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    as in the specific date? There's a funny story when they told him 9, assuming it was known as 9am because voiceovers is a day job for people, but Axl came at 9 at night.
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    "Breaking news: The original Mona Lisa was damaged in a fire, a monumental los...." "....It's ok guys, I took a picture of it in during my last vacation!"
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    Rock music is SUPPOSE to be rebellious and politically incorrect. It's SUPPOSE to be something that stands up the norm and says: "Fuck off... we'll do whatever the hell we feel like doing, and there's nothing you can fucking do about it... bitch." The fact that people have forgotten that is humorous as hell to me.
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    I've been very surprised to see a lot of people not getting it, to be honest.
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    NEW! Ep. 126 - @ThatRobJanas & @kevjfleming Rob & Kevin are 2 writers/actors who co-wrote the Axl/Looney Tunes episode. Rob himself wrote the song "Rock the Rock." They give exclusive behind-the-scenes of how this all happened! iHeartRadio--> https://ihr.fm/2CBVhPQ Spreaker --> https://bit.ly/2F8IFQL SoundCloud --> https://bit.ly/2IJC3cL Stitcher --> https://bit.ly/2HnXGh
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    You know what, people taking pictures in museums piss me off so much. I don't even understand why you want to take a picture when you can google it and find, maybe, hundreds of pictures of it online, that probably have a much better quality. It makes no sense. Once a lady stood in front of me and it took her 5 minutes to take a picture of the painting I was trying to look at, and I'm not a violent man, believe me, but I almost punched her in the face. Sorry, had to get that out of my system, back on topic now...
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    Wow... I figured more people on this board would understand what a master recording was and and what even a 1 gen copy means in loss from the original. Along with owning the rights to the recordings and storing the actual masters. This loss is unimaginably huge. There is one 1 master recording - any copy of it would include loss. Early gen copies might be better than nothing - but absolutely nothing compares to the one and only master. And I doubt we will ever know the extent. It said multiple times that there was no good inventory. Even items that were "inventoried" were commonly found to be mis-labeled... and many items not really labeled to begin with.
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    You seriously need to use more lube, dude.
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    Izzy was the SOUND of Guns N Roses. Axl was the voice. Adler was the backbone and Slash and Duff added their unique textures. Without Izzy, you lose the entire sound of the band, imo... and that probably had a lot to do (if not all) with their breaking up. Without Izzy coming back into the writing process, you're not going to have a record that sounds like GNR. You'll have bits and pieces, sort of like you had bits and pieces on all Duff, Slash and Axl's solo stuff... but you won't have the complete sound. That's why it's so important that he's involved. They need him.
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    That’s one of the nicest things anyone has ever said to me on this forum.
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    I'm sure there are some women that would let GNR members use them as sex objects because of the "conquest" of hooking up with a rich and famous rock star. I'm sure all equivalently popular young artists these days have plenty of "woke," "me too era" girls that are just like the groupies in the 80's were for GNR. I never have looked at a girl/woman as a sex toy but I also never had and never will have a bunch of attractive females falling over themselves to have sex with me. If I was in that position and in my 20s, I could easily see myself taking advantage. It's not about how some men (specifically GNR members) feel or felt about women. It's just a matter of what kind of environment they were in and, when you are in your 20's and "it's so easy" to live out all kinds of sexual fantasies, not many men will resist it.
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    Day 37 – Song with title that contains an S and an R
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    If it was a letter it would have been written in crayon.
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    I don't care about evolving as long as they sound like GNR.
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    I am guessing your right wrist. Oh well, I suppose it is better than going blind.
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    Wow. Brilliant episode @Gambit83. Kevin and Rob are some of the luckiest people on the planet to witness Axl Rose in his element in the recording studio. Outside of band members, management and close friends/family I'm not sure there are many other people who can say they've witnessed Axl recording music. Incredible story. I'm not sure if it was discussed and then edited out, but did you really emphasize how massive of an accomplishment it was that this was Axl's first new recorded/officially vocals since Chinese Democracy (yes I'm excluding the box set that some claim Axl re-recorded vocals for)? Also I know the song is officially up on YouTube, but if it were ever released commercially I am guessing Kevin would get royalties on it along with Axl. I wonder if there were any legal obstacles with GNR's label to get Axl to appear. This whole story is SO unlikely, its just incredible that they pulled it off. Thanks for getting this story out there.
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    As for the ISE well I love it! I take no offense as a woman,cause it says Me this:Sex is so easy ,if sex is your only motivation n u can do nothing useful and constructive but this,then so be it! I never saw it as a confrontation towards females,like they are for F@@ only. And y know what,I may sing it for a poser fuckboy 😉 Or a hoe who got in between me and my man...Every gender,race,culture has black sheeps and what I find hypocritical and overdramatic is to trynna turn a blind eye on ours or other's shit,with the excuse of weakness...Meh..Under a sheep may hides a well hidden wolf ready to slay the first pray with no reason,just out of complexity syndrome....So,sometimes I prefer "wolf" ,cause you know that he wants just to eat you,so you can protect yourself....I don't think I have something to add Thanx for the dialogue..☺
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    Shit, really? I was talking about rape.
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    Not to be an asshole about it, but it really sounds like you don't understand what an original master tape is. It's been explained several times in the thread
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    So I heard about that this morning actually they went back and traced the call the gods are smiling on me today as there was a server issue a few days ago and all of the recordings have been corrupted and files can't be retrieved.
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    Not really sure why getting Gilby in to replace a quitting Izzy contributes to the tour being a farce? What else were they supposed to do?
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    at this point in time, I'm not sure I'd even be excited for a modern interpretation of the appetite sound. It's been ages since I played anything GNR. All of this music is overplayed and I find little excitement anymore. I'm just fucking tired of this shit. I think it's over. It was good while it lasted. An evolved chinese democracy? Oh dear, my head is starting to hurt. The only way I'd listen to that is by ambush, and it wouldn't be pretty. What they should do by this point is go for a bit of rolling stones sound, but in typical GNR fashion. Something like the lies album, acoustic, but with enough crunch and attitude. Done right, this would certainly be an album that would find it's place in my current playlist. They should get rid of at least half of the band (frank, melissa, dizzy) and go back to making real music that lives.
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    Meanwhile, lesbians contract STI’s at a lower rate than anyone. What’s your point?
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    I think there's no issue of a rock band being "contemporary" and "reflecting of the times" today, as rock isn't hip and there are no particular "trends" in it - it's an "anything goes" situation and the new bands just play various combinations of past decades' rock. The good aspect of it is that it's liberating, as a rock band -GnR in this case- doesn't need to be up-to-date, musically speaking, and they can make the music they want.
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    I think that homosexual men probably do have more sexual partners than any other group and as a result are statistically more likely to contract an STD. I would argue however that this has rather less to do with them being gay and rather more to do with the fact that they are dudes. I mean the only thing stopping most straight guys racking up Caligula numbers in terms of sexual conquests is women telling them to fuck off. If you've got two dudes going at it then there's nobody putting the brakes on that shit. In summary. It's not a gay thing, men are just disgusting.
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    As a reminder: It was the media and other people (and the fans on the internet later) that made a case of Axl being mentally ill more than Axl made a case for himself (and didn't even present it as a mental illness). Magazines made profiles of him with stories from old friends, acquaintances, band mates etc. saying that Axl was crazy, something chemical was going on in his head, he was diagnosed psychotic in Indiana, and so on. It was also reported that he was diagnosed as having bipolar disorder and taking medication, and Axl disputed that the medication could help him. Then he did some interviews in 1991-92 saying he was sexually abused as a kid (he had already talked about physical abuse since 1986), probably prompted by the kind of therapy he was undergoing where therapists advise their clients to "open up" about their issues. He didn't talk again after that. And then there has been discussion on message boards where people "know" or have an opinion about what Axl has (some even "know" what kind of treatment he should have) or equally "know"/have an opinion that he has nothing.
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    I meant that the time window might have been small for the production the show, not for Axl. But I don't know how much time it takes to prepare a Looney Tunes episode, so you may be right.
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    @Gambit83 thanks very much for that episode! You have to laugh at one of the guests trying to imitate Axl deep voice. At least we have a little glimpse of that impenetrable man.....thanks very much for that
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    Well,you first mentioned one in a million,a song written so many years before,under certain personal circumstances and experiences.Axl had made his statement towards it in an interview,there is a video on ytube..I think he makes his views clear..He sounds overgeneralising,but he clarifies that the lyrics were targeted to certain people he had troubles with.. I can clearly see the avoidance in Duff"s face,but nor Duff neither Axl are not ruling the world..They are just people who became famous from the gutter through their talent and under the whole sleezy rnr image...GNR are not responsible about the shit was going on around the world nor they can change a bit,whatever lyrics they may write.. I don't believe that art can change the world,it may help you think and act accordingly,critical thought,filters or monkey chewing is listener's problem,not writter's... Sometimes exposing the tough nasty truth,may works as an example to avoid,not to copy! For me,It's all a matter of education,not necessarily academic..Some things you never learn in school or university..... If music was enough to move vast majority of masses to change their minds and acts,I think that after every Iron Maiden concert or Rock Metal festival,masses would have been out in the streets the very next day to protest against whatever..Instead people look after their own business,household,family,their own little world trynna protect what is left for them to keep them alive trying the everyday...Fear?I cannot tell I never believed that art has had such power to move stones..It may only move you emotionally,help you put some steam off,relief n go back in your routine...
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    Tommy joined Soul Asylum because Karl Mueller, the bassplayer, died of cancer and he wanted the band to continue after he was gone and Tommy to take his place. They are from the same city, grew up together basically. So Tommy ended up playing on two Soul Asylum records and touring with them for several years. This is from one of the first gigs with Tommy, you can see Tommy making funny faces at Pirner to help him deal with playing for the first time without Karl, which was really hard for them obviously, they had been a band since the early 80's.
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    That's just another of those vapid teachings from christianity that luckily have no practical implication. Fortunately I live in a society with a government with a strong judiciary power that ensures our relative fair and safe lives, and not in a christian society where judgment is left for an imaginary afterlife.
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    Yeah,exactly this! Back then they wrote from another state of mind/life frame...Street rats etc... That was the way they used to see and interpret what was going on around,as a part of it. And i can not really tell if they overgeneralise the meaning of the lyrics or if some songs are targeted to certain persons,or certain moments/incidents... But can not people change their views over the years as their life change too? Duff for so long is a family man, father,worldwide acceptable musician etc... I can not know what's goin on his head about women but i can not see hypocrisy in the whole tenderness thing... And he's not talking about a lovely lovey dovey romantic relationship...I take it as we need more compassion in our relationships, let it be friendship,whatever kind of intimate bond... ... I take with a grain of salt the trials to reforn the whole GNR lyrics meaning,from whoever they come from... I think there are some thin lines,we can not totally cross and get, what a musician talks about...And i also think that some musicians have said things like'Oh i wrote that shit in my youth,on drugs, booze, etc...Today?Naahh, not even!" Call it maturity?conformism maybe,change through experience?idk, whatever... But rock is surely not about angels happy flying in the meadows spreading flowers to everybody all day long ... So, i prefer honesty with no sugar coated excuses,like it or not, truth is always better than a good lie... Haven't read the latest Duff's statements due to lack of time but i created an idea from your comments... But once, i've heard very carefully this so i just leave it here... I'm not taking anyone's place, i just prefer to listen the pure, rough truth as hard as it is, then i decide if i agree or not..
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    I must say Downzy does really good job at defending homosexuals. After all he is a democrat. That's why he can do that. Democrats like this are Godless people. That's how they justify Homosexuality. There is no God, so there is no consequences. He knows perfectly well that Christianity, Islam, Jews and virtually all other religions forbid it, because it's an abomination to God. But he doesn't care. He cares more of his friends feelings than what The All Mighty himself says. They reject God, his ways, his words and his Son. That's the whole issue. It's God against Satan, Good against Evil, Morality against Immorality.
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    Most likely. That said, i don't think Axl uses his deep vocals enough, so i'm all for that.
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    To me i think they will focus on recording tracks that will be easy to perform in a live setting and not overally complicated or layered. Face it the only reason for new songs would be to put together another tour.
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    Moby + korn+ nin + trendy bands of 2019 = Axl's GnR "musical evolution"
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    I get confused when they do the whole time changing thing. lol I liked Aliens better than Alien, but the other ones weren't as good. I hated the resurrection one because I felt so sorry for the alien that they made out of Ridpley's DNA. When she rejected it, it was just so sad and when it flew out of the rocket window I almost cried. Poor thing.
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    Day 35 (two fucking brilliant riffs... always go crazy when I hear those) Day 36
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    LOL The way Fortus is spoken about reminds me of draft night analysis... He's got great length Tom! His wingspan is impressive! Can really play the position! Just give me the guy who actually helped write the greatest selling debut album of all time! K! Thnx! Bye!
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