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    Just for clarification, in regards to Axl's claims: He claimed that some of the stuff was his own direct memories, it didn't all come through regression therapy. And some of the things he said about the context of the story are facts that can be confirmed from other sources - unknown if they were among the stuff he had memories of or he was informed about it somehow (e.g. from members of his family). Maybe he had some real memories and some of them were "misled" which he believed as true. But definitely it isn't all a "made-up" story. It has also been implied that there's more to it than what he said. Personally I believe that something happened, not necessarily what he said, mainly because of the other things that have been implied which are more believable. But there can't be evidence for things like that. Anyway, I think he probably regretted that he went public about this because of the reaction and that's why he stopped talking.
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    Day 42 - Song title containing an R and "ING"
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    I have read every post in this thread, which is staggering because I don't really care about the MJ issue specifically. But the pursuit of truth and condemnation of malice interests me, so here I am. These are your last few posts and I even reread the last few pages for you. Still not seeing how your "stay warm and alive" statement is relevant to this discussion. Your argument seems to be that Michael wasn't a 'total stranger' to these children, so it makes sleeping in the same bed OK. The argument seems built on your personal experience of it being "perfectly normal that children sleep in the same bed with their parents or any other trusted adult. I've known children who continued co-sleeping all the way to their early teens." This is your personal experience. Most children do not 'co-sleep' with their parents through their teens. I'm sure it happens, but it's not the norm. However, no one suggested a parent sleeping with their child is problematic, though into teens I think that's a bit abnormal, but not wholly immoral or wrong. But do children sleep in the same bed as a 'trusted adult?' I'm not a parent admittedly, but I find that hard to believe on a mass scale. Who is this 'trusted adult?' Family friends? The neighbor? Soccer coach? Religions figure? Teacher? Famous celebrity who provides riches and experiences? Those roles should not yield the ability to sleep in the same bed as a child. One night here and there due to unique/circumstantial reasons may be OK (like temperature or a power outage, as you mentioned), but many nights in a row/many nights per week like MJ did? That's OK to you? That's the crux of the issue, it wasn't a night here and there due to circumstance, it was consistent due to desire. Whether that desire came from the child, MJ, or both, MJ should have known as an adult it was wrong. And as DD is noting, the allegations are outside of the bedroom now, so the circumstantial excuse of needing to sleep in the same bed seems less likely as the evidence grows of abuse elsewhere.
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    As very, very difficult as that lesson is, yes I 100% agree. Still in shock, upset and angry but I must say I am very proud of my country right now with how we're responding. Evil and violence is not what we're about. P.S. Approaching $10million raised.
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    http://www.blabbermouth.net/news/duff-mckagan-to-release-tenderness-album-in-may-listen-to-chip-away-song/?fbclid=IwAR3ieZfJ4JYrvmHZDRo-EWc6Vyss4B9bZUFfrcHvdhwfjLW2aPzlohvdeE4 I think it sounds awesome! A bit more upbeat than the last one, so some of you might be more inclined towards this.
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    🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳 Noticed it dropped to $499 again - $75 worth of vouchers and only $10 postage and I’m looking at £400 all in. Purchased!!!! Thought I would have to wait a bit longer TBH - I wonder if the form they sent after my chat to them about the price on the GNR site has forced it back down again? No matter - finally got it done!
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    I'm deeply ashamed of my nation. When I go abroad and talk I don't correct people when they assume I'm Indian 😁
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    I don't know if it would have been huge but probably more accepted.. A lot of people didn't think CD was any good solo band or not though.
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    It looks horrible, but why would it be racist? There was a topic about cultural appropriation on the radio yesterday. How it's deemed racist if a white person gets a 'black' hairdo for instance, like dreads or braids. I don't get that at all. Is it racist for a black person to iron their hair then too? Or get a straight hair wig or blonde hair? Who cares? I can think about a million other cases of actual racism that are actually hurting people. By yelling racism if a white person has dreads, you're doing no one any favours. Or am I missing something? It was also talked about how white people shouldn't do blues or whatever, because that's black music. Like WTF? I thought the point was of seeing all of us as just human beings. When I was young, you were supposed to be colour blind. But now you have to segregate? Every colour has to stay within its own culture? What about mixed race people? Do they get to try everything, or nothing? Seriously, I don't get it at all.
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    Axl believes a hell of a lot of shit that most rational thinking people would not. He's been quoted (back in the day) about all this stuff but i wonder if he still believes it all as fact, or has his opinion changed on regression therapy.
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    What I would have paid to see this. Pretty cool story...at 1:32
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    They had dancers for the very first shows in 2016
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    Pretty sure this naughty ginger cat Quinn is the culprit who knocked down his kitty tree and broke it in half. Came home yesterday to find the entire tree knocked down and the top part completely broken off. The two boys have only had it for like a year. Naughty!
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    I like it better than the last one. I hear a definite Stones vibe going on there. I would have to hear a few more decent tunes before I bought it.. I just saw he is doing a local show and I will most likely pass. There was a day that I wouldn't miss any Slash and Duff appearance within a few hours from me and would buy everything these released.. That just isn't the case anymore. I kind of see them in a different light the way the whole "reunion" went down. This song isn't bad though. Tenderness was so bad that I almost didn't even click on this one hahah. Glad I did.
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    He also has signed copies available on Duff online for anyone who is interested.
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    Got half way to where I was going before I noticed!
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    My Mrs was sat in the back i'm in the front next him I turned to him and said " Mate do me a favor yeah look at my wife in the back seat there ... What color is she ? " Yeah i'm a massive fucking racist with a Asian wife and a half Asian kid i'm like the next Adolf
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    You see this is what I don't understand is the cops everywhere be it here America or anywhere all paint the picture of being racist wankers. And they don't help themselves with being sarky or smug like that but racism is a strange old nugget I never did understand. Got a bit of a racism story it's me one and only about 5 years back the EDL where marching in Aylesbury on a Saturday Lunchtime this is back when I used to work Saturdays on a half day in another depot. Got back to Aylesbury about 2ish met the Mrs in Aldi got a cab home ... About 5 mins from the yard the driver who was Asian goes to me " Where you been today? " So I said oh just working boss then a bit of shopping. " You not been in town" nahhh mate heard it's all kicked off up there " Where are you from " ... I'm English mate " Oh so where you there are you racist ? " Like where the fuck did he get that from? Cos i'm fat and bold he thinks i'm some EDL skinhead .. Cunt
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    Bit like you when you get clocked for driving pissed ya cheeky cunt
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    I think we can all agree that its never a good idea as a white person to alter your appearance to look black and then become the Chapter President of the National Association for the Advancement of Coloured People (NAACP)!?
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    Lukepowell1988 just got Sooned BANG knowledge hammer!
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    Fair play to the Kiwis, they got some fuckin' class in the way they conducted themselves here, respect to em.
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    he wore at least 3 layers of clothing plus a hat during the NITL tour in the middle of a heatwave so probably yes.
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    Consonant. She needs the D.
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    I'm enjoying the new series, Partridge is great One of my favourite Steve Coogan series is The Trip, it should still be on Netflix. He plays a fictionalised version of himself on a road trip with a fictionalised version of Rob Brydon, really funny and offers an interesting insight into both of them as you're not always sure where the line blurs between real and kayfabe. This is the trailer for the movie version, but honestly I think the series is better as it's not a cut down version
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    That sounds right. I finished reading Meet Me in the Bathroom by Lizzie Goodman last year. It’s a book that chronicles NYC and its music scene in the late 90s and early 2000s (think Strokes, Interpol, Yeah Yeah Yeahs). Axl is mentioned showing up to some of these parties and events. Think Chinese Democracy is mentioned. It’s a great read for those who like music biopics (and NYC history)
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    Or something local? Caribou balls?
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    Thanks to Fede, he was a hero on the forum for that
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    Ah yes...the Julien's auction, aka Slash and Perla's garage sale! His old Disco Ball now hangs in my basement Bought a few dinosaur heads too
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    We’re discussion intellect! On a GnR forum. lol I know I’m late to the discussion but here’s my 2 cents. So, I don’t care whether Axl’s rape when he was only 2 years old or not because we cannot know. I do think he went through a lot of emotional, mental stress and whether the rape actually happened or not - the pain and trauma is real for the mind and therapists do take memories and traumas like that seriously, for a couple of reasons. Regression therapy and the other therapies he did are not even medically/scientifically based therapies and thus not trustworthy. (I totally call bs on them.) He seems to be in better shape now and I’m sure he saw or is seeing better therapists later in life. What seems plausible to me is that Axl is / was an emotionally and mentally damaged person. We cannot know why and if all is due to his childhood upbringing or due to his mental illness(es). Whatever the illness is, by the way. It makes perfect sense that Axl on the one hand wanted to go touring UYI while not feeling ready and trying to postpone the tour. Sometimes it is two opposite things one wants to do. Maybe Niven thought starting the tour is for the best. To end all procrastination and perfectionism on the album, to keep Slash (and probably Duff, too) occupied so they don’t bloody die and also to not loose the momentum of GnR. We know Axl went through extensive „therapy“ while on tour. It’s plausible he didn’t feel ready to begin with. I don’t see the point to not believing him.
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    Badly. Passers by would have moaned that his voice was bad and that they were furious that they had paid nothing but were still entitled to a top performance. And furious that Slash was nowhere to be found. Or something. 😂
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    Arnie is GnR fan, it was him who asked to do the ''Gun N Roses'' scene and have GnR in the soundtrack of the movie. He sure still is a GnR fan, he was at the Coachella. He should get GnR to do a cameo in the next T movie. And a cool pic from the good old times.
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    When you noticed that the Axl poster in Georgie's room in Young Sheldon is from the UYI era, while the show takes place in 1989.