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    Of course people have opinions, but I see a difference between a mildly "disgruntled" fan and a person who says Axl can’t sing any more ever again, Slash’s guitar play is boring, Duff is too woke (having gone there from "spineless"), and it’s just shite without Izzy anyway. In such case, I sincerely don’t understand why even bother coming here or expecting anything from the band at all. And as for the "criticism" they deserve – I’ve said it here before, but it’s clear that people just won’t see it from the necessary perspective. One of the biggest bands got together after everyone had lost any hope long ago. Their reunion tour took about 3 years – same as the Illusions – and included Axl’s AC/DC chapter. The tour only ended some 6 months ago, yet some people already feel entitled and bash the band as to how they can be so lazy and selfish and how dare they not release new stuff within a few months, also regardless of the fact that some of the musicians have been doing their solo shows recently. Seriously, what do we really have to complain about? In this era of shows streamed through phones and fans watching each of them knowing the playlist in advance, don’t you think people are a bit fucking spoiled? Remember the 90s? Yes, the playlist was stale, but they only do a single show in your city for you, don’t they? As for the record, it’s been just 6 months – do your really want them to rush it and release a half-assed album just because you’re an impatient dick and after those 20 years can’t wait for a several few more months? Get real.
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    @RussTCB is one of the kindest people I know. Hes done a lot for me over the years that he in no way had to. Today he gave me a Locked and Loaded cabinet with most of the stuff still in it. Freaking awesome. You da man, Russ. You are an awesome friend
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    I think that homosexual men probably do have more sexual partners than any other group and as a result are statistically more likely to contract an STD. I would argue however that this has rather less to do with them being gay and rather more to do with the fact that they are dudes. I mean the only thing stopping most straight guys racking up Caligula numbers in terms of sexual conquests is women telling them to fuck off. If you've got two dudes going at it then there's nobody putting the brakes on that shit. In summary. It's not a gay thing, men are just disgusting.
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    As a reminder: It was the media and other people (and the fans on the internet later) that made a case of Axl being mentally ill more than Axl made a case for himself (and didn't even present it as a mental illness). Magazines made profiles of him with stories from old friends, acquaintances, band mates etc. saying that Axl was crazy, something chemical was going on in his head, he was diagnosed psychotic in Indiana, and so on. It was also reported that he was diagnosed as having bipolar disorder and taking medication, and Axl disputed that the medication could help him. Then he did some interviews in 1991-92 saying he was sexually abused as a kid (he had already talked about physical abuse since 1986), probably prompted by the kind of therapy he was undergoing where therapists advise their clients to "open up" about their issues. He didn't talk again after that. And then there has been discussion on message boards where people "know" or have an opinion about what Axl has (some even "know" what kind of treatment he should have) or equally "know"/have an opinion that he has nothing.
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    I think too much is made of mental health these days. There's a fuckin' acronym for every second fuckin' personality trait, its used to excuse fucked up behaviour way too much, everythings some kind of an illness and drawn back into like, mental health. Its valid is many fuckin' ways I'm sure but I don't think you necessarily do anyone any favours by making such a fuckin' big deal of it, perhaps I'm cynical but I don't think there's that many noble people out there sticking their necks out for the poor sufferers of mental health issues, more often than not its to do with a person seeking the spotlight, oftentimes people who already have a great deal of attention. I hear this a lot with the boxer Tyson Fury, 'he's done so much for mental health!'...I love the man and everything but has he really? These people all have something to sell you and the minute that is the case you should always question why that person is presenting you with 'x' narrative. Personally I don't think there's nothing substantially wrong with Axl Rose, based on the limited information and knowledge of him I have. Again, this is just an opinion, who knows, he might be totally batshit but I don't see it myself. More often than not, I find, people that have mental health issues don't make a massive song and dance about because their priority is getting through life and being normal, they don't want people to know about that shit and have themselves being judged differently or treated like they're a fuckin' retard. They say Joey Ramone had OCD all his life, like crippling levels of it, to where as a kid doctors told his mother that he probably wouldn't be able to live a normal life, nobody ever heard about that shit though, not until after he died because, as I was saying, the man wanted to get on and live a normal life and that kinda thing is ones personal business. I'm immediately suspicious of people who are desperate to lay their lives on the operating table to be pored over like an opening wound by millions of gossip hungry 'fans', people that spend half their lives trying to make you understand them by telling you about every time their Dad gave em a clip round the earhole or whatever. Fuck that shit. Sincere people want to forge ahead despite their handicapps and shortcomings, not making a big issue of them and end up being defined by them.
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    Oh, sorry, of course – Izzy and Steven / Matt and Gilby / Robin and Brain / ... (fill in whatever your choice is) are no longer there, so the rest does not apply, by any means, right. Funny that people still considered them Guns N’ Roses during the UYI tour, even though the two fellas had already been gone. Anyway, let’s not get into this meaningless discussion here again.
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    I don't think anyone spends time on this board because they dislike the band, at some point we signed up here because of our interest in GNR... they're my all-time favourite band, but the current version of the band does deserve it's share of criticism. Obviously there are positive aspects to the band as well but some of the negatives are so glaringly obvious that it's not surprising they're discussed.
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    One of our awesome subscribers went to one of Richard Fortus' recent appearances in Chicago and sent me a summary of what happened. He asked Richard about the new album and it's summarized below. Richard also talked about how Melissa joined the group (she dated brain) and more! – I asked him if the new GnR album would sound more like a classic GnR album, something closer to a Chinese Democracy sound, or if it’s even evolved into a more modern sound than that. Fortus said the sound will be even different and more evolved than Chinese Democracy. https://gnrcentral.com/2019/06/12/duff-mckagan-talks-punk-guns-n-roses-favourite-tracks-more/
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    If the 2019 musical landscape is what they are out of step with, wouldn't you say that would likely also be the case for the vast majority of their audience? I mean, we're mostly blokes in our 30s and 40s on a GNR forum, I doubt any of us are really hip to the cutting edge music tastes of 2019... Some of us jizzed in our pants when we first heard Shacklers Revenge in 2008, as if nu-metal wasn't almost ten years past being considered fashionable at that time. If old man Axl is out of touch, it doesn't really matter much, because we are too.
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    I don't think it's going to sound like CD, it's going to be a more classic sounding record, simply because Slash is involved with it. And I hope it's more new ideas than Chinese leftovers.
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    No one has mentioned "You Got No Right".. That solo is pretty damn sweet
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    I don't know anything about that case so I can't speak to it. But pointing to one instance of parental abuse or troubled behaviour doesn't render the attempt to normalize people who were born gay is absurd. I could point to countless instances of parental abuse by straight couples. Your logic is fucked here.
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    Day 36– Song with title that contains an “SH”
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    You're missing the point. Axl, Slash & Duff didn't want to split the loot equally. It all comes down to... the LOOT. If you're having a bar mitzvah, drop the loot and Izzy will spawn. Seriously though, I have no doubt Izzy could be part of the writing process. Only if they pay him properly. That seemed to be the only concern. Thing is, I guess Axl & the management figured: 1) Most people have no clue who Izzy is (or confuse him with Fortus) contrary to Duff & especially Slash who are very popular. 2) They were just in it for live shows, so why pay Izzy a huge amount when nobody knows who he is and Fortus is a better guitar player and had been faithful to the band for almost 2 decades. Put yourself in Axl's shoes, what would you have done? I really believe Ashba left on his own or possibly was proposed to make appearances and share his parts with Slash but refused to (with a good intent). I really think Ashba wasn't a moron on this one. And I can't see Axl firing him. Like I can't see Axl firing Fortus who has been in the band for so long, and hiring Izzy back. Maybe he proposed Izzy to share parts with Fortus, hence splitting the loot in a way Izzy didn't appreciate. I think Izzy sees himself bigger than he really is (no offense). 3) Izzy has a strong personality and could make things blow up like he did in the past. He doesn't like touring stadiums. So, I really understand why Izzy wasn't brought back. Personally, if I was Axl, I'd have taken the same decision. Now, when it comes to writing quality material, Izzy was essential and the most skilled guy of the AFD line-up. But does he still have it? I have no idea. I have listened to some of his solo stuff... I don't like it. It will all be up to Axl and the management to pay him properly and check if he still has the same skills. But then again, maybe they don't want to try it. Maybe they'll use the CD material, maybe they'll go in a totally new direction and a new sound. Or worst case scenario: they'll totally rely on Slash's skills, which, I'm afraid, won't cut it. But I'm sure Axl won't let that happen, he won't accept to release a mediocre generic rock album. I'm not too anxious about the quality of the album, I have faith in Axl. It's all up to his criteria and perfectionism really. As for Izzy, I'm thankful to what he has brought, but he should play it more humble and be less a pain in the ass. He is not the star of the band. He has written classics for the band, yes. But he has to earn his title again by writing true classics again before getting on his high horses. If he wants to join again and write quality stuff, fine. He'll get the paycheck if he's good enough and if Axl allows it. But if he's going to list impossible demands before anything has happened, no way. No offense intended against Izzy, I do appreciate him in some ways, he has his own persona... he is him, fine. But man he doesn't make things easy, and personally I hate that. We don't need another Axl in the band. I have less troubles with Axl pulling that kind of shit, because he is the face of the band and without him, there's no GN'R. The same cannot be said of Izzy. GN'R continued without him. That's my point. So, I hope he can earn his title again. But he is in no position no negociate that hard, really. And I hope that if he comes back, he won't disappoint. Sorry if I sound like an ass, just my honest opinion. I may seem like I have too much respect for Axl, but he never let the band down. He didn't give up. Izzy did. I don't like ragequitters.
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    It is disturbing that you don't see the difference in not tolerating someone based merely on who they love, and not tolerating someone because they are bigots.
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    I don't think a true player like Slash needs a technically skilled rhythm player.. Less is more...
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    The reality is that in 2019, people are still murdered, beaten, harassed and discriminated against for being LGBTQ. Any moron who engages in this straight pride fuckery deserves whatever backlash they get.
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    So I have "a bit" of catching up to do Day 23 – Song with title that contains 2 L’s Day 24 – Song with title that starts with an M Day 25 – Song with title that contains an M and an N Day 26 – Song with title that starts with an N Day 27 – Song with title that contains 2 N’s Day 28 – Song with title that starts with an O Day 29 – Song with a title that contains an O and an N Day 30 – Song with title that contains a P and an L Day 31 – Song with title that contains a Q Day 32 – Song with title that starts with an R Day 33 – Song with title that contains an “ER” Day 34 - Song with title that contains 2 R’s
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    Does anyone here think about how Axl was bringing mental health to the forefront in his UYI day interviews? I mean, back in the 90’s no one was talking about that stuff openly. He really poured himself out there and discussed shit that is now en Vogue. Woke is a silly ducking term, but Axl always did strike me as a conscious being, which are typically misunderstood.
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    I think there's no issue of a rock band being "contemporary" and "reflecting of the times" today, as rock isn't hip and there are no particular "trends" in it - it's an "anything goes" situation and the new bands just play various combinations of past decades' rock. The good aspect of it is that it's liberating, as a rock band -GnR in this case- doesn't need to be up-to-date, musically speaking, and they can make the music they want.
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    Axl and Duff are the most adventurous when it comes to their own music, I agree, but Slash is actually a very versatile guitar player inside his genre: you've got spanish influence, Megadave offering Slash to work with him on metal material, blues influence though he is not really a blues player, country influence all of these influences we're used to just call "Slash's guitar playing" you know what I mean? his greatest talent is his riffs and solos but when you look at his body of work, in "the grand scheme of things" it's only been generic with the Conspirators, he is far more versatile compared to other hard rock players I think. He did that Slash and Friends album as well which had pop, metal, rock, and other shit in there on one album. He did say he doesn't strays too far from Rock cause then it becomes something else and that's not what he's interested in doing but listening to his work outside of Guns and his own solo career you do get the sense he dabbles in a lot of different genres so the potential is there. perhaps not playing on Shackler's Revenge but things like Better he had no problem of adapting to it even if he couldn't quite top Robin's work imo in that particular track. In the studio Slash now will have the chance, time, and conditions to work with material that will hopefully challenge him more but I think you're possibly selling him kinda short when you label him as a one trick pony. You can't have his vocabulary as a player and only know how to do one thing. It sounds like one thing cause his style of playing is so well formed but it is unique thanks to the high number of influences and the particular way he combines them in his playing.
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    Axl and Slash balance each other imo. Axl is more ambitious, versatile, and interested in making a musical statement every decade and a half and Slash is deeply rooted in Rock when it comes to his own music. But... one trick ponies? Slash has worked with countless musicians as a session musician, he can adapt stylistically to many different genres and his guitar playing doesn't sound generic especially if someone else wrote the song so it's possible it will be different depends on the context I guess. Besides, even Contraband sounded different to Snakepit and more recently you could detect some new old influences in living the dream like Gary Moore and more ZZ top. I guess I'm trying to say that inside Slash's bag of tricks there are a lot of ingredients that make the whole, and Izzy isn't a one trick pony either imo, he's just rooted in rock n' roll like Kieth Richards but also did reggae for example. Back to Slash... every solo on UYI sounds like a song within a song and different from one another as well. He's versatile in his own genre when there is someone to push him like say... Axl and how he did it with November Rain and Estranged. Slash also wrote Coma which has some metal in it so it's more than just one trick he was influenced by a lot of guitar players and you can detect all of them in his playing.
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    Funny thing is that I've done all of that and that's when the farting started.
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    So I'm trying to lay off some of the shittier food and eat a little healthier. I've knocked the booze on the head of late and been eating a lot of veg soups and stews. I'm feeling much brighter and sleeping a LOT better but I'm farting like a motherfucker and it stinks like something has fucking died in here.
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    Upon further thought, I agree that this is the right approach, yeah. At this point each of the vault songs, like each of the ChiDem songs, is nodoubetdly layered with lots of stuff recorded from 1998 to now, so might as well embrace that layered nature and let Slash, Duff, and Melissa throw their own licks into the melting pot of each of those songs. the general public might respond negatively to it, like they did with ChiDem, but so be it. Artists are supposed to just do what they want anyways, rather than trying to appeal to what other people want. the only blocker I can kinda see tho is the record label. I can see them wanting to push for a more classic rock sounding album. Then again, they might be okay with just releasing anything just as long as they can market it as “the first Guns N’ Roses studio album of original material with Slash and Duff since 1991.”
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    Fortus is in the band so my guess is he at least heard a lot of the unreleased material and probably/maybe recorded some parts of it. I have no idea if what he says is legit but it will make sense that it will be an evolution of Chinese cause Axl said he enjoys playing the Chinese material the most live which means he's still into that sort of style and he did play Slash and Duff some or a lot of the vault tunes. "Even different and more evolved than Chinese" could mean a bunch of different things but every Guns record was different to the one before it until now. Who knows how it will sound like, but when I try to picture it maybe it could be more sprawling and just as detailed as Chinese Democracy, still with the layers but maybe more balanced: some tunes will be more dominant by Slash's riffs while only some of the material will be centered around Axl's lyrics and melodies. I have no idea what it would sound like obviously but I hope they will work on a double album so there is room for what Axl got and also the new stuff and not just a taste of each era. I want it to be consistent in quality but all over the place stylistically speaking with Slash and Duff adding their ideas to old material and bringing in new tunes for Axl to work with plus new songs that start with Axl lyrics that the band worked on. The rockers/ballad ratio could be different as well, perhaps a more hard rocking record but still with a lot of piano epics and some new influences we've never heard in Guns music, not even on Chinese with Slash's playing to anchor Axl's taste for visions. Exciting to think what they can do with all that talent in the band, the resources they have, and the zillion tunes Axl had already recorded. Richard said Axl got 4 albums of original material. Impossible to predict how it will sound but I trust Axl to release only great albums and I trust Slash (and Duff) to make it sound more Gn'R.
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    It's all part of the same problem, though to various degrees. The danger to gay individuals and communities is far greater in middle eastern countries than in the U.S. or western developed nations. I don't doubt that recent immigration is a factor. My only issue is the assertion that any and all discrepancies between attacks on gay couples or individuals is explained by recent immigration; that there are no native threat imbalances.
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    What a typical and laughable response from Uni. This is my favorite part: "'the incident – while deeply unfortunate – never affected the availability of the commercially released music nor impacted artists’ compensation.' The statement goes on to cite 'the tens of thousands of back catalog recordings that we have already issued in recent years – including master-quality, high-resolution, audiophile versions of many recordings that the story claims were ‘destroyed,’ and says “UMG invests more in music preservation and development of hi-resolution audio products than anyone else in music,” listing several restoration and preservation projects. None of that has any baring on the fact that the ORIGINAL masters are now gone.
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    Really? You think attacks on the LGBTQ community is largely a product of immigration? Nothing to do with anti-gay sentiment as evidence by some of the posters in this thread? Funny, you think I want to ban free speech but it would appear you want to ban consequences from said speech. There's also freedom of association. Private employers, and to a certain extent public employers, are free to employ (associate) with whomever they wish. By your logic an employee could walk into an office and call every black employee by the n word and there's nothing his employer could do about it. You're free to say whatever you want. But with such freedom comes consequences. If you really feel that strongly about a straight-pride march, then fine. But understand there could be consequences.
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    Poor wording on my part... meant slash said slash himself isn't a good rhythm guitarist. I think Fortus is the best rhythm guitarist slash has played with so far in terms of technical skill. I also agree with slash's playing taking a hit but I don't think that was of Fortus. I think fortus outplayed slash in Wish You Were Here. To me, and what I hope, Fortus will bring a level of competition with slash like in sports. I don't disagree with you about Izzy, I'd love to have him back just for history's sake and recapture the old magic, but I would like to hear what fortus and slash can do in the studio with new or Chinese leftover material. Personal opinion
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    That's because you're not listening. Multiple people have posted why it's not a positive message and why it's nothing at all like a gay pride. I feel like we're all talking to a brick wall here. As @Angelica said, at this point I think you're just trolling here.
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    What’s colossal here is either your naïveté or your trolling. Gay pride is a reaction to generations of shame and oppression (which are still in deadly force in parts of the world). Straight pride is a reaction to LGBTQ closing in on equal rights in the West. There is literally no other point to it.
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    Which one of the organisers? Was it the white supremacist, the token gay white supremacist or the congressional candidate who ran for office with the support of white supremacists? 🤔
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    There is a nuance here that seems lost on you. You don't seem to understand the obvious motivations. Just like a white race march isn't a wholesome celebration of being caucasian, a straight pride parade isn't a joyous celebration of heterosexuality. These are both anti-parades, meaning that they are more about taking a stand against the encroaching rights of others than celebrating the privilege they have enjoyed for generations. Straight people don't march to share the joy of being straight, they do it to take a stand against the increasing equality between gays and straights. Similarly, it would be naive to understand a gay pride as simply a happy celebration of the joys of being a homosexual and not grasp the undercurrent message of celebrating equality and the end of discrimination. It is a celebration of the end of centuries of oppression. Which is entirely fair if you ask me. They deserve it. In that sense one might suspect that gay pride will end when it is became completely unnatural to everybody to discriminate against people on the basis of who they love (but more likely pride parades are becoming a cultural fixture and will hence continue). People have asked me why I care, since I am not gay. Well, besides the obvious choice of arguing for equality and being disgusted by discrimination of gays simply on the basis of homosexuality, I do see the discrimination of gays as just another reflection of our inherently flawed nature which has manifested itself in horrific persecution of other people, including jews and blacks in modern history. And just as we took a stance against such bigotry, racism and discrimination in the past, like when we fought Nazi Germany in the 30s and 40s and during the civil rights movement in the USA in the 50s and 60s that gave blacks their equal rights, we have to take a stand against the persecution of gays, too. Where I live this battle is almost over and gay discrimination has lost (in other parts of the world gays face death penalty), yet there are still remnants of now and then, and just like I am happy to know my grandparents were on the right side when Norway was occupied by Nazi Germany in the 40s I want to be able to look into my grandchildrens' eyes and say that I was on the right side in the 1980s and later when it became okay to be gay in Norway.
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    LOL The way Fortus is spoken about reminds me of draft night analysis... He's got great length Tom! His wingspan is impressive! Can really play the position! Just give me the guy who actually helped write the greatest selling debut album of all time! K! Thnx! Bye!
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    I would be so excited if Izzy wrote a few songs with them. But has anyone considered that maybe he doesnt want to be a rockstar anymore? Let's be honest, he doesnt tour, doesnt do anything with or for the fans. just records some songs when he feels like it on his terms. and honestly most of his solo stuff isnt that great- it all sounds the same. I mean, how many songs can one guy write about the weather. lol? The guy just seems like he doesnt want to do the rock thing any more, and thats ok. Its his life and he has that right. Dont get me wrong, I'm thankful for Izzys contribution to GNR (especially the fact that he founded it) but I feel he has moved on. And so should we. If Izzy has a song on the new record then that's the first one I'll play when I buy the darn thing. But I'm not counting on it. I know I'm in the minority here, but I'm actually pretty excited to see what Richard has to bring to the songwriting process.
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    After listening to CD and the 1000 songs Slash has penned since 1993 and then Izzy's solo stuff, it's baffling how someone could come to the conclusion that Axl/Slash need Izzy more than Izzy needs them
  45. 2 points
    I think there is a slight possibility, considering the history - even the recent one. Apparently there were negotiations about the reunion that failed because, as Izzy put it, they didn't manage to find a happy medium (mostly about the "loot", I guess). But, based on what Duff said recently, it seems that Izzy didn't say flat-out "no" and he left it open to turn up, and that's why they waited for him at rehearsals. So, as recording an album is a different process than touring and also doesn't involve "splitting the loot" in the same way as touring, maybe they'll work something out for, say, a couple of songs.
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    Your stupid girlfriends tell you, that I'm to blame Well, they're all used up has-beens out of the game This time I'll have the last word, you hear what I say? I tried to see it your way, it won't work today Bullshit and contemplation, gossip's their trade If they knew half the real truth, what would they say? Well I'm past the point of concern, it's time to play These last four years of madness sure put me straight You don't get back 14 years in just one day So hard to keep my own head, just go away, you know Just like a hooker, she said, "Nothin's for free" Oh, I tried to see it your way I tried to see it your way - Izzy Stradlin'
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    Clearly you guys aren't fans of the band or understand the bands or Axl's history. Axl has been doing pre show preparation for decades including physical exercise, stretching and having work done on his back. There are a number of articles that mention his pre show practices. Instead of knocking the guy down, maybe read and understand why he does preparation. One would think after decades of doing the same thing, as a 55 year old he might of given it away by now. The fact he is still doing it means it's for a reason. Might not be to your liking or reasons, but you aren't the ones up on stage for 3 hours plus. If you were able to see the man from close up, front of stage, then you would have been able to see the sweat pouring off his forarms and teeshirt. You would need to have physical stamina, fitness and a healthy body to continue being physically active for long periods of time.
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    Solo on Suckertrain Blues is perfect. Unhinged yet retains it's direction. The tune itself is also great imo