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    Here you Go!! Sitting at work today streaming the Rock Station I mentioned playing Rock the Rock on rotation, and low and behold it came on. Took my phone out and recorded it.
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    Love the twist with the audio at the end.
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    Even one or two songs without frank would be a huge upgrade to the shows
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    Please discuss here: http://www.mygnrforum.com/topic/222211-new-slash-interview-futuro-fm-chile-small-tour-in-october-then-focus-on-new-album/?page=1
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    How many times McCoy, don't tell em about the Nazi thing until at least a month in. And work it in gradually. Y'know, whistle Deutschland Uber Alles in the car, maybe wear your jack boots out one night, if you hit em with the blut and boden and Mein Kampf before they get to know you a little you're putting yourself at a considerable handicapp.
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    Either would be cool.. Or both! Seeing Matt do a couple songs with Guns would be pretty sick though.. Not Popcorn sick but still sick
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    Izzy Stradlin Duff You kno what I mean....?
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    2006 is hands down the best any iteration of GNR has ever sounded live.
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    No doubt it's Luke's. Impossible to miss if you watch the trailer.
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    I hear ya, Len, but I would have reacted to your post even if you were criticizing [insert random yahoo] for giving their opinion on a political matter. Politics concerns us all and everyone should be able to give an opinion, unless you're completely clueless, then you would do better by staying out of it, but I have no reason to assume that (in this example) Pamela Anderson is clueless.
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    Stylistically it will have stuff similar to CD by the virtue of there almost certainly being CD-era songs on it.
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    I was talking to friend\musician at work who is a Guns fan but skipped the shows. He said he would have went if Izzy was there. I was telling him about the rumors about Izzy this time around and he was excited and said he would love to see the whole lineup. Then he asked me if we could pick one Adler or Izzy who would it be. His answer was that even though he is a bigger fan of Izzy overall that he would probably pick Adler because he felt his drumming and swing are huge.. He is a huge Slash fan too and always praises Fitz..
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    I find being involved really fun and fulfilling. "No ones free until we're all free" all that jazz. Its not for everyone and thats fine. But your prescription for life isnt for everyone either. You mentioned family and home as an alternative to being politically engaged. The notion of the nuclear family as a leaver of political alienation is something that I disagree with, in part because having kids plugs one into all sort of "out there" political machinations like public health, child care, education and of course climate change. I know that all loving parents would engage as possible if their childs schooling was sub standard. And thats being involved in politics. Im concerned that sometimes people use their children to insulate themselves when the reality is that children engage one with the political world.
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    The greater good? A good that, although it might hurt you personally, benefits others? This concept is lost on you?
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    The Obama administration – who weren't exactly champions of press freedoms – declined to charge Assange with this. From my understanding this wasn't about gaining information she didn't have access to but rather accessing it under a different username to mask her identity. They are also saying Assange encouraging Chelsea to get more information and taking steps to hide her identity as the source, which are standard practices for journalist, are part of the criminal conspiracy. So the main accusation is incredibly insignificant and its deeply concerning that they are treating things like encouraging a source to get more information as a crime.
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    So why wouldn't her opinion be ''worthy'' according to you? Because she used to be a playboy playmate? I don't get it.
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    Then when you take into account the differing genders of livestock you get to a point where its 57 varities of Heinz beans man, the combinations are endless
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    We can't really expect people from wherever Len is from to have words for fish, but to compensate they have probably 60 words for goats, incest, and incest with goats.
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    Its not that I’m clueless about the whole thing, I knew there was a thing called Wikileaks...thats just about it, I’ve heard the name Julian Assange bandied about, just not what he was about, its just when something doesn’t interest me it falls off the radar. I find politics boring, I love punk music but you won’t see me walking around with a bunch of badges on going to political rallies or giving a shit about political current affairs, I sussed politics out when I was a child, broadly speaking it boils down to this, its rich people robbing poor people, thats all the news/politics is, how many poor people died today and what moves each countries leaders have made to either get rich (and powerful) or stay rich (and powerful). And there’s nothing my input or vote or concern will do to change that. People getting themselves in a tizzy everyday over politics seems to be such a waste of time and energy, not like any of its ever gonna change for you, this has been the way of the world since thousands of years and I’m here for such a short time, I’d rather go out or listen to music or watch films or read a book, stuff that when you’re done with it makes you feel somewhat fulfilled, politics is like a keyhole to depravity.
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    I'm fine with his arrest and extradition. Assange is a shit who has undercut the original mission of Wikileaks. Plus he's guilty as fuck of what he's being accused of. https://slate.com/news-and-politics/2019/04/julian-assange-indictment-wikileaks-chelsea-manning.html
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    Day 19 – Song with a P and a T in the title released in the 1990s
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    Omg Hiii there! After awhile I finally registered. Wanted to tell you that I adore you all from what I read in here and I’m very happy to know there’s a lot more Izzy’s fans
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    What a fucking shameful disgrace our civilization is that truth tellers are always punished. We live in 1984. Justice is merely a concept. I am absolutely gutted. Julian Assange and people like him who nobly risk and sacrifice so much for the good of all, by telling the truth, by being brave and shining lights into the darkness of this fucking disgusting cage we've constructed - are utter heroes not criminals. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.theguardian.com/media/live/2019/apr/11/wikileaks-founder-julian-assange-arrested-at-the-ecuadorean-embassy-live-updates
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    A while back someone called me about a black kitten living on the streets. I was thinking about getting a black cat because it would look perfect with my orange and tortie. Lily came running when she heard a kitten crying on the computer today, might be lonely. Lily has always been a part of the crowd. And I could come up with a thousand other reasons but to get to the point, I e-mailed the guy about the black kitten. I'll take it if he's got it to the point of being able to catch it.
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    I don't see how it couldn't. TLJ was terrible and set a pretty low bar. Hell, the trailer for TROS is better than all of TLJ, even if it's an unfair comparison.
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    Is it common for victims of CSA to claim remembering being molested at locations that don't even exist?
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    Tbh I'd personally love an album that sounds like Slash's Univeral Monsters EP
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    I think it is pretty clear that Manning herself wanted the sex change, and had to fight pretty hard to get the sex change hormonal treatment covered by the government. But yes, if we compare healthcare systems side-by-side, the US system does look harder than, say, many systems in Europe. That doesn't mean that Americans care less for kids with cancer, really, it is more a result of a more global political ideology that affects so many aspects of their society. And even if they tend to lean towards a political system that means that universal healthcare isn't free for all, like it is some places in the world, that in itself doesn't really support your conspiracy theory about Manning. I think it was more that she had sucked dicks that made Len disregard her
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    I think you are making good points in this thread. Im glad that playmates can be involved in political discourse. Im sure we all only stand to benefit from a lack of exclusion and a broader diversity of thought. One of the political commentators I follow fairly closely has all sorts of nudes and porn shoots of her online. Controversial porn even. She's written in mainstream publications like The Guardian and NBC and is a co-host of a popular youtube daily, The Majority Report. Id be missing out on her commentary if she wasnt granted those platforms because she did porn.
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    I don't know, but it shouldn't matter.
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    Further to these points, Axl seemed to have been very open to other's ideas, even to the point of being argued to include a song (This I Love) that he initially didn't want to include on the record.
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    So...you acknowledge he was a predator but you doubt he molested these particular boys? How do you explain the check and just in general, I don’t get your thinking?
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    Matt id take you over frank anytime.
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    Not only do I predict football bets I also do fortunes
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    If he is, I hope they let us know ahead of time and I would buy a ticket to the festival ASAP. If I could go back in time, I wouldn't have bought a ticket for the first Vegas show if I knew what the lineup was. I was really hoping for a bit more than just Axl, Slash and Duff... Even just having Matt or Gilby would have made it feel more legit.. Izzy or Steven would have been incredible... Omitting the role of Pittman/Blue Hair would have made it feel more like Gn'R as well. To me anyway....
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    We always know what you mean
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    I think it's so odd all the things you know so much about and then this you know nothing about. He won't be extradited to the US, as far as they're saying now.
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    God, what a depressing place to get married
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    Yeah i'm like a white Prince just less talented and can handle my drugs
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    Thought we could use a little live action 😍
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    I remember back in the day when I used to worry that the night clubs would close an hour early due to the clocks changing. Now I'm just annoyed because I get less sleep after I've been up to piss three times a night.