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    Exactly, Ax and the S-man told me it pisses them off too...
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    My brother and I are seeing Gilby play tonight. Can't wait!
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    Ya know what grinds my gears? When people on here call Izzy “Iz”, as if you’re in the band, or he’s your buddy in real life and you’re shooting texts to each other, and you have him listed as “Iz” in your phone contacts....
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    Quit the crack. Matt and Gilby were hired members.. No GNR fan actually cared that Gilby got fired. You can not compare a band who is on drugs and boozed out of their mind to a band that actually knows what they are doing. the last shows of the UYI tour were very bloated and the band was in bad shape physically and mentally Fortus is there because Slash and Axl/Duff want him to be there. Slash even tried to steal 4tus from Axl in 2010 when he was playing in Thin Lizzy. Frank is there because Axl, Slash and Duff want him to be there.
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    So I couldn’t work out how to spell syphilis per my last post so I googled it on my phone. My google account on my phone is linked to my computer at home and I’m on a tram right now into Manchester. I just received a text from the wife asking why I’m googling sexually transmitted diseases. I think she was actually more disappointed in me when I told her it was a mygnr thing than she would have been if I told her that I actually had cockrot and that her nose was about to drop off.
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    Why does every thread turn into a discussion about Izzy, or past members...
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    Well, some good news, folks (seemed to me). Recently I stuck into an extended Chicago 92' Pro Shot footage. Don't know whether it's a rarity for now or everybody already has it, but I know that there was an issue about Paradise City cutting off just after (during) Slash's solo or even earlier. At a newly discovered Pro-Shot it lasts for two verses more - better than nothing. To avoid legal disputes, I would rather share a link via personal message, so you're welcome. Also, could provide a full Houston 2016 gig from that great front row angle, separate footage from which was deleted earlier this year. Update: this Chicago 92' Pro-Shot was indeed circulated before, so probably you've seen it, BUT it is still the longest and also is not an easiest one to find as it was widely deleted by now, so it is worth seeing anyway.
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    Going to see Adler on Fri Aug. 16th in Kansas city. Should be fun. Seen him about 7 years ago in Dallas. After the show him and the band came out to see everyone. Talked with fans and signed stuff. Even got my pic with him! Hopefully this is what he still does.
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    Absolutely, I don't think Axl has ever denied it. I can picture him watching the Monkees as a kid and grooving to that dance.😄
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    Saw a documentary the other day about Davy Jones of the Monkees and he said "Justin Bieber stole my haircut and Axl Rose stole my dance." Funny stuff.
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    I love Matt in the pic. he is posing for a different camera. lol
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    Yeah I think they are just fine...the two were just seen in a pic together.
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    They even played together for GNR's HOF induction, it's not like they've cut ties.
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    I'm not sure how burning homosexuals will help but interesting hobby nonetheless!
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    The man with the new Corvette.
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    I find it kinda weird how often and how much both Slash and Duff put Axl's vocals over on the tour when they're the poor fuckers who have to listen to every note of every song in perfect clarity in their ear monitors every night.
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    Axl had started working on an autobiography with Del James in 1992, in the form of interviews. Then it developed into an official band biography that was scheduled to be released some time in 1994, but, like many other things that were planned for that year, never happened. It would be interesting if that material could be released today, either as an Axl autobiography or as a band biography, with the addition of a narration that would give context to the interviews; and maybe of what Axl/the band members think now of what they said then. I think it would be a good concept for a book. I wonder if Axl continued doing interviews with Del through the years for the purpose of a book.
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    Obnoxious with a bunch of flaps? There's got to be a joke about feminism in there somewhere?
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    Reading now. Duff saying that Axl has an amazing memory for detail makes me wish even more that Axl would write a book and tell his side of the story. It'd be the most accurate account of GNR history, IMO.
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    What rhythm section does during Slash's solo (after introducing) is unbelievable. Changing the groove like 4 times
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    The extraordinarily weird Mike Patton-led band Mr. Bungle are back! They just announced their first shows in nearly 20 years, and they’ll be performing their chaotic, hardcore-tinged 1986 demo The Raging Wrath Of The Easter Bunny at these shows, which will mark the first time these songs have been played live in over 30 years. Original members Mike Patton, Trevor Dunn, and Trey Spruance are all on board for the shows, and their lineup will very impressively be rounded out by Anthrax’s Scott Ian and former Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo (who also plays with Patton in Dead Cross and played with Patton and Dunn in Fantomas), both of whose classic bands were clear influences on Mr. Bungle in the thrashy Easter Bunny era, as Mike, Trevor, and Trey acknowledged while discussing these upcoming shows. See quotes from them — as well as Scott Ian and Dave Lombardo — below. The shows happen in February 2020 at LA’s Fonda Theatre on 2/7, San Francisco’s Warfield Theatre on 2/8, and NYC’s Brooklyn Steel on 2/10. They say these are the only three cities they’re playing, and support bands TBA. Tickets go on sale Friday (8/16) at 10 AM local time with an artist presale starting Thursday (8/15) at 10 AM local. Presale password = SHADE. Here are the quotes on these shows from all five members of the band: “Ever since Trevor hatched The Raging Wrath of the Easter Bunny v.2 idea a few years back, Patton, Lombardo, he and I had each been incubating some idea of that egg. Lombardo called me one day and asked me to make some guitar demos so he could learn the songs. He had this generous idea to surprise the other guys with being totally ready to go with the tunes. It just so happened that I was in Eureka at the time. So, I found myself re-visiting all of those riffs in the same goddamned town and in the same goddamned house where I recorded all the original guitars on that demo 33 years earlier. There was something about actually physically working out the mania of those riffs again at DAVE LOMBARDO’S request, in that environment — it just split my head open. It wasn’t long before the train of destiny had picked up too much speed for any of us to jump off.” – Trey Spruance “When we recorded that demo, we were 16 and 17 years old and we were absolutely serious about the music. At the time, we were living the deluge of ’80s metal and absorbing every riff and every drum fill from every known band from Denmark to San Francisco. The recording and playing were amateurish (save for Trey’s video-game-solos) but the schooled composition and spirit were solid. I always felt like this music held its own and deserved to be presented in a clearer and more defined package even if it meant being 33 years later.” – Trevor Dunn “I remember writing riffs for this cassette in my parent’s garage, with no heat, so I recorded in a sleeping bag for analog warmth, playing a one-stringed acoustic guitar that was piped into a ghetto blaster. Thank god I had Trevor and Trey to help decipher my rotten riffs into something intelligible!” – Mike Patton “When Mike hit me up about this my brain thought he was asking me if I wanted to come to a show, him knowing I am a HUGE Bungle fan. When I realized he actually meant for me to play guitar with them it broke my brain, I was a giggly drooling mess. Somehow I pecked out Y E S on my keyboard and holy crap I’m playing in Mr. Bungle. Seriously, it’s an honor and a privilege to get to play with my favorite ‘Mr.’ band of all time.” – Scott Ian “I don’t know what was in the water in Eureka California, but it certainly wasn’t clean. This is going to be a ridiculously, insane band to play with and I am honored to have been asked to join the wrath.” – Dave Lombardo The idea that Dunn, Patton and Spruance will be joined by their early musical heroes is not lost on the musicians: “They are a significant percentage of ‘The Big Four’, all of which had a major impact on us. Aside from their obvious skills and –for crying out loud, INVENTION of this genre– there’s nothing like being in a band with those whom which you have rapport. If we are going back to the source with this stuff we might as well go ALL THE WAY back.” – Trevor Dunn “To have Scott and Dave with us on this suicide mission is more than an honor. THEY are a big part of the reason we wrote this stuff in the first place, and to realize it 30+ years later with these maestros is an absolute miracle… we can finally play this teenage nonsense correctly! A total catharsis for us. “ – Mike Patton “At our very first show, at the Bayside Grange Hall, Nov. 30, 1985, we played Slayer’s ‘Chemical Warfare’ and a S.O.D. cover. I mean, are you kidding?? We WORSHIPPED those guys! And now they’re gonna PLAY in our band?” – Trey Spruance February 6 - Fonda Theatre, Los Angeles, CA February 7 - Fond Theatre, Los Angeles, CA February 8 - The Warfield, San Francisco, CA February 10 - Brooklyn Steel, Brooklyn, NY February 11 - Brooklyn Steel, Brooklyn, NY February 13 - The Warfield, San Francisco, CA I managed to get one ticket to night 2 in NY, but I also need to find a ticket for my girlfriend. To StubHub it is I guess
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    Not sure about that. Some might argue that putting a bicycle on the cover is very political. Because riding a bike instead of driving a car makes you a dirty commie.
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    Thats great about Kenobi! You predicted it would morph into a tv show a while back iirc! This GOT guys business is a little wonky. "The Hollywood Reporter just released a new piece analyzing Benioff and Weiss' Netflix deal and the soundness of the streamer's investment in the showrunners, who were relatively unknown before Game of Thrones exploded into the most popular show in the world, and tucked inside the report is a little bit of information on their Star Wars trajectory. According to THR's report, Benioff and Weiss are now "writing a treatment" for a trilogy of Star Wars films, with a commitment to script "at least one of the films" themselves. That's interesting, because the original plan was that Benioff and Weiss would take screenplay duties on all three of their Star Wars films, and THR also notes that it's currently "unclear" whether they'll take on anything but writing duties." It better not be Johnson directing!!! And the lack of cohesion between the 7 & 8 is down to different chefs in the kitchen. Well, at least they will write a treatment for the entire trilogy. But from what I've heard Abrams had written a treatment for the sequels too? Would prefer the same people emerge themselves in the trilogy and see it all the way through.
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    Moth Into Flame is one of the best on the album imo, along with Atlas and Confusion. Hardwired is a cool track, not that fussed on Revenge.
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    Got tickets for the Friday LA show. Cant wait. Love that Scott Ian is gonna be part of the band. Now we just need some Fantomas and Tomahawk shows.
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    If it was good enough for Adolf ....
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    Aww, Luke. Thats the nicest things anyones ever said about us! Im gonna sing that in place of the french section of the national anthem
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    Or do it like Bruce Dickinson, who left all the women, drugs and children out of his book. Which to me, as a huge Iron Maiden fan, made it kinda boring and was like 'lets read 250 pages about Bruce and all his hobbies'. Definitely interesting at times and there's insight into how Maiden is run to some extent, but other than that; probably the most boring official autobiography by a member of huge rock/metal band.
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    I'm passing on the leather jacket at the moment in case some vegan throws milkshake or acid in my face. Farkin vegans.
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    Same, I wish they had come back around my area again.
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    Check out the lyrics.
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    Personal favourite of mine from Nancy Vandal. Pretty sure it's about Axl Rose.....
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    Anyone know if Pitman is on the new Tool album?
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    Will he be the first committed?
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    Well it seems to me many adults have fallen into a modern version of a millenarian cult. “The world is doomed unless we purify ourselves! Repent now, sinners!” That’s where you usually see people paying attention to child prophets.
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    I've always been certain King Nothing by Metallica is about Axl.
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    It's not really from someone in the band, but apparently the Skid Row song "Wasted Time" is about Adler's heroin addiction.
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    Great songs!! This is my favorite GNR member solo album.
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    Axl told some stories between songs during NITL. I had posted this little collection in an old thread. I don't know if the videos of those shows are still up. When we recorded that song [Don't Cry] originally, we were driving the engineer nuts in Hollywood, and Steven wanted more high hat. And finally the guy cracked and he pulled a gun on us. Unlike Ryan Lochte and his gun, our gun was real. [Sao Paulo, Brazil, November 11, 2016] I heard that in the Cheap Trick song that says "they are out to get you". Yet, when this was in our song, I was the paranoid fucker. But you know, I didn't write it; that was the only line I didn't write in that song, "out ta get me". That was Izzy's [Lisbon, Portugal, June 2, 2017] The person I wrote that song [This I Love] for, said, "Thank you for the gift of your soul". Well, it took a while but I got that fucker back. [Copenhagen, Denmark, June 27, 2017] I wanna introduce the band, but before I do that ,I want to share a little piece of trivia on the song Coma. When we recorded that song, when we recorded Use Your Illusions, everybody was involved in different parts of writing it, but only one person came down, once, to help with the vocals. And that was the help with one word. Slash came down to make sure I got the word "Goddammit!" right. Just sharing that with you. It was very, very, very important to him that I got the right pronunciation and the right inflection on the word "Goddammit". Just sharing. [Buffalo, NY, USA, August 16, 2017] I remember when we wrote that Used To Love Her song. It really, really wasn't about misogyny or anything. It was just that - there was another band in town, and they had written a song. And Izzy and I were sitting around, and it was all about how a woman kicked the guy's ass. And we were like, "Wow, what a bunch of pussies!" [Hartford, CT, USA, October 23, 2017]. Probably there were more. There was also that story about the gun in Canada. And he talked constantly during KOHD.
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    Last night was amazing! here is what I filmed for you:
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    I can't believe the tour is almost over. I wish they would go on for another year...
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