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    This was in Slash's book. They were in Chicago to work UYI and Izzy drove in from Indiana and seen Axl throwing food (if i recall it was Italian) at hecklers below. Izzy immediately turned the car around and went back to Indiana.
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    Here is the pic of Izzy that was in the link above.
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    Izzy needs to upgrade to an eboard He's a rockstar for fucks sake, he shouldn't be manually kicking his board like a peasant
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    Owning the CD’s/Vinyl > Streaming Services for these very reasons. Sucks that where I live I have no room for them and have to be at the mercy of the streaming services. Nothing beats owning the material just so you never can have it taken away from you.
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    After soaking in the Super Deluxe for a couple weeks I would have to say I definitely got my money's worth.. I only paid $40 for it but it is definitely worth a bit more. Not sure if it is worth $100 but $75 would be a fair price if you can get it for that. CD 1 Appetite Remaster - I just gave it one listen. I noticed some subtle differences but nothing drastic.. Which is a good thing because the album is perfect. CD 2 EPs and B-Sides - Bummer they left One In a Million off of this but it is great to have the rest of the songs remastered. I feel that they benefited more from the remaster than Appetite. I always felt that SOLY was missing off Live Like a Suicide and now it is there! Cool to have good quality versions of the live songs too. CD 3 Sound City Sessions- This is my least favorite of the bunch. Out Ta Get Me, Anything Goes and Think About You are cool but other than that nothing really stands out. They are all kind of meh takes and there are better versions of Heartbreak Hotel and Jumpin Jack Flash out there. CD 4 Sound City Sessions and More - This is probably my favorite. I know we have heard most of it but it is great to have quality versions of these songs. Weird that they put 3 versions of Move to The City all on one CD but they are all great versions in my opinion. I like them all better than the LIES/LLAS version. New Work Tune and The Plague are throw away's but the rest of the CD is fucking money. It is a shame that Corn shucker didn't make it on here. Blu Ray - I didn't even think I would care about this but watched it last night. The Appetite and bonus songs have some cool imagery for sure. Different ones for every song. They get a bit redundant and a tad cheesy at times but overall I thought they were good. Great having all the videos as well. I watched them all last night. Swag.. Tattoos - silly Flyers and ticket stubs - Kind if indifferent on these but they were cool to look at once I guess. Posters and stuff - Some of them are actually kind of cool. I will probably hang something up in my loft where I play darts and have a vinyl setup.. They would look good in someones shed or garage as well. Axl's photo book - No one talks about this at all but I love it. I know this day and age you can find photos all over the internet but I remember the days when you couldn't and something like this would be gold. Definitely my favorite part of the swag items.
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    I'm sorry but nothing can beat this use of the app.
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    I couldn't disagree more.. Guns N' Roses were fucking huge before the illusions came out and could play stadiums by the time LIES was out. Appetite was a lot more than the 3 singles.. People rocked that whole album. The Illusion albums charted at number's 1 & 2 upon their release riding the coat tails of Appetite and LIES. I vividly remember many people not like the Illusion albums as much and I still find myself defending the albums to this day. How can anyone say the average Joe learned Jungle, Sweet Child and Paradise City after getting into the band during the Illusions albums? That is just not accurate. It may have happened and it may be your story but I lived it. Guns N' Roses started getting really big when Appetite was released and I was in middle school. The next year when I went to high school you couldn't walk down the hall or sit in a class without seeing a Guns N' Roses shirt. LIES was huge with my crowd as well. Civil War was also huge prior to Illusions coming out when they released it on a soundtrack or whatever. Almost every kind of rock fan back loved the band. When the illusions came out that all started to change. Sure they were still very successful and had a huge tour but do you think any of that would have been possible without Appetite/LIES??? I love the Illusions albums but if the Illusions came out first, we wouldn't be talking about this band today...
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    I fuckin' turned the thing on having skim read your post thinking it said 8 mins in, first thing in the morning here and I'm listening until like 11 minutes thinking 'i don't hear a fuckin' taff, just these fuckin' talksport wankers'...then I re-read your post and realised it said 8 mins from the end and to be honest I couldn't understand a word you was saying. Not cuz of anything wrong with your voice or accent but how low it was, I was like fuckin' hell Spunks, put your back into it a bit! I was half hoping for a 'he hit that like you hit Ulrika!' moment but you let me down a bit You sound proper like...normal though I dunno what thats supposed to mean! Like I expected you to sound disabled or something! I had a weird phone in moment like that. Some bloke tried to rob a bank with a fuckin' banana or something, I can't even really remember what it was, a banana or something wrapped in tin foil, anyway at the time it was treated like a terrorist incident, or a suspected terrorist incident, turned out it was a disgruntled ex employee or some bollocks but at the time no one knew that, they shut the street down and all that...anyway radio calls up and goes would you like to be on radio and give us like, an on the site rundown. And like, you can probably guess from this forum that I ramble a bit and talk a load of bollocks...I can't even remember exactly what I said it was something like 'yeah, everyones a bit shook up down here at the moment mate, I think they think the ghost of Bin Laden has come back to haunt us' or some ridiculous nonesensical thing like that and the bloke like deadpanned me or just pure fuckin' ignored it like 'well, thank you for your call' etc thinking 'what the fuck are you talking about you div?'. You know like shit makes sense in your head sometimes but then gets lost in translation on its way out of your mouth. Fuck em, I got the point across, people are scared, end of Thank you for your call, I didn't call you, you called me, you cunt
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    Personally, I love “Oh My God”. Probably one of my Top 10-12 Guns songs. Very unbridled- and I think does represent the sound Axl was pushing for- and therefore has a certain courage/honesty to it artistically IMHO. Certainly can’t argue with the personnel (Navarro, Freese, Finck, Stinson, etc.)- particularly from a late 90s POV. Unfortunately, it was mostly panned by critics upon release, and Axl was not inclined to really stand behind it for whatever reason. I guess much like Chinese itself- it seemingly caught the band in a weird spot with Finck having returned to NIN, and with no plans to tour. So it was never really clear how they were supposed to build on it if they even wanted to. It was cool to hear it played at RIR III though. Thought the Bucket line-up did a good job with it...
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    From Slash's book pg 212 in the eBook version i have
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    Duff is a really cool dude. I had the good fortune of meeting him about 15 years ago. He is down to earth, considering he is a world famous rock star, and had a great conversation with him. Duff also helped bring Axl and Slash back together so that alone should shut most of the Duff haters - up. Consider this, he is now a married family man in his mid-50's. Don't expect him to act or talk like a 20 year old. Things change, times change. Duff still rocks though!
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    I don't think 'no deal' is going to be as bad as some people think. Don't get me wrong, it's the worst case scenario for everyone involved and the UK will feel the consequences so I hope it won't happen, but should it happen, it's not going to be the doom scenario that some might expect. The UK will get through this, albeit worse off.
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    Dear diary, what I learned today: Soon is planning on becoming like Izzy but with smooth skin.
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    GN'R slap it's fans in the face?? NEVER!
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    Yes, he always look back then and now too, as an regular guy. Good for him.
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    That would be really cool to run into him and be able to talk to him. I wish he would do an interview or something and tell us what really happened with the reunion negotiations.
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    LOL, AfD and AFD alone gave them legend status... Do you even know what "legend" means? Maybe UYI circus got them additional exposure to, as you say "avarage Joes", but their legacy is AFD and Lies...
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    It was at a skate shop in San Diego. Here's the original post. Someone even commented they saw him and talked to him there that day @Tori72 he's well-fed indeed but in a really cute way . Coolest gunner by far
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    Ooh shots fired I wonder who took that pic, and where it was. Maybe once the tour starts we'll have something to talk about again, slaxl and all that.
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    If you mean "big" as in commercially successful, idk. If it was released in 1999 my guess is it could have sold 5 million copies maybe even more. 7 mill if they promoted it like crazy and it had a hit single. UYI had Estranged, November Rain, YCBM, Civil War, etc. Huge guns. I prefer the 2002 line up mostly because Brain and Bucket joined. I think Bucket especially made it more interesting but I still think Paul helped Axl a lot when it came to coming up with a good foundation for a song and was probably a very important element in new Guns. To answer the OP's question: I remember watching the movie thinking it was really boring and a waste of time but then when it was over and Oh My God started playing during the end credits I thought it sounded pretty cool. After listening to it again I felt that Axl had something. I could get on board with this musical direction. I love this tune and still listen to it today. I think perhaps Axl got a little too excited and released it cause Jimmy Iovine told him he should or some shit. This tune actually needed more work imo and should have been included on the album. Great drum parts by Josh and Dizzy got to help with the chorus hook which is neat. Great Axl vocals with a killer delivery and the lyrics are pretty dark. Also got that classic drama fueled Axl vibe like a car chase which I like.
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    Looks like some sort of a coach trip reunion of a bunch of aging ex-metallers.
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    Furthermore the UYI albums and the UYI tour are the (only) reason why the band can still tour stadiums from 2016-2019 without having released one single note of new music. The average joe comes because he got into GNR via the UYI era. Of course AFD is a classic and the average joe got known Sweet child, PC and WTTJ after he got into GNR in 92 or 93, maybe already in 91. But its not that these three AFD songs had filled the biggest stadiums worldwide back then or they alone could fill stadiums these days. The people come to the NITL tour because of their 90s nostalgia caused by then omnipresent cartoon characters named Axl Rose and Slash and songs like KOHD, NR, Don’t Cry, LALD, YCBM (T2), maybe even Estranged or Yesterdays. Of course they are not coming for the Garden, Garden of Eden or Dead Horse. But they are also not coming because of Sweet child or PC alone. Hence, in my opinion the UYI era got GNR the legend status they still do profit from to this day. This is why they should give the UYI the anniversary party these albums deserve even more than AFD.
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    Honestly, except Slash they all look like an residence band from gay cruiser.
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    @dgnr And how are you doing??? Great to see you! This thread is dead because nobody’s here. And when we do, soon the wrong people appear and kill it all. It’s not a nice thing to say, I know, but hey, it’s the truth. Not many WT posters are left so it can’t live. But since I’m here and still being the Izzy girl that I am: yesterday was a happy day because we got this pic from Izzy from April 6 this year. He’s alive, looking good, get’s well fed and still skates! Wowza!
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    Since I wrote it, I'm fairly certain I read it. What's wrong with the way the left has criticized Trump from day one? So because someone thinks I'm lying that means I'm wrong? That Trump had to break all sorts of procedural and possibly legal obstacles to build a tiny section of the wall (well, much of it fencing to be specific) that's largely going to replace existing barriers? That's crazy. So facts don't matter here because one group of people choose not to believe in facts? Maybe so, but I don't honestly give a shit. I'll stick with the truth and those who choose to believe otherwise can be judged accordingly. Yeah, no kidding. The person I was conversing said that Trump delivered on his campaign promises. That's unequivocally untrue. If you want to give him credit for doing something every President does during their tenure (nominate Supreme Court justices), then fine. But as others have pointed out, this isn't a game nor should we consider those selections a win even if it were. Why should we give Trump credit for the few items Republicans have pushed through Congress? He doesn't start his day until 11am, blows up most negotiations whenever he's involved in person, promises to support a deal reached by his negotiation team only to pull the rug out from under them a few days later (resulting in the longest government shut down in U.S. history), knows nothing about actual policy, and can't even get his own party in line on crucial votes (i.e. healthcare). Honestly, how does he get credit for the tax cut the Republicans were going to pass anyway? This is to speak nothing of the merits of the tax bill, which poured fuel on an already hot economy (the one he inherited) at the cost of ramping up federal debt. Yet you think he should get credit for something he had nothing to do with and that only weakens America's longstanding financial health. The only reform deserving any kind of credit passed under Trump has been the First Step Act, which as I'm sure you know is the justice reform bill. But two things: first, this was a pet project of Iowa Senator Chuck Grassely; second: the Trump administration has repeatedly attempted to undermine the reforms by proposing drastic cuts to funding for the programs setup within the new law. There have been many shitty presidents who presided over economic booms. Some of the worst Presidents in U.S. history were in power when America's economic might was in full flex. William G. Harding (corrupt as fuck), Calvin Coolidge (shit leadership, did nothing for the poor despite boom times), and Herbert Hoover (fuelled trade wars, and helped turned a recession into a depression) all presided during the roaring 20s. Being a great President isn't based on how well the nation's economy does. FDR is considered by many as one of the greatest Presidents in U.S. history because of his efforts to curb the worst of the Great Depression. A more recent example would be George H.W. Bush. By all accounts his one terms was fairly successful, but he ran into a structural downward economic cycle and failed to be re-elected. The U.S. economy is like an ocean liner. It doesn't turn on a dime. It takes years to course correct. Assigning blame or credit to a President, a who has little to do with monetary or fiscal policy, just because is sort of silly. The "left" isn't the Democratic party. The Democratic Party isn't AOC or Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders. The loudest voices in the room aren't necessarily indicative of what the party actually stands for. If the "extreme left" (which, btw, doesn't really exist in the U.S. relative to the rest of the developed world) ran the Democratic Party, why isn't Trump being run up on impeachment hearings right now? How is that the more moderate Democrats did better in the mid-terms and were the driving force to the Democrats taking back the house? Get off twitter. You're getting a false perception of what the Democratic party is and what it stands for. You sound like Sean Hannity and all the other riff riff over at Fox on this point. Sorry, but this is just nonsense. Yes, we know what Trump is, and he's shit and will go down as one of, if not the, worst Presidents America in its history. Outside of pointing to the stock exchange and the unemployment rate, there is zero defence of this man in terms of behaviour, demeanour, intellect, dignity, or morals. The president is, first and foremost, a spokesperson for all of the country. He is meant to stand up and support every American, whether they voted for him or not. What you have in Trump is someone who denigrates anyone who criticizes him while using overt racism to disparage parts of the country he supposedly represents. It honestly doesn't matter what the "left" is at this point. The Democratic Party could put up a fucking potato as its nominee and it would do far less damage to the country and America's reputation than what you have with Trump. The rest of the world looks on in horror with the notion that the decision is at all difficult to make. How fucking shit and soft of a country do you have to be to think Donald Trump is fit to run anything, let alone become the most important political figure? It's fucking mind boggling. Why is that? Proportionally Democrats have been better stewards of national debt in non-emergency times than Republicans. Look it up.
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    It is weird how Duff has fallen in my estimation. Champagne liberal. Normally the term is champagne socialist but America doesn't really have socialists so I'll opt for liberal.
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    I can tell you like it was yesterday. I got a advance copy of the cd, i usually stick around & shoot the shit with the guys, but this day was different..i popped the cd in the cd player, skipped to the song & was shocked at how bad the production was on it. I swear i sat in that parking lot for about 10 minutes till it got playable. Anyway i went to mcdonalds to celebrate & bump. These snotty girls asked "what a you listeng too"? I responded gnr. They laughed & said i didnt know they were still around. Their guys came up & said "i dont care who that is, it sounds terrible, turn it off!!!!! That was my long winded response. I know they played it on K-Rock 106.7 here and the DJ Nicole Alvarez said she didn't like it at all. And then I don't remember it being played again
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    I believe the deluxe version comes with lettuce and tomato, but its fine without it. Their customer service is pretty top notch aswell
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    OMG to me is probably the best nu-Guns song. Idk, maybe Better. But whatever Axl was going for, they kinda nailed it on Oh My God.
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    They should make a video of each of them doing their respective face masks. That would be kind of funny.
  33. 1 point
    I know. Nobody is here. I guess. But I am. Haha. Too bad there isn’t anything band related we could talk about. Ok, @dgnr, Axl wrote happy birthday and even mimicked that emoji top hat think Slash always does. Just imagine how happy outside our minds the WT would have been in 2016 or 2017. When Axl would have done that at the time, I mean. OMG. Now it’s only a shallow for me. I’m sorry!!!
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    I love this pic and am happy he’s alive and merrily skateboarding about. Cooooolest dude of them all!!!!
  35. 1 point
    Think its more to do with odd international licensing than it is the band/Axl.
  36. 1 point
    He'll fingerpick a part like that intro, but I'm not sure if he'll do solos or switch to fingerpicking during a distorted part. Seems he favors that technique for just quieter parts
  37. 1 point
    Is weird that an guy on his age practise skatebord, generally is very young people .
  38. 1 point
    Who hurt you? With your fantastic height economy class wouldn't work. I'm not nearly as tall as you and I'm already suffering when I'm on a plane. (this isn't me, by the way)
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    Best Chicken Head = Luke Powell
  41. 1 point
    @Axlrosefan4life On the other hand, instead of leaking, maybe he could do a traveling road show where you pay him to go into his car and listen to the cd's?
  42. 1 point
    Thank God I’m only 22, and I’ll probably live enough to hear those tracks
  43. 1 point
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    The day you've done more research on U.S. politics than myself is the day I give you this forum... Best of luck. There's a difference between offering valid criticisms versus vapid heckling. So you think Trump went too far but also that it was justified. I'm well aware of who Omar is. I don't believe what she says is necessarily anti-semitic, but too often anything critical of Israel's policies towards Palestine are labeled as anti-Semitic. I also don't think she's racist (I subscribe that racism speaks more to disproportionate power relationship relating to ethnicity and skin colour than just prejudice of said skin colour or ethnicity, but that's probably a conversation not worth having). We've been over this. They don't vote in federal elections. The few municipalities they do have a say in is limited to issues like garbage collection or property taxes. 99 percent of your "facts" are baseless and come from nothing. What a ridiculous claim to make. Trump is the worst fucking President in modern political times. The press is doing its job by reporting what Trump says and does. A shit President deserves shit coverage. Where does Zuckerberg admit they are leftists? According to his sworn testimony before Congress he avowed that Facebook is a neutral party. If Facebook was such a bastion of liberalism that denies conservative opinions and voices, how is that Trump spends more on advertising than any other candidate on the platform? Nothing what you have written could or should be considered fact. Your opinions are joke, easily dismissed by the slightest of information or knowledge. It's no wonder Trump retains the support of peoples like yourself: woefully uninformed, willfully ignorant, but bizarrely and conversely boastful and proud of inept opinions.
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    True. Gnr central is very tabloidish and clickbaity. AfD is way better.
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    Should be an interesting crowd tonight in Windsor. There are 5000 seats and there does not appear to be many seats left. Maybe they are pulling fans in from the states or the casino is holding some back as comps. Windsor is a bit of an armpit so I doubt a lot of them are locals. The hotel is sold out as well. I’m really looking forward to it, if only Slash could flick a pick 12 rows back to me haha. Now to decide what shirt to wear. Probably an older GNR one, although my Barry Manilow shirt from last year might get some attention 🤪🤔. Have fun tonight for anyone else going!
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    Having seen SMKC just a day or 2 ago, I cannot reiterate how amazing that whole crew is onstage. Chemistry up the ying yang.
  48. 1 point
    That's what I've always heard. For the record; I'm not involved in any of this. No one ever gives me any unreleased material because of my 20+ year stance that I would just leak it immediately. I do not believe in hoarding and I certainly do not believe in making money off of someone else's work. I do know for a fact that many, many people are constantly making thousands of dollars off of other fans by selling unreleased GN'R material and I'd love to see that stop. Good point. I'll rename the thread since it's evolved far past the original intent.
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    Hey guys, I've photoshopped a Slash wallpaper earlier this week when I was free at work. Think some of you guys might appreciate it. Let me know what you guys think!
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    If GNR does the festival circuit without any new music (which is almost assuredly at 100% chance of happen if only because with new music they can do another year or two or three of touring) I don't expect many if any set changes but some small, doable ones I'd like: Cut: Coma 10 minutes of the RQ solo Black Hole Sun Add: Street of Dreams (at least a couple of tries) Reckless Life Fall to Pieces (if they'll do Slither, FTP isn't completely out of the question imo)