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    Sorry but if you don't like Axl or hate him as it seems....why you keep on this forum? Why you keep listening GNR music? All your comments are negative and against him so....I don't understand.... If you have no sympathy for people like Axl just don´t listen his music, don´t be on a GNR forum, just ignore him and ignore GNR....because Axl is part of this!!! I never would listening to a band which I hate its lead singer!!!!
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    Duff says Axl asked to play BHS in a rehearsal the night Chris Cornell passed away - before they knew about it. http://www.blabbermouth.net/news/duff-mckagans-new-song-feeling-was-inspired-by-deaths-of-weiland-prince-cornell-and- * Anyone know how to make the article appear? 🤷‍♀️
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    Their Sympathy for the Devil cover is really good.
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    I hope we get the whole fucking thing
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    Just please, even if just in passing with one tiny sentence, give some kind of closure on fucking Snoke. I’d even be willing to have Palpatine randomly say that was him fucking around.
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    Live era audio was pasted underneath it and i highly suspect it to be from 1993-06-18 Waser Stadium, Bremen, Germany
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    I have a mental image of you taking a leathering from an enraged posh boy in a cardigan:
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    Agreed. This was one of the issues I had with TLJ. No explanation as to who Snoke was, where he came from, or how he was connected with the dark side. I get that Palpatine didn’t get a lot of backstory in the OT, but he wasn’t really mentioned in the first, given little screen time in the second, and finally a full introduction in ROTJ. The sequence fit. With TFA, the table was set for Snoke with expectation we’d get some sort of context. None was given before Kylo takes him out. Felt like a big waste of time.
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    If it is from that Detroit gig. Hope we see Reckless Life, Dead Horse and Nice Boys from that show
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    £160 so just under 70 quid profit.
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    It will be convenient at elections at least. You won't have to bother leaving the house to vote as you'll just cancel each other out anyway 😄
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    Don't care about a new album. Fuck that. Give me that footage from 1991-1994 NOW!!!
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    Its an interesting thing in the GNR world where many fans have hated key members and still loved the band. For some fans they hated everyone but Axl and Dizzy for the 20 years of NuGuns! Plus, Killuridols brings that swagger and makes us all cooler, she's all like
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    Palp's laughter and the title were huge surprises to me. I am very interested to see what JJ cooked up. I hope the return of the Emperor doesn't overshadow Kylo Ren's story, though. He is my favorite new character and his conflict with Rey should still stay center. I also think and hope JJ found a way to give Luke a meaningful sendoff. I personally loved his scenes on Crait in TLJ. I want more, though. He doesn't have to overshadow the new cast, but I want some powerful scenes. Him narrating the trailer and the title (even if it doesn't 100% refer to him) leads me to believe this will happen. I'd also like to see Hayden Christianson in some capacity with a good script. If they bring a long dead Emperor back, why not? Anakin is arguably the centerpiece of the saga. I was worried JJ would do a boring and simple big dumb finale, but it seems they came up with something more. I hope this movie will be something special, I am very excited and really liked the trailer.
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    Quite a looker? Do me a favour, she looks like a depressed badger.
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    Great song, love Duffy's riff and Astbury's vocals. Don't forget Guns toured with the Cult in '87 so I'm sure Axl and Ian compared notes.😄
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    Love the twist with the audio at the end.
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    What are you guys talking about? These 85-86 Axl vocals were great and in no way comparable with those strange sounding vocals from 2001.
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    Glenda has a stray orange kitten who's hanging out at her place. Sounds like a fit to me. She's bringing it on Wednesday. Careful what you ask for, lol.
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    Apparently I am in the minority but I think the Looney Tunes song is lame. I am embarrassed as a Gn'R fan that it is getting airplay in some places.
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    Or it could be "Care In The Community... Do you have what it takes? Ring or apply online."
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    Build in progress. Just applied some of the graphics.
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    I could be wrong, but I don't think it will be as close to CD as some people are expecting. Even if it's all CD era songs, even those songs changed drastically from their 99 industrial roots + I think Axl has turned a corner in "letting go" of some of the control, I think he'll let Slash and Duff do their thing. This is all my opinion, but I think things are different. I think older GnR fans understand it more, not because "older means wiser" but when you get older, you just give considerably less fucks. Those of us who are older understand that by virtue of our own dwindling fucks output.
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    Lochearnhead, Scotland. The weather has been great here the past few days, so took a drive through! If you ever get the chance to come to Scotland, I recommend you visit. There’s a hotel/pub just behind it too, so it’s a win/win 😂
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    Are we sure it’s Kylo? Probably is but maybe not. Yeah, I thought the same thing at first. Perhaps it has something to do with momentum or she’s just better at back flips. Or maybe it’s because it looks cooler and works better for the trailer. We don’t see what actually happens (though it’s easy to imagine). Yeah, the article I linked to above mentions how the pilots in this part of the galaxy are force sensitive and are called sky walkers. Anakin’s mom is apparently from this part of the galaxy.
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    Just found this on reddit, gives more credence to new Jedi being Skywalkers. In Thrawn Alliances the term Skywalker is said to be of Chiss origin and is said to mean one uses the Force.
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    Just because there were 2 fairly good songs on CD I, doesn't necessitate that the other 2 albums have equally good tracks or better tracks. It's purely speculation.
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    One of the actors (Boyega, I think) confirmed that IX takes place one year after TLJ. So 35 ABY.
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    With my bonus this year I finally picked up Breath of the Wild and haven't touched my xbox since! I also picked up New Super Mario Bros Deluxe Switch and I gotta say I'm kinda disappointed with it so far. Granted my first play through was with my kids and my daughter was being a moron and just saying over and over "I have no idea what I'm doing" and kept dying. Mind you she's 15 and my nine year old son was playing better than she was. Looking forward to Mario Maker 2 and Link's Awakening. I also saw a rumor that Wind Waker HD and Twilight Princess HD are being ported to the Switch. I'll probably finally sell my Wii U if those come to the Switch as I only use it for those two Zelda games and Mario Maker.
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    The Phantom Menace - 32 BBY Attack of the Clones - 22 BBY Revenge of the Sith - 19 BBY Solo - 9 BBY Rogue One - 0 BBY Star Wars - 0 BBY The Empire Strikes Back - 3 ABY Return of the Jedi - 4 ABY The Force Awakens - 34 ABY The Last Jedi - 34 ABY The Rise of Skywalker - ?? ABY
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    When I heard the laugh at the end I was HYPED but now that I’ve had a few moments to calm down I’m not really sure how to feel... if that laugh is suggesting what I think it is, then this can either be very good or very bad, depending on how it’s handled.
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    Granted trailers are always manipulative, but this might have restored a little bit of excitement for the Star Wars saga. #inAbramsItrust
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    How many times McCoy, don't tell em about the Nazi thing until at least a month in. And work it in gradually. Y'know, whistle Deutschland Uber Alles in the car, maybe wear your jack boots out one night, if you hit em with the blut and boden and Mein Kampf before they get to know you a little you're putting yourself at a considerable handicapp.
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    if i remember rightly when buying games from a store, most refused (well locally) to take them back unless they was still sealed i have to agree steam forums are toxic and very rarely use them steam is good for cheap games in sales, grey re-sellers and codes from graphics cards from eBay
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    It's super important, actually. If you're not very tall you go to hell when you die, God told me. P.S. I'm as graceful as a baby elephant if baby elephants were the kings of gracefulness, you uncouth little tyke.
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    Never seen the big deal with being tall myself, you crack your head on things, you're as graceful as a fuckin' baby elephant and people tend to start on you more.
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    The only other thing I've heard about the festival, is that Snoop Dogg will also be there. ha
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    Saturday nights were made for Bocephus... no need to overthink it.
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    Wow... I am always hammered when I post in this thread, but I should at least look at the current page before I post... 😬 ah well...
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    Totally agree. I've always felt that Kurt was being undeservedly mean towards Axl, whose intentions, I believe, were genuine. If he'd decided to dislike Axl after meeting him, I could understand, but in this case too much prejudice was at play. He hated Axl not for who he was, but for what Kurt thought he represented. I don't know if it was an artsy persona that he had put on or if he was actually like that. Dave Grohl, on the other hand, have always come off as playing a part to me. Never came to like the guy. All this animosity towards the established bands during Nirvana years, yet now acting as everybody's best buddy. Hypocrite much? Wonder if Kurt was alive today, would he be on friendly terms with Axl now? Possible
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    I don't think it was just about befriending the popular kid. Those two had way too many demons, and, be it then and be it on a long run, Axl showed to be more successful to deal with them. It seems to me that Axl actually felt some kind of connection? compassion? with Kurt, but there was that concept of Axl in Kurt's head, which was basically evil, something to fight, something to be opposite to. Kurt built his art persona around this a lot. Of course Kurt couldn't privately meet Axl as a person, because then this would crash in pieces and lot of what Kurt built would not make sense anymore. People do insane shit to keep things as they know them.