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    If I had a nickel for every time a new album thread has been made, I’d have myself a nice PS4 right about now
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    You lecture me on bottletops yet you jet around on fuel guzzling planes looking for cod jizz. You are a Champagne Green haha.
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    Day 27 Z Alll Aboard hahahahahaha
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    Day 28 - Song title containing 2 T's
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    He proved that a lisp isn't necessarily a barrier to success (thuctheth ?).
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    Only if you don't like Iron Maiden. If you like them it is a different story. I personally dislike them but I cannot deny they treat their fans like golddust. I cannot imagine a Maiden fan has ever thought it necessary to use the phrase, ''Bruce Dickinson doesn't owe you anything''.
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    And how would you do that? You think some bloke living in a fuckin' mud and hay hut gives a fuck about recycling, he's more worried about how he's gonna feed his family over the winter, what sanctions are you gonna put on him thats gonna make him give a flying fuck about whether or not he throws a plastic bottle on the ground? They often have a lot more pressing concerns, like the fact the last summer was astronomically hot which has caused the wells to dry up and as a consequence they don't have water to bathe or wash their clothes or drink. How about you sort your own house out first, starting with all those mental fuckin' yanks that go about claiming global warming is a myth, sort that shit out first and then when you're eating off a clean plate then you're in a position to lecture others. Pakistan/Kashmir is getting bombed right now, I got family telling me how they couldn't sleep nights a week or so ago for the sound of bombs in the distance, recycling is probably low on the list of priorities.
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    ''he/she/it doesn't owe you anything'' in this context is basically an excuse for being bummed up the arse by your hero. It is somewhat analogous to beaten housewife syndrome.
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    Such claims have to show video evidence, it's the new forum law.
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    of course, but there are other ways. for instance, check ninlive.com - the guy is doing a shitload of work there, with the definitive goal being putting together ALL the available recordings of all shows, with many download options including DIRECT download. and guess what - the band actually supports him and they even met and talked about the site. if that was the case of GNR, the site would probably be taken down in a minute, with the guy being threatened or sued. some other bands take another approach - offer live recordings to fans for some reasonable money (Metallica for example) and it works brilliantly. face it - GNR has just become a corporate whore, a cash machine, which treats the fanbase like shit. I've always wanted to make a site similar to ninlive.com - but under these circumstances, I don't give a fuck and just share my ass of via places that the takedown assclowns can never shut down
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    Big Trouble Little Vagina
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    You're supposed to get this wild eyed passionate look in your eyes and shout it like you mean it, like so:
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    It sounds so scary when you say it. Partially because there is no s sound in it.
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    @MillionsOfSpiders omg when Johnny leans into Duff and says something about only being mates on stage and then says “You know what I mean!” 😳 *cringe 😂😬
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    I don't support United, I've only kept this avatar for years now just to wind Len up 😂
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    I recycle religiously and haven't been on a plane in over 5 years. I offset this by burning tyres in my garden and leaving all the lights on.
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    Professionals aside, how can anyone dance without being absolutely mortal? I do not get the concept.
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    Sorry, but I find your reasoning here nonsense. The children don't have to watch it. It's not as though the accusations are new. The documentary is an account from Jackson's accusers in their own words. What other ways do you suppose here? You say you don't want to sum them all up, but for the life of me, other than a book that most wouldn't read, I can't think of too many other ways to share their story. Moreover, there's more than just accounts that are communicated. When Safechuck displays the jewelry that MJ bought him, his fingers and hands shake. When he slips on the ring, you see just how small the ring is, that it was designed for a child's hand. There's so much more communicated and presented through the medium of video that wouldn't be presented in print or audio alone. Again, by your logic no victim is allowed to speak of their abuse should their accounts cause further trauma or harm to those associated with the accused. Sorry, but that's nuts. Harvey Weinstein has five kids. Should his accusers remained silent because of the pain such accusations would have on Harvey's kids? Robson explains his motivations for filing the lawsuit. As he notes in the documentary, it was more about having a chance to tell his truth and have a platform to do it. According to him, it's not about the money. It was reported in 2013, even by someone close to the Jackson estate, that he wasn't suing for much money (it was estimated around $15k for the cost of his therapy). Again, watch the documentary. It might not change anything for you. As I said, I was a full on agnostic about Jackson's guilt prior to watching it. And while listening to their accounts was difficult, it wasn't until I watched the entire documentary that my own beliefs began to change. At the end of the day, does it really matter to you and I either way? If Jackson is what he's being accused of, wouldn't you rather have a better idea of that. We can never know for sure, but I think if you're going to take a strong position either way, you owe it to those who purport to be victims to listen to what they have to say in their own words.
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    It should be called "kung pao chicken" instead or "dirty wok"
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    I hate the term "Chinese Leftovers".. Sounds so stupid..
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    Have you watched Leaving Neverland? A lot of your issues are addressed in the film. As @soon mentioned, the issue with sexual assault is that it isn't always reported. I think it's hard for people who haven't been victimized to fully understand how difficult it can be to come forward. Both Robson and Safechuck acknowledge that they felt shame, embarrassment, and responsibility on their end and love and guilt with respect to their feelings about MJ. Safechuck acknowledges how he grapples with coming to terms what happened with him and his feelings of love towards Michael. Also, some of your assumptions are kind of suspect. I'm not sure we should give cast doubt on people who come forward in cases where there isn't a critical mass of supposed victims (aka Cosby numbers). With respect to the parents, a couple of things. Both Robson and Safechuck never told their parents until years later. Robson's mom talks about when they would travel with Michael her room would increasingly be moved further and further away from Michael and Wade's. We don't know if there are other victims who never told their parents. We don't know if other possible victims were bought off by MJ. Keep in mind MJ had attempted to settle financially with Chandler prior to the accusations coming out. If someone were to wrongly accuse me of sexually abusing children the first thing I'd do would be to turn to the police immediately. MJ didn't do that. What struck me most about the documentary was the second half of part two. It addressed how those around Safechuck and Robson came to terms and the fall out. I have a hard time believing that Robson would make his mom feel like absolute shit solely to put himself in the spotlight and take a shot at a civil lawsuit. I find it increasingly difficult to believe that both men faked their nervous breakdowns prior to admitting what happened to rope in their wives and family members in on their con. It's either that or the wives are in on the charade as well. But if you watch their accounts, it's just impossible to imagine that both women would be capable of making up such ludicrous stories and tell them in such a convincing way. As I said before, it's a very subjective and personal decision with respect to who to believe. I don't fault yourself and others for seeing Michael as innocent. I'd love to think he's the victim here as it would make it way more convenient for me. Michael Jackson was my favourite performer/musician as a kid growing up in the 80s. His music is the soundtrack to mid to late 80s for me. But after watching the documentary and hearing Robson and Safechuck's accounts from them and those around them, I have little doubt that they were the victims of sexual abuse by Michael Jackson. I can't speak to other kids, both the ones we know about and perhaps those we don't, but with respect to those two men, I firmly believe them.
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    We don't even know if these are actually good tracks, so why would you be happy?
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    Hehe. I get the thing about childhood heroes being hard to reject. Heroes become part of us, so by admitting they are not worthy of our admiration we kind of ruin parts of ourselves and our past. And yes, I get the thing about wanting to be someone's mean and terrifying. We all want to be someone no one messes with, right. But I suppose you can be that and still not be an asshole? On a sidenote, did you adopt the lisp to sound like Tyson and do you also squeak with a high-pitched voice to sound like a little girl? Whut? JAAAAN! @janrichmond
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    Atlas Tugged ... One out
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    Waiting for Cod...oh! Waiting for Godot is a play, but, fuck you. After my epic cheese puns surely I am the master of puns.
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    Of course there is a relationship but not one where any of the parties is owed anything (unless the fan has paid for something, like an album or a concert, which he hasn't received). Anything else the fans feels he is owed only comes down to that fan's own personal decision to devote time and emotion on the band. Like the losers who complain about "defending Axl Rose" and now feel they is entitled to something in return, or the loser who spends his time taking down YT videos probably hoping for a pat on his shoulders by Axl at some point. These are the same guys who go whining about being "owed" when it turns out they are not getting the return on the investment they, and only they, expected. The rest of us realize that we choose to be fans of the band (or music) from our own free will and that it doesn't come with any entitlement at all.
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    Axl & a Native American came to me in a dream Saturday night, they beckoned me to follow them into a desert. I slowly walked behind them thinking it was a trifle unnecessary to see the crack in Axls arse, but followed with caution and listened as Axl and the Indian discussed how much more comfortable the Indian felt in Axls white shorts. A crow passed overhead and I overheard the Indian say “Slash” amidst the rest of his native tounge, which Axl spoke fluently it seemed. Axl responded by shouting “Nein” and kicking the old Indian in the shins repeatedly. We walked on for at least 8 minutes and Axl lit a cigarette, I asked if I could have one and he passed me a cigarette, stuck on a bic pen, I pulled this ridiculous thing off and Axl lit a match off the cheek of his ass and passed it to me after he had lit his pen. I asked Axl where we were going, he said not to ask questions, as there was no one around to sign an NDA. The Indian did however point towards the horizon and said “over there” in accented English. Thus spake the super guru.... We walked another 7 minutes and a figure appeared, hazy with the heat in the distance. Seemed like they had their hand on their hip. As we got closer I could see a blue shirt, black leather pants, brown boots and sunglasses. It was Fernando. He ran up and jumped into Axls arms. “Is he here” Axl asked, yes, around the corner replied Fernando... We’re in a fucking desert, what corner Fernando, I think to myself, when along comes Keith Richards, McBob and Melissa. Richards and the Indian crack a joke about Axls ass and then McBob says it’s ready. It appears Mellisa is some form of port key and once her hair is touched by Richards, suddenly this space/time continuum thing gets fucked and I’m vaulted forward into a room with Jim Morrison, Axl & The Indian. Jim is having a toke, I gladly accept his herb, as it beats Axls bic pen cigarettes. Immediately Morrison brings up the Izzy\Reunion conversation, Axl looks bored. It seems they have had this discussion before. The Indian looks at me and rolls his eyes. Morrison and the Indian start to speak in whispered tones, a dialect Axl appeared unfamiliar with. Frequently glancing at me and Axl. Axl sat quitely, took out a scrap of paper, wrote something down with his smoke, put the paper back in his pocket and stared out the window into the desert. Morrison and the Indian appeared to have concluded their conversation, and then the Indian stood up. If you cook them, they will come. The Indian said solemnly. Axl looked at Morrison with tears in his eyes. “It’s true” Morrison says, “The Indian speaks the true word brother” Axl just sat repeating “if you cook them, they will come” over and over. He looked distraught. What does it mean he asked me over and over. “Fucked if know, probably something to do with Taco Bell” I reply... I’ve had enough of this nonsense. I stood up, shook hands with Morrison thanked him for his refreshment, said “Toksa” to the Indian. Told Axl to get the fuck out of these stoner weight watchers meetings he had dragged me to and into the studio. I got a taxi home. Fuck the desert.
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    I have never felt the need to remind myself that any artist owes me anything. That applies to Axl or any other musician. I don’t understand the possessiveness of fans in any measure. And I’ve only heard that argument on this forum.
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    The thing is, I don't go to concerts to chat with other fants, drink expensive overpriced lager and then wait 3 hours. I've also no idea in which universe heckling a comedian is funny? If anything, Axl's supposed to be the one to get heckled I reckon? I mean no disrespect, but I just don't understand it. I've no idea how you can justify the lateness in any other way other than saying it's disrespectful. If I show up late for work I can't go out and say everyone "I'm doing it for the mystique and aren't I badass?"
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    I am not refuting this however my argument, which seems to have been lost on you, is, what other band's fans feel the requirement to constantly reiterate: ''they don't owe us anything''? That in itself demonstrates how appallingly Rose/Guns N' Roses treats his/their fans, that and paucity of studio material which is somewhat related. I cannot imagine a situation has ever arisen when Maiden fans felt the need to remind themselves that Maiden are not in their debt; I, as a Neil Young fan, have never once thought to remind myself that Shakey doesn't owe me something, even when his output (recently) has been less than stellar. It is a colossal straw mas as I have never come across anyone here who does believe that they are owed something, either contractually or morally.
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    If you ever happen to venture up my neck of the woods let me know and I'll take you to a cracking whisky place in Manchester. The Briton's Protection
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    I've just got an image in my head of you right now. Like some Geordie Father Jack lounging in his own filth with a bottle of Bells and 5 gallons of mixers strewn all over the place.
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    Both ''there is a lot of activity focusing on it'' and ''a lot of energy is put towards the idea of making a new album possible'' have more than a whiff of, ''we're going to start looking very seriously at what we're doing in that regard''. It is the language of continuous deferment. If Richard Fortus, who is an expert in this language, wanted to buy a pint of milk he wouldn't go and buy a pint of milk: he would think seriously about looking into the possibility of potentially buying a pint of milk.
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    I think Duff realized that he's not as punk as fuck as he thought, next to those guys.
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    Yeah, and people were upset about the late shows back then as well. There were plenty of curfews back then as well, it's not something of the last few years. The band started late back then but not 1 at night kind of late like Axl did on several shows during the Chinese Democracy tours. I've never felt walking out late after a show adds to anything other than frustration as to how to get home and how to make it to work the next day without feeling absolutely fucked. It's irresponsible to do so, there's more to life than see Guns N' Roses and it's not "the 11 o' clock news".
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    its only a pitty 95% of maidens stuff is shite though
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    Day 21: Day 22: Day 23: Day 24: Day 25: Day 26:
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    Here is the rest of the interview. Enjoy! _____ I: “What of that did you experience?” Slash: “We met with animal welfarists there, but we didn't see any poachers. Instead a lot of elephants. Whilst a visit to Tanzania we had a confrontation. We were driving through a national park, when suddenly an angry male elephant came running towards us. It was dangerous because I didn't know exactly if he was serious. We were in an inconvenient position with our car, where could not have reversed quick enough to get out of the way. As it turned out, the elephant just bluffed. It seemed he wanted to make sure we got his point. We then slowly left his sight. I can tell you – that scared the shit out of me. I: “On Instagram, it is you who scares others. You show werewolves, vampires, zombies, post quotes by Poe and congratulate Stephen King for his birthday...” Slash: “A lot of things like that, yeah. (laughs) I'm also interested in that stuff in real life. In 2013, I founded a production company to make horror movies. “Nothing Left to Fear” was the first one. It is of course an ironic title – there is lot to fear in that movie. I still have to shiver to this day. Back then, I asked David Bowie to play a priest in it. His health was really bad at the time, so unfortunately it didn't happen. I didn't really know how sick he really was. Since then I worked on many follow-up projects, with a few deals being made just recently. You know, I always have to do something.” I: “Stephen King once told me what drives him to write horror stories. Everyone knows they have to die. Horror stories are an exercise for the unfathomable – we scare ourselves safely, knowing nothing can happen while reading.” Slash: “Well, that is a really interesting take on the horror genre.” I: “What fascinates you with horror?” Slash: “The fact that gloomy stories are still kind of a taboo always fascinated me. Other than that horror gives me an adrenaline rush – if something scares me to death. I love horror for similar reasons I love Rock'n'Roll for: Because both are directed against a mainstream way of thinking. Many horror stories are composed very clever because they challenge your imagination. But still horror is kind of the ugly duckling genre. But still it has fascinated me since I was little.” I: “In his book 'Doctor Sleep' King examined the realm between life and death. You told doctors similar things, when they brought you back to life after pronouncing you clinically dead after a drug cocktail. Does that creep you out when thinking about it sometimes?” Slash: “There are moments when I think to myself 'Man, how did I survive that?'. But basically I don't really think about what happened back then.” I: “Following those excesses you began to have heart problems in your mid 30's and got a defibrillator. How do you feel today?” Slash: “That was also a thing I was really lucky with. My heart is fine today. My defibrillator isn't even activated at the moment. I'm in good health and have left that phase behind.” (pauses for a bit then grabs his neck and screams AAAAARGH and lets himself sink into the armchair – and laughs). I: “Well, you do have humor. Slash, guitar heroes like you, had to make way for Hip-Hop artists that seem to fascinate the youth more.” Slash: “I know, my son who is 14 is really into Hip-Hop. He records tracks that way with beats and everything.” I: “Do you feel like one of the last of your kind?” Slash: “Well, playing guitar is just my thing. That's how I started, it drives me, since I've been a kid. Naturally, I noticed how tastes in music have shifted. But that's just normal. Every young generation has to make the time period it grows up in their own. Today's kids want to experience a kick, like I did when I first listened to The Kinks or freaking Led Zeppelin. Whatever new is being developed – I can only watch as it happens. But do you want to know what really grinds my gears?” I: “What is it?” Slash: “The missing integrity of the music industry was there all along when I started. But there was a bigger will to take risks. We wanted to express ourselves in our own way and fight the commercial industry. Today it seems, many young musicians want to be part of the commercial standard as soon as possible. Many say: 'How can we get commercially successful? Tell us how?' Hahaha. I'd say it was a bit different with us back then.”
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