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    When he got up he said I am literally busting my ass for you guys tonight 😂
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    "Thanks to your lame-ass floor's lack of traction, I'M GOING HOME"
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    You can't quit now, why not try for $300? "you can't come this far and then not go further!" - Homer Simpson
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    It's not the "same old" though. Depends how many shows you get to. I went to Kentucky and New Orleans this year, and the set lists weren't the same. I loved both shows. Heard "Patience," "Yesterdays" and "Madagascar" in Kentucky. I heard "Don't Cry" and "Dead Horse" in New Orleans. Heard "Slither" for the first time live at both shows as well. Ditto "Shadow of Your Love." And the last time I saw Guns was in 2017 where the set list was pretty different. Heard "New Rose," "There was a Time," "Used to Love Her," "My Michelle" and "Sorry." You can shit on the band all you want. They could easily play different set lists every night if they shorten the set to the standard 80-90 minutes most bands play. Or they can give us three hours of all/most of their hits. When I'm there live, I have zero complaints. Always a tremendous time. When I'm watching a stream, yeah, of course I'd love to hear a "new" song.
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    Great show and sound. Probably the best sound I've heard out of the 12 shows I've been to. Slash was just amazing i have to say, axl was really good and it was nice to hear dead horse for the first time, thought I was going to hear locomotive but not complaining with coma, if someone had of told me I would of witnessed coma three times 5 years ago i would of laughed in their face. Best I've heard black hole sun, the seeker, whichita and dont cry was great as well as shadow of your love. Gonna upload some videos. So happy to see them again!
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    I think Slash is playing awesome.. Take him out of the equation and the shows aren't worth the price of admission.. Even if teh admission was 20 bucks. His blues solo this leg is in incredible.. I was watching the Seeker from the Charlotte show and even that solo kicked ass.. His Rocket Queen solo is much improved over the last couple years.. He still tears the shit out of the Nightrain and PC solos.. Slash is a beast.. That is pretty much the overwhelming consensus from every die hard and casual attending these shows.. People here just suck I still think he gels and plays better with his solo band for whatever reason.. Definitely better natural chemistry with them where as with Guns he has to play with the people handed to him. I watch a few videos of these guys nightly and Slash is still nothing short of being the fucking man...
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    I sing along to the entire concert as well. When you're there live, you actually don't hear it as much as the phone mic. picks up on it when you're recording.
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    Yeah, and how dare they force people to buy tickets.
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    I really like Slither this leg. Axl seems much more comfortable and really sounds good.
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    This band is on fucking fire. This place sounds so good. Hot crowd. Rasp. I'm fucking with it. I've been to 300+ concerts in my life this may dethrone my #1. Fuck yeah.
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    The way he plays now is the complete opposite of what made him a legend
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    On the flip side, I feel like Slash noodles aimlessly way too often now. He seems to focus more on playing fast during solos instead of in ways that evoke emotion.
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    Hard School was going to be played but they canceled it due to Axl fall.
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    After breaking his foot just three years ago, I wonder why he doesn't just stick to the sneakers.
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    I love how Slash is completely unaware in his own world playing the guitar. 😂
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    Basically this, although ‘spirit fingers’ sounds a good deal dirtier 😶
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    Axl should've ditched the pickle stabbers and wore his converse with that stage floor 😂
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    Black Hole Sun and the Seeker back to back is a pathetic embrassment. Why not Patience and You’re Crazy back to back? This band makes no sense.
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    What is the difference besides obviously the quality of paper it's printed on? Are there noticeable differences in the actual design? I am asking because I always felt like the designs released on Insta are how they look "originally," but, for example, every Chicago 2017 one I've seen doesn't have the proper silhouettes of people in the background behind the MJ-inspired dunker. It's blacked out. Actual litho: Actual poster: http://lithorati.com/na2017leg2/2017-11-06 Chicago.html Actual design: They rejected the one posted earlier for this hot shit?
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    I've never had a problem with Slash, Duff, Richard, Dizzy, or Frank's playing. I've never had a problem with Melissa being in the band or what she brings to the table. My problem the last few years is Axl Rose (voice) & his management team.
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    I would still visit the shows with Robin, Bucket & Tommy instead of Slash & Duff in the line-up. I became a GN'R fan because of Axl.
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    I’d feel like I got exactly what I paid for and I’d be totally satisfied.
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    I wonder if Beta put Axl some ointment to his painful ass❓ but he to get up enough quickly.
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    The Converse looked so much better on him anyway.
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    I couldn't think of a good place to post this, but I realized that as of two weeks ago I've been a member of this forum for 15 years, which is exactly half of my life. Weird to think about, hope all you guys are doing well I miss y'all ❤
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    I think it finally concludes tonight. If the rumors are to be believed, there's a new album coming by the end of March, so there's no reason to call the next tour "Not In This Lifetime", right? Sure, in the eyes of most fans, it dragged on for too long with generally repeated set lists. Still, it was just about four years ago when we learned that Axl and Slash had mended fences, which led to the speculation that there could be a reunion. Something that seemed impossible for so many years. So, when you look at it that way, every time they take the stage together, it is a gift.
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    She also has three fingers and no elbow so, wouldn't count on anything.
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    Fortus says before christmas, that there is a very big change for a new Guns N' Roses song before touring in march. When the time goes by, Slash gives an interview, where he shares the same old info of band doing some recording. Hoping, that they can share something for the fans in the near future. Band plays the same setlist again in this next mini-tour. And the cycle will continue over and over again...
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    Talking to my friend who is at the show. She's having a great time.
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    I'm getting them from here tonight: https://www.facebook.com/search/videos/?q=guns n' roses&epa=FILTERS&filters=eyJ2aWRlb3Nfc291cmNlIjoie1wibmFtZVwiOlwidmlkZW9zX2xpdmVcIixcImFyZ3NcIjpcIlwifSJ9 Just keep hitting the refresh button when you lose stream.
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    Ah it's just a bit too much for me, but he's not hurting anyone! If he sings he could jump on stage and take over, it could be like Rockstar the movie.
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    He is not holding back at all. If you listen to parts where rasp is mandatory, such as the Better bridge, he goes for it and really struggles. It sounds painful, it cracks a bit as it's not as full as it used to be. Since coming back in 2011 with his voice shot to pieces in RIR 2011 (after a whole tour of insane rasp), Axl has been carefully dosing the amounts of distortion he applies to his voice. Much of the years that followed were full of mickey, but every now and then there were moments that showed he still had it. In each of those years you will find some of those moments, from the Philly show at Electric Factory to the awesome renditions of TWAT in Vegas 2014. That's how he started 2016, but then, with AC/DC and stuff, the switch was flipped. With GNR, he had those monstrous screams in LALD and WTTJ. He upstaged Bach and rasped all the way through My Michelle in more than one occasion. Out ta get me too, Nightrain, even RQ on some nights had rasp. With AC/DC it was insanely high notes with absurd amounts o rasp throughout whole shows. His voice begin to deteriorate already by the end of 2016, and is has been steadily suffering since then. It got to a point where he removed TIL from the setlist - it's a song that is clearly emotional to him, and a spotlight for his voice to shine in shows. He is unable to sing it now. He is been dealing with all those crazy cracks and moments where his voice fails him in the past two and a half years and it's painful. It's pretty clear to me that he knows since 2011 that the rasp would eventually screw him. He got understandably carried away in 2016, produced fantastic performances but pushed himself waaaay to hard. Now his voice is suffering. We all need to make peace with it, because I don't remember a single case of a singer recovering his vocal form at that age.
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    it was the best singing of his career at some points.
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    November 2 is my birthday. Turning 49 this year. In my honor, the band is going to play a new song.