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    Listen- I totally get the comments about the setlist. Part of me was a little disappointed not to hear Locomotive, Dead Horse, or Hard School. But this band can fucking rock. It was an amazing concert. From start to finish it was exceptional. The band is firing on all cylinders. Axl sounds amazing for his age. The fact that he’s getting through this set at 57 is mind blowing. And I will say this about the setlist- it’s stale but it’s extremely solid. Good mixture of Chinese, Appetite and Illusions. I actually forgot how many illusion tracks are in this setlist! Hearing Madagascar and Don’t Cry were always a dream of mine, especially Madagascar. Slash is king as always. Fortus is very underrated as a guitar player. I don’t get when people see that the band seems bored when playing songs. I see nothing but the opposite- the band has an insane energy! They look like they’re having a blast. In all the bootlegs I’ve seen, this show contained possibly the happiest and most jovial Axl I’ve ever seen. He was talking probably every song or two. Cracking jokes, all the fun stuff. It makes me glad to see the guy at peace after so many years of torment. Just an exceptional show. I think Russ said it best the other week. Just be happy that there is a band. They may not be around forever. Axl is only going to get older from here. Enjoy it while it lasts. Try to see a show if you can. This lineup is exceptional. Best concert I’ve been too
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    I am new to this forum. I understand the complaints about the same setlist for all of you devoted fans that have seen them many times. This was my first gnr show and I loved it. I have wanted to see them for 25 years. I wanted to see the hits and many songs from uyi. I do agree that I'd prefer more original songs than newer covers, but I am on an emotional high after last night.
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    Listen to a majority of you Americans complain. I have no choice, but to travel the world to see my favorite band. I will make this very simple for those that dont get it. Guns N Roses have toured and played only 4 times in my home city (Auckland) and country (New Zealand) 1987, 1993, 2009, 2017. I attended all of these shows. To see this band, i have traveled to Australia, Brazil, UK and this is my 3rd time in the US to attend Guns N Roses shows, my first experience seeing the band appear at US music festivals. New Zealand has been lucky, as i know their are fans, who have traveled the world because Guns N Roses has not even visited their country to preform live. You simply don't understand, what you people in the US have access to and seem ungrateful for it. If you dont want to attend a live show , for what ever reason, thats cool, but dont use the band as the excuse. The band has always done its own thing, and so his the lead singer of the band. Axl, Slash and Duff have become older in life, and that happens to all of us, and more importantly, the band have never promised anything to us the fans, weather that be a change to its current line up, playing new music at a live show or changing the set list. If you were and are expecting these thing's, than that's on you. I plan to see the band for a second time on my US festival tour at ACL, and i leave any expectations at the gate. That makes the experience of seeing the band in a different environment more enjoyable. And yes, seeing the band play in a different country, talking to and being around other people, from these countries, who are fans of the band aswell, makes the experience of seeing GNR live more memorable. even with the same set list in place. Some of you should try it.
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    Hi everyone, just wanna apologise for posting that set list last night, I didn't know it was fake, it was found on discord, i just C & P it. I should've checked first and i didn't I was tired and went to bed. Sorry to everyone that got excited
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    Banger. Banger. Banger. Banger. Deep cut. I mean ... wtf do people want? When I'm there live, gimme the FN hits.
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    Axl is so happy tonight! Probably saw Bon Jovi playing RIR! 🙄
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    All good @janrichmond Nothing a 7 day suspension want fix
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    Or maybe, people can be just be fans of the band, huge fans or casual, and just enjoy the shows. I know people who've seen 75+ shows on this tour, and Saturday was my 17th and I enjoyed it immensely. People don't have to be 'sheeples' or whatever the hell you call them to enjoy seeing one of their favorite bands. Of course I'd like to see some different songs here and there, but this band is still extremely good live and are giving crowds 3+ hour sets, something that very few bands do these days. This band has done things their way since the beginning, good and bad, and that's not going to change. The majority of the people attending shows are giving positive feedback and that's all that matters to them and the band. If a group of people on message boards decide not to go, someone else will take those tickets. In the meantime, you can sit back and complain and call people names while crowds continue to attend shows and be happy that they still have a chance to see this band.
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    KOHD without tracy and roberta and some reggae is a shit song.
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    I've just come around to catch up on the recent shows. After reading these threads I was expecting trainwrecks of shows. Boring, without passion, lifeless. I really don't get it. Imho these shows (especially Jacksonville) are fierce. Axl sounds good and is energetic. The Band sounds good. Slash is amazing. I too would love to hear Hard School and Locomotive, but still the shows are way better than some of you make them out to be.
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    The droid running past 'The End' is actually referencing the fact that this tour will carry on beyond the end of time itself. Pretty clever metaphor, really.
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    @Tori72 longtime no see. I cannot believe LM her story has more holes than swiss cheese. I am saying this using common sense and i'm not an Axl fangirl by any stretch of the imagination. I do believe she knew the band and had sex with them, I don't believe much else she has said.
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    Concert review: Guns N’ Roses delivers night of classics in Jacksonville Some things just go together — peanut butter and jelly, shrimp and grits, Axl Rose’s voice and Slash’s guitar. Rose and Slash were in fine form Tuesday night as Guns N’ Roses played to a packed VyStar Veterans Memorial Arena. The band played as well or better than it has in years. Some things just go together — peanut butter and jelly, shrimp and grits, Axl Rose’s voice and Slash’s guitar. Rose and Slash were in fine form Tuesday night as Guns N’ Roses played to a packed VyStar Veterans Memorial Arena. The band played as well or better than it has in years. It should come as no real surprise that the band was polished and tight, since the Never In This Lifetime Tour that came to town started more than three years ago and has encompassed more than 150 shows and played before more than 4 million fans. This was Guns N’ Roses Classic, more or less. Rose and Slash were joined by original bassist Duff McKagan,longtime keyboardist Dizzy Reed and relative newcomers Richard Fortus on guitar, Frank Ferrer on drums and Melissa Reese on keyboards. Given the number of musicians who have been through Guns N’ Roses in the last 20 years, that’s as close to classic as you’re gonna get. Does Rose still have that howling voice that took the world by storm on the band’s 1987 debut? Of course not, but he’s still got power when he needs it and his voice goes so well with Slash’s guitar playing that there’s really no one else who could do the job. He sounded best when he went full-out (“Welcome to the Jungle,” “Rocket Queen”) or when he didn’t scream at all (an unlikely and faithful cover of Glen Campell’s “Wichita Lineman”). Rose played changed T-shirts and hats several times Tuesday night but played the whole show in a pair of boots with the toes curled up. Helps him with that hip-sway thing, I suppose. The band played a full three hours, walking off to “Paradise City,” their 28th song of the evening. The setlist touched on the band’s entire career, even including songs from the little-heard “The Spaghetti Incident?” and “Lies” albums. There were three songs from the Slash-less “Chinese Democracy” album and one from Velvet Revolver, the band Slash and McKagan formed without Rose. They also played songs from Wings, Pink Floyd, Soundgarden, the Who and Bob Dylan, all with that GNR crunch, of course. But the band hasn’t released a new album in more than a decade, so the setlist was naturally heavy on classics. Plenty of hard rock bands came out of Los Angeles in the late ’80s, but Guns N’ Roses always stood out from the crowd with a tougher sound. The band’s secret may be McKagan, who doesn’t so much anchor the songs on bass as he does drive them forward. He’s also a good focal point on stage, working the crowd and standing shoulder-to-shoulder with the guitarists. Oh, one more thing: Tophats are really cool if you are the lead guitarist in a rock band. If you’re in the crowd and standing for the whole show (as most of Tuesday’s audience did), not so cool. But the pointy boots are no problem.
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    Heya women’s thread! Congratulations to 1000 pages - and those from the first one. This and the Wacky thread is still the best place on this site. Right now I’m very very bored with this band. And I’m devastated by your discussion about little Michelle and her accusations on Axl and the others . You know i love you but I found most of the Posts here quite disrespectful, too critical and not supportive/solidary to a woman who is brave enough to come forward. Always believe the woman first. It has been centuries when nobody believed them. That time is up. I will never understand how a love for an artist / celebrities makes people uncritical to anything that they’re accused of. Also, sorry, I couldn’t find the energy to discuss all of this in detail with you. Still I wanted to drop my statement. 🤷‍♀️ So yeah that’s my sad congratulations post to this thread. It had been great fun times. Maybe they’ll come again , who knows. So yeah, long live the women’s thread! 🎉💕
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    He is doing two and a half hour shows. You can't just phone that in. Singing like that is hard. So, obviously he cares what he is doing. And yeah, after this tour he doesn't have to work, but he is working now, putting on entertaining shows, making a lot of fans happy. I don't get how that's a negative thing. We forum people over-analyze everything.
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    Slash - "Axl we need to mix the setlist up abit. Its getting boring". Axl - "How about we put a dinosaur on the big display instead". Slash - "Woo hoo Sold".
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    When I was a kid I watched the UYI VHS over and over again. Never got tired. Youtube have destroyed the passion for live music. Internet have destroyed the whole music industry more or less. People just want more and more and will never get satisfied.
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    Agreed with OP. Production on the Illusions gave the band a commercial gloss that allowed them to be the “Michael Jackson/Madonna” of hard rock for a time. That was epic, and “cool” in 91-92. The problem is that by 92-94 it was suddenly very uncool...
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    KOHD, it's time you took a bow & were retired from the set. Take L&LD, The Seeker, Lineman & Black Hole Sun with you.
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    I dont watch a Periscope from the band since 2017. I think Axl sounds good IMHO. I was just watching to Bon Jovi's show at the Rock in Rio. You guys have no idea.
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    I've been to six shows now on this NITL tour. It's anecdotal evidence, but every time, people erupt for "Sweet Child." People popped for "Black Hole Sun" at Louder Than Life. I mean ... they're playing to the masses, not the forum nerds like us who are desperate for new songs.
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    They're (as in Fernando) are just plain trolling us with the alt list.
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    If anyone on the staff deserves a 7 day suspension, it's @Powerage5
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    My man! I was there as well. Kick ass show. I would’ve loved to see something new as well but no matter the setlist, the concert goers always have a blast.
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    They're making small changes one at a time. Different socks next show?
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    If you look at the traffic on this website, I imagine it would tell a story. The site crashed during the reunion troubadour show. Every time a new leg of the tour starts, the site is busy for the first show. Then it dies down. Why does it die down? Because people quickly realize that they are watching the same show again. There is not even 1 unpredictable moment in the set anymore. A poster was able to post the set before the show even happened...
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    How many posters on here have seen NITL multiple times? And have seen NuGNR multiple times? How many have taken a plane to go see the band? So, so many. So yeah, I think a lot of money has been spent (and is still being spent) by forum posters. I know they don't play for the internet, but an increasingly larger portion of the audience must have seen this show now more than once. There is a lot of whining, but even among those whiners, many have spent thousands on the band, so dismissing the whole board as a bunch of complainers that don't spend any money, pisses me off. Just look at GNR social media. Under every pic you'll find people asking new music. Are they all whining forumers? Don't think so. It's normal to expect new music from a band. No one should try to convince us otherwise.
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    And with Periscope people go "Axl missed a note there" the whole duration of the show from a concert they aren't even at from the comfort of their homes, when actually at the show everyone is having a fantastic time
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    It's a broken record at this point, I get both sides, but it's also the reason I'm personally not paying money to see any more shows. I know axl doesn't care. Don't expect him to. Because of this tour, he never has to work another day in his life. It's a cash cow. I don't think Axl is some passionate artist anymore. They're all just label pawns making a shit ton of money for each other, and I'm happy for them. The novelty has worn off for me though.
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    No new stuff was disappointing, but I had a great time. Glad to see the arena was packed and those guys can still sell a lot of tickets even at the huge prices that they’re at.
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    not for those who actually watched the shows and had fun lol
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    I think he's too hardschool to play hardschool. He's probably gonna play it cool and do it his way
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    Guys do we really have to have the exact same conversation about the setlist every show
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    Interesting, so here is a tiny glimpse of the VMA rehearsals I wasnt aware of, pro-shot video certainly exists....I would definitely want to see the whole thing out of my own curiosity how it all went down especially being that I experienced the TV event back in 2002. Just out of historical purposes and being a big GNR fan, I really hope this comes out now more than ever.
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    Should we put Don't Dream It's Over on the setlist?
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    It is easy to see how Axl could have maybe lost some interest in this music after whatever symphony of reasons (many self inflicted, I'm sure) prevented him from doing so by 2002. A lot of it sounds very contemporaneous with what was coming out at the time. Axl was impressively in tune with what was popular in rock music. By 2006-2008, it is easy to imagine that Axl was less excited in the industrial stuff (think Silkworms) and the nu metal stuff (think Dub Suplex) as the rest of the world had lost interest too.