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    Anyone else totally not bothered about 1min clips? Full song or GTFO for me.
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    In the beginning, sure, but after having heard it for the umpteenth time it stops being individual short clips of separate songs and blends into one song. One song with admittedly weird stops here and there and that in the beginning feels a bit disjointed and with cut off lyrics, but that is just temporary. Listen to it a bit more and you warm to it through the sheer power of familiarity. It becomes right. It becomes the platonic ideal of the song to which everything else will be measured against. Weird but cool. The lyrics doesn't make much sense but surely are about Slash. And then, when you hear the full versions of the original songs you will say that you are disappointed and that the new parts aren't living up to your expectations and that it was almost better when you only had this one minute. That the full version comes across as too cliché with their consistent melody and lyrics that seem to be interconnected. Not GN'R at all.
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    Interview with Matt Sorum published in Belgrade-based Yugoslavian rock magazine Rock Express in in mid-1998. Just a note. There is little confusion in the first answer. We are in Eastern Europe, but since 1948. we have not been part of the Eastern bloc and have never been part of the Soviet Union Exclusive Interview: Matt Sorum, Guns N'Roses drummer It's time to reunite Matt adores fast cars , sun, sea, tattoo , pinball machines and of course, girls . And they adore him - and as he may not, he is famous and rich and as he says himself, he and Tommy Lee are "brothers in arms"! In every band there is a frontman whom they identify with the band itself (singer or guitarist) and those unjustly neglected "background players" - bassist and drummer. In a big band like Guns N'Roses there seems to be room for all the members, but rarely anyone paying attention to Matt or Duff - desperately few interviews, on posters always in the background ... but the drummer and bass player are two titanium figures who usually stand between a melancholy or again-aggressive guitarist and a narcissistic singer. They give a rhythm to the band, give a foundation around which a distinctive sound is formed ... and in the end they remain neglected again. Except for Rock Express, which in this issue gives you an exclusive interview with Matt Sorum, drummer for Guns N'Roses. The condition for the interview was: no questions about G'n'R's future because Matt has only one answer - I don't know. It's been a while since your last public appearance, including working with GnR. Tell me, what did you miss most during that period? Well, it wasn't that much of a break, I did a little bit of everything, occasionally playing with others, working on my project, playing with Slash on his first solo album It's Five O'Clock Somewhere, and then played a part of his then tour of the Snakepit band, it's not like I was sitting and lounging all the time (laughs), but there was no particularly hard work. I don't know myself either. I think I miss touring the most. We went through the whole world and it was a really big moment in my life, playing in front of so many people, in so many different places. It can hardly be described, it needs to be experienced. I'm just sorry we never played in Russia because, as I understand it, GnR have a lot of fans here as well and I would like to see how audiences from the Eastern Bloc react. Now, of course, a lot has changed in Russia and I do not believe that the reaction of the audience in 1998 would be the same as if we had played in 1990. Admittedly, we played near Russia, Hungary and the Czech Republic. Israel and South America made the biggest impression on me. How many cities have you played in? If I'm not mistaken, 175 cities. And with just as many different reactions and emotions, each has something special and it cannot be forgotten. I love touring, touring is what I need, to be on the go. I love endless trips, transitions from hotel to hotel, new countries, new faces. I love this kind of life because it does not allow relaxation and man finds a lot of pleasure there, you are constantly on the move and there is always something new happening to you. The feeling that you can see the whole world with your own eyes is amazing, meeting new people ... and of course new girls (laughs) I think I was the only one working with G'n'R and could get to know the world so well. Yes, girls. Speaking of girls, how are you? In the third! (laughs) Happily divorced (laughs) A hobby? I collect sports cars. I have a Porsche, some old corvettes. I recently started collecting corvettes and dreaming of buying a Cobra one day, an old and very rare model. An expensive hobby. An expensive hobby, but I can afford it and as I said, I want to get the most out of my life. We have sold over 60 million records so I don't think how much money I have. Millions (laughs). But girls are my real hobby (laughs). I try to live life as much as possible, I love to travel, I love the sun and I try to be where it is as much as possible. In short, I enjoy life and strive to maximize my pleasure. My second hobby is pinball, I started playing pinball when Slash gave me a G'n'R pinball pin that he designed. He is really a fanatic and he invented a bunch of video games and pinball machines. In the G'n'R pinball player receives a bonus of 6 balls, as many musicians, and each bears one's name. The object of the game is to use as many of these bonus balls as possible. When you throw a ball where it belongs, the name that the ball bears appears on the screen. Of course, during that time, the music, Paradise City, came out of the pinball machine. No wonder all the big rock bands have their pinball machines. I was gifted this Slash pinball machine for my birthday. He is really a fanatic, he has about 20 pinball machines in the house, he goes crazy for them, he plays all day. Your greatest pleasure is the sun, not the music!?! No, it is my greatest pleasure to do what I love, to play rock in a good band, and to have someone listen to me. And the rest is already coming in itself. And it doesn't matter how much money I have, it is a personal pleasure for me to play the deadline and I can't imagine myself sitting and playing. Before leaving, I was invited to play in a small club, and you can't call it work for money, for if you compare the money I have made with G'n'R so far and that I could get a gig in clubs - it's hard yes a club can be a source of some colossal revenue but i still went and played at that club because i love to do it. Since 1989, problems with drugs and alcohol have begun, the band is increasingly filling the columns of the yellow press, scandals are being resolved. Adler left the band because he couldn't "get off". How did you get over it? Yes, G'n'R have had a lot of drug problems and from the earliest days, we started when we were 20 years old. It seems like an epidemic, everyone was doing it, or drugs or alcohol, or both. Maybe it all started with Led Zeppelin - Sex, drugs and R'n'R, maybe it didn't, but rock and narcotics always went hand in hand and we clashed with it, it was fashion. But now, from a distance, we look at it all differently. When I got undressed and a year passed - and that is a long time - without the use of narcotics, I was very proud of myself for having endured so much and for realizing I could do without them. And I started to feel much, much better without them. While using narcotics, I thought that by doing so I could feel better, that I would be able to solve all problems so easily, and that, for example, I could recover and gather new energy. but in the morning when you wake up you see that the problems have not only disappeared but new ones have appeared and instead of getting better, you get worse and worse. When I stopped, my life changed from the root, I became more cheerful and more energetic, more to look forward to, to travel - to enjoy more, more resilient, fresher. I'm happier. We haven't seen G'n'R together for a long time, so I think it would be interesting for you to tell us who you have the closest contact with. With Duff. He is very close to me and probably the closest friend to the band. And Slash of course, Slash is an OK guy. In fact, I have many friends among musicians, Rob from Skid Row, Tommy Lee from Motley Crue. Tommy is one of my closest friends in general, a brother in arms (laughs). Admittedly, while he was with Pamela, I rarely saw him, I guess she didn't let him out of the bedroom (laughs). Or from a yacht (laughs)? I don't know, I wasn't there (laughs) In 1991, G'n'R accomplished the grand project Use Your Illusion, a double album from which many good singles came out, but I think the most striking was You Could Be Mine and a video with Schwarzenegger. Tell me a little more about it. Uh, that was life! Schwarzenegger called on the phone and said we should do something with that song because it is his favorite song from the album. The manager told him to call Axla and make an appointment with him. Axl, of course, decided to drag him down before agreeing, and told him: No Arnold, we CAN'T do anything together! (laughs) Arnold was in shock and silence, until Axl told him - Of course Arnold, for you all you want. OK - Schwarzenegger answered him, then we start tomorrow morning. We did a great job with him because he's really OK guy, he's not as tough as in the movies. As we were filming, he kept telling jokes and joking, no sign of the Terminator (laughs). In the earlier photos from your early days in G'n'R, you didn't have any tattoos, and now you look more and more like Johhny Winter (laughs). When did you start tattooing? Winter! (laughs) Well, I'm not exactly like Winter, he has no more room for new tattoos (laughs). Um, I didn't have any tattoos before I joined the band. And then once we were in Europe somewhere and someone said - let's tattoo in Europe. Then someone threw it again - let's tattoo Matt first, he's fresh (laughs). And then we went and everyone got tattooed in some salon, and I got my first tattoo - and I liked it. Here, on my right shoulder I have a Japanese drawing, and here on the other side something about a Viking theme. When I came back and when my friends saw me with tattoos, they had fun. Then they told me that I would start wearing leather jackets now, so a friend made me some silver ornaments, here is this chain attached to my wallet, for example. Like these earrings, that's what he did. I put them a few years ago, I put one on my chest, on the left side, one in the nose ... that hurt the most (laughs)! Do you crave fashion or just kill time? Well, these are all typical California goggles, sunglasses, silver, leather jackets and pants, then you sit in a sports car, raise the roof and brrrrrrrm all over Hollywood (laughs)! https://web.archive.org/web/20080820105605/http://www.rockexpress.org/arhiva/rex13/13003.html
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    Years ago it was fun and nerve wracking all at the same time. The era between 99-06 was a lot of fun in a lot of ways. I was also 17-24 back then. Right now, I'm gonna be 37 in a month. Pretty much the same age Axl came out of hiding. Now I am learning why he was such a bitter, cantankerous old fuck back then.
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    What makes you say this? You know something that we don’t? EDIT: I just realized I sound like a fucking crackhead asking it that way lol. Sorry!
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    Please go talk about how much you hate nirvana somewhere else please
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    If GNRCentral would stop posting stories on Google everytime something new potentionaly leaks we would probably have all the tracks already
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    Yeah here you are I looked under chairsI looked under tablesI've tried to find the keyTo fifty million fablesThey call me The SeekerI've been searching low and highI won't get to get what I'm afterTill the day I dieI asked Bobby DylanI asked The BeatlesI asked Timothy LearyBut they couldn't help me eitherThey call me The SeekerI've been searching low and highI won't get to get what I'm afterTill the day I diePeople tend to hate meCause I never smileAs I ransack their homesThey want to shake my handInvestigating nowhereInvestigating milesI'm a seekerI'm a really desperate manI won't get to get what I'm afterTill the day I dieI learned how to raise my voice in angerWell, look at my face, ain't this a smile?I'm happy when life's goodbut when it's bad I cryI've got values but I don't know how or whyI'm looking for meYou're looking for youWe're looking at each otherAnd we don't know what to doThey call me The SeekerI've been searching low and highI won't get to get what I'm afterTill the day I die
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    guns are really the most dangerous band in the world.... I mean in court
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    For the record, no one on the staff here has any idea what's going on with all these leaks. We only take such a hard stance on links because 1) none of us want to end up in court over music a band refuses to sell their fans and 2) eventually we all just got tired of babysitting every thread because people can't follow the rules.
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    Nah. Axl spent 14,000,000$+ on this album. The result is a concept album with no hit single. I always thought that CD will sound somehow like George Michaels 'Freeeek'. Just with electric guitars. GnR fans outside the US were definately not ready for CD. And the music producers for CD were also like 'WTF? Sorry, its not good enough. You can do better, Axl'. Compared to AFD and UYI, CD is crap. As a concept album its fine and has alot of interesting ideas for musicians. It should have been released as a solo record. an Axl Rose triple debute album. when they didnt release NR and Don't Cry on AFD the argumentation was plausible. Both were big guns and didnt fit on AFD. On CD we have balads like Street of Dreams and stuff like Shacklers. The whole album breaks every rule Axl set before. He wanted a NIN type Album. And the fact is, it doesn't sound like NIN at all...He wanted to work with Brian May. He did and edited him out. The whole album is like: So what was your fucking point?
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    ...I prefer the GNR cover of Sympathy for the Devil to the Rolling Stones original. I even love the "call"/"answer" thing between Tobias and Slash's guitar that infamously pissed off the latter.
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    Yeah, by then he was nothing like the sunny, unreserved, easy to work with, people-lovin' kinda guy he was known to be in the late eighties and early nineties.
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    If they do, I bet you he will respond with one of the following: ”Hardschool? What’s that? Do you mean Jackie Chan?” or ”No, you downloading motherfucker! We’re gonna punish you by playing The Seeker five times in a row instead!”
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    I have played them to my whole village. Everyone has been changed by it
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    THIS. I removed all the wildly derailing Cobain talk. Please feel free to start a Nirvana Vs GN'R thread if you really feel the need to beat that dead horse again. Otherwise, continue discussing the Atlas cell phone recording here.
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    I don't so much care about the speculationg one way or the other. I've always been the type that doesn't care who gets credit for what, as long as I get the hear tunes. Having said that, when they dust settles on this whole deal I'm certain that we'll find out who did what. These hoarders love taking credit for this stuff, so I'm sure they'll fill us in on all the details eventually
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    From where? Any Tom Dick and Harry can add (fake) metadata to tracks. Unless you have info to share this is very misleading...
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    Yes, shut your dirty mouths until we get all the loot, THEN, you can speculate!
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    Dont look to find to know whos behind that. Why you want to know? This is public and everybody can read including TB
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    The new full mix of Hardschool that leaked yesterday is so much smoother! I’m really digging the song as is now!
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    It was supposedly among the 15 discs from zutaut’s locker that some fans got ahold of.
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    I agree, TWAT is the best song on Chin Dem. I was surprised it was not released as a single after Better. Sadly, by then it didn't matter anyways. The whole thing with releasing Chinese Democracy as the lead single and Better two weeks later messed it all up. The fact that the Better video didnt surface until years later sure didnt help much. But yeah, TWAT deserved a better fate. It screams hit single, and would have been a better choice than Street of Dreams
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    Honestly, if Atlas Shrugged leaks, that paired with Hardschool would absolutely hold me over until whenever the hell the band figures out how to put out new music. Two tracks we've been waiting forever for finally revealed. Very cool time right now.
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    Lack of new music?? A complete song just released a few days ago. On average we hear a new song every one-and-a-half years, so we shouldn't get impatient until the beginning of 2021 now...
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    I mentioned it yesterday or so - I don't think it goes "a storm is lived in". Maybe "we live in" or even better "is lifting" as someone else said.
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    Taking Brian May’s solo off catcher was one of the worst decisions made on CD, along with any potential replacing of Bucket solos. Bucket is really what holds that album together.
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    The Wall is probably my favorite piece of art ever so it pains me to say this, but fuck Bob Ezrin. Dude was so wrong about the tracks, at least from what we've heard.
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    I thought axl wanted to and jimmy iovinne told axl to have it remixed, otherwise Universal wpuld not promote the album. After 2 producers and 8 years it ends up getting released. Axl should have trusted his gut instinct and told the record company to release the original recording. I actually wondered if the record company were trying to burn wheels in using tactics to delay the whole release in order to have slash back in gnr again.
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    What are these rules that Axl set that he broke with CD? When has Axl said that he wants to do a NIN type GNR album? He liked NIN and wanted to work with Trent Reznor at one point. But when has he said that he wants to do a NIN type GNR album? CD doesn't sound like NIN because it wasn't supposed to. He wanted to work with Brian May, but since when was it some kind of a RULE that the album must include Brian May? He wanted to work with many people that aren't included on the final album. Wanting to work with somebody doesn't automatically mean that you must include them on the next album or you're breaking some kind of a rule.
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    Me too got it confirmed yesterday just told Biffa where to stick it! Got to sort my contract out and Salary negotiation but I ain't fussed about the money side of it really
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    I haven't heard this new catcher leak but I must be one of the few who prefer Ron's solo over Brian's. I've heard old versions with the Brian solo and it just seems uninspired and incohesive. If I recall, May even stated his displeasure with his solo on the demo and stated what made it to tape was not what he played thru and was more or less a chop of different takes. I love the overall piano warmth of the old demos, but I think Ron's solo just soars and is perfect for the album version, especially into the outtro.
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    I think evaluating the whole possible unreleased catalogue just on the basis of one old demo and a cell phone snippet could hardly be conclusive or even fair. If Axl said in 08 there could be another record in a year or so, I have no reason not to believe it, and I doubt he would have released just some scrap drawer stuff left from ChD sessions. There must be at least one other record of goodies, and probably more. This song, for example, is the kicker the album was missing. With some work done, it could have easily replaced one of several songs I can think of.
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    I can’t be the only one that prefers the final versions of these songs. They just sound finished on the actual album. Yeah, they’re more layer/produced, but these ‘demo’ versions lack something, imo
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    I seriously think the notion of Axl having any "big guns" should be put to rest. Yes - as a fan, I do think the man is sitting on a lot of unfinished material in various stages. Some of it is probably pretty darn good, or at the very least interesting. I don't think he is in possession of anything that will bring world peace, or save the world in any way. Guns N' Roses are a nostalgia act. Like Metallica, like Bon Jovi, like Van Halen, KISS, Motley Crue, etc, etc, etc, etc... they can release a mediocre, or pretty solid rock record, that few people will genuinely care about, but as long as they're touring with a semi-respectable representation of their classic lineup under that banner, there is a lot of money to be made touring, and touring alone. I hope to one day hear a treasure trove of unreleased material, but I'm not expecting much aside from "heh, that's pretty good," or "those lyrics are pretty solid." The myth of Axl Rose having any groundbreaking material should have ended with Chinese Democracy. He released a good album. No more, no less.
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    He cues it up, then just stares Slash dead in the eyes as he sings every last word. Followed by, "you're still in my ass! Fuckhead, go home!"
  43. 2 points
    CITR is overrated, but the most overrated is Coma. Not to derail the discussion 😋 I like what I heard from this clip, look forward to maybe, hopefully, possibly hearing the full version, in this life or the next, in some time, way, shape or form. For me it's like if Soundgarden wrote estranged.
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    A selection of the reactions received when chapping doors: "That's nice aye." "Better than that shite they did with Slash." "Fuck sake mate. I'm up at half 5 to do a guttering job."
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    Druids come out with ignited 2x4’s awaiting your entrance with bag and ghetto blaster. 10 seconds touched and changed lives forever. 9 months from now there will be a baby boom. The numbers will be in their thousands and for every 10 babies, 6 will be called Atlas Tobias.
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    Duff: How old are you? German girl: Nine! Duff: Oh, you’re "no"! German girl: What? No. I’m nine. Duff: I know. That was my German joke. German girl:
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    These are the shittiest lyrics I've have ever read
  49. 1 point
    Please don't speculate about who leaked what. If we (or anyone else) find out who is behind the leaks, the less likely it is we'll get anything else for reasons that should be obvious.
  50. 1 point
    -But Mein Axl, this could finally give fans a chance to hear unreleased songs like Atlas! -FUCK ATLAS! MY SILKWORMS MIXES ARE AT STAKE!