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    The only thing that matters to me at this point is whether whatever new they release (if they release something) will be good for my taste or not. I don't care if it's CD era stuff or brand new stuff. An album consisting of CD leftovers can be good or bad, same goes for an album based on Slash's riffs, and even Izzy's contribution doesn't guarantee a good album. I don't believe in the romantic concept that the same five guys, if put together in the same room at any given time, can make magic again. They're different people now and the circumstances are different, too.
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    Day 7 CH They should add this ^^^^ to their set this fall (but idk about Frank )
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    Day 8 – Song with title that contains a “CR”
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    NEW! Ep. 122 - Dave Kushner Velvet Revolver's Dave Kushner makes his return to the show. He updates us on his new tv/music composing venture "Monkey Mind Music Group" and his work for "F is for Family" with comedian Bill Burr. Dave also shares his opinion on Guns N' Roses covering "Slither" and opens up about losing his friend Chester Bennington. Co-host for this episode is Marcelle Sirkus (Ep. 77). Marcelle went to Fairfax High School with Dave, Slash, and Flea to name a few. They reminisce with some funny stories and we also have a serious mental health conversation. All this and much much more! Please follow and subscribe! iHeartRadio --> https://ihr.fm/2Q4wCbv Spreaker --> https://bit.ly/2vX2sxN SoundCloud --> https://bit.ly/2Jm0lMv Stitcher --> https://bit.ly/2HnXGhC Google Play --> https://bit.ly/2YtewCZ
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    Well, i kinda get what you are meaning with all of this, but... - i dont´t get that impression at all. Duff is not that kinda person (imo). He has opinions about things but so do you and so do i. - We (hardcore GNR-fans) have heard this xxxx-times, others may not. It was very important issue to him because he changed his life completely after that soooo i kinda get this too. - Well, i don`t know what prolific! means, but Axl is kinda special so he might be just that - Duff kinda did just that. He was part of that scene that later came "grunge". He is not bullshitting anyone with that. Don´t get me wrong, i know what you meant...there are some issues that we get to hear and/or read over and over again. I gets bit boring to us, but it´s his life. I tell same stories over and over too
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    You shouldn't take it seriously. Dizzy is just an easy target, he got the gig because of Axl's loyalty, but then he ends up playing on only half of the songs, and by now he's the longest serving member, yet most people still forget about him, so it's easy to poke fun at that. I'm sure he's a nice guy and good at what he does.
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    I remember Moby telling Rolling Stone that Axl "seemed like a beaten dog". I wouldn't be thrilled with someone saying that about me either.
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    Haha ok, so the video I posted is already gone. So if every video in this forum is getting blocked...
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    I don't think thats how everyone approaches it. The band that the world at large came to know as GnR is Axl, Slash, Iz', Steven and Duff. THATS the band, so thats Tracii and Ole Solskjaer and all those other wankers that no one except nerds have heard of off up the pictures for a start. After that they made line up adjustments when individuals fucked off to keep from breaking up, thats fair enough. But then when the whole thing falls apart and there's no one left (when there's one person left out of an entire band thats the same as no ones left because a band is a band of people, a group of people, if all but one has fucked off there is by definition no band left, one person can band together with himself) thats when a bands done. The definitive works of GnR by anyones fuckin' reckoning, even a retards, is Appetite, Lies and Illusions, they aren't this world famous fuckin' band based on Chi Dem, thats just mental illness again. Ergo, the cunts who made those albums are the best call for who the band is because the adjustments made to those line ups were made when one of a large collective left to keep the unit working, thats sort of functional necessity, I can hang with that. This is all for the perspective of a listener of music however, legally speaking the band is whoever the cunt that owns the rights to the name says is the band, which is fair enough, in a court of law. But I ain't a solicitor, I'm just a dickhead who buys CDs (or used to, buys albums, you know what I mean) and goes to gigs, I don't give a fuck for legal entities and likeness rights, appreciation of music is an entertainment thing, legal entities and likeness rights only matter to the cunts whoose bank account benefits from all that bollocks, they're nothing to do with fans or the public at large, who operate more on the basis of apparent realities as opposed to backroom manuevrings. Now the Illusions line up ain't my favourite, they ain't the one I really really really like...but I accept them as Guns n Roses because there being there is to do with the functional necessity of a particular time, to keep that band together and going. Once that band split and were done they had split and were done. I actually quite like NuGuns, I thought the original collective at least, the ones who started going out and playing, Axl, Bucket, Brain, Fortus Finck and Tommy were a pretty crazy little collective. And I'll call em Guns n Roses or NuGuns for ease of reference if the owner of the rights wants me to...but they are no more Guns n Roses than Wings were The fuckin' Beatles because they had Paul McCartney in em.
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    I guess it will be Gn'R but am album with Melissa, Frank, Fortus and Axl's current voice doesn't excite me. Never mind if Axl's head is anywhere near where it was writing CD.. If the music sounds liek that, then I am all set... The whole "reunion" was 10 years too late and the album will be 15 years too late... A Guns reunion was what I had wished for more than anything in rock for 20 years.. It was euphoric when it started happening.. Then the lineup ended up 1/2 sucking.. Sure it is fun to go see them live but anyone who says this lineup sounds top notch is fooling themselves.. I could give a rats ass if the NITL lineup releases an album or not at this point.. Will I buy it? Of course.. But my expectations aren't very high.
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    The truth lays somewhere in the in-between. They wanted him to do it, they offered him a fee, he didn't like the fee so he didn't do it. I don't know how true it is that he at that stage said I don't want to do a long tour... Considering that they have all said that they had commitments up to Coachella and they weren't sure where it would go after that. I doubt Izzy would have wanted to stay on the road for 2 years though.
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    If it's been over 10 years and you still can't get over the fact that CD was released under the GN'R name, or after almost 30 years can't get over the fact that Steven and Izzy aren't in the band... that sounds like a whole lot of your problem.
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    People put too much emphasis on a name. CD is a GnR album, CD isn't a GnR album! It isn't a GnR album without Izzy! It isn't a GnR album without the original 5! Blah blah blah. If the music is good who cares what it's called? Why let a name get in the way of your enjoyment of something? Are you really going to enjoy something less on principle because Axl, Slash, Duff, Richard, Dizzy, Frank and Melissa put out an album under the name Guns n Roses? Did Axl releasing Chinese Democracy under the name Guns n Roses make you enjoy it any more or less? Let the music speak for itself, if it's good it's good! Who cares what the name on the box says. If you don't like it, you don't. You don't have to, there are millions of albums out there for you to find the ones you enjoy. There is so much beautiful music in the world to listen to, ya know?
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    From a public perception POV? Absolutely. Duff was there for the massive UYI vids, supporting World Tour, VRs success, and now again for NITL. Toss in the columns, successful books, model wife, musician daughter, connection to the Seattle scene, etc., and his public profile is much larger than Izzy’s (who is more of a “loner hero” to diehards/critics- seemingly by choice)... Another way of looking at it is was it a bigger deal to the general public/media when Izzy played with Chinese-era Guns or Duff? I would certainly say the latter (Duff)...
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    I think the most disturbing thing about Its So Easy is that Duff was going around lighting fires and not having the decency to wait around for the fire brigade to put it out.
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    I've been running your maths through my super computer but I just can't seem to work it out. Perhaps if you can show me your calculations I might be able to run a new algorithm on it. The best I can come up with so far is that you meant to say that you give CD a perfect score of 5/7.
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    As far as different lineups go, there's objective legitimacy and subjective legitimacy. There are/were other bands that underwent many lineup changes and continued with only one original member. Off the top of my head: The Smashing Pumpkins, The Fall, PiL, The Sisters of Mercy... All the lineups of those bands, GnR included, are objectively legitimate, as it was the remaining member's legal right to continue under the band's name. The subjective legitimacy depends on the perception of the fans and of the public in general, i.e. whether a band is perceived as a group or as the vehicle of one or two of its members. In the case of GnR, the majority of the fans and of the general public saw it as either a group or as Axl and Slash, so the NuGnR lineups were illegitimate to their eyes; for a smaller portion of the fans, on the other hand, Axl was the driving force, so the NuGnR lineups were as legitimate as the classic lineups. The majority (or a large portion) of the fans of the other bands mentioned didn't mind. Also, other fans consider the musical direction a determining factor for the legitimacy and other fans don't. Then there are cases where even the absence of one original member makes the band illegitimate to the eyes of the fans, e.g. The Doors. So it's basically a question of the perception of the majority. To me NuGnR (with all its lineups) was a different band, but I find it pointless to debate whether it was "real" GnR or not, as it was objectively legitimate and the rest - although what the majority thinks matters and is not irrelevant - is subjective.
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    Bass, lead guitar and vocals, yeah, that'll do I suppose. Ideally I'd like to have ol' Iz' and the poodle in there but you can't be fuckin' extreme about these things. And lets face it the poodle weren't around for long and Iz' weren't around for much longer than long so, yeah, that'll do I suppose. Quite frankly though I'm not arsed, too little too late, they've had their day and they weren't arsed then so what good is it now, there's a time for everything and their times done, they can no more come back and pick up where they left of than The Stone Roses could or The New York Dolls could or The Smiths could or any number of 'oh God if only they could get back together' bands could. They don't play the same, they don't sound the same, they ain't the same and neither are the audience. Its like a boxer or a football player or a film director or, y'know, whatever, you have your time and when its your time you should take proper advantage of it and fuckin' smash it and take it all the way and compromise amongst yourself to hold that thing together. Musical chemistry is a rare and wonderful thing, a precious thing, perhaps the most precious thing musicians can ever come across in a career, you should do everything you can to keep it together because if you fuck with it its never the same again, happened to GnR, happened to The Clash, happens to em all. Quite frankly Guns barely cared when they were about and together and functioning. Get together, play gigs by all means but putting music out as a bunch of old gits when your last testament is from like, 30 years back in your prime? Nah, fuck that, setting yourself up for a tumble there.
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    Young Man With a Horn (1960) Kirk Douglas, Lauren Bacall, Doris Day
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    I don't like facebook, I only use it to read bands' facebook pages.... well, and evidently to search for people I haven't talked to in twenty years and only think about when I'm wasted!
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    Still much better driver than Vince Neil
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    I like Dizzy, definitely not a keyboard virtuoso or anything but he plays Estranged live to this day really well and captures the vibe Axl laid down with his own piano playing for the studio version of the song, and did some cool stuff in the band. I always liked his little solo on the Tokyo/Live Era version of Move to the City
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    thats kind of where i stand. some Axl vocals on some kick ass songs are what i want. i'm not to fussed who is playing the instruments. that skinny chic with blue hair adds nothing keyboard wise to the band, i don't even think its switched on but her singing voice sounds ok. her and Axl doing a duet would be good and wouldn't be as gay as Ax and Duff singing a romantic song together.
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    I've spent way too much money the last two weeks on vinyl...this is what I've picked up: Dance Gavin Dance - Acceptance Speech Explosions in the Sky - The Earth is Not a Cold Dead Place Weezer - Pinkerton Weezer - Red Album (yeah yeah, I know) Nine Inch Nails - Broken (2016 reissue) Tigers Jaw - Spin Pearl Jam - Yield (So glad this got repressed! Now to just snag Binaural and No Code one of these days and I'll have all the PJ albums I like.) Secret Band - LP2
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    Moby's a good egg, I don't get why people hate him. Just like when Eminem was hating on him back in the day... it's like all the schoolyard bullies picking on the nerdy kid.
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    He said Axl hates him and doesn't talk to him (another one in the list), and wonders why. If I had to guess, I'd say it's because he had talked to the press quite a bit and Axl doesn't like that. I don't think he had said anything bad really, but he had made some kind of personal comments.
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    If the big 3 are on it then that's good enough for me. Matt Steven Izzy would be added bonus.
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    Any new album (I'm talking truly new not old leftover CD stuff) would be as close to a follow up as we'd ever get. CD is an Axl Rose solo deal under the GnR banner because of his stubbornness and cold war with Slash at the time. That and he needed the name to sell, however I think he woulda been happier and done more going full on solo ala Plant or even like what Slash and Duff have done.
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    Good interview
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    Apparently the Swedish government is a sham as they've allowed the clearly bullshit rape allegation case reopened. Disgraceful.