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    I'll start with two: 1) I prefer Don't Cry (Alt Lyrics) over Don't Cry. 2) I think Chinese Democracy is some of Axl's best work.
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    Back by popular demand, a new song challenge. No real theme for this challenge, it varies from day to day. Same rules as always, no more than 2 songs per day unless using the hidden feature to prevent slow page loading and if you are the first member posting the song for that day, tell what the challenge is, so we don't have to keep referring back to this opening post. As requested, included some cover songs in this challenge, so for the cover song challenge days, please post both the cover and original in your post. Have fun!! Day 1 – Cover of a song originally released in the 1970s Day 2 - Song with and L and “ing” (the in’ shortened version of ing is acceptable) Day 3 – Song with an R and an N in the title from the 1980s Day 4 – Cover of a love song Day 5 – Song with a C, an L and an N in the title Day 6 – Song with a “LL” in the title Day 7 – Song from a movie soundtrack Day 8 – Song with 6 vowels in the title (A, E, I, O or U) Day 9 – Cover of a song originally released in the 1960s Day 10 – Song from an artist or band from California Day 11 – Song with an “SH” in the title from the 1990s Day 12 – Song with 2 R’s in the title Day 13 – Song released in the 1960s Day 14 – Cover song released in the 1990s Day 15 – Song with a “CK” in the title released in the 1970s Day 16 – Song by an artist or band from the UK Day 17 – Song with a title starting with S Day 18 – Song about drugs or alcohol from the 1970s Day 19 – Song with a P and a T in the title released in the 1990s Day 20 – Cover of a song originally released in the 1980s Day 21 – Song with an “OU” in the title Day 22 – Song with 2 N’s and an E in the title Day 23 – Song by an artist or band from Canada Day 24 – Worst cover song ever, in your opinion Day 25 – Song with a D and an L in the title Day 26 – Song from a collaboration of members from other bands Day 27 – Song that makes you feel better when you are down Day 28 – Your favorite song to play at a party Day 29 – Song with “ER” in the title Day 30 – A cover song you like better than the original Day 31 – Song by an artist or band from Australia Day 32 – Song with a “BR” in the title Day 33 – Song with 3 E’s in the title Day 34 – A song you love no matter how many times you hear it Day 35 – A cover song released from 2000 to 2010 Day 36 – Song with “SS” in the title Day 37 – Song with an H and a P in the title Day 38 – Your favorite song that is a duet Day 39 – Song with an M and a T in the title Day 40 – Song with an animal in the title Day 41 – Song with a G and a Y in the title Day 42 – Song with a J in the title Day 43 – A song you like that is relatively unknown to the general public, could be a local artist, a deep cut, a side project, anything you want to share that we may not have heard before Day 44 – Song with a person’s name in the title Day 45 – Your choice – post any song you would like to I will start with this one. Day 1 – Cover of a song originally released in the 1970s
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    I agree with both of these. By far the most unpopular opinions I've ever had are the following: Robin Finck is my favorite guitarist in the history of the band. The Blues is 100% about Slash.
  4. 5 points
    That explains why he hasn't had time to release new music.
  5. 5 points
    That all is good in GN'R land and that there is nothing to complain about.
  6. 5 points
    Day 1 thanx @BlueJean Baby for taking the time to set up a new one
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    I have concluded that Axl is at least 1/3 of the users on GNR forum.
  8. 4 points
    I still think Axl is a a great frontman and of course while the Mickey moments from 2017/2018 were not quite up to par with the vocals he did in 2016 with GNR, I still think he sounds fairly good. So my unpopular opinion is that modern day Axl's vocals are not totally terrible
  9. 4 points
    I like the AFD reissue that came out last year and do not consider it to be a cash grab or a rip-off.
  10. 4 points
    Also Slash's RQ solo live goes on too long and somewhat spoils the momentum of the song. (not sure if this qualifies as unpopular as I'm not the only one to say it)
  11. 4 points
    I don't like November Rain all that much and think Estranged is the superior ballad. I liked the 2006 braids.
  12. 4 points
    Izzy doesn't have the guitar chops to be anything more than a special guest on the NITL Tour.
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    I’d rather see Izzy play his solo stuff live than listening to a new album of GnR. Edit: Axl can’t sing anymore. Nu GnR is not GnR Steven was the best fitting drummer for this band. Melissa is a female role model in terms of success but completely irrelevant for this band. Couldn’t care less if Fortus is the better guitarist or not.
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    Axl and Buckethead had the potential to be recognized as a great duo, on-par or better than the Axl/Slash duo. This is especially evident on Buckethead's mid-late 2000's albums. I hope we eventually get to hear the rest of his Chinese Democracy material. Melissa fits the band better than most CD-era and UYI-era members. She harmonizes better with Axl (and Duff) than Tracy and Roberta did, and isn't nearly as obnoxious as Pitman was. She's quite easy to ignore, too, it's kinda funny that some people are so easily annoyed by her. Brain is the best drummer the band has had. I love Steven's drumming but as far as AFD/UYI/CD setlists, I would've liked them to bring back Brain. Chinese Democracy is better than UYI II.
  18. 3 points
    Gilby was sooooo good. If Fortus wasn't there, and Izzy was impossible to get, than Gilby should have been the first call
  19. 3 points
    I Like my world I hate coma I miss gilby I think that "current" Axl Is handsome Melissa Is a nice girl
  20. 3 points
    1.) Tracii Guns is a much better guitarist than most people think 2.) Chris Pitman is the best keyboardist this band ever had 3.) Bryan Manta should've been the drummer for their NITL tour
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  22. 3 points
    Many years he is GNR management, but still not learned nothing of treat fans with minimun respect.
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    Some more quotes after Get in the Ring was released: Bob Guccione Jr.: “I have just heard your song Get in the Ring and I want you to know I heartily accept the challenge and thank you for the invitation. Let’s do it, I say, at your earliest convenience. By the way, I mentioned in the press that I’d be only too happy to oblige you. I take the fact that there has been absolutely no response from you to indicate how busy you must be. I mean, what with canceling concerts, starting riots and beating up paying fans trying to take pictures of you, what a schedule you’ve had! I sympathize. So I just wanted to let you know, directly, that as soon as you're ready I am too. Perhaps until then, you shouldn’t sing that song. At least not too loudly, eh?" [Indianapolis News, October 3, 1991] Bob Guccione Jr.: I don’t think Axl Rose sits at home and wonders how he can make himself look more of a bad boy. I think he’s just a bad person. [A Current Affair, November 7, 1991] Axl replied to Guccione's challenge, admitting also that he had "hit him below the belt": Axl: [...] I did hit [Bob Guccione Jr.] below the belt with my comments. [...] And, you know, that’s a problem of mine, but he wouldn’t let up. But this Get in the Ring thing isn’t necessarily literal about getting in the ring with boxing gloves, you know. Otherwise I would be a boxer. [...] But to get in the ring, I feel you need integrity, you know, and that disqualifies Bob right off the bat. I don’t know, I’ve heard a lot from him and he’s made certain actions that I know about and he doesn’t know I know, and there’s other problems. But the guy should just, like, shut up and write about rock ‘n’ roll, you know, and forget about Axl Rose and just... If he’s got a problem with Axl ,he could do something else. I just want him to shut up and print the truth. You know, he’s printed a lot of lies and a lot of things I said that I didn’t say and it pretty much makes me sick. And it creates problems that I have to work with in my life. [*] But we’re doing alright and Bob seems to be the one who’s really upset, so it’s cool. [Rockline, November 27, 1991] [*] Axl maybe is referring to the "Guns N' Neuroses" article - that was released at the same time as the Illusions, though, so Get In The Ring didn't stem from it. He also said that he intended to sue the magazines: Axl: Now there’s a lot of people - kids, adults and otherwise, other bands – that don’t understand why we did a song like Get in the Ring. I’ll tell you a little bit about that song. I think that I hit Mr. Bob Guccione a little bit too hard below the belt. He’s proven the reality of that by the way he’s acting. Cuz there’s a lot of these magazines that... The real reason that they say shit and they won’t back down and stuff, [is] cuz they don’t want to lose face with people that buy their magazine. Because it’s all about giving their Mafia boss distributors your money. It ain’t about rock ‘n’ roll. It ain’t about what bands they like and what they don’t like. It ain’t about what’s true or what’s false. It’s about how much money some fuckin’ greedo in his suit telling fuckin’ people (?). And how much money they get from you. And we’ve got a little something to announce. You know, we gave them their chance to get in the ring. Then we’ve got Bob going, “Guess who put on their boxing gloves and it’ll be pay-per-view. What is Don King. It’s gonna be amazing.” Wrong. If it was about boxing, you’d see me in (?) hanging. There’s two things you need to get in the ring. That’s integrity, and there’s something you earn and that’s called respect. Now Bob, and Vince, and Circus, and Kerrang, they don’t have either of those two things. If they really wanted to get in the ring, they’d sue my fuckin’ white ass. But they’ve been notified now that we gave them their chance. We gave them a chance to be cool, we would have pulled the song off the record. But no, they just had to keep starting shit. So now we’re suing them! This started just about two days ago. It started on a flight here to Boston when we made the decision. Because if there’s one thing I can’t stand, it’s a Double Talkin’ Jive Motherfucker! [Onstage in Worcester, MA, USA, December 5, 1991] And that someone of those called out in Get In The Ring had paid a hitman to kill him: Axl: [...] And so there’s a lot of people that say, “Oh, Axl Rose has wimped out and didn’t want to get in the ring.” Honey, I won’t put on no boxing gloves, I’ll have you shot in the fucking head. Then again, I’ve got such a big mouth. You might not know this, but, you know, there was some people out there who got really upset about Get in the Ring, so they hired some people to shoot me and it didn’t work in L.A. That’s a real pussy approach, I think. If you wanna get in the ring with me, you bring two things: you bring some integrity and you bring some respect. And Bob Guccione and Circus Magazine, you don’t fucking have any. Now these people have been starting shit for about three years. I haven’t done an interview with Circus Magazine for three fucking years. I mean, a lot of money’s been made off shit I never said. I mean, there’s a lot of people that’ve been ripped off for shit I never said, because of the bunch of assholes who want to make money off of you, motherfuckers, by using us. So we got pissed off and we put a little song on the record about it. Now, doing that song live is about the same as doing One in a Million live. There’s really no need for it. It’s a little bit of a hit below the belt, it’s been done, it’s been said, it’s over with. But these people wanna just keep starting shit. So we’re prepared to put our money where our mouth is. We’re going to court. You wanna get in the ring? We’ll get in the ring. We’ll sue your motherfucking ass. Let’s go. We dedicate this to Get in the Ring part 2, and the action starts. This is called “Double Talkin’ Jive, motherfucker”. [Onstage at Madison Square Garden, NY, USA, December 5, 1991] Now Bob says that he was told by John Cougar Mellencamp that Axl wanted to kill him. Mellencamp is from Indiana, but I haven't read anything about him and Axl being friends or talking.
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    Day 1 - Cover of a song from the '70s
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    Day 44 K & N & = aNd. Also good for day 45 lol. Day 45 "oo"
  28. 2 points
    i love the song and all the covers so much, therefore i have to add this one to your list
  29. 2 points
    This is my unpopular opinion too. so is it still unpopular? That’s the paradigm Edit: I hate the braids. They are fucking ugly.
  30. 2 points
    My unpopular opinion is, that i disagree with nearly everything said by now, except this ⬇️
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    These aren't unpopular opinions.
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    - Izzy Stradlin was the beating heart of Guns N' Roses - The band to all attempts and purposes ceased to operate soon after 1993. Everything after that date, whether Nugnr or NITL corporate cashgrabbing, has been crap - Rose destroyed the band - Guns/TB have something to do with the takedowns
  34. 2 points
    Izzy is way overrated. My grandmother is probably more punk than Duff.
  35. 2 points
    How’s this one... Axl was right to seize Guns N’ Roses’ name amid concerns of the band’s state and longevity in the ‘90s.
  36. 2 points
    Izzy and Adler only ever belonged in guest roles on NITL.
  37. 2 points
    CD isn't a bad album Madagasgar is a masterpiece as is Prostitute There Was a Time is very overrated You're crazy (both versions) are subpar Shadow of Your Love should of replaced Anything Goes on Appetite for Destruction The NITL setlists were actually good overall
  38. 2 points
    I actually agree with both. And I’ll add that Madagascar is the best GNR song ever and I don’t like bluesy guitar solos.
  39. 2 points
    I watched it for a 3rd time. Drunk this time hahah. I guess the actors weren't that bad.. Tommy and Vince were good. I don't think they did a good job with Nikki though. I don't think he looked, sounded or acted anything like him and that was a big role.
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    Based on the interviews we've read, it's safe to say that a large portion of the next album will be songs written by Axl before the reunion. So the album will most likely be more comparable with CD than AFD. I don't think we have to fear that it's gonna be too generic. A much more realistic concern is that it will be too different compared to the old GNR stuff. So AFD era purists will probably be disappointed. CD fans will probably like it.
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    I'm no TB fan, but I'll keep opposing calling Beta that. If I'm not mistaken, she was an executive secretary in Brazil, but as an immigrant she probably wouldn't have been able to secure a position like that in the US. Secondly, that was almost 30 years ago. 30 years ago, I wasn't even in high school, but now I have a degree and have been a professional for quite some time now. I'm not saying it makes her the perfect woman for the job, at all. But I don't like the denigrating 'nanny' talk.
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    The thing is if your nieces use the word 'fireman', they will, even unconsciously, think it's a male business only, so they will never aspire to become firemen. In the way they'll never aspire to be a prince or king. It's not about someone telling them they can't become one. Doctor and director are masculine words, that's just the way it is. The Latin male ending is -tor, feminine is -trix. In Italian, for instance, you have dottore-dottoressa, professore-professoressa, direttore-direttrice. In Dutch we have nothing feminine for dokter and professor, but we do have directrice. In France, last month l'Académie de France (age old institution deciding on everything to do with language) has voted in favour of a féminisation of noms de métier. So they'll allow a feminine version of a professional word like chef, auteur... That is personally something I do not care about, because as you demonstrate, people don't even realize the words are masculine But in France it seems like a bit of a revolution, as the Académie had always said no to that in the past. Now the next step is to find a suitable feminine version of the word.
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    Oh yeah, Water cooling is dead to me. @OmarBradley You made me laugh out loud for the first time since my computer went kaput. I am obviously kidding with the mourning angle, but I am frustrated and mad as F, so laughs were in short supply. However, one cannot mourn forever, and Smackalibur III is taking shape. Pretty sure I'm getting the i9-9900k. A little overkill for gaming, but I do video editing too, and the 8700 was only about $200 cheaper. My old chipset was the 5960 and while it too was "overkill" for gaming I didn't have the same issues as the people who got the 6700, so fingers crossed. Also, please note, I will have enough fans to change weather patterns, so I wouldn't book any vacations until we see what the global climate looks like in April.
  45. 2 points
    If it was Limp Bizkit I'm sure that it really stung Axl coming from a rock icon like Fred Durst.
  46. 2 points
    Day 45 Will post new challenge tonight 😊
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    Day45 That was a great challenge! Here's to the ones coming next!!
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    Day 45 - Song title containing "OO"
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    I thought the dude who played Vince Neil would make a great Adler in a movie