stitcher --> https://bit.ly/2BIhCdx Google Play --> https://bit.ly/2E5YyX2
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    That's one less contender for the bag
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    They say people draw from their own life experiences for examples.
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    Trump compliments these leaders as part of his negotiation strategy, I think it's off mark to criticize him on that.
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    I like No Rain. But cannot tolerate anything Taylor Swift does.
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    According to him they have "tremendous," "unbelievable," "unlimited," and a second "tremendous", and a third "tremendous" amount of economic opportunity. And the one thing he loves above all else in the world: economic opportunity. But why do publishers bother printing dictionaries anymore? Just consult Trump for your next linguistic decision. "We will help it to happen!" That should be a new campaign slogan. <insert joke about Trump finally made it to Vietnam> He also calls Kim a "great leader" in the video, is that really the designation we want to go with? An uber-militaristic, communist country that treats its citizens like dirt and has concocted a fake war narrative a la 1984 for almost all of its existence? ~40% of NK citizens live below the poverty line, great leader! But the Kim family is super wealthy, so it makes sense Trump is connecting with them. I'd bring up human rights abuses, but Trump doesn't seem to care about those given the amount he's presided over and softly endorsed in his own country.
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    There's nothing more cheesy than a Louis Vuitton bag.... So much bad taste!!! I'd like the signed bandana though.... but I couldnt care less either
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    I sometimes don't know if you're serious or not, but I suppose that makes sense, but there are also a lot of fuctional alcoholics that live the same life as they would have while being sober, but they're still addicted to booze. This is a really lovely song, thanks for posting. And a quick google search told me that she's still alive at 101 years of age. Impressive!
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    Addiction is characterised by something you do repetitively that impedes your ability to function in normal life, thats how they lay it out in counselling for drug, or sex or whatever addiction. So like, say you're addicted to jelly babies, if you eat nothing but jelly babies til you're morbidly obese and can't move, or you're so addicted to sex that you're too busy fuckin' to show up to work. When it gets in the way of your life and stops you living a normal life basically. Thats the textbook definition. So a forum I presume becomes an addiction where, for example, you're like 'fuck going to work this week, I'm gonna post about GnR' or you ain't fucked your wife in 6 months cuz you're too busy on the forum and she falls asleep waiting.
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    Except for Frank can play. He just doesn't play the way that you want him to.
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    Well, Pearl Jam is kind of the gold standard of artist-fan relations. I'm not sure any band would do well in a comparison with Pearl Jam (who are in my top five favourite bands of all time). I'm not sure it's a matter of what's deserving. GNR are just who they are, and have always been this way (to a certain degree). As much as the fans are handicapped at times by how GNR operates, it does speak to the power of their music and performances.
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    You wanna know why it sounded like shit in 2013 and 2017? Because he was singing it with Angry Anderson and that's why he sang it differently in a much slower pace. He was singing it in the same pace as Angry Anderson and not like he usually sings it. Because of the slow pace he had to use his singing voice instead of the screaming voice that he uses in Shadow Of Your Love and Brian era AC/DC songs. The slow pace forces Axl to drag his vocals and he can't use his screaming voice if he has to drag the vocals like that. So he had to use his singing voice when he sang it with Angry Anderson. Axl's voice works best when he's doing fast bursts of screaming vocals, just like in SOYL and the Brian era AC/DC songs. It's guaranteed that Axl sounds great on Nice Boys as soon as they do a fast paced version of it again.
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    Nice Boys would be really cool. Fair enough if you like Witcheta. But the problem with Witcheta for me is where it is in the set. Right after Sweet Chilld the crowd are pumped and the people who sit down are off their backsides. Then Witcheta brings it down. Axl sings it well but it's boring live and I don't have any attachment with the song. Most people in Europe I've spoken to think the same.
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    I was being a little bit sarcastically grandiose. But ya know, if it were to be preserved for the ages, I feel it would be for the principle of the thing rather than whether or not people actually care to bother wading through. Seems sort of bleak to just go "DELETE." though I suppose that's how it all goes in the end. The internet is a weird place. Someone called me an "internet personality" the other day lol. Don't know if I should be flattered or ashamed.
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    Being against leaks indicates a censorial disposition? Do you hear yourself? And again the hyperbole! No lone nerd has been able to "obliterate GN'R's online presence from the internet." Just a large portion of unauthorized videos. And again, having such videos taken down is remarkably easy. I have been the victim of it myself.
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    Good questions, ones that I think about often. At some point, when the drop in activity warrants it, the forum will be converted into a read-only website. Hopefully Google or somebody will archive/catalogue everything on the web, so if one day my children or ancestors no longer wish to pay for hosting costs there will be an alternative somewhere. Then again, are we kind of kidding ourselves that anyone in the distant future will care enough to wade through all of this?
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    Funny how he used to say this back in '91, but 2019 he plays with Frank, right? Where is his wisdome gone last 25 years!? On the sidenote....Frank might say the singing part for Axl, so...
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    I hope its true open world. Minor nitpick, I wish the Pokemon were already around the world instead of being random encounters
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    Im sure this has already been discussed in some thread but I just got to wondering, is Alfred a very unique internet person or are there all sorts of Alfreds out there? Anyone know of similar situations in other fandoms? It kinda reminds me of the YT Adpocalypse 2 thing in some ways. Or better yet, our girl 'Female Axl' on adpocalypse 2
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