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    Wow, that is, um... I would not want to be in Duff's shoes right now.
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    Why cannot people just take what was said at face value. I don't get the concept of fans wanting the band to do what they want, when that's not going to happen. These guys are adults and can do as they please, when they want, and they can choose how they do those things. I often read comments on here, and don't understand why, some people get so court up in what and how the band or its members operate as individuals or as a band. They do things their way, always have, and the fans need to understand that, as what they say on a fan forum is not going to change anything the band or its members do. And yet we get fans, based on a simple interview, picking apart what was said, and than adding their own personal thoughts or turning the interview by Slash, in a completely different direction, that's not even relevant to the questions or answers provided by Slash. Just chill, sit back and wait. That's all us fans can do.
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    Yeah it was awkward... not as awkward as when baz asked how West Arkeen was doing.
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    Bumbles suggestion to release a single at the start of each tour leg was the best idea idea Axl never did anything with. Would have created some buzz and kept his band together. But I suppose, it wasn't as if he had 3 or 4 cds full with material just waiting to be released
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    that could only be a nice surprise to me actually. I'd really, REALLY love to see those guys releasing FRESH and GENUINE songs of theirs.
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    Because most people dont live long enough to hear things that are released in gnrs timeframe. Honestly, if gnr had any serious intention of releasing music they would have by now.
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    If an instrumental song is recorded by Robin Finck, Josh Freese, Tommy Stinson, and Paul HUGE Tobias, and Axl Rose isn't on the recording.........could it even legally be considered a Guns N' Roses song in a court of law?
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    Well when "time frame" means "one album in 26 years time" there comes a point where the term "time frame" loses its meaning
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    It depends on what aspect of "stitching together" we are talking about With Chinese, I absolutely do believe that the stitching together of random instrumentalist's parts periodically over the course of 10 years for some of these songs definitely affected things for the worse. Musicians love the organic feeling of feeding off each other, you can't get that if you are Bumblefoot laying down a random fretless guitar part for a track that was mostly tracked in the 90's, over a half a decade before he was even considered for joining the band. Even the greatest mix in the world can't randomly add those random fills, the changes of expression and instrumental nuances that occur when you are playing with other people in the moment, allowing each other's musical personalities to react in real-time with each other - as opposed to tracking way way after the fact when the parts are set in stone and all spontaneity gets thrown out the window Chinese, for as much as I like it, sounds a bit cold to me. Because none of the musicians were actually in a room together, and a song like Chinese features a drum part 3 times removed (Josh, to Brain, to Frank all recording and replacing each other's parts eventually)
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    Same for me. OMG is definitely one of my top fav tracks from nuGNR.
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    Discussing a shitty sounding 10 second clip of a 20 year old demo
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    This song sucks, so I've made a new version with le champion Chris Jericho singing about a little bit of the bubbly over the top. Much better. I'm gonna trade it for The General. Thank you, Jericho.
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    Slash was on Trunk a couple hours ago on SiriusXM. Slash: "We're just doing this one run in the states and a couple dates in Mexico end of this month into November. That's it for Guns for now, and I think we have something coming up in March as far as touring is concerned. But then, obviously, everybody knows that we're working on new material, which is really exciting, and so, that's really primarily what the focus is. There's nothing in the Terminator movie, by the way." Trunk: "Duff has been out with his own record ... Where are you at with Guns N' Roses new music? Are you all working individually? Has everybody gotten together? A song, an album?" Slash: "I have nothing to tell you information-wise other than no, it's not that. Everybody has been sort of like, when we're in town, working on it. Then when we're out of town, obviously not." Trunk: "Would you like to do a full Guns N' Roses album?" (as opposed to a single or EP) Slash: "Everybody wants to have a full album released. I don't think that's really changed all that much. There's a different way of putting stuff out initially nowadays more so than ... you sort of look at that preliminary release a little differently now. At the end of the day, we will ultimately release a full album." Trunk: "On Guns N' Roses with the live shows coming up, I know you didn't start rehearsals yet, but is it basically gonna be more or less the same sort of set and what you guys have done in the past, or for these shows, are you working up some different things?" Slash: "There's a couple different things that we're talking about doing, that are sort of in the works to do. That we're planning on doing. So, I'll just leave it at that." Trunk, after the interview, about the news that a new GNR tune won't be in Terminator: "I'll give a little asteriks on that. About a week before it was announced that Slash was back in Guns N' Roses, true story, he called me. Not texted. He called me privately. 'I don't know anything about this Guns N' Roses stuff that's going on.'" (Trunk laughs) "So take that into the equation ... he threw up some serious smoke and mirrors on me at the time ... then a week later, the Not in this Lifetime tour was announced ... He's done that misdirection shit to me once or twice before."
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    Just going by what I was told. I know everyone has a "reliable source" these days, but mine is pretty darn reliable and I'm told Quick Song, Perhaps, Nothin, Eye On You and State Of Grace all have vocals.
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    What else is the forum for? Every one already kisses their asses in real life to their face. If they can't take some constructive criticism then f em!
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    Yeah, that's a good way to do things. Especially in the streaming age that we're now in. It just makes sense and that means they're not gonna do it😂
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    Now, now, call it what it is. It's not a 'duffel bag' ....it's a 'laundry bag'. It's also the singularly most embarrassing thing the band have ever done. My heart sank when I got the email titled 'GNFNR durable laundry bag available now'. You'll be getting an AFD t shirt they haven't sold with it - to think otherwise is crazy talk!
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    There comes a time you start to wonder whether you'll live long enough for that
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    Yeah it is crazy to see the Jackie Chan and Atlas Shrugged threads, probably two of the most wanted threads to be made for over a decade, only have 30-40 pages Too much time has passed
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    Still only seven pages? 10 years ago this would be 77 pages. These leaks are coming a little too late. I think collectively we care less about them and would have meant so much more to us in previous years.
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    I wish he would do something different that SMKC.. Maybe another guest album or try a blues album... I just can't do SMKC anymore. Or Myles at least.. the last album was pretty weak
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    That song's looking to be a part of the Buckethead demos, so I'm on board
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    P.R.L. is a typo. Should be L.R.P. ... Legend of the Red Panda! 🤣
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    Yup.. The hat looks so cliche stapled onto his extensions.. He looks a lot cooler during rehearsals and guests spots with his beanie or baseball hat or something. The hat would be cool if he used it more sparingly like during his solo or PC I guess
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    I always cringe when I see people talking about every single new song since 2006 being actually "glued together" or "too many changes". Wonder if they thought the same while listening to Coma, Locomotive, November Rain or even Rocket Queen..
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    because Axl running around shirtless with his bicycle shorts might be quiet traumatic for the audience in 2019
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    I hope they eventually tire of all this, and just drop the motherload and be done with it. Then we can really party like it's 2006.
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    yo! I read what was transcripted here...... I have no idea.... he's the usual vague person he always is It seems they are working on a new album but at the same time it sounds like they dont give much of a fuck about it
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    Then again if STP can replace him, VR can replace him.
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    I understand what you're saying but I still don't really think that changes how the final song will sound. It definitely affected Chinese negatively but like you said ten years, I think it's a pretty rare case and its situation shouldn't be applied to music production in general, which is the attitude some seem to have. Doing something in one take doesn't instantly make it sound better and artists not being in a room together a bad album does not make.
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    I would disagree in the worlds of Axl Rose " Truth is the truth hurts " Don't you agree?
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    Ron is spectacularly gifted, and you are right about the solo. I like it too. I've just always wanted to hear Bucket's original intent.
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    Everything going smoothly I guess. They're leaking a snippets and then full songs. The State of Grace clip has just leaked next step is the full thing.
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    Electric would be the appropriate word. The band was new, there was no video of jumping on youtube and following the band like we do with the NITL to get an inclination of what the current shows were like before you saw them.Scott had a real stage presence more so than myles. The band just seemed to jump up a gear and i think that was down to scott. The band was new, the music was fresh and its a shame the bands chemistry went south. When i saw them they played the majority off contraband plus its so easy, used to love her and STP song "crackerman". It was such a good show i didnt want it to end. If they ever reformed i dont know who nowdays would have the presence of scott and be able to say no to slash if they dont agree with certain song structures if there was a chance of recording.
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    I Love The Dead by Alice Cooper.
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    My bad. I wasn't thinking about their enormous back catalog when I made that post.
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    Fanny - Beat Club (11-23-1971) Full unedited performance of one of the first all female rock bands. This is from the German TV show Beat Club.