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    The stack of evidence pointing toward a new AC/DC album is almost undeniable. Still, nothing is certain and we've been duped by rumors before (like Tool putting out a new album in any of the handful of years), but AC/DC's longtime engineer Mike Fraser has gone on the record saying the group is doing "something" in the studio. Fraser's history with AC/DC dates back to 1990 where he began working with the band on The Razor's Edge as a mixer and engineer. He's served the same role as well as receiving a couple credits as co-producer ever since, with his work totaling five studio records. In an interview with record masterer Tony "Jack the Bear" Mantz, Fraser was guarded with his words, but revealed an all-important bit of information. When pressed about the AC/DC rumors, Fraser replied. "Umm... Well, yeah, I can say that we've been in the studio doing something. What's come of that I can't discuss yet, but uh..." Mantz followed up, asking if Brian Johnson was singing. Laughing, Fraser said, "I think so." The most recent report on AC/DC's progress came from Eddie Trunk, who said he heard from a close source that the record was done and will feature riffs recorded by the late Malcolm Young. This all follows the photos that surfaced of AC/DC's members on a deck outside a recording studio in Vancouver, Canada last year. Angus Young, Brian Johnson, Phil Rudd and Stevie Young were all spotted. In February, a photo (which has since been removed) was posted, showing Johnson and Cliff Williams, who retired after the "Rock or Bust" tour, together in Vancouver. https://loudwire.com/acdc-engineer-confirms-band-has-been-recording-in-the-studio/
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    Happy for the Brian Johnson fans, crushed as an Axl fan.
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    Even if Assange is associated with Russia (which there's been not even slight proof of) and regardless of his motives, what he did was rather a service to the world than a crime in the moral sense of the word. And, of course, if Asssange had published Russian classified documents, he would've been considered a hero by those who now consider him a criminal. That's how it goes.
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    Russian stooge who deserves everything he gets!
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    What are you guys talking about? These 85-86 Axl vocals were great and in no way comparable with those strange sounding vocals from 2001.
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    No way any of Axl's parts were done in one take.. He didn't even record with the band.. I don't think he meant the whole band recorded "live" together one take either.. Probably that each track was recorded live all the way through since it was before pro tools. Either way, he has me listening to it right now. Great way to finish work day.
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    Day 19 – Song with a P and a T in the title released in the 1990s
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    Agree to disagree on this one. I'm sorry but those 86 vocals while maybe not his raspiest ever, still have rasp and sound like classic Axl. I wouldn't call those his clean vocals at all. He sounds good in that video.. His clean voice sounds like shit. You can start to hear his clean voice in the Columbus video but it isn't as bad as what it has become and he still sounded pretty good. Especially compared to what it morphed into over the years.
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    At Templo restaurant in Hobart, Tasmania, enjoying a nice meal. They have a classic rock playlist, including The Who. The Seeker is playing now and I am so triggered.
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    I always like Rick's father ( RIP). he looked like a mob Don from the Pawn
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    What a fucking shameful disgrace our civilization is that truth tellers are always punished. We live in 1984. Justice is merely a concept. I am absolutely gutted. Julian Assange and people like him who nobly risk and sacrifice so much for the good of all, by telling the truth, by being brave and shining lights into the darkness of this fucking disgusting cage we've constructed - are utter heroes not criminals. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.theguardian.com/media/live/2019/apr/11/wikileaks-founder-julian-assange-arrested-at-the-ecuadorean-embassy-live-updates
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    I'm afraid the only heroes are those we find in comics, movies and T.V. shows. And those real life heroes who are unknown and underappreciated by society. People like Assage or Putin don't belong in either group.
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    In fairness I know absolutely fuck all about him but thought I'd get you to bite and I was right.
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    Chinese Democracy is my favorite GNR album.
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    This. Come on, guys. A whole page of " Axl 86 and Axl 02 are the same,mmkay?". Let's talk about the show and keep the Axl's voice stuff in the Axl's voice thread, mmkay?
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    Here's an example of what I'm talking about, I think these are somewhat comparable vocally: Obviously he sounds older in the 2002 clip but it's not like his 2002 voice was completely alien. When he went full-mickey it was awful, but he sounded pretty good at times too. WTTJ from the Vegas 2001 show sounds like an older version of 'classic Axl', if you get what I mean. He could still sing with a sharp, powerful high voice that wasn't too raspy or too clean, like in that '86 video. It's unfortunate that he used the mickey voice so often, but he proved he could still pull off the classic voice when he went for it. edit: this is my last post about his voice in this thread, I swear. At least until the show actually happens
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    2006 is hands down the best any iteration of GNR has ever sounded live.
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    Funny that even with the slower tempo Axl skipped words "wake up late, put on your clothes...credit cards...liquor store"
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    Really? I can't remember that ever being an unpopular opinion, that was pretty much the norm. If anything, it's the other way round, with nuGuns over and Slash & Duff back, way more people have been able to look back at the CD era and appreciate it for what it was - with a lot of people even admitting they only gave it a chance and liked the album because Slash and Duff were willing to play it. Sounds more like Axl was the one who was vindicated
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    Omg Hiii there! After awhile I finally registered. Wanted to tell you that I adore you all from what I read in here and I’m very happy to know there’s a lot more Izzy’s fans
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    what is wikileaks? wake me up when it leaks celebrity porn or something
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    I've said it before and I'll say it again, you're a real straight shooter. Well spoken and eloquent as always. I have an aunt who visited recently, who ideologically is the black sheep of my family. Married an American and both of them are vehement Trump supporters etc. She was telling me how nowhere in history has there ever been republican slave owners - all the slave owners were democrats. But, I still love her. So, of course, I still love @Dazey even though he's a dozy cunt in this instance.
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    Cool. Look forward to listening. The whole Guns v. Nirvana thing is endlessly fascinating to me. Had Kurt acted that way toward Axl/Guns even 6 months earlier it probably would have been career suicide (same label, Guns Geffen’s “Golden Child”, etc.). How did Kurt know to kick the door in instead of bow in reverence/gratitude? Always felt someone at the label let him know that despite all their success- Guns was barely a band any more by ‘92...
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    Sure Evan haha At my highschool orientation as I walked through the door to my left was a 7ft something dude, I had to crane my neck, a rare experience. I immediately bombarded him with the lines I have to hear ad nauseum "Wow, you're tall. How's the weather up there?" "Do you play basketball?" Honestly, being so tall can be harrowing. I know how the slaves must've felt.
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    It is inconvenient how things interupt you. I haven't smoked for years but I used to work in a job where me and this other guy used to go to his car in our break for a smoke. We came back after one of these sessions and were stopped by our really grumpy Scottish boss who never said a word normally to the lowly workers. He decided this was the time, (when I was proper monged) to say "lads listen to this joke". He told some shit joke which i couldnt understand and my mate made a good stab at fake laughing. The boss looked at me and frowned "He didn't get it look" and walked away. My mate said I was just stood there staring at him like I was mentally retarded.
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    Why does that shit ALWAYS happen to you when you're high?
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    God, what a depressing place to get married
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    Does anyone else think Del now resembles Rick Harrison from Pawn Stars?
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    What's so weird is that Johnny Rotten doesn't get the respect he derserves for spearheading not one but two music movements, Punk AND post-punk. Public Image Ltd. is unreal. Between the Pistols and PiL, nearly half of music as we know it owes itself to some degree to John Lydon.
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    Day 14 Day 15 Day 16 Day 17
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    I seen that and thought it had to be bootleg - figured noway they would release a shirt representing that song. Strange choice.
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    Hiiiii! So, how's the national holiday of this thread going so far? Soooo...the drummers have spoken, ba-dum-tss What about the others? There will be a two-faced 'HB Iz' from Ned Flanders? What about god? He never misses a birthday (he missed Frank's though, but that's kinda understandable), so what's happening with him? Is he trying to piss me off??? Stay tuned!
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    But is it "Punk as Fuck" ?
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    I remember that ALL the proceeds went to charity in previous auctions, now it's the (super rich) ex-wife selling her ex-husbands stuff and only a 'portion' goes to charity.
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    I'm just gonna leave this here (21:10 mark) 23: 43 Only a couple of times, Slash? 28:56 You didn't go where, Slash?