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    Did your friends graduate from music snobbery university with an advanced degree?
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    I think it was very telling during the 08 Axl chats on the forum that 90% of what he wanted to talk about was Slash and original Guns. He'd just released his magnum opus with his new band and yet he was still obviously hung up on what went down with the Slash/Duff/Izzy etc. To me, this says he had never fulled moved on, at least not emotionally. He never spoke about Bucket or Finck or Ron with one tenth of the passion he would exert when discussing Slash. And don't forget, even hatred is an indicator of passion and often there's a fine line between love and hate. In hindsight, I think he talked a big talk, but at that time, he had to give a firm and definate "never" when it came to reunion talk, or else he would never hear the end of it.
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    I tried casually using the phrase “hard school” in conversation and the other person looked at me like I had two heads
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    I have played them to my whole village. Everyone has been changed by it
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    this thread is the wrong way around. Central get all their info from here.
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    question: are you trying to be a fuckin' douchebag? not saying you are, it's for research purposes.
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    Right, they leak a 20 year old demo of Axl with some random people, to drum up publicity for the current tour featuring Duff and Slash. Seriously?? You believe that?
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    Could be recording for the next season of looney tunes. Rock the Rock part 2 coming soon. *I do not give alternative nation or gnr central my permission to use this post as a news source*
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    Can we please stop making threads about rumors being spread from that bullshit site? This is alt. Nation 2.0
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    "What a pathetic display of the rock and/or roll. Now if you'll excuse me, I must get back to enjoying Mozart's Leck mich im Arsch."
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    The half ass reunion sucks. Axl was way better and entertaining during his fuck the world era. That Axl would have never considered a reunion. He now must be on happy meds.
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    My favorite DJ Ashba performance is when he quietly sat and stared at Axl during the Eddie Trunk interview
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    Mark it down as 3 users sending me PMs asking for links now. Seriously though, what is wrong with people?
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    Druids come out with ignited 2x4’s awaiting your entrance with bag and ghetto blaster. 10 seconds touched and changed lives forever. 9 months from now there will be a baby boom. The numbers will be in their thousands and for every 10 babies, 6 will be called Atlas Tobias.
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    this is crazy how desperate we are, Axl Rose look what you have done to us, the withdrawal is going to be tough
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    In this example (not related to sports) it seems it has the meaning of "school of hard knocks" as in hard school of life:
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    NEW! Ep. 142 - Steve Stevens talks Deadland Ritual, Billy Idol, and Michael Jackson Steve Stevens may be most known as Billy Idol's guitarist, but his full resume is Hall of Fame worthy. Steve joins us to discuss his new band Deadland Ritual, featuring Matt Sorum, Geezer Butler, and Franky Perez. We then get to the bottom of if he and Billy Idol were original members of the Neurotic Outsiders with Sorum and Duff McKagan. Steve also chats about if he'll play the new Top Gun theme, working with Michael Jackson, and more! After the interview in "Shotgun News" we discuss the new GNR leak, a song called Hard School. iHeartRadio --> https://ihr.fm/2MEipDr Spreaker --> https://bit.ly/2MDCHg9 SoundCloud --> https://bit.ly/2LbdxCq iTunes --> https://apple.co/33VArXf Stitcher --> https://bit.ly/2HnXGhC
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    Uhm, I don't think Slash will have a problem doing a better outro than Bucketfoot(we even sure who's in between the 2 playing here?) on this one. It could be a melodic solo or a fast pentatonic noodling. I'm pretty sure Slash can make it sound better.
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    IMO an EP would be a bit of a let down compared to a full album but if it tides us over for an album of new material then I’ll take what we can get just now. Tbh an EP would probably fit in with the way the band works nowadays Fans want a reunion - we end up with half a reunion Fans want new songs - we’ll end up with up with half worked CD era songs. Fans want a full album - we’ll end up with half an album
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    I heard a rumour that Axl quit and Chris Pittman is taking over vocal duties.
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    Axl is only there to preform a staff search on Carams locker...
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    I enjoyed the reunion shows I saw, but it doesn't seem organic. I get the "business" aspect of things, which I'm sure led to the reunion in the first place. I'm sure these guys made more in the NITL tour than they did in the previous ten years of their lives. There was a genuine excitement to the era before that. The element of the unknown, the leaks, the waiting game, all of that stuff just seemed fun in comparison to the cookie cutter, forced "reunion." To each their own, I guess. I had better times with the Bumble/Bucket and Finck lineup than I did with this one. I for one had no interest in Appetite remasters or box sets. However, if you released a box set of unreleased material between TSI and Chinese, I'd throw down cash on that.
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    Hes obviously working on the finishing touches of Hard School to release in time for the 21st anniversary of beginning to work on CD
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    That's true, when I heard the intro to Scraped I was thinking it would take me to a good song
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    I don't personally think he was that awful, but do agree with the last part. That entire era was a bit of a mess. Mostly because of Axl himself. I think it yielded some of the most embarrassing Guns performances of all time. Given Axl's performances, you have to wonder if the musicians around him even gave a crap. the 2006 era was a wasted opportunity. The band was a machine, and Axl was on fire.
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    Hoo boy, where to begin? In short, he was just awful in every way imaginable and represents the worst, most creatively bankrupt, era in GNR history. That’s all I got.
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    Had a moment of panic when I thought I'd lost the links to the gifs I made, but looks like they're still on my Imgur account: And I agree with @seely; in 2010 he wasn't that bad (apart from butchering the TIL solo). He kept things simple, and got the crowd engaged. But once ASHBASWAGTM took over, and he started trying to do... something with the Patience outro solo, yeah, I wasn't a fan any more. Anyway, best of luck to him in his new ventures.
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    We live in a universe where Scraped, If The World, and Riad N' The Bedoins made it onto Chinese Democracy instead of this song. What the fuck was Axl thinking?
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    A YouTuber I quite like posted an analysis video of the trailer so I thought I'd post it in here for those interested https://youtu.be/dcDZ67rHxgI
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    Wait, when were you considered good?
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    This false claim was already given the proper amount of attention it deserved in the Unofficial Social Media Thread.
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    @RussTCB Clickbait thread title regarding a clickbait source aka GNR Central. @mikeman5150 can you post the email @sidman69 sent you making this claim?
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    If you had to reduce the consumption then it wasn't doing any good on you and if does not good on you, it is bad........ ahre Thanks No. What? I thought he had gone to Law school or Business school and got a degree, didn't he? LOL, nope, I don't read anything unrelated. Always the Germans in my life and the French Maybe Duff is interested on that...... but..... uhh... I don't think so, he's Capitalist to the max Edit: * Current Readings * "The painter of modern life" by Charles Baudelaire "Transforming Technology" by [Canadian philosopher] Andrew Feenberg
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    Not that it's remotely likely to have happened, but could you guys imagine if the full version didn't leak, and instead they played it at the next gig? They start off with the intro... oh great, another jam... but then the notes start to become more familiar... could it be?... then that crescendo... then BAM! "All cautions made..." What a fucking moment that would have been.