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    I found this horrible, old song targeted at Axl. Recorded by some guy named Scott Savage back in 2008. On an album called....."Chinese Democracy"? It's available on Apple Music, Spotify, Google Play and other services incredibly. What do you all think? I feel like you guys might find it funny. (I re-uploaded because I know international users have problems viewing videos like this)
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    @DieselDaisy how long did this take you?
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    Biggest take away is how far home studio recording has come in 10 years.
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    Today is my birthday! It's kind of been ruined by other stuff that I've had going on lately but hopefully that will be resolved soon... Hope you all are doing well.
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    I liked "TIJUANA JAIL" and Cure me or kill me, two great tracks.
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    Yeah, it's the woman Len is talking about. Not sure actually if he tried going to the UK too or if it was just her. But yeah, it's true. Suddenly they find it not so bad here, while years ago they did everything to get away from here, even if everything was done to keep them here. Let them stay in jail there. They have no place here.
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    You just permanently invalidated every opinion you'll ever have about music. Sorry mate.
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    Thats normal is it, sleeping with kids, that wouldn't bother you? Some big grown fucker sleeping with however the fuck old they were boys. Coupled with the fuckin' weird mucky 'art' books they found in his bedroom, what would that make you think? I mean say you accidentally walked in on some shit like that, wouldn't bat an eyelid, normal as anything yeah? Do me a favour.
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    Well, in Axl's defense, cleanliness is next to godliness.
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    The same company presses the Ju Ju Hounds album as well as 117. I may have to look into getting all 3.
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    Cure Me Or Kill Me would’ve been a great GnR song imo. Could totally picture Axl singing that one. Damn shame it didn’t work out. on topic; this is cool! Happy for gilby. Good album!
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    Yeah... This is nonsense. In the end Axl signed up for the tour and knew he had to start early and then didn't for whatever reason. Now that the band's half reuinited he's suddenly able to start at the right time? You can't just book a tour and have them start at whatever time the band sees fit. There's curfews almost everywhere and people needing to be at work the next day. It's impossible to do so.
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    Alright, which one of you wrote this?
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    The local paper for Newport has a section in it where you can look through the archives of over a hundred years of the paper and it's got a bit where it lists crimes and the sentences. Things like- Fred Jones, Crime stealing clothes off a washing line. Punishment - Sent to the Colonies 😂 they were so fucking harsh back then.
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    Susan is one of the better people associated with GNR. Her style isn't like mine (but then neither is her body!) but her and Duff seem like a genuine, family orientated couple. Duff by far has ended up with the most grounded, happy ending out of everyone and I'm sure his wife is a lot to do with that. I can live with her being a bit cheesy on social media. Also Happy Birthday @MaskingApathy hope it's a good one for you.
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    I'd be quite interested to see what these fuckin' ISIS tourist board videos were like that were SOOOO fuckin' enticing that these fuckin' mouthbreathers thought 'yeah, that looks a good shout!', what was it, 'tired of the rain and the sleet, come to Syria where its hot ALL the time...cuz half the fuckin' buildings are ablaze and we're having a homosexual bonfire in the courtyard Perhaps one of those little 1950s housewives home appliances skits with Shamima toddling about the kitchen doing her bits and pieces, opening the fridge and not flinching at the sight of the severed head, 'every woman knows what this is like, husbands leaving the unwanted leave overs from the night before taking up room in the fridge!' with Shamima doing a campy 'oy oy oy' gesticulation with her hands. All I'm saying is they've must've drafted in some spectacular filmmakers for the job.
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    That Whitney fucking Houston song the bodyguard movie and the Titanic song from Silly Dion
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    And in 23 years Fernando's kid will be managing the "Melissa Reese GnR Experience: Presented By Refined Sugar and Ashba Water."
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    Day 25 - Song title containing "ING"
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    This is something that I have pondered as well on occasion, and especially over the last year. When I was a kid, I loved Michael Jackson's music. I guess he was the first artist who I was a fan of. I had the opportunity to meet him once, and I remember him being really nice. A bit shy. When the accusations emerged, I didn't believe them. I didn't want to believe them. Last year, due to a discussion on another forum, I ended up reading some of the trial transcripts and whilst he was found to be not guilty, there was some questionable stuff going on. I am no longer a kid and I see no justification for having unrelated children sleeping in one's bedroom. If it weren't Michael Jackson, but Bob, the plumber down the road, would anyone make excuses for that? Yet, I do like some of his music. It's music I grew up with. So, like others say in this thread, where do you draw the line? I was never into the Lostprophets but I do feel that it would be difficult for me to listen to an artist who was found guilty of a crime of that nature. I can't completely separate the art from the artist, because to a greater or lesser extent, depending on the piece, there will always be something of the artist that shines through in the art. I love to write and I know that even if I write a fantasy story, for example, there's something of me in there. It's inevitable. What we create stems from who we are - our feelings, our thoughts, our emotions, our personalities. I haven't known about Axl's alleged past for that long, despite having loved GN'R's music since '87. I was the kind of person who listened to the music and attended the occasional concert, and that's about it. Sure, I sometimes read music magazines aimed at teenagers but they were the kind where you mainly learned about an artist's favourite colour and food, not the serious kind of stuff. It's only through this forum that I have become more informed. And if it's true that Axl did those things then that's not something I can condone and that does somewhat diminish my enjoyment of his art. It also makes those t-shirts he wears at times, like the one with the woman in the trash can, all the more distasteful. And yeah, it's a cognitive dissonance thing. I can tell myself that with some artists whose music I love, that they may have done some awful things but they haven't been found guilty so we can't know for sure, but that if they had I would stop listening. Would I really? I think what that uncertainty says about me is not something I like.
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    Look, the man made lovely fuckin' songs, thats all well and good but a fuckin' grown man that goes around sleeping in the same bed as kids, to me, is a fuckin' wrong 'un. Its weird and fuckin' creepy and just because you grow up listening to a man sing songs well and he talks like a fairy don't mean to say that he's Jesus fuckin' Christ come off the cross, most especially not when he likes sleeping with little boys. And if that was literally any other male human being on the planet no one would have a problem with calling him a wrong 'un cuz thats what he was. I like a lot of peoples songs, in fact I've been called damn near obsessive about music and all that but I ain't that fuckin' in love with no one that much to where it'd blind me to what that cunt was about.
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    NEW! Ep. 108 - Richie Faulkner The Judas Priest guitarist returns to give tour updates and compare Guns N' Roses & Judas Priest with their media approach. After Richie, GNR super-fan Alex shares his adventure at this year's NAMM Show. iHeartRadio --> https://ihr.fm/2XwW2BY Spreaker --> https://bit.ly/2BWV9JR SoundCloud --> https://bit.ly/2GXZ7G6 Stitcher --> https://bit.ly/2PeSsY5 Google Play --> https://play.google.com/music/m/Djphz6zw2nhhrrgfbodhvjor4m4…
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    Yeah man.. It is a damn shame Axl fired Gilby.. He was seamless transition from Izzy and I think he would have been able to contribute to some great Guns N' Roses music judging from the songs he wrote/played with Slash on Pawnshop Guitars and It's 5 o'clock somewhere. Legit chemistry...
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    Thanks for sharing! Just ordered a copy!
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    I've posted about this recently in another thread. I believe Michael Jackson to be 100% innocent of all charges that have been brought against him. If you look into the history of the two people in this "documentary", you'll easily find that they're full of shit.
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    Axl was struggling with mental issues?
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    I have never heard a reason for it yet which makes any sense. Just Rose treating his fans like dirt as per usual.
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    Met Slash once after a gig, waited out back before soundcheck and he walked straight from the tour bus to the venue. Went out back after the show and he came out about an hour later and stood and signed shit for about 50-60 people. No photos as someone mentioned, but who fucking cares. Got his autograph, shook his hand and that's more than enough for me. He was smaller than i expected him to be. Polite and quite. I think the main thing is when meeting famous people is dont be a dick and dont ask for a photo straight away. Ive met a few people from bands, and its always been smooth because I dont expect anything, not a photo not an autograph. A handshake and thanks for the tunes is enough.
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    This is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was just recently that I listened to a Mitch Lafon interview with Gilby where Gilby lamented that Virgin owns the master and since Gilby is no longer on that label a re-release wasnt looking likely. They even entertained the notion that he might re record the album to get around that. They loop back to that conversation at the end of interview @ 1:15:00 http://northeastrockreview.com/rock-talk-with-mitch-lafon-steve-harris-gilby-clarke/ So this is just lots of good news!!! Killer album, Axl should've kept him on and used his writing!
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    Mental Health issues are just horrible to deal with period the silent killer and all that. I have been suffering with depression for years some days are great some days are terrible. Having that to juggle with along with multiple addiction I feel the pain here
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    Axl is a paranoid maniac case closed next one!?
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    You seem to waste too much energy worrying about negative energy. Maybe the official GnR Forum might be a more pleasurable place for you to post. I am not trying to being facetious either.
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    Imagine being a grown adult and releasing a "diss track"... Beyond tragic.
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    Not sure I’d come post them here with that feedback
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    Yeah, that's what I'd been thinking. I haven't followed it that closely, but I hadn't read anything about a Dutch husband. Well, they just go there and marry whoever's available apparently, then be a breeding machine. Ugh, how horrible. Who really knows what's what? I mean, many of these ISIS brides claim their husbands have died and they marry another one, but who really knows for sure? I wouldn't be surprised if supposedly dead people turn up again somewhere in Europe in the future. Or have turned up already, living here under a fake name. Because that's another thing. They all change names constantly. Like we had one named Tarik Jadaoun, but then there he was apparently named Abu Hamza Al-Belgiki. He was declared dead and then suddenly they found him in Baghdad or wherever. So who is to know really?
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    I have the same suspicions, especially since they make it clear they don't even regret it. They can go fuck themselves.
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    Originally she said she didn’t know what had happened to her husband - now all of a sudden he is found It worries me that there might be more to it than just wanting to come back because ISIS are close to defeat where they are, maybe they’ve been told to try and get back to their countries and carry out whatever terror act they can there. I agree that none of them should be allowed back.
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    The piece of shit from my country said the same thing about how his standard of living there is terrible compared to NZ. Plus he couldn't afford sex slaves. Complaining that decent young ones are as much as $20K. They're scum and can stay over there in the desert. He's in a Syrian prison lol. No passport because he burned it. No other citizenship. My government is saying hard luck.
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    Currently working on this one, scheduled for free release mid-2019
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    Well done for going for the treatment. It will be well worth it when she starts to pick up and you know you did the best for her.
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    My 18 yr. old Rat Terrier torn her cranial cruciate ligament (ACL) in her back knee. She is limping now. Vet is currently giving her "Platelet Rich Plasma" treatments. A process of taking her own blood and separating the platelets and injecting it back into the injury to promote healing. It could be months before she can walk properly. I've read stories of people doing nothing for it and their dog begins to walk because scar tissue will begins to form and take over some ligament function, but I couldn't let her suffer so I opted for the treatments instead of surgery. Hopefully It will make a difference!
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    That's undoubtedly that dullard Sorum on drums. It's a clip from 93 when they did the acoustic sets.
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    Except for Frank can play. He just doesn't play the way that you want him to.