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    If GN'R exist in a nostalgic bubble, whose fault is that? Their setlists are Appetite-centric. Rose dresses like an early 1990s teenager. They market everything with skeletons. Guns N' Roses simply never matured as a group. Rose tried to, with the newgnr ''freaks'' era, but ultimately reverted to heavy nostalgia.
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    You probably know Bobbie Jean Brown from Warrant's Cherry Pie video and being the ex-wife of the late Jani Lane. And she's totally cool with that. But now with penning her second book and a flourishing stand-up career, she's here to show how much more to her there is. Bobbie discusses her new book "Cherry on Top: Flirty, Forty-Something, and Funny as F**k" while reflecting on untold stories about Guns N' Roses and how she feels today about her late ex-husband's journey. Special co-host is journalist Matt Wake, who writes for AL.com and has had articles published in Rolling Stone and Billboard Magazine iHeartRadio --> https://ihr.fm/2HilxAq Spreaker --> https://bit.ly/2Hm71rr SoundCloud --> https://bit.ly/2TRFAuw Stitcher --> https://bit.ly/2HnXGhC Castbox --> https://bit.ly/2zdjitO Google Play --> https://bit.ly/2zbekhg
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    I agree, but not all songs are popular because they're good. There's a lot of shit songs that are very popular and there's a lot of great songs that aren't.
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    Interesting information about the lady named Tracy who was Erin and Bobbie’s friend but also Axl’s who still talks to him every day - would be great if she did appear on the podcast but highly unlikely seeing as she’s so close to Axl.
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    Because he makes the world more unsafe through weakening bonds to previous allies like NATO and European countries, and by unnecessarily increasing tensions with other countries like Iran and China; and because he makes the world more polluted and warmer through retreating from the Paris Treaty and generally disagreeing with the scientific consensus on global warming; because he enables and supports regimes and countries that are violating human rights, like being buddies with Kim Jong-un and Putin and not pressuring countries like Saudi Arabia; and because he erodes the fundamental pillars of democracy through constantly attacking the free press and trying to pressure the justice system; and because he is a racist, molesting piece of garbage not fit to be a leader of anything?
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    I don’t think any of the GNR fans who became turned on to the band through CD did so because of the raw sexual magnetism of Axl’s pot belly and the pin-up status of Buckethead and Tommy Stinson.
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    I agree. Worship Music by Anthrax (Album number 11) is one of my all time favourite albums! I hate this idea that once people/bands become older they have nothing more to offer.
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    Is it common for you to have your big toe up some bloke's bum?
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    I really struggle to understand why people think that older vands shouldnt release any new music because it will not holdup against their older stuff. Metallica like releasing new music because in their words, they still after all these years love the creative process. And this stage in their careers they have nothing to prove. Just 4 guys getting together to release new music they can be proud of and tour. They arnt concerned about bettering their past or having a number 1 album. Maiden are exactly the same. Hell even slash still enjoys the music making process and touring. If anything gnr should feel relaxed that whatever they release they feel proud about abd feel a certain excitement of making people wanting to hear it. I think they probably feel at ease that hopefully they dont have to better their earlier work because with AFD they never will. Most bands love the creative process of making albums, but for gnr its always been an issue. It would make sense for the band to release an ep to test the waters but i think axl is an all or nothing person, that is full album.
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    You're missing out on some GREAT music by choosing not to listen to later material by bands. You really haven't heard A Different King Of Truth by Halen? I've been enjoying that album for 7 years. It's a GREAT Van Halen album. The Stones have a single called Doom & Gloom that kicks ten kinds of us. Also, their Lonesome & Blue album was great. I could go on and on. There's tons of great music from artists in their later stages of their careers.
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    I get your point...BUT I must say I really like Sebastian Bach's solo albums, Metallica´s Hardwired for me it´s great; some of Megadeth last albums as well... I guess they release music just for the artist legacy...I believe Axl has something more to give to music and fans of course. I bet he doesnt feel artistically accomplished. That's what i can sense from the China Exchange for instance. I hope Slash and Duff give him more confidence and we get to hear something more from this one of a kind artists.
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    Just finished listening. She reminds me of myself, southern girl, no filter, says what she thinks. Will be buying her 2nd book. I almost volunteered to cohost, but chickened out...probably a good thing, have a feeling we might still be talking if I had. 🤣 Loved her GNR story.
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    For the most part I’m with you. Save for those few gems who are celebrities because of their impressive brains. Like Chomsky or Atwood. Dr King and Buffy St Marie. Kaepernick and de la Rocha!! but yeah, like holiwood and such is so vapid and disconnected.
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    Then, really, from a GnR perspective, is it worth it? To just become like...common so to speak? With the flipside of that being that, substantially speaking, no-fuckin'-body was turned onto GnR through CD Like 1% of the audience maybe, the vast majority, the vaaaaast fuckin' majority weren't goin' out buying tickets cuz of fuckin' CD and Chris Pittman and them
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    anyone who says its just gonna be straight rock is mistaken its gonna be a evolution from CD as CD was from UYI and UYI was from AFD GNR is not ACDC or the stones they need to evolve they cant be doing the same thing over and over but ACDC is damn good at it and definitly are the masters ast taking something thats already been done and finding new and exciting ways to make it there own GNR needs to be a band that evolves musically
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    there are so many contracts and under contracts in GNR world - it is not even close to sanity. For all I know Axl owns something, Slash in all this time including the years he was out, ownes merch and logo rights, Duff owns something and belive it or not, despite him leaving and selling his share - I think even Iz owns to this day rights to something. Then there are things 'partnership' owns rights to...it is a mess. not sure which sicko went into all this but no band in the world functions on the basis on so many micro contracts, It was absolutely ment to burst even if Axl was in perfect mental state.
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    Alternative Irish Border arrangements, trusted-trader scheme, satellite navigation and Mobile inspection, discussed here, https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-northern-ireland-48884436 The EU then are speaking utter bollocks when they state the British none proposal of ''realistic alternatives'' (Tusk). He didn't if you watch the whole video. It is a fraction of a second still, part of a joke at Macron's behest, But now remainer fodder.
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    Hard wired is so good tho. And i disagree, respectfully.
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    I kind of get your point - more so for fair weather fans. They will likely lean towards what’s popular etc however the ‘hardcore’ fans will take it all in and will spend the time to really appreciate/listen to new music on its own merits. Hardwired is a good example - a few duffers but the high points are some of their best material for decades. Their catalogue is better for having it. If the material ends up as strong as Hardschool appears to be - they have nothing to worry about. Personally, I want it all - every single song that’s been recorded - lets the fans decide what’s worthy of standing along the classics.
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    Hardwired kicked ass, stop being a negative nancy.
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    I really wanted this movie to start with Maverick flying a cargo plane full of rubber dog shit out of Hong Kong!!!! Sarkari Result Pnr Status 192.168.l.l
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    In his defence he did once punch Piers Morgan.
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    From 1996 at the red hot chilli peppers concert backstage really rare
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    Don't be calling my mate Pete a pedo or I'll come down to Aylesbury and kick you in the bollocks
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    I do like this post-Moon song,
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    I don't agree, especially with music thats marketed as youth music, as things like GnR were. Its not that these things, these stereotypes are un-escapable, its just you have to work your way out of them. And work ain't GnRs strong point
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    Maybe that they can last the distance of being able to work creatively together. Though i agree with your comment, to release an album already....weve waited long enough.
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    Good rock music has a sexuality and physicality that people lose touch with as they age. I think metal is actually more forgiving for older musicians from a look and feel prospective.
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    Thanks @marlingrl03yes, now i can see too 👍
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    I'd forgotten just how much that Architect scene smacked of a film that thought it was cleverer than it actually was. The first Matrix was phenomenal... I have no idea if you can ever really follow it up. It's kinda like Jaws... I wonder if you assembled the most talented cast, crew and writing team known to cinematography, if they'd still struggle to make a sequel to that film that lived up to the first one.
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    Aerosmith released Pump and Get A Grip almost 20 years into their career and they are 2 of their best and most successfull albums. I wouldn't put it behind GNR to release something close to that in greatness, they're pretty much the same genre too. Depends on what direction Axl will steer the music and if it will be a mess, largely anyways IMO.
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    Neil Young recorded Le Noise when he was about 62 and it is a masterpiece or a near masterpiece.
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    Post of the year so far!
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    This is really depressing to read. Not just in GNR context, in general. I have no opinion, but I hope you're wrong.
  39. 1 point
    I've also got an interview tomorrow - let's hope we're both in luck.
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    A lot of good songs on the last three Stones albums, ''Saint of Me'', ''Out of Control'', ''Thru and Thru'', ''The Worst''.
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    I'll just add my take.....When the "Not In This Lifetime" reunion first happened a few years ago, I was eager for the band to begin working on a new album. But, after taking time to view everything, I really don't think a new musical release is necessary at all. Why? Just look at pop cultural musical history, even taking rock music specifically. I really can't recall an album release by an established band in their "latter" years that's a stand out, go to, or album even listened to more than a couple of times. For Instance, I'm sure if someone pulls a Metallica album to listen to, "Hard Wired to Self Destruct" isn't going to be the first choice that comes to mind. Aerosmith, do you really pull up "Just Push Play" or "Music From Another Dimension" to listen through that often? Motley Crue's "Saints of Los Angeles" anybody still have that on rotation regularly? Even, The Eagles....a lot of people don't even realize they released an album of new material in 2007 (Long Road Out of Eden). Van Halen..."A Different Kind of Truth" in 2012, don't actually think I've heard a single note off that one in all honesty. Anything stand out to you from The Rolling Stones? My point is....sometimes it's best to let things be. The majority of the time, we have high hopes for something new from an artist, but end up disappointed in the end. I think it is because most established acts are past their creative peaks, and have settled into an easier lifestyle later in life, after being successful. I know there is a buzz right now for a new Tool release in the next week or so. I know there was a single released, but I've really just heard a small portion of it. Looking into things, the band hasn't released anything in 13 years, and have moved into their late 40s-early 50s, but a lot of die hard fans want new music. There's only 7 songs on the main track listing, and the album is put at over 80 minutes in length. For 13 years, and only 7 songs, I can already guess, day of release you'll hear some of the same die hard fans criticizing as to how this is the band's weakest release, or biggest disappointment, and it could not be that bad at all...but too high of hopes will be placed on it just from the gap between albums. I fear the same thing would happen with GnR. Myself, since it isn't the original AFD lineup, or even Gilby or Sorrum in the mix for that matter, just let things be as they are. If nothing new is ever added to the band's catalog, I'm fine with the great material that we already have.
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    Current performance members. I like that. That is a better term. The last 3 post, well said .
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    Axl/Slash/Duff (Current Biz & Performance Members)* Dizzy/Richard/Frank/Melissa (Current Performance Members) Steven/Izzy (ex Biz & Performance Members) Everyone else (Ex Performance Members) Ultimately, everyone a “Member” of some rank. FWIW- the Appetite For Democracy bd /dvd booklet has a “Guns N’ Roses is” page with all the members at that time (Dj, Bumble, Tommy, etc.) listed... *Even if Slash and Duff are “hired” into Axl’s “Guns N’ Roses” (no idea if true)- I assume they still have very lucrative Partnership relationship relative to classic merch/etc. they always had, plus a negotiated share of the increased gate, etc.
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    The five people tattooed on Axl hand. Plus S. Bach (I think he's been with GnR longer than anybody else even Axl).
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    I actually managed to get a copy printed into a book (there's printing companies that can do that kind of thing for you), it's awesome, and a damn sight better than most published ones. It's so good that a (very heavily edited) 20 page version was given away as a supplement in Classic Rock Magazine when the album was released.
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