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    Lol....got a DM on Twitter today, I won one of the cassettes. 😊
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    Come ed. Come ed. Hillsborough. We invented The Beatles. Sowwwnd. Come ed. Brookside. Come ed.
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    I'm actually moving to Guadalajara this Thursday for a year, so I guess I'll have to see GNR again
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    Day 24 – Song with title that starts with an M
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    Just a little observation- I follow everybody in the band on twitter. There has been total radio silence from everybody except Slash n Duff, who are promoting their solo tours. Well and Slash’s animal and dinosaur and zombie porn stuff. Anyway, Melissa and Fortus used to be heavy posters up until maybe a month ago or so. Obviously under orders to maintain radio silence. So to me, that’s another sign that shit is really getting hot n heavy behind the scenes... exciting times!!!!
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    Well, his pancreas is actually still there but they had to remove part of it. I guess it's a pancreatic lobotomy. 😄
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    The real Duff died with the pancreas. It was the pancreas all along, who gave us those bass lines and wrote ''It's so Easy''. ''Duff's Pancreas, RIP. Gone but not forgotten''.
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    Political garbage. Hope the next Guns record steers clear.
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    Tijuana would be the perfect opportunity to call Gilby onstage, get hid of Axl and perform the SUPERB Tijuana Jail. @Ratam we posted the same thing at the same time
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    At least them would invite Gilby to sing "Tijuana Jail"
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    No worries. I'll just wait until they play Compton, East St. Louis, or Caracas.
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    Chinese songs worth more individually than literally everything the other members have done outside GN'R put together (apart from Give In To Me): Twat, Prostitute, This I Love, Sorry, Better, Catcher, IRS.
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    Um and why not? They have fuckin great crowds there who love their GNR. I am happy that they are going there.
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    Bored to tears by this. I guess we're just spoiled by the AC Milan games. We lost to Madrid last year, but that was at least memorable. This is like watching Liverpool on a bad day playing a mid table team. Which I guess it is. Well at least we're winning. You can try again in 50 years Spurs.
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    Who would’ve even been around the band at that time (1994-1996)? Marc Canter said at least three of the Snakepit songs were supposed to be GNR songs originally. And we have evidence that This I Love and Fall To Pieces come from that time period too. Then there’s the tape of a handful of songs that Duff and Izzy did in 1995 (Down By the Ocean is the only one from there that we know by name). Gilby said all of the songs from his first solo record were originally songs he offered to GNR (they rejected all of them) except Cure Me Or Kill Me, cause he hadn’t written that one yet. Also, there’s some speculation that Scent Of A Woman (assuming it’s even real) comes from the Zakk Wylde sessions. And Axl said once that Oh My God was apparently in its early stages when Duff and Matt were still around (but not Slash). I wonder if other ChiDem songs that Paul or Dizzy wrote (The Blues, TWAT, Catcher, and IRS) were already around at that point too or not.
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    Oh!! Finally you are guy, i was confused because @lame ass security said you are female and my reply was " i looks like a man" now is all ok.
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    The other point is that Burton and O Toole could carry on their other passion into middle age but Gazza was finished football wise at what 33? 34? That's must be nuts to suddenly have an endless amount of free time when you still have so much energy but no where to channel it. Especially if your predisposed to getting off your twat when your on a extreme high or a low.
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    He is very much the ''modern man'' now, Duff haha: of liberal politicizing disposition; political correct; a bit metrosexual.
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    Day 25 – Song with title that contains an M and an N
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    Lol....got a DM on Twitter today, I won one of the cassettes. 😊 Wowww..Congrats Blue!!!! That’s awesome!!!!
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    People need to understand the money is made via touring these days. Promotors know they have an audience they can promote to and attract. The promoter would have approached the GNR booking agent with an offer. Given the current booking agent GNR use, they would have done background checks on the promotor and agreed on a down payment to secure GNR.
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    That's true of most of the songs.
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    Realistically I meant something like 3-4 of the best Chinese takeout songs reworked and recorded, 3-4 songs stemming from the 1996 sessions reworked and rerecorded, and maybe 2-3 all new tunes
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    The UYI songs sounded pretty good IMO. My first thought after watching the video of Dust N Bones, is that it'd be really cool to hear Axl, Duff and Slash playing it, but Frank would probably ruin it. That drummer has the right vibe for it, but Frank would really have to 'hold back' on the fills/tempo... You Ain't The First would be awesome in the GNR set though.
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    GREAT more touring! Can't wait to see once again Brownstone, Paradise city, Jungle and same 15 covers for a change
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    The more the merrier, considering there’s a high chance we’ll hear a new song during this mini tour.
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    He needs to do So Fine too!
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    Have a great weekend ladies 😍
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    Ain't that Dan that was shagging Bianca?
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    Slash has never released a solo song that's as good as There Was A Time or Prostitute. The only song that comes close is Anastasia... he's released a handful of other good songs, spread across 4 albums, but Axl's piano-based songs are really what brought out his best work in GNR.
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    Day 23 – Song with title that contains 2 L’s How the fuck are we almost halfway through this one already? The universe is expanding and with that time is accelerating.
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    Straight truth. Honestly, I don't believe half the people that regularly post here are true fans of the band. They sure don't act like it. I've said it before and I'll say it again. I'd never frequent a forum or website of a band/team/entity that I had little-to-no interest in. Won't do it. I just don't align with that mentality. I've read many over the years say they USED to love the band, but don't anymore. Which is totally fine for them. But why still come here then? And those that further the excuse by stating "they've made friends here" don't seem to grasp the concept of social media. There are lots of other online places to hangout with friends that aren't specific to GN'R. Of course they realize that. However, IMO, they just love to troll others that are here for mostly a positive experience in talking about one of their passions. I get that being a fan doesn't mean you have to love or like everything. But there are far too many on this site that seem to dislike or hate most everything. Therein lies the gigantic difference. And it's that contingent that will take issue with and argue and complain about what I've just written. Bookmark it.
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    The ADA platform is further away if memory serves me correctly. Tickets are not sold for the platform. You need to go to "guest relations" and apply for ADA accommodations. Then it's first come, first serve, to get onto the platform. I would head straight for the platform and wait for GNR. I don't give a crap about any of the other bands on the bill. I plan to buy a single vanilla GA ticket and try my luck on the day of the show. I wonder if a mod could move the Austin City Limits Festival specific comments to the ACL thread? I feel odd straying from the topic of this thread. @Gibbo Could you please help us out? Thank you!
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    I'd give that 13 year old a Nirvana CD
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    "I don't think there's anything I want to hear less than a Duff solo album" -My wife, last night when a DJ on the radio mentioned Duff has an album coming
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    The only album I have ever liked is "Believe In Me"