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    It always makes me laugh that people bring up 3/5 GNR. 80% of the UYI tour was 3/5 GNR, too and nobody cared or pointed out that fact.
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    It ended in 1993. Undoubtedly. Everything after that date has been a poor substitute, whether that be nugnr, or the ''trio'''s nostalgic cash grab. It all ended in River Plate.
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    Nothing says you've made it in life like having your own portaloo.
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    I'll be there tonight!! 🤘🏻🤘🏻
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    You live in this forum and its bubble to much. No disrespect. There are plenty of fans around the world who have never had or have had very little opportunities to see the band live. As I have mentioned before. If Guns N Roses returned to New Zealand for the 5th time only in its history from 1987 to present time, 60,000 would attend as they did in. 2017. Their is a world outside of this fan forum and again no disrespect, but people as yourself continue to be proven wrong. The fact the band is still touring and promotors seem to feel their is a demand, points to the band still being relevant. The band are not the ones approaching promotors, it's the other way around, due to supply and demand. You cannot go back in time, either Guns N Roses as a band nor its members. Neither can you or I.
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    Half of the fan base should be happy about Slash and Duff being back in the band, and playing great shows with Coma and Locomotive, as well as other deep cuts. The other half should be happy about the 19 discs of unheard material from CD sessions we just got. Everybody should be happy about the strong rumours that there will be a release in 2020. But of course, GN'R fans are a bunch of miserable assholes so if there is one thing we can always count on is that whatever happen there will always be very vocal complainers. Now it seems like toy trucks is a big issue, or the perpetual fact that Steven isn't in the band.
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    I have 0 interest in VMA rehearsals (I'd still watch) but '02 proshots? SIGN ME UP
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    I used to have the Tshirt back in the day.
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    I feel like they're going to play something new tonight.
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    I don't care, man. Fuck them xD
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    The normal ones you and I know, isn't that just being regular decent human beings? I think it's unwise fundamentally attaching oneself to an ideology or label as things change and are interpreted. The proper feminism you're talking about, I fully agree with because it's sound, rational, compassionate etc obvious to the point of boring in some cases. But I don't call myself feminist because I don't want to validate the lunatics I've described who do call themselves feminists. If we abandon labels and tribalism and instead focus on reality, content of character and the validity of arguments I'm sure we'd be better off. I think I'm rambling a bit but I find it interesting and frustrating how people want to join ideology clubs. P.S. I agree it's ridiculous for someone to call you SJW for not having a problem with blacks or whatever in movies.
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    For me I never really had a problem with something sounding dated. Like when someone calls Purple Rain dated and sounding '80s I go "no shit it sounds '80s, it was recorded in 1983" To me that is all a part of the charm and I think if an album is well written and the songwriting is strong and resonates with a lot of people, it will definitely stand the test of time regardless of whether or not a certain production style is as relevant a couple of decades down the line.
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    In honor of the 30th Anniversary of GnR's '89 shows here's their first warm-up show where Axl infamously addressed the One in a Million controversy & the band's drug use ... I never knew there was a recording of this !!! I also learned that Axl had to be arrested and transported to the show LOL
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    I am new on here and have a question: Why so much negativity and right out hostility towards Axyl and GNR, I dont get it? They are not public property and dont owe any of us a thing, why not just accept what they have to offer and get on with our lives, or maybe this is a kind of hobby for some? I am not being critical of anyone here I am just genuinely trying to understand. I posted a 'Congrats to GNR for billionth YouTube view' thread and noticed hardly anybody gave it a mention and yet it surely it was something to celebrate and be positive about?
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    Hell yes, everyone knows a real band shits in the same toilet.
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    If we didnt already know that Axl, Duff and Slash are now the owners of GnR, this pic would have told us. Its probably the most disrespectful pic in GnR history. It shows that this hybrid shit is no real band either...a real band is talking a shit in the same toilet box or everyone gets its own. but 5his apartheid is just awful.
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    Why is Slash's toilet one over from Axl's? Are they on bad terms again?
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    True. I agree during that time that Axl was a force of nature enough to float the band. I just find the 3/5 argument pointless because the band has almost always been Axl/Slash/Duff. And Adler is a clown and in no way warrants being a part of this tour. He just doesn’t get it at all. Izzy simply doesn’t care to be in a global rock and roll band. Izzy a trip to me because you would think at like 57 or wheat ever he is he would love to end his life with GNR. I assume Axl brokered the reunion because he loves GNR more than anybody and he wanted the band to be a global force again. And to prove to himself that GNR is a world class band. There was no way Axl was going to retire from music with a diluted version of his band.
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    Well, looks like there's no bathrooms at all LOL And Melissa has to share the bathroom with Frank, Dizzy and Fortus.
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    Good article with further details. Including about the police delivering Axl to the gig. https://ultimateclassicrock.com/guns-n-roses-rolling-stones/ I didnt know some of this (as long as the article is accurate). Living Colour was on before Guns: "Living Colour, had delivered a passionate onstage lecture, clearly in response to the “One in a Million” controversy. Guitarist Vernon Reid spoke about the evils of racism, while also criticizing anyone who justified hate speech. The audience gave the Living Colour member a standing ovation. Meanwhile, Rose was once again fuming." Apparently this event proceeded Axls Brownstone rant: Then, in a Spinal Tap style moment, Rose fell off the stage and into the photographer’s pit. The singer had been blinded by spotlights and was clearly disoriented by his surroundings. Two security guards helped the frontman back to his feet. With embarrassment now mixed with his rage, Rose launched into another diatribe. During the following set by the Stones Jagger said: Later that night, the Rolling Stones would deliver a masterful headlining set, powering through many of the band’s vaunted hits. At one point, singer Mick Jagger paused and commented on their opening act. “I think Axl did a good show,” he said, seemingly tongue-in-cheek, “but I wish he’d just shut up and play.” Is this where the Sorry lyric comes from?!?! - "you now where to put your just shut up and sing" ??
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    Nobody actually cared when Izzy and Adler left. They thought Gilby was Izzy
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    Yeah that’s probably it, actually. I played atlas for my mother and even she said “it’s funny, cause even tho I’ve never heard this before, I can totally tell it was meant for Chinese Democracy.”
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    Knowing a bit about them, they view it all the same as demos/leaks/etc. It’s copyrighted material. They aren’t going to fight to have that stuff be available. I’m not sure if they meant for fan shot vids to be a part of it, but they most likely gave those two bozos free reign to take down whatever they see fit. As a digital strategy in 2019, it’s mind numbingly short sighted. Good luck with that. Normal fans outside of the “board community” are getting social media strikes/banned as a result. It’s a great way to not guarantee repeat business for the next tour, merch sale, or album. That’s for sure
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    Oh come on, they're loved in Mexico. Who better to debut a new song to? Give it to the fans, not the Vegas money. Be a fucking rock band, not a glam band.
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    today is the day to see the axl picking up the guitar and play Dead Horse
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    Albany, Toronto, Boston, MSG and a few others (small NA run) were all badass gigs that I would LOVE to see in proshot!
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    Ironically enough at the 2016 Nashville concert, outside at the souvenir trailer, One in a Million was playing on the speakers lol I like the tune, the rhythm but the use of the n word and the f word, are offensive. I read once that Axl used those words to act like people who are against those groups but it’s too loadded. Personally when I listen to it, I sing it all but I do not sing those words. That’s just me.
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    Now I dont have the problem with the use of the word "feminist" haha. But I must say, I really like that we could talk about it and being just fine with it. Hahahaha true. They actually should start with SCOM and then let the rest of the show for those who care. And they should also write a new accoustic song too. Something with this mix of accoustic/electric laidback guitars vibe like the Lies would be awesome.
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    I would like to have seen slashs reaction back in 87 when they did scom of showing him 5-6 years later a video doing a solo on a dolphin coming out of the water ( estranged).
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    Dude, the guy probably hasn’t has been listening to Axl as we have been for these years. Let this guy enjoy what he did the other night. In the end. Guns plays 2.5 to 3 hours a show belting it out, full pin!!
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    I'm sure he checks this thread like 70 times a day.
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    Garden of Eden is a great video *just move Slash to the right spot
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    While I'm sad that CDII was put on hold, I think it's for the best that the remix album never got an official release. I'm glad we got them as leaks, but as an actual release it would have been savaged by critics and the public at large.
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    The thing about protesting is its one thing barracking some Tory MP or whatever, cuz everyone knows they can't do shit...but when you apply that shit to the common man...and a whole group of them, you better be ready for the response, right or wrong. I mean what did they think was going to happen, those people ain't worried about swearing at you or giving you a slap. I'm all for provocative protest but you should also bear in mind that when you provoke people you can't then moan if their response is not to your liking, its sort of the nature of provocative protest isn't it, to get a strong reaction. My overall point is that this is probably not the most intelligent way to go about a provocative protest. Honestly I would react something similar because I don't appreciate being co-opted into some nobheads protest. Go protest outside British rail, fuck with their offices, whatever, why you giving the common man the needle for?
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    Because Rose is a clownish figure who mostly inspires contempt from diehards. A lot of us find him (and the band) unintentionally hilarious. Because GnR is the most poorly run act in the industry with utterly incompetent management. It's simply incomprehensible how much of a trainwreck the organization is. Because no new music in over a decade. Because no Stradlin'. Because Axl's horrid sense of fashion and infinite costume changes. Take your pick. The fan service is an absolute travesty. The band in many ways is a joke with an abysmal track record since '91. The vitriol is well earned. Also, Axl Pose Dressing Room Requirements.
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    Not In This Lifetime Tour 2019-2020 Promo Video:
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    Because Axyl isn’t a demigod and should be held accountable like anyone else. And I like cheeseburgers but when McDonalds sells another billion, I’m not gonna do cartwheels in the streets over it.
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    Such disdain and misplaced feeling of (moral) superiority for the average working person is what gets people like Trump elected. Appalling.
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