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    Please try to stay on topic. We have the Anything Goes section for political discussions.
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    And those songs wouldn’t have been anything without Liam’s voice and attitude.
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    Youll really want to round out your opinion of Trumps admin by researching all the sanctions that the US has imposed on Venezuela since 2017, right up to the present. Economic warfare that has contributed to the unacceptable situation for the people of Venezuela. Mainly you will want to research Elliot Abrams, the US architect of the unspeakable brutality of US interventions in Nicaragua, El Salvador and Guatemala in the 1980s. The man is a monster. Not to mention that he was busted in the Iran-Contra affair only to be pardoned by Bush to then serves as his LATAM lead and to design the Iraq war. In 2002 Abrams was in the loop on the coup attempt against Chavez... and of course the economy was in trouble also in 2002 following 3 years of considerable economic growth under Chavez. After Bush, Abrams was out of Government. Then in recent months he was brought back in by Trump to be the point person on Venezuela. You're starting to see the pattern, huh? The evidence points to the US wishing to secure its own neoliberal trade structures in Venezuela for the US's own greed. In 2002 they took advantage of a poor economic forecast, including a severe flood, to attempt to assert US control. Now again they see a chance to co-opt a desperate population. This time they even contributed to your peoples misery, just to turn around and suggest that they wish to save them from it. You'll see no US "humanitarian" based military interventions in Sudan. Because Sudan isnt so perfectly suited to build US wealth. Nor is it with in the immediate ethos of Manifest Destiny.
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    Day 41. Song with a G and a Y in the title
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    Day 41 – Song with a G and a Y in the title
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    GNR version was great until they bloated it up to a 20 minute wankfest and singalong. I like how they did it at the Marquee in London in 1987, amazing live version, powerful and to the point.
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    Maduro is the legitimate and democratically elected president of Venezuela. Guaidó has basically no public support and is just another useful idiot for Donald Trump and John Bolton.
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    Fuck, I never thought of it in world cup terms. You’ve just ruined my fuckin’ life in one internet post, fuckin’ 9 world cups, fuck Its a fuckin’ Saturday and all, thanks a lot mate! Fuck it, I’m gettin’ a coupla grams in
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    I'm speaking without being super informed about it, but I think all Waters said is that Venezuela doesn't need any help from Trump (that actually doesn't want to help you guys, but we all know that). I mean, he was voted by his own people AFAIK... It's not like he irrupted into Presidency or something. He may suck as a leader but he was elected democratically. That's what I get from the outside atleast. I don't think Waters is pro-Maduro, he's just praying that you guys can get out of this without an intervention of the US, which you clearly can Stay strong!! Cheers from another Southamerican.
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    Axl: "... Then George [Harrison] takes us over to meet Bob Dylan. Bob asks me, 'When are you gonna record Heaven's Door?' I said, 'I don't know, but we really love that song.' And he says, 'I don't give a fuck. I just want the money.' True story." [Live in Taiwan, Dec. 11, 2009] Probably that's why Axl introduced KOHD at some UYI shows saying something along the lines of "Now it's time to make Bob Dylan some money." Bob Dylan: “Guns N’ Roses is okay, Slash is okay, but there’s something about their version of the song that reminds me of the movie Invasion of the Body Snatchers. I always wonder who's been transformed into some sort of clone, and who's stayed true to himself. And I never seem to have an answer." [The Telegraph, 1992] Slash has been bitching for 30 years about Dylan not using his solo
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    Went and saw this last night , amazing and very personal documentary. Probably the best documentary I’ve ever seen . The clips of GNR are at the record plant recording don’t cry . Not much of the GNR guys a brief shot of slash and axl. But if you are a blind melon or Shannon Hoon fan it’s a must watch , it captures very personal stuff and ends with video of him on a phone call with his girlfriend just hours before his death . The phone call was kind of eerie , one of the last things he says is “is my family cool ?” it’s like someone from beyond death checking in . Anyway it was awesome and highly recommend watching it .
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    I would love for KOHD and RQ to get cut way back in length.
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    Elvis never wrote a tune either, he was still the bollocks, Rog’ Daltrey wrote next to fuck all for The Who, singers job is singing, writing ain’t a prerequisite, quite frankly Axl ain’t no great shakes at writing either.
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    Just found out today that my son likes watching snooker. This is a great development after 3 years of watching Pingu, Bing and Mr fucking Tumble.
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    I hate Roger Water with all my heart. I from Venezuela and live in Costa Rica. People in my country is literally eating from the trash can on the streets. There are no medicines, no money, no food. People is being murdered by the dictator and his gang. We are living an apocalypse. We are working hard and risking our lives on freeing the country one and for all. Venezuela was the richest country in Latin America and they stole everything. So fucking Roger Waters defends the dictator and says that everything in Venezuela is perfect, everybody is living happy and well. If somebody is in favor of the dictator he is in favor of murdering innocent people. I'm glad i never liked Pink Floyd.
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    And The Stones. Mind you, Lennon was hardly complimentary about him either at certain points. Apparently he once said to Keith 'I could've easily written Satisfaction but you could've never written Desolation Row' and Keith was like 'yeah, you're right there Bob' Good answer All these lot were tarts about each other really, you can pick any big star of the 60s and I can show you them having a pop at one of their contemporaries. Jimi Hendrix called Pete Townshend a honky motherfucker as the legend goes.
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    Not true at all. The last 4 years were really complete garbage, but 2000 to 2014 were a good time of socioeconomic growth.
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    Simone has gained over a pound since I've had her. She gets really pissy when I cook meat and won't share.
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    The Biloxi show is actually incomplete, but it's still cool to listen to, decent recording. The last 'full show' GNR bootleg I bought was Stockholm 1991 I think, it's 3 LP's and it's an awesome show. It's an audience recording though. Cost me like $60 CDN with shipping ($45~ US), which isn't too bad for a 'rare' 3LP album. Recently I've seen some new pressings of Rio '91, Argentina '93, and Chile '92 pop up online, but I don't know what the quality is like. Unfortunately, Fuckface McWanker has had most bootlegs blocked for sale on Discogs.
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    Eric Clapton doing covers is the definition of snoozefest, always sounds like he has too much respect for the originals, same with his I Shot The Sheriff cover, such a powerful and gritty song from Bob Marley and he turned it into a cocktail version. Come to think of it, GNR doing Marley would be fucking awesome.
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    Depends what you mean by ‘can fight’, I wouldn’t stick em in the ring but I’m sure Liam can handle himself up to a point, though he has had his head kicked in a few times, like that famous nightclub incident back in the late 90s. If you go around throwing your weight about it don’t matter who you are sooner or later you’re getting ironed out. In his defence they did start it, its one thing respecting your idols but i don’t think you should be that in love with anyone that they slag you off and you don’t have nothing to say for yourself, they were kind of asking for it needling a council estate yobbo like Liam. Its all fun and games really, its pop music not WWF.
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    He's slowly formulating into a proper taff, bless him Get some old Hurricane Higgins games and stick em on for him, let him watch some quality at least. Hendry, Higgins, Taylor, Davis.
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    the fact that hes not talking could be a good thing. up until a few weeks ago we were getting vague answers like yeah its something wed like to start looking at eventually... could mean somethings seriously in the works now 🤞
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    Guns changed up the chordings a bit. Ive heard George Harrison suggests its because they couldn't even get three chords right, lol. In Guns version the intro is G/D/C x4. In Dylans its G/D/Am/G/D/C X2 Guns lack of a minor chord in the intro really sets it up to be a rousing 15 minute singalong stadium anthem. Dylan's Am instantly set the tone for a sombre and meditative piece. And Guns re-voice the Am in the verses to Am7. This gives it a voicing that is more reminiscent of that C chord. ************* Ive read that since Guns were performing KOHD live since their early club days that Dylan was looking forward to them recording it for the huge gnr style pay day. He joked that anytime he could get a hold of someone from the gnr camp that he'd always ask them "when are you gonna record my song?"
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    Setlist (Intro: Halloween - Ray's Goodbye) Call Of The Wild Halo Standing In The Sun Back From Cali My Antidote Boulevard of Broken Hearts Shadow Life Dr Alibi (Todd Kerns on vocals) Wicked Stone Mind Your Manners Driving Rain Nightrain You're A Lie World On Fire Anastasia
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    From my knowledge of Dylan, I very much doubt Dylan liked their cover, bloated as it is, although he may have liked the royalties; he didn't use anything by Slash on Under the Red Sky because ''it sounded too much like Guns N' Roses''. Dylan likes Howlin' Wolf, Woody, Chuck and Elvis and thinks everything that came out after 1959 is a sack of shit. He even was a bit snidey about The Beatles when they arrived.
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    Woody Guthrie probably had similar feelings about him.
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    Idk man, I just wanted something to blow me away story wise. I cant believe they'd introduce time travel and visiting memories and just do nothing with it. The writing and story just didn't land for me Despite my disappointment, I am going to try my best to take these last three episodes for what they are and enjoy what's left. I love this show, its my favorite. I'm going to try and put my expectations aside from here on out
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    Gotcha, thanks. I don't know why I thought that, maybe at the time they were comparing it to punk attitude or something. I should consult Duff on that I guess.😄
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    And Steven Adler stolen someone they his hairstyle too
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    Man, I was just goofing about the U2 cover because the thread had veered a bit. Didnt mean to confuse anyone, sorry.
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    According to a longtime credible source for starwars spoilers:
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    Cool! I'm not one of the kiss ass sicophants of the band, so I am okay with the harshest criticism that could be out there, because this band deserves it But I don't get what's so upsetting about this article, aside from the fact that it is a highly strange way to highlight "the worst" of GN'R. If the journalist says he doesn't like them (and he has all the right to be disgusted by them), I was hoping for something with more substance than what he wrote. Or maybe it is just the fact that what he mentioned is so "old news" to me, that I can't be surprised anymore
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    Dave Grohl's drumming on Them Crooked Vultures and Songs for the Deaf should alone be enough to include him in Hall of fame
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    Handsome indeed!
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    Some posts have been deleted because they asked for links
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    He is a great drummer, obviously Nirvana but lately I have been listening to Them Crooked Vultures and the groove and raw power to his approach is fantastic Foo Fighers overall are a bit bland to me, they have some decent songs here and there though but a lot of their songs just seem so... I guess "radio friendly" is the best way to put it. Like, that kind of rock music that has what I call the "inspirational arena rock chorus" that people sing along to lol
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    Guns are still pissing people off in 2019?....good.