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    I heard 22 secs of a 20 year old unreleased song. Dunno if I can handle more new music.
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    Looks like Stephanie is a minimalist too
  3. 5 points
    Someone bump this thread in early 2020 so we can see how naive you've all been.
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    A thread discussing a baseless rumor of forthcoming music is worth keeping open but one discussing leaks that actually happened isn't.
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    I want an album that heavily features Frank & Melissa, a whole load of Pitman cameos, plus Slash playing backup for Robin, Bucket, Fortus & Tobias, simply so I can relish in how much it will piss people off. And the icing on the cake will be that the casuals won't even notice the difference.
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    I'm a massive WildSide fan and a couple of years back I messaged Benny Rhynedance (the guitarist of WildSide) on Facebook and asked more about their cover of Crash Diet, this is what he had to say about it: And when I said that I actually preferred the WildSide version of the song because of the ending he said: When I said that their cover in my opinion was far superior to the Asphalt Ballet version he said this: From the conversations I had with him he felt like a really cool and down to earth guy, would love to hear @Gambit83 interview him on the podcast! I think he would be a great guest on the show!
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    I'm pretty certain I've seen them, was just checking. Yeah they are good rants. Another good one is the Paris '92 one. So funny and random how he's waxing lyrical about his disgust and contempt for a vile, life sucking parasite and he's suddenly like "...his name is Warren Beatty!" Like whaaaaaat and his voice cracks slightly when saying his name too lmfao.
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    That's a bit silly. Tenderness is obviously not a GNR album, nor was it meant to be that. If Duff was to write for GNR, it wouldn't be anything like that. Hence why he released it as a solo album.
  9. 3 points
    Last time Slash was in the band, they were releasing records every 2 years or so. Why do people constantly disregard that the ChinDem era and the Reunion era are two distinct, separate matters? Whatever had been promised by whomever ceased to apply by the 2015/16 dividing line. With the reunion, everything has started anew. And since 90 % of the "reunited" time has been filled by touring so far, there’s no wonder we haven’t seen anything new yet. We’ve been promised some studio work by the musicians (mainly Slash) once their solo tours are finished. Again, this has nothing to do with any repeated "promises" of the ChinDem era, with different musicians, management, and leadership structure. So far, they’ve only had a few months for any constructive work. Put it into correct perspective, people.
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    They know where they are... they're in the jungle baby! That's why they're posting about tigers and other animals.
  11. 3 points
    Remember like a day ago when you were waiting for the leaks like the rest of us, old boy?
  12. 3 points
    Seeing as GNRCentral's source is usually this forum, I don't see how this is exactly news.
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    You were just smart enough to realize pic hosting sites were never here to stay, so not even worth the effort.
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    My first time seeing slash and Myles together and I was second row pit todd kerns side. Drove 2 hours to get there and I thought it was worth it. Basically went to hear Wicked Stone and The One You Loved Is Gone. I thought myles was amazing. Better than the albums. I wouldn't say I'm a fan of Myles but I don't mind him. He really blew me away. Brent Fitz is an amazing drummer. Really should be with guns. The band played Nightrain better than when I saw guns play it in 2017. I think slash enjoys being with Myles much more than in GNR. He seemed to have a much different stage presence. Seemed a lot more comfortable. Setlist wasn't bad. I know all the GNR songs, Snakepit songs, and SMKC songs (wasn't a fan of VR) and was glad to hear some of the songs they played. I agree with the snakepit songs but those days are over as someone else mentioned. I thought they mixed all the post 2010 slash albums well. Wish they played Beneath the Savage Sun. I highly suggest people see slash with Myles if they have a chance. They really put on a great show. Myles interacted with the crowd a lot as did Kerns and Frank Sedoris. Dirty Honey was actually impressive too. Their singer was a mix of steven tyler and brian johnson. Rest of the band was average to good. Also caved and got a signed vinyl Probably the only time I'll have a chance to have a slash autograph.
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    Hey and welcome to the thread! We always love to have new members coming in! I have no idea to your questions though. I would have thought he’d always intruduced Slash fans say he didn’t he probably didn’t. YUP!!
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    I loved it tbh. P.S. Funny username. It's always amused me when Axl says that lol.
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  19. 2 points
    That would be a welcome change. I've grown tired of the Axl settling scores with former lovers and bandmates lyrics! I will take one song ripping on Chris Pitman, but that's it!
  20. 2 points
    Give me Thyme The General Atlas Shrugged and Hard School I will be happy with that
  21. 2 points
    Yep! We were given a Red Hand CD and instead of keeping it for ourselves, we threw a banner contest to give it away
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    OK, sheet updated. your opinions? I included some speculative info, cuz we already had quite a lot speculative info in there. I was tempted to re-work the "1999 leaks" section and move them right under it to "Rough Mixes" section - but I only have that info "confirmed" by a guy who later turned out to be a troll - so... I won't do that yet. so let's say I trust him in terms of "Rough Mixes CD #2" unconfirmed tracklist, but I don't trust him that the "1999 demos" come from the very same source. see - the guy, legit or not, said that the "1999 leaks" come from a tape, which was a copy of a tape with recordings of a few songs from "Rough Mixes #1 and #3" (or maybe also "#2"). few songs leaked (IRS, TWAT, CITR and a clip of Hard School), the others were rumored to be hoarded for a long time (Atlas, Prostitute, maybe also Quick Song). now when this stuff surfaced in CD quality, all those are supposed to be the real deal and huge upgrade to the "1999 leaks" which in fact are "2000 rough mixes". again - IF the info from the troll was legit. about the 3 "2001 leaks" - they were actually said to be have recorded in 2000, not sure if also mixed that year or not - the 3 songs (The Blues, Maddy, TWAT) might be the very same versions which are at the later 2001 CDs (like either their respective "solo" discs with various versions, or some "New Brain Drums" CDs), or alternate mixes or versions of those. at this point, we don't know. if any of the info above gets confirmed in the near future, I will move the leaked songs into their respective position in the Village Studios section
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    Stephanie looks about 30 while axl looks like a grandma.
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    Yet 1) a lot of the material had been written prior to the UYI tour; 2) they had a lot to prove, make an Appetite follower etc.; 3) undoubtedly were pushed by producers and the likes; 4) NITL was supposed to be a reunion tour, so no surprises there regarding the lack of new music. Etc. All I’m saying is if Slash said they’d properly get to it only in the fall, there’s no reason not to believe him all of a sudden. When was the last time he's lied about making records with Guns? Also, given they’re not 25 anymore, have families, nothing to prove, and do solo stuff around, I can understand they’re taking their time. But folks constantly comparing it to the Chinese era are just plain wrong, that’s all.
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    However, in no way is the current relationship structure the same as it was in Axl’s former solo band with hired musicians. There’s no reason why Slash should participate if the environment was the same like it was during UYI. He could make money without Axl. Less, but still. It’s just different now.
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    Yes. I have my toy trucks ordered. Already have the boxset. Got my beach towel. Paid up as a member of the Nightrain. Think that all bootleggers should burn in hell. Best fan in the world I am.
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    Right. And thanks to the moron running our country at the moment, I think everyone's kinda becoming a minimalist here Yeah, Izzy seems to be a simple guy - I love that about him btw - but I'm not sure how much of a minimalist he is. I remember reading somewhere that he has a big guitar collection and that he buys old cars to repair them. And that skate he bought - I wonder if he got it to actually use it - I'm having a hard time picturing him rolling it
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    is that a joke ? all 30 band members they have had in the past 10 years keep telling us about the new album they are working on. the Curly Shuffle better be on it !
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    I mean, I also could become a millionare by this time next year, but I wouldn't count on it.
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    Ello Luv!! *rubs knees*
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    I agree with all of this. Even back in 2017 during NITL Slash was looking forward to getting back together with SMKC. I'm sure having A+ players is a factor as well. And Fitzy, yeah I think he's the best rock drummer around right now.
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    Absolutely, just post here when the netherworld gets a bit monotonous. 😄 Absolutely, just post here when the netherworld gets a bit monotonous. 😄
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    Not a lot going on here lately. I'm looking forward to the latest Prince re-issues on 09/13. I'm also waiting for Fluance to get the RT85 back in stock. I believe I've settled on that for my next turntable.
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    Meghan Markle and their Frogmere House or whatever it is called can fuck off.
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    I don't think there's enough demand for 4 different covers at Dollar Tree
  39. 1 point
    Imagine if you heard the last minute of Prostitute and that was your only context/reference for that song? Can't form a judgement based on 1 minute only.
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  41. 1 point
    Even Punk posted a crown image on his IG story
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    Well we all know how money hungry Team Brazil is and probably Axl, maybe there worried about with an album release wont get the "hearing" it deserves, since let's face it not too many people buy albums anymore, eventhough the album would be huge since it would be the 1st "real" GNR record with Slash n Duff in 28 years, but the success wont last for that long even with a tour. This idea may be shit but it's just a quick thought, I'd say drop a new single every or every other week, let's say 12 songs on a new album, 12 singles 12 weeks, the last single will also coincide with CD/ Vinyl release of the full album for people who actually want to have the album in there hands, while only the singles would be on iTunes, Spotify etc.. Typing this kinda makes no sense but it would possibly increase album sales, and get there singles #1 on the charts with a new song every week.
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    Release it in November on the same day as Shenmue III
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    First post, so I have no idea where to post it - but I'm a woman, so this seems suitable I've only watched a handful of UYI tour shots (full concerts), the ones I could get my hands on easily. Noticed that during band introductions Axl goes something like Gilby/Duff/Dizzy/Matt - and then there's a drum solo - did he introduce Slash at that time? I remember watching some (earlier? not sure) stuff where there's separate "half man, half beast" introduction, then guitar solo, but none of that in the stuff I've seen recently (except ocassional vid from usenet I'm watching them on YT, so they might be incomplete)
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    axl should've gone in this direction with collaborations with ice t nwa and public enemy no joke he's got flow
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    Axl probably wrote over 100 songs when he thought there was a chance of releasing new music with AC/DC.
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    Haven't listened to the video yet, but who do they cite as their source? In reference to your second point, Richard has talked about a follow up album since 08/09 and saying it will be "soon". God, this has brought back memories of 2004/2005 of everyone just going "soon"...! Couldn't agree more on this point. This is the thing that has always made me relatively ambivalent to material that clearly has Slash as the lead contributor. Always in a 4/4 time sig, and it's always verse/chorus/verse/chorus/bridge/solo/chorus. On the flip side, what has always attracted me to Axl's music is the pushing of the boundaries musically. The first time I heard Madagascar was in '04 with a live version from Rio 2001 from Limewire () and I remember my 14 year old self thinking "I've never heard anything like this before!"
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