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    Fortus played Nightrain with them tonight
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    Jesus. How big of an asshole do you have to be to waste your time scrubbing this site for videos to get removed on behalf of your fictional relationship with the band? Luckily, I have that entire solo on DVD along with an even better one on blu-ray from the same tour.
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    Reeeeealllly not a fan of the Muslims are you fella?
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    The new leader of UKIP is called Dick Braine! https://www.thelondoneconomic.com/lifestyle/dick-braine-elected-new-leader-of-ukip/10/08/
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    Because although some might have wanted him dead (apparently even people here), even powerful people, I am not sure it would be easy to do and if the risk of being caught would be worth it. On the other hand, he was suicidal (had attempted suicide before and had been placed on suicide watch) , hanged himself which is the most common way of prison suicide, in a prison system notorious for its suicide rate, and he ticked off many red flags for being likely to commit suicide (recently incarcerated, accused of pedophilia, a huge fall in power and social standing). Weighing this I conclude I find it likely it was just another prison suicide. I am not saying it is unthinkable that it was murder, just less likely. And just because it sounds like a movie script doesn't make it true.
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    And the people who do them are disposable and shouldn’t have healthcare?
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    If its Biden v Trump the US need to be put into foster care.
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    He says "hari kari"....the Japanese ritualistic suicide by slicing your guts open with a sword. This was probably meant as a reference to the Tokyo crowd, but chances are they couldn't understand his pronunciation. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Seppuku
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    Why do you think Walmart and Amazon pay people minimum wage, restrict their hours, and let the government subsidize their employees with health insurance/food stamps? Corporations are the biggest welfare queens
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    The timing of the reunion was perfect. Axl played Vegas shows and VR was finished. But I think they missed a great chance to point out 1 or 2 songs in 16/17... Crossed fingers for a new song soon...
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    No. Mentally speaking they were no where close to being ready. Axl still didn't release CD at that point. Slash didn't release his solo album either. Also Slash and Duff still had VR at that point. Additionally, Duff wasn't even speaking to Axl. Slash released his book in 2007, which caused further issues. You then had Slash dealing with his mother's death causing him to quit smoking. The infamous cancer comment by Axl right when Slash's mother was dying. All these things happened. If they had reunited in 06, it would have been a disaster for all parties involved. Like I said, I would have loved that the reunion happened sooner but each of them just wasn't there mentally. I analyze it from a logical standpoint rather than an emotional standpoint of being a fan, which brought me to the conclusion that they simply weren't ready.
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    You forgot to switch account man.
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    So in other words... Norwegian accuracy > American accuracy. Lol, you're shit at mass murders, the thing you're best known for 😂
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    Dear god and I thought sonic live action was nightmare fuel. Not even in my full gayness I can manage to like this, but thanks anyway.
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    Okay, now that Chewy's credentials are cleared up, let's keep discussion topic related.
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    Ok. I guess I owe you this. This is me: Doing surgeon stuff: I'm also an endoscopist (which also means colonoscopy) and gastroenterologist: I don't have any photos of me during a delivery, but this is what my C sections look like after I finish them: This is called intradermal suture. Women here like to compare their c section scars and they take pics of it. This particular pacient was so grateful she sent me the photo. Go figure. I had a great plastic surgery teacher in residency. He worked with reconstructive surgeries for multilated or burnt patients.
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    Again, can we keep the discussion related to the topic? Chewbacca can respond but let's end it at that.
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    Bill Clinton got in the Lolita Express and went to the pedo island numerous times, sometimes asking Secret Service not to accompany him. Prince Andrew was also mentioned to be in that pedo ring and abuse children. Donald Trump too. And yet I don't see much media covering that. There are pedophiles on both sides. Don't make it a partisan issue. Take them all down.
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    To be fair he was friends with a lot of guys from both sides
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    Child rape is legal in America as long as you have enough money Sickening
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    If you could see his eyes while talking about Myles and The Band you'd probably see some sparks. He's very, very excited. Great interview! Did you know that The One You Loved is Gone intro was meant to be the new Walking Dead opening music that was rejected?
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    Pretty sure that's his point, bud. (The left has used their liberties to buy bongs and dildos while the right has used their's to buy guns). Just a guess.
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    Me n Whiskey rose plan to be in again...
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    I don't want Axl to join SMKC for any songs. He needs to rehearse with his own band before guesting anywhere
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    I like that you're an equal opportunity offender.
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    I guess Axl doesn't want cause people will take it like competition between Axl and Myles.
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    I knew you’d find a way to move the conversation from Islam to Catholicism.
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    It may be, they're upset because fans wanted them to be a functional band and all they wanna do is milk the cow and eat squared pizzas.
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    About six weeks to go. Thank god, get the band back on the road.
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    To those who are going to Las Vegas, you willl not be disappointed. I think the band will do some different things. Have a great time. Please post reviews.
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    Pretty sure most of the folks trying to lower insurance rates are going after the price of medicines, healthcare costs themselves, which will in turn, eventually lower premiums. For example, if said pharmaceutical company charges $500 for a medicine that costs them $25 to make, an insurance company can negotiate that price down to $200, etc. Some already do that to an extent but from my understanding, they want it done more and across the board.
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    Fortus fits the band, wouldn't have him instead of Sidoris though Just the same attitude, why SMKC shows can be so fun and GNR not? And also Shane sounds better than Ferrer, what the hell. Maybe The Conspirators are simply surrounded by fantastic musicians?
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    The Replacements reunion and the Appetite for Democracy DVD are the two unsung heroes in the reunion saga. The former led to Duff joining the band for a couple of weeks and the latter required Slash to sign off on it, forcing lines of communication to open between the two camps.
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    I don't think they were mentally ready in 2006 nor 2009 to reunite, especially Axl. I think both Axl and Slash still had stuff to work on their own. It really seems to me that 2014 was the start where Axl was ready to reunite with Slash and bury the hatred. For Slash, he had to do his own solo record and then create another band with Myles to see what it was like to have creative control. I would have LOVED to have seen the reunion happen sooner, but it just seems to me that the timeline was right when it was supposed to happen.
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    I do not mourn this scumbag but it is a shame he was assassinated before all the info he knew could be used against the other scumbags.
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    You never really appreciate the legends until you see the new bands. New bands are great, don't get me wrong, but when I've seen someone like Axl or M. Shadows perform, it almost feels like a downgrade when I see a newer act who haven't hit their stride yet. And my girlfriend is getting into rock now, so I have to buy 2 tickets for most shows
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    I told my daughter that she just saw an amazing show for her first rock concert and she agreed, but really she doesn't understand how good of a show she really saw. She is only 9 and only has it to compare it to 2 pop concerts. She told me she liked the energy and how they interacted with the crowd. Now I am just scared I am going to have to afford another ticket when I go to these concerts now.
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    How can you say this line up has 0 creativity when you haven’t heard a single song from them yet? Gilby? Yeah, because he wrote so much material for GNR
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    I heard it the other day and still think it was re-recorded.. Maybe not all of it but some of it... Steven has said that isn't him on drums. To my ears some of if not all of the lead guitars are new. That just doesn't sound like 1980's Slash at all. And it does sound like 80's Axl but I think in the studio he could still do that today. He even managed to sound like old school Axl a few times during the NITL tour. This was one of his strongest songs of the tour so even more reason for me to believe he could pull it off in the studio. Also right before the solo he does the "eeeww" noise which I don't ever remember him doing back in the day.. It seems to be something he does more now like when they play Civil War and Slither live these days. He does that right before those solos. I have heard a handful of old SOYL demos and it was always sh na na na na or na na na na shadow of your love.. Not the d d d d d d shadow of your love like he does in that version and live. Never heard that til this version came out. The tempo is also slowed down from any version I have heard.. Hell even the background vocals seem like Duff is trying to be more of a "singer" than he would have back in the day. I could be wrong but my gut feeling is that they doctored the song up somewhat or entirely because it was going to be a single. Every time I hear it I am more convinced. I would almost put money on it.
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    Found this after falling down the youtube rabbit hole... it's so great hearing Steven play UYI songs.
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    How must it feel for Steven to cover the first hit song GNR had after he was fired?! (I know that the song was written during AFD years).
  48. 1 point
    "Are you listening to me, Mr. Security Man?" I know, I know.
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    Yes. And it will be promoted as homecoming show and/or last show of the NITL Tour. Cheapest ticket will be 5k $. Deluxe ticket will be 25k$. You will be allowed to clean the bathrooms GNR used after the show (no photos allowed though).
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    I don't like this Duff very much