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    Estranged...it just resumes GnR grandiosity. For me, it's just the best song ever recorded by any artist.
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    Even if you don’t like Bill Maher this is funny. The time that Donald Trump sued him for saying his mother was fucking an orangutan. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=vuP1e0RNF-0
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    Ok, now people is saying no music at all is better than two new albuns full of new songs when it comes to musical groups. Seriously, GNR fanbase is so weird.
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    it almost sounds like you feel left out
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    Never met a Piers Morgan fan in my life i must say. Fuckin' paunchy middle class populist ponce, tries to give off this mans man image of himself when you can tell he don't believe a word of it, just sad old cunt famous for hacking dead girls phones.
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    Is there anything surprising about these mothers not being very emphatetic? No sane mother lets their child sleep with a strange man behind locked doors. There's something seriously wrong with these mothers and laughing at an inappropriate time is probably their smallest crime.
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    Im really liking the general set list for the tour, I wish a few more songs were added from his solo material, Beggars and FTP, but other wise this set is an amazing set list.
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    Fernando and Del James are aware, they just showed us their middle finger
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    For all things Halo! The Master Chief Collection(all the games) is coming to PC! I am extremely happy as the series means a lot to me. Really excited. It's coming to Steam too! Halo Infinite(6) will be coming to PC too. P.S. Hopefully it has crossplay with Xbox, I'm pretty sure it will.
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    anyone a member? I am going through some old stuff and I came across this, I remember I signed up for it for 1 year and I am pretty sure I was supposed to get a Newsletter every 4 months and I got this 1 newsletter and I never heard back from them, kind of makes sense if you look at the timeline as this was dated from May 9, 1996 and Slash left in October and maybe the band went into a disarray and they stopped sending them and making them, anyone know if they made any after this Volume 1 issue 3? anyone have any of the previous 2 Newsletters? it is odd though I received this in May 1996, and looking at the "Language of Fear" thing it talks about a contest and the entries have to be received by February 1995 and the discography says compiled November 1994 and Sympathy for the Devil was released in December 94 so I am guessing they just sent me an old copy.
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    Day 35 "Ere's a song for ya!!!"
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    Neighbour in the apartment downstairs is a jerk late until well after midnight. So this morning they got to enjoy waking up nice and early to our mygnr quintessential tracks list
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    Shit, I'd trade one up the arse for a life of luxury at the Neverland Ranch EVERY time? I don't know why either! I don't actually laugh but I wanna laugh...and I keep thinkin' of the Snoop lyric 'used to be my homie but yous a dead motherfucker now'
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    Sure, I don't disagree with that at all. But when it comes to Maher I haven't really seen much of him. My dislike is entirely based on still shots of his face and a few seconds of YT videos before I turn off in disgust, which is very shallow of me
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    What gets me is that, in a lot of interviews he's like 'it's a loving thing, its the most loving thing anybody can do, share their bed with someone, it doesn't have to be sexual' etc etc etc, so he's this open loving person who just loves people...well then whys there no stories of him sharing his bed with say, I dunno, Big Bertha the housekeeper, or some middle aged or old man or woman, whys it exclusively kids?
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    I'd have to say the best single song to summarize the band is Rocket Queen. It has that mean, pissed off part 1 of the song and the sensitive and passionate part 2. Sums up the band pretty perfectly in my opinion.
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    Let's get something straight here - fact is that Guns are a living legend kind of band (like the Stones) already - actually they do not need to put out anymore new music ever and would always be able to tour indefinitely the world with their current catalogue. They've earned it - because they're that good. Respect for that. This doesn't mean that we're not gonna have a new album and music coming - but that music will only be relevant to a very small percentage of Gn'R causal fans out there. Everyone else will always want to hear just the 'greatest hits'.
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    I did watch the film as you would know if you had read the thread. She's talking about how she used to sneak behind Jackson's bedroom door while her son was in the room. How is that still a funny story if she now believes her son's claims about what was really going on behind that closed door?
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    You'll be able to get one for 100 in a year or 2
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    I wouldn't laugh while talking about it.
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    I agree with a great deal of what he says but he’s got a smug Piers Morganey cunty way about him that makes him difficult to tolerate. In the old days in England unfunny comedians ended up presenting gameshows, over in America it seems they stick em on political shows.
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    For me maybe Rocket Queen! Rocket Queen itself encapsulates a lot of ground GNR covers - groove, swagger, biting guitar riffs, raw. But also the second half is more the "sweet" side of GNR.
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    Rocket Queen. Is perfect...represents in perfect way the state of mind of the band.
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    Don't Damn Me. Everything about it from the riff to the arrangement to the lyrics screams GN'R. One of Slash's best solos too. That transition from the verse right into Slash's solo is fucking magical.
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    Issue 2 I skipped the page with the Pen Pal Addresses. https://imgur.com/a/7t0xGEU Let me know if there is any interest in the 3rd one. I only have 4 issues, my guess is either I stopped my membership or that was the last issue.
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    I'm just gonna leave this here (21:10 mark) 23: 43 Only a couple of times, Slash? 28:56 You didn't go where, Slash?
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    It could be worse Phil... You could be in a band that continually puts OK so so music that no one cares about.
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    Bless this man and the bingo halls booking LA Guns to perform at.
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    Can someone tell Phil the music is on the way?
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    Great show Yesterday in Milan! The venue was too packed, but I arrived early and I was nearly in front row. Slash is a Monster! I appreciated Todd too.. and myles Is Always nice and sweet!
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    Let's hope the new record will have some of these screams, if Corgan can still pull it off...
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    Yessir, it does. Did Tracii and Phil drop a deuce on your dinner or something? Also, prolly avoid calling other people "keyboard warriors" as part of such a sizeable and opinionated post
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    Good for them. Still doesn't change the fact I stated. And a lot of them don't. So what? There's no hard and fast rule on how a band or any type of artist must operate. If you were an independent business owner, would you want anybody telling you how to run your business or what type of work you must do? It's up to them, nobody else. You don't have to like it. But comparing them to other independent artists that operate how they want to is apples and oranges. It's not relevant. If it was, then all these artist would do the exact same things and pump out the same type of music. But they don't. LA Guns and 'vital' in the same sentence is laughable. LA Guns can't have a nostalgia tour on the level of GN'R because they've never been relevant like GN'R -- even when some of GN'R's members were part of the band. They don't have the catalogue, the hits, the reputation, the popularity -- none of it. If they did, they'd likely be doing something similar. But they don't. Hence they are creating new music that will appeal to a very small niche crowd. Great for them and whomever likes them. According to you. But you and all these other keyboard warriors aren't the authority on what GN'R 'should' be doing. The band members are. You (we) are just fans. IDK why many don't seem to grasp that point. I mean, I liked Star Wars all my life too and hated what they've done with the latest movies. What I would have preferred them to do doesn't matter. In retrospect, it could be argued that not making more movies might have been better than effing up the story line for a large faction of fans. But Disney didn't care and continues to pocket billions. And they have every right to. They own it. Same goes for GN'R. They've earned the right to do what 'they' want. SLASH is making new music on his own and so is DUFF. If AXL and those two want to make new music, they will. If they can't make it work or just don't want to, that's on them. But they don't owe anybody anything. I'd like to hear new music too. It sounds like it could be a possibility. But if they don't ever get to it, c'est la vie. Internet nerds claiming that they 'have to' or 'should' are narcissistic and naive.
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    If your son was ever sexually assaulted, you can never laugh again?
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    WTF. What. the. fuck. Too much information, Slash, eww. And all those questions, so cringy. We don't wanna know that. Or do we? Why would you do that? I'm gonna see him this friday, how am I suppose to look him in the sunglasses eye? But also. How could you hid this from this thread for so long??? That's gold!! Thank you for bringing this thread back to life
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