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    Can someone tell Phil the music is on the way?
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    "As much as I love GUNS N' ROSES' reunion, and I'm happy it makes a lot of people happy, where's the new music? It's, like, 'Appetite For Destruction' is a great record, but it was a long time ago. That was 30-something years ago..." http://www.blabbermouth.net/news/l-a-guns-vocalist-phil-lewis-on-tracii-guns-maybe-we-had-to-go-our-separate-ways-to-grow-up-a-bit/
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    I don't care who is more important. None of the Appetite members can be guests for Guns N' Roses. Having Slash (or Izzy) guest on a Guns album is like somebody guesting at their own party. It is their thing to begin with!!
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    @Gambit83had a tweet removed and all he did was quote Get In The Ring. What a sad, sad existence for these two losers. Your life amounts to absolutely nothing more than being known for trolling the GNR community. Congratulations, I guess?
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    I dunno, like tremor and grunt a bit? Or given the circumstances, announce "it shot clear over your head!!" ? Edit: regretting this post already! Ill see myself out
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    It's on the way and will be delivered in 5-10 weeks years. I don't think he looks like Izzy, but someone else does... They could be twins.
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    When you play Guns N' Roses Songs on acoustic guitar in a Kindergarten. :-D I worked on a kindergarten as a social care worker (i dont know what "Heilerziehungspfleger" means in english) but in my group 5 - 6 year old Kids love the intro of Paradise City.
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    After the purse discussion we have orgasm discussion. IT WAS ABOUT TIME!!!! Regarding Women’s day. To me it is not like a celebratory holiday and thus I hate those flowers and chocolates and things like „Happy Women’s day". It is a day for fight for liberation and feminism. That’s what it is to me. Whatever you think you need this in your lives or not, there are a lot of women allover the world who still in countries without any basic human rights for women. The clitoris. Yay! I can’t believe there are still men who are modern enough to use apps and don’t know where it is. Well, the world’s a big place, I guess. I doubt that app can help. Some „Do you like that, babe?“ might do more but there’s gotta be a start for those who can’t get no action. lol Like a theoretical introduction? Why not. So the clitoris (as a conversionation topic and as a body part) not being so much of a taboo anymore is somewhat of a progress, I guess. What else is there to be discussed. Half scrolled through some more Axl discussion. Can’t focus on those anymore. Sorry. Clitoris was more interesting. Oh, and men faking orgasm? I’ve never heard anything like that. lol That’s so easy to detect, it doesn’t make sense to me...
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    I've been coming on this forum for awhile and it seems to me, now I could be wrong here, that fans are starting to want new music.
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    This is a ginger sponge cake, filled with spiced apple and fig jam, topped with chocolate frosting and ginger crunch.
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    Bless this man and the bingo halls booking LA Guns to perform at.
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    I was just on about that to my friend the other day. I was baffled that Rockwell’s brother is the fella with the Afro from LMFAO of Party Rock Anthem Fame. Useless information I know 😂😂😂 Day 31:
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    Wow Izzy more important than slash? Thats delusional. What would the appetite album be without slash's contributions to those riffs and solos? The appetite 5 were all equally important for the first record and it shows whenever they try and hire someone new to fill the boots of a ex member from that period
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    hey guys this is a message to let you guys and gals know that it's been a pleasure talking GN'R with you for so many years and to let you know that i am leaving the forum against my will on March 2019 the owners of this forum have been censoring my opinion for quite a while some of my posts have been deleted i kinda could deal with that but on the last couple of months the owners of this forum sent me two threatening personal messages where they made clear i should stop posting opinions that they don't like typical censorship crap i don't know any of the owners of the site personally and i have to say that i had a really good impression of them before they started threatening me with these messages i think it is a true shame the way i see it whoever has a GN'R forum and tries to tell what a person can say and when/where a person can speak his/her mind doesn't know the first thing about GN'R i arrived here when jarmo banned me from HTGTH and now i am leaving and moving again to another board i really loved posting here because there are so many people passionate about GNR here more than i ever expected to find I had great talks with so many of you some of you guys like @RONIN, @Nikki_Sixx, @zombux, @Blackstar, @SoulMonster got me really impressed about your passion and knowledge of all things GNR it was truly fun i wish it could go on posting here everyday like i been doing for the last lot of years but i can not accept to have people telling me what i can say and what i can't say on a Guns n Roses opinion forum! time to go now thanks a lot for the good times hope to see you guys again sooner than later
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    ... When family and friends ask you "whats new?" you include an update on Slash mentioning a new Guns album.
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    if you stay up all night, trying to rip the bootleg of house blues from YT before it's taken down... only to never watch it, because it doesnt have slash in it
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    I believe he died during the closest equivalent to childbirth that a male can experience
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    Yeah you’re right. I mean they’re the spitting image of him eh?
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    This is one of my favourite videos and something completely different. We all know that according to slash and matt sorum a head and an arm were found in a garbage can behind the studios where guns n' roses were recording, but the question has to be asked whose body was it? That's what we explore today and it may surprise you that the potential victim bears a striking resemblence to Axl Rose.
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    I think they are being a bit optimistic with that 62%!
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    Hard to imagine any of them are biologically MJ's? Or is it just me?
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    This is the best thing I ate all week. It's aptly named Graceland. A cheese toastie with bacon and peanut butter. Worth dying on the toilet for.
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    List of L. A. Guns albums since 2016: Two List of GN'R albums since 2016: Zero
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    Day 31 - Song title containing an A, an E and an I
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    Day 31 - Song title containing an A, an E and an I
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    Guilty! My sons middle name is Axl 😂😂😂😂 when you pay $1500.00 for a signed Axl, Slash Duff guitar and it has Franks sig too which irks you but you pay it for it anyway!
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    ''Tour drummer'' is such an Axl Rose thing haha. He did this with the Live Era credits also. I've explained this before but he sees band designations as things in terminal flux, with various stages of ''touring musicians'', ''behind the scenes'' personae and ''people we may or may not want to record with, but we haven't really decided yet''. It is quite common to see band members join Guns N' Roses, depart Guns N' Roses, never thoroughly aware what their true status in the band was. It is also common to see people sacked, rehired, sacked, and pass forth through differing designations. It is all very confusing and uniquely Axl Rose.
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    ... When you make a conscious effort to not let friends and family realise that you know far too much of the work and private life of GNR members. That includes making sure you don’t talk about it too often neither for too long. ... On Instagram, follow not only the band members but wives, ex-wives/girlfriends, siblings, parents, relatives, staff, etc. ... Hope for a new album to then get already upset imagining that you probablay wouldn’t appreciate it that much anyway.
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    If Axl has learned anything from the worldwide reception of the Not In This Lifetime tour, it's that the fans of the 87-93 era came out in droves to see the return of Slash and Duff. Outside of the hardcore fans who stuck with Axl through thick and thin for 20+ years, no one wants new Guns N' Roses material without Slash and Duff. The record label doesn't want it, either. The marketing push for a new Guns record with the Big Three would be infinitely more than what Chinese Democracy got. I recall seeing the tease in the movie theater about the Guns reunion tour before The Force Awakens in 2015. My brother in-law was like, "what's that about?", and I said, "Guns N' Roses are reuniting, it just hasn't been formally announced yet". Just that tease for the reunion tour was a bigger push than for Chinese Democracy's release. When the new record's ready, holy shit....it's probably going to be a marketing campaign like no one's ever seen before.
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    Well, I'm sorry I made you feel like that mate. My impression of you is you're a good guy, you've made some valid general points/I don't think you're unintelligent and we tend to get along - but it isn't just buzzword bullshit against MJ or the Catholic church(I was thinking of them too when I said that). It's overwhelmingly obvious. Also, I wasn't targeting that directly at you I was speaking generally of the phenomena of outright denial. There are Catholics on here, with children no less. And I don't think they're unintelligent either. They're good people. So, I'd like very much to even in some small way push them away from their cult which I see as unhealthy and damaging them as well as unintentionally legitimizing the existence of the wrongdoers. I'm smart in ways but I'm also depressed and mostly pretty down on myself. I don't think I've got everything figured out, just a few things. Spurred on by a lot of frustration, outrage and emotions. Some stuff happened when I was a kid too. As a man you tend to bury that. Perhaps I get carried away by my anger and resentment and crusade/rant a bit. Which isn't good really because then it's like I'm partially making it about me.
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    I don't think Jan is going to take the thread down...just rename the thread title to a shorter "GH talk." No matter the title since it is just us two, of course we can discuss the other soaps!!!
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    One does not simply fake a male orgasm.
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    not a bad idear !!! like that all of us with our different sensibility can take the best song of the 3 CD to have the best one. Everybody will be happy !!
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    Can we start writing paedophile correctly? Thank you in advance.
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    This side is very well drilled and you can see that by how good they are in defence. They concede very few penalties which is massive because penalties gets you field position to launch attacks. Wales nullify that by just being very disciplined these days, its something England definately need to tighten up on. Theyve also got the momentum going of going undefeated for 12 or so matches. Added to all that they have few world class players like George North and Jonothan Davies.... However the negatives are that they will be worked out sooner or later. Scotland sort of did by flinging the ball out wide and attacking with pace but the problem was they didn't have the battering rams in midfield to soften us up before going out wide. You have to earn the right to go outside and Scotland didn't. Also Scotland are a pretty small and puny side physically by today's standards and there execution was abysmal so they were never gonna beat Wales. England meanwhile are always cooking away and just need a clever coach like Graham Henry, Steve Hansen or dare I say it Warren Gatland to dominate over a long period because Eddie Jones for all his bluffing and bollocks that he talks is definately not the right guy. England are a mile away from winning the World Cup with him in charge but as the richest Union in the world they should be favourites every single time.
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    You'd be right (for a change). I have long accepted the fact that Rose has a very eccentric view on band designations.
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    Artist in some people's life can be death serious, because artist are people thanks to whom sometimes someone makes it through the night when everything else is gone and broken. I bet Axl did save some lives (I've met at least one alike) with his lyrics, his attitude, his presence... When your soul is so sick you hold knife on your chest, and if someone convinces you that you can put it down and move on... A doctor can make your body to survive a lot, but with all the modern methods and everything, saving a life is not about that at the end. Saving life is about giving the person hope that there's light at the end, there are people who made it through hard times and you can make it, too. Artists have their spots in people's hearts for many different reasons... We all need heroes, some wear capes, some tattoos and save lives with music. Their personalities and lives and attitude are extraordinary and you can pick bits of it for yourself. I really don't need to pull Axl down by foot to feel better or whatever or repeat myself that he makes identical poop like every other human... or feel his work less respect worth and his legacy smaller because he went recluse or doesn't put out an album every few years. Many of that extraordinary dough belong to Club 27 and this guy is aging, vital and rocking. People come as package deal and extreme people have extreme package. Also those who go through extreme experiences can have extraordinary points. If someone inspires me to do things better, to improve as a person, I am forever grateful. Or sometimes it may be just a nice memory of for example live show or a period of my life or whatever to keep me happy... Nothing he would eventually do in his life can change my gratefulness for that.
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    Talking about conspiracy anyone seen this Chuck E Cheese Thing? What drama
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    You dress as Axl for Halloween... 29 years straight.
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    What pisses me off is that I'm SO against piracy. I don't own one illegally downloaded album, I buy everything I like to support artists, and it actually angers me when people claim to "love music" then don't feel thy should have to pay a penny for it. That they'll spend more on a cup of coffee than they will an incredible work of art that a musician has put years of their life and money into. That angers me hugely. I loathe music piracy, and feel it has a terrible impact on the industry in so many ways. I couldn't be a bigger advocate for the value of music. BUT I am also a huge, huge fan of music, and go to great lengths to hear what I can. If something is not there to purchase, in any way, shape or form, but exists, of course I'm going to be interested and fascinated to hear it. That interest doesn't come at the expense of anything - if an official release comes out, I'll be first in line to buy it. I'd welcome it. I'm not talking about artistically damaging leaks, obtained via serious illegal activity here (such as theft or hacking of personal property) either. Then I get these complete arsewipes (who are seemingly happy to indulge in illegal activity to get what they want) taking some moral highground, lecturing people such as myself on 'copyright' etc, whilst filling their own pockets with whatever they can, impersonating band members, threatening peoples families, etc etc. While telling the world what 'big fans' they are. Yeah, right. Tommy Stinson would punch them in the jaw if he could. Difficult not to be pissed off really, with the hypocrisy and the bullshit of it all.