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    Might not be the best drummer in the world, but he is the best GNR drummer in the world. How he locked in with Duff, how he drove the songs with his energy on the kit, his ability to play different styles.... He’s due credit as a musician and a drummer for sure.
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    Day 47– Song with title that contains an R, an S and a T
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    I’d’ve put money on there being a place called Nancy in France
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    Removed some posts just now. As a reminder to anyone reading the thread, we do not allow alternate accounts for either current users or previously banned members. Thanks.
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    ^^ Agreed, I didn't care for the guy much either for the longest time until I saw some of the live shows from the AFD era. Undeniable what he brings to the table in energy and a certain x-factor (like Izzy) - none of the replacements came close aside from perhaps Brain. There's a podcast posted on this forum recently where Brain talks about how cool Steven's drumming is and how much more interesting it was for him to play compared to the technically more gifted Matt Sorum (whom he found pretty generic). It's a fascinating discussion and really speaks volumes on how underrated Steven is not only within GnR but with the fanbase.
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    He did exactly what he needed to do on the record and celebrates it with passion to this day
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    Thanks, I spotted it immediately. 😉
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    At this point, it would be best if they release a surprise single with a cool video before playing it live. It's just what it is, with Axl's live vocals and all...you can't change the first impression and Guns are simply not that good live nowadays that they could really pull it off, I guess. Imagine you never heard Slither or Shadow of your love before their live debut...
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    It wouldn't surprise me if they did. It certainly wouldn't be unprecedented. Have Guns ever released an album of completely unheard material? Appetite obviously had songs that had been played live, as did the illusons and CD. I'm struggling to remember if any of the original songs off GN'R Lies were given a run out before release, and I'm excluding TSI for obvious reasoms here, but even Attitude and Down on the Farm were also played live prior to release. So, as I say, it certainly wouldn't be unprecedented.
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    Get's a lot of natural light I've heard.
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    I used to be in the “Steven’s not all that” camp- but having seen him at Dodger Stadium 3 years ago- there is an irrefutable energy, and uniqueness to what he does that is quintessential Guns. That doesn’t mean Guns hasn’t had “better” drummers on the stool (it has)- just that there is a certain something to Steven that absolutely can’t be dismissed IMHO. Kind of guy where you could go to 100 concerts and still not see/hear anything like what he brings...
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    Huh? Besides bringing the swing to AFD and Lies? AFD is a party because of him. And the best-selling debut album of all-time.
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    Not only is the bands management very aware of the situation, they're also very aware that Alfred and flojo have threatened families over it On top of that, Del James made it his business to insult the people who had their families threatened. Super nice organization over there in TB.
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    Not to be negative, but is the only AFD member who hasn’t made a single contribution to music. The guy was fucking lucky he was in GNR.
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    Day 47 (oh come on it says you spin me right round) It's a great song, i wanted so bad to put it,..Anyway..
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    You will meet him after the show. At the show I saw last year he hung out after and made sure he signed and took pics with everyone who wanted one. It was chaotic, but he did it The dude lives for playing the music, in a way he's the coolest AfD member because of it
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    It really doesn't help when he weak falsettos Better and TIL badly, which is most of NITL. If he was singing like 2010 I'd bet £1000 that a fuck ton of people who saw the tour would be going to download Chinese after. I mean, in 2010 there were plenty of people at shows who'd not heard TIL and every single time on every boot you listen to after he chainsaws the first chorus you can hear this huge ovation across the whole crowd. But those later TILs in 2018 were fucking brutal.
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    EAT!!! As far as site seeing is concerned I wouldn't bother if you're only there for a day. Just eat yourself into a food coma. Bollocks to the Eiffel tower, I'd just spend the entire day stuffing my face! This may sound like a totally British thing to do but I had the best burger I've ever had in Paris. In all honesty though, if you are in the Notre Dame area pop into The Lizard Lounge for something to eat. The burgers are amazing! https://www.timeout.com/paris/en/bars-and-pubs/lizard-lounge Also you need to go to Comptoir de la Gastronomie and try the Foie gras Ravioli. It's soooooooooooooooooo good and as a bonus it will piss the tree huggers off no end! http://comptoirdelagastronomie.com/
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    I’m not surprised Brain picked up on that! I think Brain is the second best GnR drummer in the world. I was going to make this point in my original post but was too lazy to type it... but yes, you could see the difference on the NITL shows he played at. Those songs instantly felt “right” when he played them. Never underestimate a drummers affect on a band.
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    Because there is no baby involved. The question is, why doesn't the fetus get to choose? And the answer is because it has can't. Nor can a mole choose not to be removed. Or a tumor. These are non-sentient growths. Granted, one of these can develop into a human being while the other can't, but having a potential to become a human being is not sufficient to grant you the rights as if you already were a human being.
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    @kiwiguns Racism is not something that should ever be condoned nor allowed on the official forum, under any circumstances.
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    It’s wild to me that such a major brand name is managed by people like this. Imagine if McDonalds was managed by TB? “You want new menu options? Ronald doesn’t owe you anything!! Isn’t the new packaging of our Big Mac beautiful?? New chicken sandwich being worked on but not sure if soon is the word.”
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    Now, I'm not sure where this goes, in discussion or all that. But I've just decided to tell you a wild story, a bit sad in some places, but still wild. I have Autism, Tourettes and OCD. Now, here's the thing, so my sister and I are massive GNR Fans. So my sister, who got me tickets to the London 2017 Concert said that she got the tickets. So here's the thing, I was very, very nervous at the concert, because it was on June 17 and it wasn't long after the Terrorist Attack at Manchester Arena. And I was scared someone was going to come into the Stadium and blow it up. Anyways, It started getting really unnerving, Axl Rose said something like "Are you having fun" but I thought he said "There's a Bomb", even though I know now that if there was a Bomb they'd cancel the whole concert. I did not feel good throughout the Concert, I went on the train and there was someone banging on the train to be let in, and I thought it was something else. Anyways, I did not enjoy that concert. Next up is the story of the June 9 2018 GNR Concert at Download Festival. So my Sister got me Download Tickets for Christmas 2017, and at least I got to see Avenged Sevenfold. And I thought I'd be able to see GNR without the fear of Terrorism, anyways, I wanted to see them up close, but my Sister's friend was somewhere doing stuff, so I missed the opening and it started making me get really upset. Then I got more upset because the Crowd's at the Concert were too big. And I couldn't get through to find a good position. I was extremely sad about it, I left back to camp. And I was in tears. Just Tearful because I wanted to see Guns N Roses. Then came the aftermath of it, at College the next week on Friday, I tried tweeting GNR but my Teacher started getting concerned about my Mental Health, but I got very angry about it and although she didn't know it, I thought she thought I was Mentally Ill. I am with Autism, but she said it in a way that I really didn't like. Anyways, I started getting into tears again in July when I started getting upset about it again, my sister's Partner, who is normally quite cheerful was even worried about me. And it's because I wanted to see Slash at his London Concert in 2019. I started getting really upset and started slagging off Slash and Axl Rose and I said some really mean things about them(Not Online Luckily). At College I started saying some mean things about Axl Rose again so my Teacher stepped in last week and told me, "It's not nice to do that" and my mother told me the error of my ways. And after listening to a Crush 40(Band behind Sonic The Hedgehog) song from the NASCAR game that sounded like Sweet Child O Mine, I decided I like Guns N Roses again. I wish I could share with Slash and Axl my story. But it was very Wild.
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    I just love the incongruence there between British young working class - it is not even that he is a punk per se - and la-di-da Euro cafe culture haha.
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    Colmar is on the list Paris nancy strasborg colmar then back to London.
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    I agree 100%, but that was all back in the days before the internet (excluding CD) I’m sure the band and management don’t want the first representation of new material to be a live recording spreading like wildfire over YouTube with axls weak live vocals.... any new music released will be polished studio versions imo
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    Dude I totally agree! I was at that show too and the change in energy in drumming when Steven came onstage was incredible, like I felt like during those two songs, closing my eyes for a brief second taking it all in, it felt like listening to the Felt Forum '88 bootleg I jam out to all the time but in person lol I like Frank, and I thought he did a solid job live too seeing them in person. But when Steven played those two songs, it just "felt" like Appetite For Destruction, and that was all simply a change in drumming while keeping everything else the same which was crazy! But very telling as to how Steven has a special way of grooving behind the kit
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    Steve and the Seagulls play a couple of songs by GNR - YCBM, NR, etc. And they are awesome. Check their YT/vevo channel.
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    I think it’s obvious from the previous few pages that management were aware... As an “outsider”, I don’t understand why you are asking the question! There is no separation from the situation when someone like Del is involved. This is an unofficial band management policy. Racism and intimidation. Again, why ask the question, not once but twice?
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    Let the lawsuits begin! https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/soundgarden-tom-petty-tupac-lawsuit-universal-music-vault-fire-851401/
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    Not too bad but 2 Cellos are far better. Their cover of Welcome to the jungle is awesome. Not to mention ACDCs Thunderstruck.. I could go on.. lol
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    For fucks sake, you lot who want abortions banned have no idea what it takes from an emotional standpoint. Women don't choose that option lightly, it's a difficult choice. It is our choice. If abortion is ever made illegal women will return to the backstreet butchers or the lady with the knitting needles on the kitchen table. These things still happen in countries where abortion is illegal. Women die, left mutilated inside. Is that what your 'god' would choose.
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    Not only do you look like a jackass telling women to keep their pants on, but you wouldn't want them to adhere to that advice because some of you guys would never get laid
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    Day 45 - Contains an 'M' and a 'Y' (Very underrated. The intro still gives me a boner.) Day 46 - Contains a 'Z'
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    That's never going to happen.
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    No, people usually pay the minimal amount legally possible to keep costs down and profit up which is why so many people can't pay their shit
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    Here we go with the judging again... I would never pay 1300 for a ticket, I would never in my life even spend even 100 USD on a Playstation or whatever else. I wouldn't spend any money at all on Apple crap. (And don't get me started on Len's Rolex again ) Do people who spend their whole day playing videogames have more of a life than someone traveling the world following one or more bands? Do people who spend days and years on a forum have more of a life? Who cares. Live and let live. It's not my money, not my time, not my life, not my problem. Tako's not driving up the prices, LOL. If they don't sell, no doubt the prices will drop. If they do, apparently enough people are willing and able to cash out that much to watch the band they love and have a great time.
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    I took these on a cheap disposable Kodak. Great show. They did a free meet and greet afterwards with pictures and autographs.