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    Clearly you guys aren't fans of the band or understand the bands or Axl's history. Axl has been doing pre show preparation for decades including physical exercise, stretching and having work done on his back. There are a number of articles that mention his pre show practices. Instead of knocking the guy down, maybe read and understand why he does preparation. One would think after decades of doing the same thing, as a 55 year old he might of given it away by now. The fact he is still doing it means it's for a reason. Might not be to your liking or reasons, but you aren't the ones up on stage for 3 hours plus. If you were able to see the man from close up, front of stage, then you would have been able to see the sweat pouring off his forarms and teeshirt. You would need to have physical stamina, fitness and a healthy body to continue being physically active for long periods of time.
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    Duff was likely misquoted. He probably said that Axl eats for an hour and a half before and after the show.
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    So a black symbol on a black background eh? That’s what happens when you let straight people do graphic design.
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    I thought the straight pride (flag) was a joke. Apparently it's not. Only in the US of A... This just about sums it up:
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    Its a purposely obtuse argument. Imagine being so triggered by gay pride month that you invent something out of thin air and pretend its other people who are being intolerant when they rightfully tell you how much of a moron you are.
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    Why would anyone be triggered by a white pride march or men's rights protest? The issue here is the championing of groups that have largely been marginalized or discriminated against. As far as I'm aware, being straight isn't a crime punishable by death in any country on this planet, unlike being gay. Celebrating the dominant class or group is simply reinforcing the current power structure that yields benefits to the majority at the exclusion of the minority. This is such a basic concept that it baffles me why it's beyond the grasp for so many. One of these days I'll likely break my own rules for this forum, but we haven't reached peak ignorance yet.
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    you have been here long enough to know that the people here don't care about any of that and the MO is to bash Axl at any available chance.
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    Tom what are we doin' here. The songs that Izzy wasn't involved in, for the most part, have aged the worst. Izzy is essential. Slash and Axl are not Mick and Keith in terms of songwriting. They've got the musical chemistry but the writing is not top shelf (omg but November Rain... calm down). They need Izzy to lay the foundation. Seems pretty estranged between the Izzy camp and the rest of the boys so chances aren't good. It really is bizarre that Izzy played with nu-GNR but not... GNR. The only potential scenario I see is that Izzy in the past has been quick to get in a room with the guys (see the mid-90's GNR attempt, the early VR sessions). If Duff, Slash and Axl actually want to make it right and get their co-partner back in the fucking mix.... and to all those opposed!.... well...
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    Yeah they were definitely just ribbing on Axl in a non-serious way. Ask them if you want. But a bunch of people(some of whom I know are nice straightshooters) got it wrong too and liked kiwigun's post so no worries. Things just get lost in translation sometimes.
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    Wow! I would love for some of you keyboard warriors to go on stage and sing for 3 hours over 2.5 years. Lets see if you can do it. It seems like there are some people who really need to work on their lives rather than throwing insults at a singer who has accomplished a lot more. One last thing. I will never understand those who come here to bash the band. If you don't like something why waste your time??? Life is short as it is to waste time on something you don't like.
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    Axl doing that much preparation for a show? Yeah, and I’m the governor of Canada.
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    People like you? And the uniting factor is just being straight? Every day you spend in the outside world is your straight social gathering setting!! This post shows again why there is no good natured motivation for a straight pride event. Being straight is the default condition. To be actively proud of being straight is to simply be proud of not being gay.
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    I think most (if not all) the people here who've called a straight pride idiotic are straight. I know I am. It doesn't stop me from seeing how utterly ridiculous it is. Why would anyone participate in a straight pride? Has anyone ever suffered for being straight? Lost their job? Forced to be in the closet for decades? Disowned from their families? Do other straight people need a role model to feel strong enough to be themselves? Been ashamed of being straight because society or the bible or whatever tells them it's wrong? Has anyone been called sick for being straight? Has anyone tried to cure them from being heterosexual? Has anyone gone to jail for being straight? Seriously, the list goes on and on. I see no reason whatsoever to walk in a straight pride. Except if I wanted to provoke. What other reason could anyone have? What other motivation do you see?
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    Ghost on Slash's record is a damn good song with Izzy, Slash, and Ian Astbury of the Cult. https://www.songfacts.com/facts/slash/ghost
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    Even if he wasn't there when the vocals were recorded, he sure as hell was at the CBGB show when they performed it live.
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    in these PC times, there were 3 things duff could do: stand by his words / say nothing / saying they were misunderstood. obviously he did the worst he could do. or did he? duff is a smart guy. He observes the world, and he sees how the world has collectively gone "woke". twitter social justice warriors are always on the hunt for the next small thing to be offended about. If you and me see this, you can bet your ass that Duff, and everyone in the band sees this too. Duff being the financial / economical expert in the band, he must see this social justice war as a threat to future GNR earnings. People are easily manipulated. There is a fair share of ticket buyers who can't be called harcore fans, who don't have the spine to see the band should they be the target of another ridiculous twitter rage. That would mean a massive drop in income. The social justice war, is a war you can not win. SJW's are absolutely immune to logic and reason, and shout "nazi scum" at the slightest opportunity. A day without calling someone "nazi scum", is a day not lived. These SJW's are very powerfull, they masterfully use twitter as a weapon. One vocal SJW can cause a storm, thousand SJW's are enough to cause worldwide uproar. ... this is no joke guys. These really are fucked up times. What is Duff supposed to do? He sees the storm approacing. The financial future of the band is at stake. yet, I don't know which one is worse. the SJW's or spineless Duff fearing for his income. So what should YOU make of it, the hardcore GNR fan? My advice to you is, don't expect the next GNR album to be anything remotely exciting like appetite was. Be prepared for a massive cringefest, and just be happy the old albums are still available.
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    Lol I love that leg biting story, it is like 1991 crazy Axl took over nuAxl for a year
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    If you're so offended, maybe find a new band to follow. And btw, I say this as a woman.
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    Taking a break from the studio to talk to us is Soul Asylum's Dave Pirner. We discuss his upcoming lyric book, new Soul Asylum album, working with director Kevin Smith, encounters with Prince, friendship with Tommy Stinson, opening for GNR, Runaway Train being used in It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and much more! Special co-host for this episode is AFD Show listener Divya from India. She embraces the opportunity and asks Dave some great questions! iHeartRadio --> https://ihr.fm/2wNF06oSpreaker --> https://bit.ly/2Zd2CNYSoundCloud --> https://bit.ly/2ICHkT9Stitcher --> https://bit.ly/2HnXGhCGoogle Play --> https://bit.ly/2F3c5zX
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    Either way, major bummer if they e lost any masters let alone guns ones.
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    I believe that by saying he wrote "the obscene verse" Axl meant the "I see you standing there ... won't you just fuck off" part, because Duff has clearly stated that he wrote the "Turn around bitch..." verse in this interview (at 11:34 min. mark):
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    The motivation is key here, I have no idea why you think it can be brushed aside. If you think more than a few outliers are attending a straight pride walk out of boredom then you aren't being intellectually honest here. Anyway, my answer is that a straight pride event is inherently hostile against gay people for the reasons listed above by myself and others and promotes an unwelcoming environment for those who are gay based on their sexual orientation, which is something our society should strive not to do.
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    That's because you don't realize that the only reason to attend such a march - given that straight people aren't discriminated against at all - is as a statement against gays.
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    I get it, though. I really get it. I don't think it's romantic to think that, for Izzy, it's not really the money. It's the equality money represents. It's the brotherhood. When it becomes spreadsheets and percentages... when you're subordinate in an organization that wouldn't exist without your contribution... what the f is that. What are we doin? None of them are going hungry. In twenty years they'll all be wrinkled fucks thinking about the old times... why not lay down a few more cool chapters together. I feel like if Axl read this post his eyes would roll into the back of his skull, but...
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    So in your opinion tolerance means you cannot object to things that are obviously idiotic and meant to provoke?
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    Your stupid girlfriends tell you, that I'm to blame Well, they're all used up has-beens out of the game This time I'll have the last word, you hear what I say? I tried to see it your way, it won't work today Bullshit and contemplation, gossip's their trade If they knew half the real truth, what would they say? Well I'm past the point of concern, it's time to play These last four years of madness sure put me straight You don't get back 14 years in just one day So hard to keep my own head, just go away, you know Just like a hooker, she said, "Nothin's for free" Oh, I tried to see it your way I tried to see it your way - Izzy Stradlin'
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    I was just explaining that last part to my wife. Rock Around The Clock is one of my all time favorite songs (yes, I know it's very minor in the grand scheme of this loss) so if there's ever technology that could truly increase the way I could hear that master recording, there's zero chance of it now.
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    Thanks Brando for the interview. Dave is such a humble nice guy who comes across extremely genuine. He is one of the great song writers of our time.
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    Nice, Pirner is one of my favourite songwriters! Soul Asylum deserves a lot more credit, they were paving the way for all those alternative rock bands in the late 80's and early 90's yet most people only know them by ''Runaway Train''.
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    I wish it was ignorance. We have to deal with the fact that unfortunatly the world is full of jerks everywhere. And they hate other people. Because others are... well... "different"
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    To be fair to Duff though, nowhere in that interview does he say the lyrics to ISE were misunderstood. Although this is a flat-out lie: "I don't remember anyone I hang out with using the N-word, or the C-word." He does know we all own a copy of Appetite and UYI, doesn't he??!
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    I always have to laugh when I see people make posts like this. Classic example of seeing only what you want to see.
  39. 2 points
    🤣🤣🤣 yeah no shit! And it’s REALLY FUCKING HARD to respond to some of it without breaching the rules against personal attacks! (Which...I know you maneuver every day)
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    It is for 79,98 on the official site now. Not sure about shipping. https://gnrmerch.com/products/appetite-for-destruction-super-deluxe-edition
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    The onlyy way he would have displayed on stage, what people who attended were so pissed off about is poor rehearsal or preparation.
  42. 2 points
    June berlin 2018 show is all that needs to be mentioned about axl taking things seriously.
  43. 2 points
    Straight pride as a concept is just idiotic anyway so we’ll not even go there.
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    Yeah, that's kind of the approach Slash has taken in his interviews. Honestly all these Duff interviews and podcasts have gotten kind of boring. Same stuff repeated over and over.
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    Like I've said before, I generally don't have a problem with the lyrics, but with the actions. Actions aren't open to interpretation, they're only open to explanation, e.g. by providing the context - and there is a context in which these guys behaved and acted in a certain way in the 80s (and which Duff is clearly trying to sugarcoat). As far as lyrics go, even the simplest and the most straightforward ones are open to interpretation - especially when someone doesn't know much about the artist/band or what they said in interviews over the years etc, and just happens to hear a song - because there are different perspectives from which something can be written. And sometimes the simplest lyrics are the easiest to be misinterpreted, because people don't put any thought into them. Duff's current defense of It's So Easy is weak (although the chorus "It's so easy/but nothing seems to please me" states that the narrator doesn't get satisfaction from the situations he describes in the verses, including "Turn around bitch..." so it might be interpreted as indicating that he doesn't approve them - but this isn't what Duff is saying). He had done better in that 2010 BBC interview he mentions in this article. On the other hand, what he says about some of the other songs, like Welcome to the Jungle and Paradise City, is the way I've always interpreted them too. I never took them as just party songs about drugs and sex. WTTJ, for example, is a really simple song, but I guess that many people have taken "we've got fun and games" etc. just as "Guns N' Roses invites us to party together in the 'jungle'", although to me it's obvious that "we" is not the band/Axl and everything else in the song that's in first person (singular or plural) is said from another perspective.
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    Definitely, plus a few weird and hilarious things thrown in there. The Tommy Hilfiger incident and biting that dude's leg.
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    Values and people evolve over time. I agree with all things being equal, but having a new generation of people being judge and jury over a band or a music scene that was 25 years ago is ridiculous. The whole point of life is to learn from things that have happened in the past and focus on the now and next.
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    Just gonna say I personally have no problem with any lyrics from GNR. They're a rock band , to me it's all part of the package or image, sex,drugs and rock n roll. Duff should admit the truth, there's no saints in GNR.