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    Shadow of your love Shadow of your love Shadow of your love, oh no
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    I kind of hoped he was giving the middle finger to Myles
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    Got the original file from Margott! What a Legend Guns N' Roses - Manchester, TN - Exit 111 Festival 2019-10-13 [Margott] https://bittubers.com/post/95a7b0f8-1606-4ebd-bcfe-6d8ea6800c62
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    My best friend's sister's boyfriend's brother's girlfriend heard from this guy who knows this kid who's going with the girl who saw the setlist last night. The opener is definitely from AFD.
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    As a rule of thumb, if you don't like Atlas Shrugged, you're probably an asshole.
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    I'm not saying the leaks are good or legal for the band. But it happens either they like it or not, so what they should do AFTER that is embrace the internet. But since you brought the Napster thing: who do you know that still download illegal mp3 for regular commercial available music? Nobody gives a shit anymore about that, everyone can just use Spotify / Apple Music / YouTube or whatever. Music is more readly available and democratic than ever. I dont know about you, but I came from when you had to buy an entire album (and that wasnt cheap!) just because you liked one song. Often, it happens that the rest of the album were shit. The solution was to record cassete tapes with friends, but this is very limited in both quality and reach for new music. And I'm not even talking about how unfair and greedy were the labels. The artist wasn't the victim of what Napster did with the music industry, it was only the corporate side of incredibly greedy companies. This excact mentality is still behind the music industry, and that's why you complain about shit music (often tailored to an algorithm to catch short-attention spam kids on over-the-top plataforms) and concert tickets price.
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    I see someone in one and I think, ''I bet Vlad over there has some whores being drip-fed heroin in an abandoned warehouse''.
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    Yep i seem to see it in the loco clips ive been seeing. I wonder if its his in ear monitors maybe he needs more level, who knows. "Do you hear me mr monitor man". As long as hes not pissed off with the muscianship of the other members im happy.
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    I know people don't like the set but you're seeing GNR for 3 hours most of the time. Who cares if they're covers? We get AFD songs, Illusion songs, CD songs (which really aren't that bad but different convo), and patience. We also get deep cuts like locomotive has now been played live TWICE in ONE WEEK. Coma is another deep cut ect. Slash breathed new life into axl it seems. He sounded great in 2016, fell off a bit in 2017/2018 and 2019 he's been solid. Slither is now a GNR played song we're all quite lucky here. Sure axl is a tad big in the gut and sounds like mickey in some parts, but the dudes almost 60 and had some hard living in the 80s and 90s. Richard is the most talented rhythm guitarist GNR has probably ever had. Sure he isn't Izzy, I want him back too just to get closer to the 80/90s lineup and cuz of 14 years, but Richard has subtly done a great job. The blues jam hes really good on. RQ (excluding the solo which isn't bad either) he's great. I actually really love hearing him and slash play wish you were here. Seems like they're trying to outperform each other each solo. So while the set might be "stale" or never changed, they're selling out arenas and headlining festivals. Obviously people don't care TOO much about the set if some people have gone multiple times. Maybe we don't get the unpredictability anymore but we see slash and axl share a stage together again in OUR lifetime. And this is the first time I've seen them on stage together since they weren't even really a band when I was born (post 96). New music yes ok I get it. We want to see what they can do in a studio. This really is the last step to the "reunion". Will we finally hear axl and slash on a new (even of if its a leftover) song again? Eventually I bet but for now I think even they are in shock this has worked so well and fans have been so receptive.
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    Not sure who you know on the inside, but I can guarantee this is accurate.
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    I remember reading Irish/German. Actually he made a refference about him and Duff having Irsh roots during UYI tour at Slane castle or something
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    Come on now.... Coma, Locomotive AND Sweet Child O Mine on the same tour? Get real dude.
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    With that hair you'd have to assume he has some Oirish somewhere in there.
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    The thing is, if I was a musician and my music was leaked on the wilds of the internet without my permission, I would be pretty pissed. If Axl did not release the material it was because he thought it wasn’t good enough, wasn’t ready, whatever. That said, once it was out there’s not much you can do about it, you’re chasing the dragon, like Metallica was with Napster. And it’s not that the new GNR album was leaked, one that’s ready to go. As far as I know, it’s music from 100 years ago, instrumental, unfinished, played with random people. This is the kind of stuff that’s only interesting to people like us here, the general public doesn’t care, they don’t even bother to stay after the band plays SCOM for christ sake! I’m not particularly interested in these pieces of music from that bizarre era, the only thing I’ve listened was Hardschool because you talked so much about it. So, imo Axl should let it go, live his life, be happy with his buddies, write new music and forget about Rick and that ridiculous ban. Just learn to choose your battles, this one doesn’t worth it. And be careful with your stuff next time so it doesn’t happen again.
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    Plus the fact that back then labels seriously overcharged for music just because they could. Once Napster/iTunes/etc became popular, sales went down and entertainment stores went out of business, they put a stop to that pretty sharpish. I remember when CDs cost twice the amount that they do now, easy. The only reason vinyl is being pushed so hard nowadays is because labels can use it to rinse collectors dry. A vinyl LP that cost £4 on release in the 80s now gets reissued today for £40.
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    This isn't embracing the internet, embracing the internet doesn't mean ignoring the rule of law, taking someone elses unfinished IP and deciding to distribute it because you want to, without the consent of the creator is just outrageous. Remember what Napster did to the music industry and revenues on music sales, then you all bitch why music on the most part is so absolute shit these days and concert tickets so high, why there are merch grabs everywhere too..... There are repercussions to these types of thoughts.
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    That last hand gesture sure looks like he is giving someone the middle finger
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    That’s funny. It looks like Myles is a little kid who did something wrong and Slash’s security guy is keeping an eye on him, making sure he’s thinking about what he’s done. 😄
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    He was really happy almost the entire show of Exit 111. All of the guys were smiling and laughing almost the whole time.
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    @Mr Monitor fuckhead...yes YOU! OUUUUT! seriously: yeah it looks like
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    Last show he threw his mic on the ground, this show he made he “Axl anger gesture” reminiscent of the 2001 RIO show. Not to mention he made that “everyone was like fuck you, Axl. I get that a lot you know” in the first show this leg which isn’t anger, but combined with the fact that they’ve been starting late again I just hope he’s not falling back into old habits. More likely I’m just overthinking it but I was curious if anyone else noticed this.
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    Hope this helps @ArthurMorgan!!!!
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    He was delivering those kind of vocals in 2016 aswell, just not with GNR lol
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    Frank’s drumming on locomotive is superb. Never thought I’d see the day
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    Axl introducing Slash, we finally heard Atlas Shrugged, Locomotive played, and people on this forum saying that Coma is their "bathroom break" song. Some really crazy shit going on
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    This is just the 4k version from YouTube. Credit to the owner, I just didn't want to post their video here so I uploaded it Locomotive https://bittubers.com/post/8575fa41-af47-4dfc-af7d-9854f9ec57c2
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    My World has been streamed 2.7 million times?? Mark that down as 2.7 million times someone played the Alt Version of Don't Cry, then let it continue on after they left the room. 149 million or so other people caught it and stopped the track before it ruined their ears.
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    I'm sorry... I can't hold it in. Nebraska 'litho' is straight up 100% wet-dog-smell hot trash. I mean, let's forget for a second about how ridiculous the design is. It genuinely looks like it was made in under five minutes in Photoshop by a third-grader stuck in 1995. The skeleton is holding a gun in its left hand... but holding it right-handed! How does this pass for official merchandise?! Pathetic. Truly. Utterly. Pathetic.
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    I find it bizarre how many people think of Axl as a puppet, basically controlled by anyone, since we all know his history and personality!
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    RHCP 3.8 billion views ... Metallica 2.7 billion
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    Anyone else noticing Axl is having some more instances of anger during this tour?
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    nothing.. but welcome to the internet. I'd personally leak a few that would become promotion for the best one's on the album. give the leakers a few songs and bring out the best. it's not hard to keep songs "in house" over a year or so... but we're talking nearly 20yrs here. shit always stinks after that amount of time.
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    Texas doesn't celebrate Columbus Day. Today was an in service day for teachers, so my daughter was off from school. No mail service and banks were closed. When my mom was younger and lived in Brooklyn, NYC would celebrate Italian pride day which was held in June. I agree about Columbus. Landing in the West Indies and bringing STDs to the native Indians isn't a reason to celebrate. The more we learn about the US history, the more sad I become. I know the British came to America to have more freedom, but it cost so many lives of the people who already lived here. Sometimes progress sucks.
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    I can see "Real Doll.com" having Axl rants or Axl screams while porno girls are moaning in the background. Lol kinda like an outro song...
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    They could play Hardschool, Atlas, and Perhaps all in the length of a KOHD
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    Are we talking like he has an iq of 50 instead of 12?
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    Didn't you get the memo? Apparently his mere presence on the NITL tour elevated songs like Better, This I Love and Chinese Democracy from mediocre garbage to Mozart-level masterpiece.
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    I don't have a single foot in this controversy .. But I find it interesting how quickly ya'll turned on this guy ..
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    Other bands pay businesses/someone on staff for these type of ideas. They all hope for some type of engagement/participation Yet here it is with you all doing it on your own. Just think what could be accomplished if they’d play along