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    Lol although I'd take Scraped and Shotgun Blues over the entire LA Guns discog so I'll gladly be a fan of the "average" Use Your Illusions over LA Guns' "interesting albums"
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    This is our 11 wedding anniversary. We were supposed to celebrate in Firenze but my wife's been terribly sick for the last 2-3 months so we couldn't travel. Good thing is that she's been good for the last few days so we are hoping that we will be able to travel to my parents for Eastern, at least. Firenze can wait. 11 years . 11 good years. It tends to get supplanted by the tediousness of routine. Pressures at work. Kids. Family. But today we have the evening for ourselves. We are finally alone. We don't expect much. We don't take anything for grated. really. Not with her disease, but maybe just an embrace on the couch and watch some stupid shit as I get steadily more drunk. Just being together with nothing else on our minds than us. And just being happy because she is getting better.
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    Phil Lewis labeling GN'R's catalogue aside from AFD as 'average' is pretty hilarious. But to then double down and act as if LA Guns has done anything special is even more hilarious. A great many R&R or even Metal fans don't even know who LA Guns is. And most of the ones that do only know it because of the GN'R connection. So there's that. I can understand the POV that none of the subsequent material was as 'classic' as AFD. But average?? GN'R Lies and both UYI's didn't sell like they did or receive continuous radio play like they did or spawn videos like they did because they were 'average'. If they were average, the sales and radio play would have drastically fallen off. As would the popularity of the band. But it didn't. Because most of the material was pretty darn good if not 'classic'. Funny, but take away AFD and GN'R's supposed 'average' material still dwarfs anything LA Guns ever did, and a lot of other bands for that matter too. What a joke.
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    "We're gonna play something next that we hope to put out as a single sometime soon..." *crowd goes crazy* "I looked under chairs, I looked under tables..."
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    That's simply not true! There's many songs that he sang well after the first 4 songs. Listen to this for example: Name one other person on this planet who could sing Out Ta Get Me like that. There's none. It might not be 100% perfect like in 2010, but most of the song he sounds incredible. Axl's voice doesn't work the way you say it works. His voice doesn't turn to shit after singing a couple of songs. His voice sounds bad when he's singing stuff that doesn't suit his voice. It doesn't matter if it's the first or the last song on the setlist, if it fits his voice he sounds good, if it doesn't then it is what it is. When he's singing stuff that suits his voice he could sing all day and sound incredible. That's what happened with AC/DC. Those songs fit his voice and that's why he could sing AC/DC all day without starting to sound bad. Out of all GNR songs SOYL is the most like an AC/DC song in the sense that the song is full of screaming from start to finish. That's why he always sounds good on it. When it comes to GNR songs Axl usually sounds good on certain parts of the songs and not that good on other parts of the song, depending on what kind of a voice he has to use. The first songs on the GNR setlist are songs that fit his voice pretty well. He usually sounds good on OTGM too. Wichita Lineman and The Seeker are also songs that are easy for him to sing and nobody can say he sounds bad on those. There's many songs where he sounds great 95% of the song, like Don't Cry, Patience, Nightrain etc... So saying that he sounds like shit on those is a pretty huge exaggeration. When it comes to the clean high voice that some people don't like, there's technically nothing wrong with that voice either. I'd say that voice suits certain songs, but of course it's a matter of taste. At the end of the day you only have to ask yourself, how many people do you think could perform these songs better than Axl? Myles Kennedy maybe? Sure, I can respect that opinion, but with him there'll be 0% rasp and 0% venom in his voice. If you prefer his voice though that's ok, but there's not many people who could sing these songs anywhere near as well as Axl, and to be honest I don't think there's anyone in the whole world who could sing AC/DC songs these days as well as Axl. So I have a hard time calling his voice shit when he's singing songs that almost nobody could pull off as well. Sure there's moments when he sounds bad, but there's also moments when he sounds amazing. On average he sounds good. People just tend to expect more than good from Axl cause people are used to that inhuman voice that he used to have.
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    Someone in the comments asked when and Mitch replied with "Saturday" Just leaving this here...
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    Well, it’s 25 years ago today. One of those moments when I still remember where I was, who told me and how it made me feel. Rest in peace, Kurt.
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    For anyone interested, the story about Courtney using heroin while pregnant had started from this article in Vanity Fair in the September 1992 issue: https://www.vanityfair.com/hollywood/2016/03/love-story-of-kurt-cobain-courtney-love It had an interview with Courtney (and a bit of Kurt), but also quotes from friends and associates saying that she was using drugs and they were worried for the baby's health. Courtney had threatened to sue the Vanity Fair journalist and Kurt had threatened to break up Nirvana and later said he was so angry that he had felt like beating her [the journalist] up. According to them, the interview was done at the beginning of Courtney's pregnancy, when she was admittedly using. Then there was an issue with an unauthorised - and seemingly sensationalist - Nirvana biography. Kurt and Courtney had sent threatening messages because the writers had interviewed the Vanity Fair journalist: https://ew.com/article/1992/12/04/kurt-cobain-courtney-love-unauthorized/ (Kurt and Courtney had their fair share of problems with the press, including Spin - Kurt hated the British press in particular) After Frances Bean was born, the Los Angeles Social Services took away her custody from Kurt and Courtney temporarily based on a Courtney's urine test from the first period of her pregnancy and on what was reported in the press.
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    Is there some sort of set rules you have to follow in the entertainment industry that states you do what everyone else does. If thats the case Axl would have TMZ on speed dial to tell them were he is so he can profit off the publicity himself. Axl would Tweet and Instagram all his daily movements, Marry one of the Kardashians, Guns N Roses to appear at the Grammy awards preforming with Post Malone or some rapper, either Axl or Slash appear in a leaked sex tape (claim it was via a hack) than profit from its sales even though they themselves were behind the leak. Thats not Rock N Roll. Or you could do meet and greets like some other bands and sell guitars, amps, the gum you chewed on stage, the water bottel you drank from while on stage or your underwear you wore that night for a 5 min meet and greet and the purchase of any of those items for 10k. You can say alot of things about GNR but i personally am glad they do thing's there own way, still to this day not following what everyone else does. Axl wore tiny white bicycle shorts and kilts. Elvis, Little Richard, Elton John, Bowie, Mercury, Page, Plant. All did thing's differently from what others were doing. Thats Rock N Roll.
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    OK, now I have the proof that Jan is also a name for women
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    There are many cases where journals, letters and other personal items of writers, painters, musicians etc. have been published or sold posthumously. There's surely a moral question when a deceased person had expressed a wish for items not to be ever publicised, but, generally speaking, privacy doesn't have a meaning any more for dead people, because, well, they're dead. It's different when the person is alive. I think all living people, whoever they are, have a right to privacy. Part of famous people's lives is public, but it doesn't mean they want to share everything. And the fact that we, the "public", are deadly curious and tempted to read it, doesn't mean that it's right. This as a general principle, regardless of this particular case and whether Slash is bothered or not (which we don't know).
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    I don't think we're getting either of them
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    I just had a lunch date with a co-worker of mine. Her name is Kathrin and a lovely girl. I like her a lot and think that I have some feelings for her.
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    I have spent quite some time in the academic system and quite some time in the industry, and nothing of what I have done or experienced has really prepared me to give you a strong advice either way-because it really depends-but the thing I can say is that I believe in you and that with heart and mind it doesn't really matter - you will still end up trumps.
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    What’s the fuss about. Everybody is entitled to their opinion, may they be successful musicians or not. All of us here are not and you dudebros do have opinions. lol Also he didn’t say it was bad, he said it was average. To me that’s correct. Some songs were really good, others not. On Appetite everything is great, avandgarde, innovative, and influencial. That’s the difference, that’s why it’s a masterpiece.
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    It's quite simple! There's a difference between good and incredible. In 2010 he sounded incredible. Now he sounds ONLY good. Or to be more specific, he sounds incredible at times and pretty bad at times. On average he sounds good. Of course it's disappointing when you know what Axl's capable of at his best. But you can't deny that no one else could pull of SOYL like Axl still does. If that's not good, I don't know what is.
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    You'll find any excuse to slag off Coma (one of their best songs)!!!
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    Who's ready for Nando to string us along for another 3 years with vague promises about the 'biggest year yet'?
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    One of the love letters read, gee I really like your tits. I'll say anything that fits.
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    What is even stranger than an ex-wife selling love letters, is the person who will go "Oh sweet! A love letter between Slash and his ex-wife! How much??"
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    Jagger's heart procedure is done and went well: https://www.billboard.com/articles/business/8505740/mick-jagger-undergoes-successful-heart-valve-procedure?fbclid=IwAR2IevIiQXGAkuhGIKJhzy6rQoFALwmd_XS2gTc3aQHnZZaW8anATwt5ndE
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    What do you mean by "the shits"? Like, weather-wise because they flooded out last year? Or GNR themselves? If it's the latter, that's just, like, your opinion, man (to paraphrase The Dude). When I go to a Guns show, I wanna hear all my favorite jams. All the hits that get the crowd up (especially in a festival setting). Time and place for new music. I'm just a big fan and want to see them as much as possible.
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    I chuckled at that 'portion' too. I didn't read that about the love letters. Well, Erin did that too of course, a few years back, and lots of other super personal things that wouldn't be worth anything if they weren't from a rock star. I remember huge arguments on here because some think that's an okay thing to do. I don't care who you are or how the relationship went, but I will never find that okay. It's a despicable thing to do. and very immoral to me. Like you said, she won't be starving. So there's no excuse for it imo. And having kids too. It's wrong in so many ways
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    Totally agree. I've always felt that Kurt was being undeservedly mean towards Axl, whose intentions, I believe, were genuine. If he'd decided to dislike Axl after meeting him, I could understand, but in this case too much prejudice was at play. He hated Axl not for who he was, but for what Kurt thought he represented. I don't know if it was an artsy persona that he had put on or if he was actually like that. Dave Grohl, on the other hand, have always come off as playing a part to me. Never came to like the guy. All this animosity towards the established bands during Nirvana years, yet now acting as everybody's best buddy. Hypocrite much? Wonder if Kurt was alive today, would he be on friendly terms with Axl now? Possible
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    I'm excited about the festival being official. When NITL tour ended, we didn't know when we'd see them again if ever and never really know about a new album. But now we have a show which is reason to be happy about the state of GnR
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    I agree with @F*ck Fear, he sounds good on the first 3 songs, DTJ and Wichita Lineman. He usually sounded good-decent on SOYL and Madagascar as well, and a few songs are 50/50 (Jungle, Patience, Don't Cry). But that's not really enough to make a 3 hour show seem good overall... especially when there's songs in the back catalogue that he could probably still sing well. (Bad Obsession, You Ain't The First, Down On The Farm, the acoustic You're Crazy, So Fine and Dust N Bones with Duff, etc). But instead he kept playing Better and You Could Be Mine, Rocket Queen, Yesterdays, This I Love... fuck he was even struggling on Nightrain in 2018. The guy is too stubborn for his own good, he seems to think that the longer the show, the more he can 'pace himself' [Mickey the shit out of the songs], but really, a re-worked 2~ hour set where he sounds consistently good would be better than a 3+ hour set where he sounds good for maybe 25% of the show... but he'd have to rehearse a bunch of his own songs so that's not gonna happen.
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    What do you think people, which one is going to be ready first, Brexit or new Guns N' Roses album?
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    Thats exciting, Im happy for you! I hope you two will have some fun as you explore your feelings for her. Just my opinion, but maybe wait until the 5th date to tell her what your screen name means
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    Phil wanted attention and insulting GN'R was the easiest way to get it.
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    If you chase it, pursue it, make the achievement of it the central preoccupation of your life then, in my experience, you make a neurotic mess of yourself, just be yourself, occupy yourself with a passion or a pursuit, whatever your lifes calling may be, love will happen when it happens as long as you put yourself out there and are interested in people and interact with them, socialize etc.
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    Yup! I saw Blind Melon last week.. And I have tickets booked for The Stones, Martin Barre, Adam Sandler, Aerosmtih, Steven Adler and John Fogerty coming up!
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    But I do relate to it, and even if I didn't, I find it a nice lyric. Lyrics that make you think are usually good in my book. Big whoop, wanna fight about it?
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    I know there a lot of CD haters on this site. But quite honestly that album alone is greater than anything LA Guns ever produced or ever will produce -- let alone the Lies and UYI material. Hell, most of SLASH's solo career is greater, as was VR as is SMKC. Same goes for Izzy's Ju Ju Hounds record.
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    Precisely I like telling people what to do, it makes me feel like a big man I think people have a tendency nowadays to look down upon education because its just a given, whatever you can do to learn, do it. Not saying don't question any of it but even the process of learning something that you disagree with or seek to challenge or whatever, you gotta know it first. Take a musical instrument for example, say you wanna be a musician, break all the fuckin' rules, make avante garde fuckin' craziness, well you gotta know the rules first to know how to break em. This idea that education is just a piece of paper is bullshit, you go through a process to get that piece of paper and its the process thats of value as I'm sure you know. Sure you can learn independently if you wish but how many people will really do that in an organized and committed way over a long period of time? Why not take advantage of this oppertunity afforded to you? And yes, it is not to be ignored that these things are of value in this world, these pieces of paper, everythings a piece of paper, passports, birth certificates, money, tax returns. When you reach a certain point where you can rise above that shit or seperate yourself from it do it, go for it, I think its admirable even...but you gotta get there first. Education liberates. Money is like the dirt on your hands, you get rid of it daily but there's always gonna be more later...no one can take an education from you. Well, dementia perhaps. Acute head injury. Amnesia. Alright so they can take it, fuck you
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    Shame on perla. And shame on erin
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    This is simply not true. Addicted babies are born every day, sadly. I have no sympathy at all for any mother with no regard of her baby's well-being and health. It's not only despicable, it's criminal too.
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    You would blame Brexit on Axl if you could, I believe And yes, Courtney herself has admitted to it. Would you think differently of her if Frances hadn't come out all fine?
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    Love letters Why the fuck Slash never took that stuff i'll never understand. I also noticed it says "a portion" of the proceeds will go to charity, not how much/little though. It's not like she's hurting for money FFS