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    Every time you snobs cry about new music, I’m gonna cry about you guys crying about new music. Bunch of freaking entitled babies.
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    See, it seems to me that on this board, there's always been much less respect from people who prefer the Appetite/Illusions/NITL line-ups towards the people who like the CD line-ups than from the people who enjoyed the CD line-ups towards those who liked the rest. You were around in 87-93, and you had a great time as a fan of the band... Cool, great. I'm glad. I can respect that, in fact I have a lot of respect for it. If someone dares to say that they had a great time at a show in '02 or '06, that one of the CD line-up was their favourite member of the band or that a song from CD is one of their favourites, roll on the reacts, the emoticons or the verbal implications that they're not a "real" fan, or that they're some sort of musical retard. It's like those opinions are unacceptable and the people who hold them need to be told that they're WRONG. Obviously, it has its roots in the fact that the people who enjoyed the CD years still likely have a lot of appreciation for the overall legacy of the band, whereas the people who are devotees of the older/reunion line-ups are generally much more hateful or disparaging of the line-ups without Slash and Duff, but it's a real buzzkill in this section now, to be honest. Notice, Len and Soul and I didn't agree on everything in our discussion earlier in the thread (far from it, in fact) but the discussion was still fun because no-one was trying to belittle the tastes, experiences and opinions of anyone else.
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    Don’t worry about hearing Axl sing a new song. It will be Duff singing his major hit ,Tenderness...........
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    Interesting. Who do I put my money on, the guy from Louisville, or the guy from Copenhagen?
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    There was a wonderful video online ages ago showing some UKIP knuckleheads trying to burn an EU flag. Turned out the flag wouldn’t burn because of EU safety regulations governing the sale of flammable materials.
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    Its got a V in it, thats close enough isn't it? God, you Euros are pedantic, no wonder everyone voted Leave Allegedly (yeah, proper brain fart there, do excuse me!)
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    I was at that Hammerstein show too Having said that, the size of the crowd has never matttered to me. A good show is a good show whether it's in front of 10 people or 100,000 people. At least that's my opinion.
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    But Richard said they won't tour until new music is out!
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    Lol, nah. I've seen GNR in 91, 92, 93, 02, 06, 11, 12 & 16. I can tell you that all of my top GNR shows come from 02 - 16.
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    You missed out on the REAL era of GNR. Nothing will ever compare to the 87-93 era. That era was pure magic for the band.
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    "Ever see the watery streets" 😂😂 fucking pillock 😂
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    Um, isn't that Venice?
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    By which standards GnR barely exist.
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    Even with Ashba fucking up the solos, 09/10 was amazing, and Axl was on FIRE. What the hell happened between then and Rio? 11-14 was definitely the worst period for Guns.
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    It is fuckin' dreadful, isn't it? I can't stand Queen in general, I think they're the most pompous bunch of wankers that make the shittest most overrated music I've ever heard. Especially that fuckin' 'thats why they me Mr Farenheiiiiiit' one, God that fuckin' things awful, my mate put that on once in the motor we were driving down to Manchester in to see The Stone Roses, full volume, I didn't know where to put my face, we looked like a couple of bum boys on our way to a gay pride parade. 'Bringing ballet to the masses', by way of a thick legged moustacioed Indian bloke called Fred, yeah, thats gonna work.
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    I don't understand why anyone would doubt GNR booking more shows.
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    I judge bands to a great extent on their productivity writing and recording.
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    If this is true, we all know how axl will sound like with this long hiatus of live performance... Not sure, if i want to hear a new Song in this condition...
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    Back by popular demand, a new song challenge. No real theme for this challenge, it varies from day to day. Same rules as always, no more than 2 songs per day unless using the hidden feature to prevent slow page loading and if you are the first member posting the song for that day, tell what the challenge is, so we don't have to keep referring back to this opening post. As requested, included some cover songs in this challenge, so for the cover song challenge days, please post both the cover and original in your post. Have fun!! Day 1 – Cover of a song originally released in the 1970s Day 2 - Song with and L and “ing” (the in’ shortened version of ing is acceptable) Day 3 – Song with an R and an N in the title from the 1980s Day 4 – Cover of a love song Day 5 – Song with a C, an L and an N in the title Day 6 – Song with a “LL” in the title Day 7 – Song from a movie soundtrack Day 8 – Song with 6 vowels in the title (A, E, I, O or U) Day 9 – Cover of a song originally released in the 1960s Day 10 – Song from an artist or band from California Day 11 – Song with an “SH” in the title from the 1990s Day 12 – Song with 2 R’s in the title Day 13 – Song released in the 1960s Day 14 – Cover song released in the 1990s Day 15 – Song with a “CK” in the title released in the 1970s Day 16 – Song by an artist or band from the UK Day 17 – Song with a title starting with S Day 18 – Song about drugs or alcohol from the 1970s Day 19 – Song with a P and a T in the title released in the 1990s Day 20 – Cover of a song originally released in the 1980s Day 21 – Song with an “OU” in the title Day 22 – Song with 2 N’s and an E in the title Day 23 – Song by an artist or band from Canada Day 24 – Worst cover song ever, in your opinion Day 25 – Song with a D and an L in the title Day 26 – Song from a collaboration of members from other bands Day 27 – Song that makes you feel better when you are down Day 28 – Your favorite song to play at a party Day 29 – Song with “ER” in the title Day 30 – A cover song you like better than the original Day 31 – Song by an artist or band from Australia Day 32 – Song with a “BR” in the title Day 33 – Song with 3 E’s in the title Day 34 – A song you love no matter how many times you hear it Day 35 – A cover song released from 2000 to 2010 Day 36 – Song with “SS” in the title Day 37 – Song with an H and a P in the title Day 38 – Your favorite song that is a duet Day 39 – Song with an M and a T in the title Day 40 – Song with an animal in the title Day 41 – Song with a G and a Y in the title Day 42 – Song with a J in the title Day 43 – A song you like that is relatively unknown to the general public, could be a local artist, a deep cut, a side project, anything you want to share that we may not have heard before Day 44 – Song with a person’s name in the title Day 45 – Your choice – post any song you would like to I will start with this one. Day 1 – Cover of a song originally released in the 1970s
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    Ep. 113 - Honored to have Megadeth's frontman on the show. Dave talks about "Experience Hendrix," the 35th Anniversary graphic novel, if he remembers jumping on stage with GNR and if Slash ever tried out for Megadeth. iHeart --> https://ihr.fm/2OxPOOi Spreaker --> https://bit.ly/2uyJj4A SoundCloud --> https://bit.ly/2HLbExg Stitcher --> https://bit.ly/2PeSsY5 Google Play --> https://bit.ly/2WvOy0S also ep. 112 - Brian Wheat talks all about new Tesla music and a lost friendship with Axl. Then joining is Tom McClane, a wrestler who has a Guns N' Roses finishing move that impressed Shooter Jennings iHeart --> https://ihr.fm/2HGTwEr Spreaker --> https://bit.ly/2CFy3Yy SoundCloud --> https://bit.ly/2CES29D Stitcher --> https://bit.ly/2PeSsY5 Google Play --> https://bit.ly/2UfSe9p
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    He looks a little bloated. Could the years are just catching up with him in his face. As for his speaking, he sounds like typical Duff: stuttering a little, taking a moment to find the words,with some very slight slurring
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    With the difference being that Indian Fred is to Opera what Audley Harrison is to professional boxing.
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    You say ''milf' as if it is a bad thing.
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    Steve Riley founded his own L.A. GUNS band in 2018. I say: Fuck that. The band with Tracii and Phil is the only legitimate for me.
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    Exactly. I get that you don't want to make him too OP but ffs, the dude restored the Republic and briefly re-established the Jedi order. You can make him just a little more powerful then you did
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    Really pretty. I’ve been to Salzburg before which was stunning. Especially in winter. And no Len, I didn’t see the Harbour Bridge.
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    Most gnr fans have unreal expectations IMO. I just want new GNR music. Its not going to change the music world or cure disease. Motley Crue just put out a few new tunes, and guess what they sound like? MC music, that's all I really want. Just write some music and put it out
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    You can practically hear the duelling banjos. Where?
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    You do understand that income tax has been collected under Republican rule, right? Like, with great frequency one might say
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    "Beggars" really????????????? thats so fucked up...perhaps if Guns N Roses released an album every few years like most bands do...and didnt treat their fans WORSE THAN SHIT..and kept us in the dark and hanging on stupid ass interviews like duff gave where he says "oh we do what we wanna do and it'll happen when it happens" BULLSHIT...maybe we wouldn't be downgraded to being called "Beggars" by fools like you!
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    Wow, right back at it. Slash becomes available and GNR brings him right back into the fold. May never get to leave again. I'm missing the band. Hope this rumor is true.
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    Izzy writes 14 Years, Duff writes 10 Years Izzy writes Chop Away, Duff writes Chip Away
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    Day 1 I flaked out on the last 2 challenges I promise I'm in for the long haul on this one!
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    Day 2: Song with an L and “ing” (the in’ shortened version of ing is acceptable)
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    Day 1 - Cover of a song from the '70s
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    Izzy doesn't have the guitar chops to be anything more than a special guest on the NITL Tour.
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