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    The show tonight was amazing, stop listening to all the negativity...the crowd was insane in the GA we all fucking loved the show on the rail!!! Axl and the band were having a blast! And he really left it all out there voice wise tonight, get your ass to the shows and stop bitching...life is to short, at least this lifetime is 🤘👍
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    We got Locomotive and Dead Horse this leg, I call that a win. I am looking on the bright side of things and enjoying the ride, not taking it too seriously. That is how you get the most out of GNR nowadays. Hell I am still grateful Axl and Slash are even still sharing a stage together post-1993
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    I just don’t get it. I’m not directing this to anyone in particular and I hope it doesn’t offend anyone, but if you think the band sucks, the setlist is boring, their moves are rehearsed and they’re doing it just for the money, why the hell do you go to the show or come here to follow the live set? I’m speaking from a personal experience. When Axl was doing his thing with NuGNR I went to one concert, but I thought the whole thing was too depressing, like a wedding band. I seriously left the show depressed, so I never came back. I would still follow closely, come here, read your comments, check if they were still alive, see what was going on, but I would never post and wasn’t excited about new music as most people were. It just wasn’t for me and that was fine. I wish they’d change the setlist, play more deep cuts etc, I agree with all that, but they’re not doing anything different from other big bands these days. You have to look at it with some perspective, we’re not the general public, the general public is really happy. We follow the band closely, we know all their steps. Also I don’t expect the spontaneity from the old days, that had a lot to do with youth, drugs, immaturity, booze and Axl’s personal problems. Things change, you can’t replicate that, they’re in a much better place now. I think they’re genuinely enjoying each others company and playing together again. Of course the money doesn’t hurt either! Just see how how they look happy onstage every night. There’s always people here criticizing management and saying how they could make more money etc. Yes, they could release a dvd, give interviews, be on magazine covers, make a documentary about the whole thing, whatever, but they didn’t, they just want to play and do it on their on terms, don’t you thing that’s cool? That is so much the essence of this band. From now on I hope we get new music and a different setlist when they go on tour again. Let’s wait and see, but for now I just choose to enjoy what we have and have fun. Ultimately it’s their call, they’ll do what they want to and I think that’s how it should be with any band.
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    I know it’s disappointing in a way because the excitement of a new song or variance in shows is cool as a hardcore fan. But a few things to remember is the energy of being at a show vs following it on a forum is night and day. Their catalogue isn’t that big, and they have at least a dozen songs they basically have to play every night because they’re synonymous with the band. All in all they put on a great show for tons of people and do it consistently. I was at a show recently and can’t really think of a low point, yet knew what songs were coming next. I’d love to hear breakdown and you’re crazy and something new, but being at the show vs following from a distance is completely different. It’s also a bit of a rock and hard place type scenario. They don’t have to release anything and can cruise on legacy mode until they die. They're already cemented into legendary status. What if they released a new album and it flops? They’d still be a draw and have the history but it does diminish the mystique to a certain degree. At this point there is literally 0 downside on a global scale to not continue doing what they’re doing. With the state of the music industry and our cultures preference towards nostalgia, it’s easy to argue the way they are doing it is actually the smartest way. I’m happy we have what we have. I don’t listen to them everyday like I used to, but every once in awhile I’ll listen to UYI 2 or or watch their music videos and think god damn... what a band. And that’s what they are milking right now.
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    I also had him listen to and drum to State of Grace, IRS, TWAT, Shackler's, Scraped, Prostitute, and Madagascar. With all of the tracks, I sent him drum and bassless versions so any rhythmic-locking-in that the bass track may have done would not influence them, while keeping all other instruments and vocals intact so he could feel the song Was curious how an outside entity would drum to songs that we more or less know without any influence of how the drums are supposed to sound. Recently a bunch of old demos of these songs leaked online but with a different drummer. He played the same rhythmic parts but with slight variations. so that made me think: how a different drummer would play the songs from scratch Soundcloud wouldn't let me upload the original instruments with vocals, so excuse my cover edit: replaced the cover, with an improved cover Thoughts? Update:
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    I hardly post here anymore but read for updates. I see you post the same stuff all the time. Why are you still here? I don’t mean to be rude but I really can’t understand why something that peeves you so much would keep you coming back. It’s almost like BDSM but in a music forum posting sense. Do you like to be whipped?
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    Why not? I was at Ullevi Sweden 2018. Best concert ever and I have seen them a couple of times before. If you love the music then you love to see it live. No matter if it's the same song.
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    I'm almost starting to lose count of the amount of times a show's been called the last show of the NITL
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    That litho from last night needs some work, her hand is coming out of her elbow.
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    I do agree with people who are wanting new album. But the set-list debate is so boring. You guys do realize that 99.9 % of the people in the audience at each show are looking for the songs they play. Seems the people who complain are the 1% who been to a couple of shows and would like the band to appease them and change the set list. I think when you guys read the set-list each show, you are imagining you are there and you are unhappy.
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    Hi, if this is not allowed in this section feel free to move it! I have a obsession with old concert pictures of GN'R taken by the audience (not Robert John etc) and with @Gambit83 posting some of his co-hosts pictures from the Newcastle show in '87 on Facebook it made me realize that I can ask people on here to share some of their own! In other words, if you have photos that you took of GN'R concerts on the AFD and UYI tour please share them in this thread. As someone who wasn't born back then, looking at these kind of photos and listening to bootlegs is the closest I can get to being at a classic GN'R show!
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    The user who was desperately looking for attention got it. Hopefully they'll learn how to post without insulting the staff during their week off.
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    Which is what truly matters. Not a handful of message board crybabies who have bitched since the initial set changes of 2006, then through the additions of estranged and civil war in 2011, through slash and duff’s return and on and on...
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    Richard Fortus was on my flight. I talked to him about 10 minutes at baggage claim when we landed. Very nice guy.
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    GNR retired creatively over a decade ago. Just have to accept that. I expect new music from GNR the same as I expect Michael Jordan to win another NBA championship.
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    I was one of the biggest champions of this band for the longest time. All eras, all lineups. I simply can’t be anymore. I WANT them to succeed. I WANT to see them take chances and do things outside of the box. I WANT them to release new music. Seeing this leg of the tour come and go with not even a hint of music in sight is frustrating. They waste valuable setlist slots on useless covers like Wichita Lineman, Black Hole Sun, and the Seeker instead of playing their own damn songs. It’s beyond maddening at this point.
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    It’s just him that looks like Axl, not his bank account. 😄 BTW, I think these impersonators are really creepy.
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    No way in hell Hardschool or anything new/interesting happens tonight.
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    Hey, here is my recording of the full show last night, including the moonwalk and Axl falling in HD quality! It's awesome! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ
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    The way he plays now is the complete opposite of what made him a legend
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    Last evening of the NITLT? Guess 2020 shows are going to be in the morning then
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    Who freaking cares about the order???? Seriously some of these complaints are laughable and at times pathetic. They busted out Dead Horse and Locomotive on this tour. They added songs that they haven't played in a long time. Furthermore, they are doing 3+ hours a show. That's a lot. GNR will release new music and go on tour in the 2020s. When they do, I'll enjoy both and appreciate it unlike some people here.
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    The guy just takes a beating on all fronts. Good thing he has that fighting spirit.
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    Disagree. 2010 for me was Awful. For me it’s always been illusions (Izzy still here) 80s 91 post izzy now buckethead brain era 2006 2010-2014 i love the lineup now but it doesn’t compare to the Sorum Izzy illusion days or afd days. Gilby was great but this era is better in so many ways and it has a lot to do with the big 3 sharing a stage. I hate frank. Decent drummer but doesn’t fit this lineup. Fortus is actually quite amazing. He plays the Izzy party’s and Chinese parts very well and I loved wish you were here since he pushed slash to beat him with every solo. while the set list is somewhat stale there’s been a lot of changes over the years each leg has brought new things. Locomotive and coma? Come on that’s crazy. People in 2010 would have laughed if you told them we’d hear coma and locomotive. shadow of your love is a highlight of the show? Slither is a GNR song? We would have laughed and said “not in this lifetime”.
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    MSNBC Poll Finds Support For Bernie Sanders Has Plummeted 2 Points Up
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    Whaha. This band is not better than the 80's and 90's. This band is for the money. Not for new music etc. Even 2006 en 2010 gnr is better.
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    They also said Hawaii was the last show. Now last night was the last show. Hard to take them at their word
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    Just what I wanted to say. It’s more embarassing to get help than get up by yourself. Also, it’s a tradtion on the WT: Why oh why is he wearing those slippery ugly boots anyway? He’s had problems with his ankles since 1986 or so. Biker boots give your ankles good support and they have a great grip with their soles... Or sneakers, or .... Timberlands .. or .. Birkenstock. Haha
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    I think that its general kinda 'stage craft' to never distract the audience or take the audience out of the moment. In such a big show only a smaller percentage would even notice the fall, so theres no reason to react unless someone really needs your help. And a chuckle can lighten the mood sometimes. A Thunderchuckle in this case I think Mayhue would have been out faster if Axl hadnt been hamming it up on the floor and cracking jokes. Sometimes people are more embarrassed by people rushing to help them up then they are by the fall its self.
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    @janrichmond Have a word with this clown will you?
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    They have spent the majority of their engagement jetting around to exotic locations on private planes at tax payers expense. When could they have found the time to visit Rotherham haha? Just to clarify, I am very critical of the two of them but race is surely not a factor.
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    Utter bollocks. People are criticising the Duke and Duchess of Susses because of their profligate spending habits and hypocrisy. Besides, when people use the term ''black'', or as she herself put it ''woman of colour'', they are hardly describing Idi Amin haha.
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    The GN'R forum fans, are perfect for the band. Same crap, after every gig !! thats why they have a steady setlist !! Perfect match !!! I Hope they come to Europe next summer !! Going for the 3 time to the Not in this liftime Tour......
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    People change. I wouldn’t say he retired creatively. I’d put it this way- he decided what it was, was what it was and is now at a point he can revisit it. Which in a way is a resurgence of creativity and why it’s so successful again. We know he wanted to “bury appetite” and I can only imagine felt the same in the CD era. Let the nostalgia play out. He’s still young. 57 is the new 40. I don’t think he’s totally done but very well could be happy revisiting that era of his life. Imagine you are him and you did all this crazy shit 30 years ago and suddenly you have a chance to bring it back to what it was. You might be happy just sitting with it for awhile but it doesn’t mean you’re dead.
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    I just think that the fact that this tour has been going on for four years without anything new is embarassing. They don’t have to do anything new because everyone will give them money anyway. Axl creatively retired years ago. Just a touring/legacy band which I’ve mostly accepted but sure get sad about thinking about the missed potential.
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    The band phoned it in? Shocking. It’s beyond ridiculous that this band refuses to do anything outside of the box. If the rumors about them touring Europe next Summer are true, I predict no setlist changes, and they’ll continue to trot out Wichita Lineman and Black Hole Sun for no good reason whatsoever. Someone let me know if we ever get new music. I’m beyond tired of the same old same old.
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    Ahhh this band is ridiculous. Can’t believe we went another year, and another leg of a tour without even a hint of new music. at least Axl sounded good this year. See y’all for the same old cycle in March!
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    Slash trying to noodle the November Rain solo should be sacrilegious.
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    He must be pissed. Everyone telling him to wear converse and stop wearing silly boots. Haha glad he’s alright
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    I'd reckon that anyone who visits any fan site of any kind should find something constructive to do with their time as well
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    '91-94 drunk n' high peak Illusion Slash > '87-90 drunk n' high prime AFD Slash > '95-01 drunk n' high post-GNR prime wilderness Slash > '02-06 trying to get sober n' failing / end of prime VR Slash > 07 - 08 newly sober Libertad Slash> '09-15 Post-VR solo Slash > 2016-present long past his prime uninspired nu-GnR Slash